Tuesday, 2017-05-30

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chhaviefried,thorst,edmondsw: please review http://morpheus.pok.stglabs.ibm.com/#/c/5267/12:03
thorstchhavi: responded.  Minor tweak.12:18
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esberglu_#startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting13:01
openstackMeeting started Tue May 30 13:01:36 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.13:01
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esberglu_#topic In Tree Driver13:03
esberglu_#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/powervm-in-tree-todos13:03
esberglu_List of todo's is above13:04
esberglu_With the merge of the full flavor spawn/delete and console last week I think we are moving forward again here13:05
esberglu_efried: You around?13:06
esberglu_#topic Out Of Tree Driver13:08
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esberglu_I'm still slowly working backports from IT to OOT as able, there are a few other working items found in the link above that are for OOT as well13:08
thorstlet me ping efried on slack...see if he's around13:08
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esberglu_Anyone other topics OOT that need discussion?13:10
thorstefried: is joining13:10
thorstI think with OOT, we'll be getting a new iSCSI patch from chhavi_ soon13:11
thorstwhich will depend on a new pypowervm release13:11
thorstso we'll have to merge that in slowly13:11
efriedo/  Sorry I'm late, guys.13:13
esberglu_efried: np13:13
esberglu_Talking OOT now, we can loop back to IT after if you have stuff13:13
efriedThe pypowervm release is branched, but as of last week, I didn't see it in pypi yet.13:13
efriedDoes it have what you need in it, thorst ?13:14
thorstefried: nope13:14
thorstchhavi_ posted the review13:14
thorstI +2'd it for pypowervm, but not in13:14
thorstI'd like you to review13:14
esberglu_Cool. That it OOT?13:16
thorstyeah, the iSCSI is for OOT13:16
thorstbut that's ongoing work13:16
esberglu_*that it for OOT13:16
thorstlol, whoops  :-)13:18
thorstI have nothing else13:18
thorst(I read your 'that it' wrong obviously)13:18
efriedWas "merges" all we talked about for in-tree?13:19
efriedWere we planning to come back to that?13:19
esberglu_efried: Yeah I was gonna wait for you13:19
efriedThe wait is over!13:19
chhavi_efried can u qickly review 526713:19
efriedNot quickly, no.13:19
chhavi_its long cid13:19
efriedI'll do it first thing, though.13:19
efriedWe're going to need to cut 1.1.6 with that, I guess.13:20
efriedWhat's the desired time frame on that?13:20
chhavi_its iscsi which is for OOT13:21
edmondswI thought they cut 1.1.6 last week? So we might need 1.1.7 for the iSCSI change13:21
chhavi_thorst: can u clarify i am not aware of this plan13:22
thorstchhavi_: we have release branches for pypowervm that are independent of NL13:22
thorstwe can't accept the nova_powervm change that will consume your iSCSI change until it is in a RELEASE of pypowervm13:22
thorstfortunately, we can turn around pypowervm releases kind of quickly13:23
edmondswoh, nm my comment above... I think 1.1.5 is still the latest13:23
edmondswI think it was NL that went to
thorstso once your pypowervm change is approved and merged, we then will need to make a release of pypowervm before we can consider merging the nova_powervm one13:23
efriedGlad we changed that release numbering scheme to be less confusing.13:24
edmondswchhavi_ that's what I was trying to say when I -1'd your nova_powervm change13:24
edmondsw(what thorst was saying)13:24
chhavi_ok, yeah that change is dependent on pypowervm13:24
edmondswand we normally bump the requirements version in a separate patch, right? Rather than in the nova_powervm change we want to make that will depend on it13:25
edmondswefried ^13:25
edmondswsince we want to do that in global_requirements, not just in nova_powervm, right?13:26
efriededmondsw Yes, we do that in g-r and let the bot propose the nova-powervm bump.13:26
edmondswthat was going to be next question, if we had the bot setup... cool13:26
edmondswdone with OOT then?13:27
edmondswback to IT?13:27
esberglu_#topic In Tree Driver13:28
efriedlet's do it13:28
efriedSo I'm working on get_inventory().13:28
esberglu_I wonder if that will merge the two topics13:28
efriedThere's a lot of open questions here.  As it stands, the change set can probably be considered "good enough", algorithmically.  But we will eventually want to work through it and answer all the pending stuff.13:29
efriedY'all want to discuss it in any more detail here?13:30
thorstso give that a thorough review?13:30
thorstI haven't looked at it yet.13:30
efriedYeah, I'm afraid a "thorough review" could entail quite a bit of background reading...13:30
efriedSwhy I'm wondering whether it would be useful to do an overview discussion here.13:31
edmondswI haven't looked either yet, but I will try to do that today once I get through a couple PowerVC defects that have to get fixed today13:31
thorstThis is just the thing where...13:31
thorstdon't duplicate the storage space13:31
efriedNot yet.13:31
thorsttwo nodes using same storage should have a single amount of storage13:31
thorstand you'll be pulling that to OOT as well I assume  ;-)13:31
efriedSo fare, this is just the thing where get_available_resource is being superseded by get_inventory, which (internally) uses the placement API to register how much CPU, memory, and disk the host has.13:32
efriedso far*13:32
efriedYes, I'll pull it OOT once we have it settled.  Not going to even try that until it's approved and mergeable.13:32
efriedSSP-ness is one of the open questions, which I figured would probably be a future change set.13:33
efriedThe other thing is figuring out "reserved" properly for all the resources.13:33
efriedAnd "allocation_ratio".13:33
efriedThe other drivers aren't doing any of that yet, so I feel comfortable doing it incrementally.13:34
edmondswsounds good to me13:34
efriedPoint is, when you're reviewing this, at least take a look at the other drivers' get_inventory() methods (I think only libvirt and ironic are currently implemented)13:35
efriedunless proposed-but-not-merged.13:35
thorstcool to see we're relatively bleeding edge here13:36
efriedI'll add blueprint references to the etherpad, in case you want to go more in-depth.13:36
efriedOther in-tree news, just the SSP change set is left on the nova team's perception of "complete" for the pike blueprint for the powervm driver.13:38
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efriedIt has sdague +2, so I'll pester mriedem at some point this week to do his pass.13:38
efriedThe get_inventory change depends on it; otherwise I would have to cut one version of that without disk.13:39
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efried...and then another version on top of the SSP change to add disk.13:39
efriedSo I decided to do it this way - anyone have objections to that?13:39
thorstefried: so...that means we can deploy without networks13:40
esberglu_efried: Makes sense to me13:40
thorstcome pike?13:40
edmondswdo you think the get_inventory change is going to make pike this way?13:40
edmondswand do we care if it slips to queens?13:40
edmondswsounds like it would13:40
efriededmondsw Yes, I think it'll make pike, but no, it doesn't break the world if it slips to queens.13:40
efriedThey're not getting rid of get_available_resource yet.13:40
thorstyeah, queens is really where we expect to have something viable in-tree13:41
efriedThe consuming code tries get_inventory, and if it's NotImplemented, falls back to get_available_resource.13:41
efriedI think they're going to deprecate in queens, remove in rocky.13:41
efriedassuming they can make the whole thing work in the first place, which I'm not totally convinced of yet.13:42
efriedOne of the major changes is that get_inventory, unlike get_available_resource, is not responsible for telling you how much resource is used - just how much total the host has.13:42
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efriedThe theory being that nova is keeping track of how much is used based on the claims attached to the instances it has deployed.13:43
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efriedWhich makes the 'reserved' business much more important - and more difficult - for us to account for.13:43
efriedPerhaps we should set up a separate slot (or stick around after this meeting) to go into that stuff in more depth.13:45
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edmondswefried I would suggest a separate slot13:46
thorstbut I would like to read the review first13:47
thorstbang my head on it13:47
efriedOkay.  I tried to leave appropriate TODOs for the stuff I've mentioned above, but that's not a lot of context.13:47
efriedSo just grab me on IRC when y'all are ready.13:47
efriedOtherwise in-tree: There's a couple of major pieces of work we should be looking at in the near future.13:48
efriedFirst priority, getting powervm into the support matrix.13:48
efriedAnyone volunteering to take that on?13:48
efriedThis should be fairly straightforward.13:49
esberglu_efried: I can do that. Is that just a docs change?13:49
efriedesberglu_ Yes, more or less.  (Code-as-doc)13:50
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efriedesberglu_ The links in the etherpad should get you pointed in the right direction.13:50
efriedI'll put your name on it.  Thank you.13:50
esberglu_efried: Perfect13:50
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efriedRelated, but more involved, and possibly not destined to make pike, is the item called "Document flavor extra_specs" in the etherpad.13:51
efriedJust documenting our extra_specs wouldn't be a huge deal...13:52
efried...but mriedem is looking at a bigger picture here, I think.13:52
efriedIn terms of getting at least the framework for broader per-driver documentation into the tree.13:52
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efriedIf nobody feels like starting to look into that right away, we can put it off for a bit.13:53
efriedThe last major item, more fun, actual code, is "Deactivate compute service if pvm-rest is dead."13:54
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efriedAnyone feel like digging into that in the near future?13:55
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edmondswefried what does deactivate entail?13:55
efriedMark the compute host as down so nothing gets scheduled to it.13:56
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edmondswand then keep listening and bring it back up when pvm-rest comes back?13:56
efriedYeah.  The links in the etherpad point to code we can crib from vcenter to do the deactivate/reactivate part.13:56
edmondsware we trying to do that for pike?13:56
efriedSo it would just be figuring out how (easy) and where (??) to listen for pvm-rest being dead.13:57
efriededmondsw That would be nice, but I don't think it's critical.13:57
edmondswthis or the extra_specs doc higher priority?13:57
efriednova took some pressure off of that recently by putting in a change that deactivates the compute service if it fails some number of deploys in a row (configurable, 10 by default, I think).13:58
efriededmondsw That's kind of an apples/oranges question.13:58
efriedIf you have the space for it and it sounds interesting to you, grab it.13:58
edmondswefried I can't start on it today, but you can put my name there and I will start on it later this week13:59
efriededmondsw Cool man.  Links in the etherpad should get things rolling; let me know if you want more pointers/background.13:59
edmondswtime check... 1 minute14:00
efriedOnly other in-tree stuff is the small stuff, low-hanging fruit.  I think esberglu_, you have your eye on picking that stuff off?14:00
esberglu_efried: Yep, slowly picking it off when I'm not fighting CI14:01
esberglu_#topic CI14:01
efriedCool.  Just put your name on stuff and add review links as you go so nobody ends up duplicating.14:01
esberglu_So master CI is back up and passing runs are going through14:01
esberglu_But not a good percentage14:02
esberglu_The stable branches were broken for everything except nova14:02
esberglu_The patch application logic would try to apply the patches regardless of branch14:02
esberglu_Which would merge fail for the stable branches14:02
esberglu_Since all the patches we applied are now merged I updated the jenkins jobs14:02
esberglu_So they should be working now, I have a newton and ocata CI check running now14:03
esberglu_Long-term I can just add a branch check there14:03
esberglu_But I'm going to be reworking that in other ways as well14:03
thorstesberglu_: so nova_powervm is still borked?14:03
thorstfor stable/ocata?14:03
thorstI know that the PVC team is...very eager...for that to be working14:03
esberglu_thorst: Nope it should be good now. Let me confirm once the CI checks finish14:03
esberglu_But I posted a recheck on larese's patch14:04
thorstgood good14:04
thorstI think he had a heart attack on Friday when I said it was down14:04
edmondswtx for the quick fix esberglu_14:05
esberglu_edmondsw: np14:05
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edmondswesberglu_ anything else on the CI?14:05
esberglu_If anyone has extra time this week and feels like looking into the failing CI logs let me know14:05
esberglu_That's all I had CI14:06
efriedI'll be looking at my changes, anyway.14:06
esberglu_#topic Driver Testing14:06
efriedI don't see Jay or Nilesh.14:06
esberglu_Any new status?14:06
edmondswchhavi_ do you know anything there?14:06
esberglu_Let's move on since we are running over time14:08
esberglu_#topic Open Discussion14:08
esberglu_Any final thoughts before I call it?14:08
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thorsteveryone's doing real good.14:09
esberglu_Thanks for joining14:10
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efriedthorst chhavi_ Help me think through this...14:26
efriednova_powervm/virt/powervm/volume/iscsi.py exists in ocata.14:26
efriedand calls discover_iscsi.14:26
efriedWhich means that we can't change the signature of discover_iscsi.14:26
efriedBecause ocata doesn't have a cap on the pypowervm version it can take.14:27
thorstefried: yeah...it should've been marked experimental14:27
thorstit was not...was it...14:27
efriedthorst Where would it be thus marked?14:27
efriedthorst Can you put your finger on that?  Else I'll ask tjakobs14:28
thorstI don't think we have it marked14:29
thorstso you're right14:29
thorstwhich sux14:29
efriedSigh.  That does complicate matters.14:29
thorstbut...I would assert no one is really using it yet.14:29
thorstso if we backport...I could be made happy14:30
thorstbackport then nova_powervm firx14:30
thorstbut yeah...it does complicate.14:30
efriedWait, backport what?14:30
efriedI was gonna say we could propose a requirements.txt change in ocata to cap the pypowervm version.14:30
efriedThat would be the easiest thing.14:30
efriedDo we have the bot set up for ocata?  Would that conflict?14:31
efriedthorst Backporting anything in pypowervm is a nonstarter, I would think.  But we could backport https://review.openstack.org/#/c/467599/ - is that what you were suggesting?14:32
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efriedthorst That would only work if we also bumped the ocata pypowervm requirement.14:37
thorstso I think the fair question back to chhavi is...do we make this a new API and deprecate the old signature14:38
thorstdown in pypowervm14:38
thorstthat may be easiest14:38
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efriedthorst We're quitting translating in nova-powervm, right?14:49
thorstwe just won't translate new log messages14:49
thorstravi is still pushing up translations14:50
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efriedthorst chhavi_ Reviewed http://morpheus.pok.stglabs.ibm.com/#/c/5267/15:06
efriedThought I was reviewing public :(15:06
thorstI just talked to chhavi about that15:06
thorsteven efried makes mistakes15:06
efriedAnywho... I forgot to mention the thing about changing signatures.15:07
efriedokay, added that comment.15:07
efriedthorst chhavi_ Sorry, I kinda tore this one apart.15:08
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esbergluThere are some CI runs going through that are very long-running (3 hrs)15:48
esbergluLooks like there are a bunch of 30 min timeouts waiting to close vterms15:48
*** kriskend has joined #openstack-powervm15:48
esbergluAny idea what may be causing this?15:48
efriedesberglu Hmm, we recently changed the exception handling in the vterm stuff.  Is this IT or OOT?15:50
esbergluI haven't seen it IT yet, only OOT, but I haven't looked for it IT yet either15:50
*** tjakobs has joined #openstack-powervm15:56
efriedesberglu Okay, couple of problems here.15:59
efriedThe CloseVterm Job is taking too long.  It only actually timed out twice; but the other few times I'm seeing a log trace for it, it's taking minutes.16:00
efriedThe other problem is this: 'This task is only allowed when the partition is powered off'16:01
esbergluefried: Yeah I saw that, thought it was a side effect from the closevterm timeout16:02
*** chas has quit IRC16:02
esbergluBut we should probably handle that somehow if that's the case16:03
*** chas has joined #openstack-powervm16:03
efriedesberglu Was this on ocata or master?16:04
efriedesberglu I think we need thorst, our vterm expert, to look at why close_vterm is taking so long.16:07
*** chas has quit IRC16:07
efriedWe should also consider trying to delete anyway even if close_vterm raises.16:07
efriedthorst esberglu Here: https://github.com/openstack/nova-powervm/blob/master/nova_powervm/virt/powervm/vm.py#L62416:08
efriedesberglu thorst One complication here (which is good/bad) is that closing vterm takes a different code path when non-local.16:11
efriedGood because it may mean this is not a problem in a real env.16:11
efriedBad because... well, it's causing CI problems.16:11
efriedI think ./ci-ansible/roles/ci-management/templates/scripts/local2remote.py needs to set local_api to False16:14
efriednever mind.16:14
efriedIt's based on use_file_auth, which local2remote is indeed setting.16:15
esbergluefried: Yeah I saw a log message somewhere about it being a non-local vterm16:15
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*** chas has quit IRC16:48
efriedesberglu wtf is a security group, and why is it breaking?17:08
thorsta security group is really a network thing17:09
thorstSEA's don't support it.  OVS does17:09
thorstit defines what a port can (or can't) talk to17:10
efriedthorst This is OOT/ocata, which is using SEA.  Does this mean we should be disabling tests that involve security groups?17:11
efried...when using SEA?17:11
efriedesberglu ^^17:11
efriedAre these new?17:11
thorstusually its just transparent17:12
thorsta lot of tests use security groups17:12
thorstbut it doesn't really matter that we don't support them17:12
thorstall the traffic flows through17:12
thorstand its fine...17:12
thorstunless they're explicitly testing security groups17:12
efriedthorst I can't answer that.  All I can tell you is these tests are failing on security group garbage.17:19
thorstefried: where is the failure actually at?  nova logs?17:22
thorstthey all look like timeout exceptions to me17:23
efriedthorst Dunno, didn't get that far.  Just saw it in the tempest log.17:23
efriedthorst No, starting at the second one from the top, the next half dozen or so are security groups.17:23
efriedThen yes, after that, a ton of timeouts and a couple power failures.17:23
efriedBut one thing at a time ;)17:23
thorstpoint me to which security group test...they all look power related to me17:26
thorstthis is a new one to me:  [instance: e841c4c6-e8fe-45f1-b6d2-07b223cb32ed] Instance disappeared during build.17:26
thorstwe had a 'pwr_vm' task there take 1226 seconds to complete17:27
thorstthis smells like something is up with the rest server.17:27
efriedthorst look at the second failure.17:28
thorstprobably due to that previous test taking forever...and poorly written tests17:29
thorstthat previous test is the thing that took 1226 seconds to power on, then disappeared.17:29
efriedthorst Just looked at ocata reqs again - still says 'pypowervm' with no version spec.  We probably want to go back and fix that anyway, huh?17:45
efriedSo when chhavi_'s change is ready, we'll need to decide: either we backport the nova-powervm side back to ocata and put pypowervm>=1.1.6; or don't backport it and put pypowervm<
thorstefried: agree...17:52
thorstjust want to make sure whatever version we put back there...17:52
thorstis available in a proper pvm-novalink release17:52
thorstdon't want to jump the gun on that as i know we have lots of teams building on ocata...don't want them to hit a req that is only in pypi...want them to also have it available in the apt-get repo17:53
efriedthorst Then the safest thing to do is mark it as <1.1.6 right now.17:54
thorstwell, it has some upper boundary17:54
efriedthorst It *should*.  It doesn't today.17:55
thorstand I would argue it doesn't *really* have an upper boundary17:55
thorstso what was the lower boundary when we shipped?17:55
efriedNo idea.17:55
thorstI think NL pypowervm went out with that...17:55
thorstback to terrible version numbers.17:55
efriedthorst Sigh, safest thing is to leave existing discover_iscsi alone and make a new method with the new sig.17:56
efriedthorst Or leave the existing signature.17:57
efriedthorst chhavi_ I think the only thing we would need to do is add the lun as a kwarg.17:58
efriedGet rid of ISCSIInputData entirely.17:58
chhavi_the problem which put me to use that is having 8 input parameters limit17:58
chhavi_adding lunid to existing is failing the sonar rules17:59
efriedchhavi_ Mm.  Does it complain about that even if some are kwargs?17:59
chhavi_earlier kwargs was not used17:59
chhavi_so it was all positional arguments17:59
efriedchhavi_ I can't remember if it enforces that rule for kwargs or not.  We would have to add the lun as a kwarg to maintain backward compatibility anyway (and figure out how to code it so it would work if that wasn't specified - is that even possible?)18:00
chhavi_if we use kwargs as well it will change the function definition18:00
efriedchhavi_ Yes, but it would be backward compatible.18:00
chhavi_kwargs shud be allowed18:00
chhavi_we can have kwargs as default None18:00
efriedchhavi_ Right, but can the Job handle it if the LUN isn't specified?18:00
thorstor if the user doesn't specify can we have a basic default value.18:01
esbergluthorst: efried: Just getting caught up above the security group topic. Typically when we see that it is a side effect of another test failure18:03
esbergluAs seems to be the case above18:04
chhavi_have to confirm from hsien if he kept a default value for that parameter18:04
efriedesberglu Okay.18:04
chhavi_let me check18:04
esbergluI was not aware that security groups were a OVS specific thing18:04
esbergluSo I may be able to disable them in the tempest.conf or just add the security group tests to the skip list18:04
esbergluYep there's a tempest.conf setting for it18:06
efriedesberglu Okay, that'll help some, I guess.18:06
efriedSo now we just need to figure out these weird timeouts, and vterm.18:07
chhavi_We can have a default lun id passed as 0, when kwargs is not passed18:07
chhavi_so are we agreed to make the change and use kwargs instead of ISCSIInputData ?18:08
efriedchhavi_ If that's doable, I think that's going to be the cleanest path forward.18:09
thorstI'm good with it18:10
thorstis it going to be nameless kwargs though?18:10
thorstI kinda hate that...18:10
efriedWe should still go figure out the lower limit for pypowervm in ocata, but that would then be an independent effort.18:10
thorstare they named parameters?18:10
efriedthorst "nameless kwargs"?18:10
efriedoh, no, named.18:11
thorstgood deal18:11
efriedBefore: def discover_iscsi(adapter, host_ip, user, password, iqn, vios_uuid, transport_type=None):18:11
efriedAfter: def discover_iscsi(adapter, host_ip, user, password, iqn, vios_uuid, transport_type=None, lunid=0):18:11
efried(chhavi_, be sure to put the new one last, to account for misbehaving consumers who forget to name kwargs)18:12
chhavi_this does not work, it complains for sonar rule18:12
efriedthorst Put an exception for this file into our local sonar rules?  Or globally up the limit?  Or go back to the signature changing debacle?18:13
thorstlocal sonar rules18:14
thorstthat'd be my vote18:14
thorstits a good rule18:14
thorstbut after debate like this, I think its fine for an exception18:14
chhavi_because of this rule i need to make so many change18:16
chhavi_changes :)18:16
efriedthorst chhavi_ To be clear, the smallest granularity we can get away with is the whole file, not the method.18:17
chhavi_for backward compatibility i think its good to have an exception for this file18:17
efriedI'm still okay with that - just making sure y'all are aware.18:17
efriedSo chhavi_ - the change will be in sonar-project.properties. Let me know if you need help with it.18:17
chhavi_i am ok18:18
chhavi_where that file lies18:18
efriedBase directory.18:18
efriedof pypowervm rep.18:18
thorstefried: yep...18:18
thorstI'm good with that18:18
efriedthorst esberglu edmondsw Regarding get_inventory from this morning, I just had a talk with jaypipes, and it sounds like we don't want to be implementing this until more of the infra is baked.  So I'm going to leave that change set hanging out there, but quit working on it for the time being.18:20
edmondswefried understood18:21
chhavi_efried: i need your help to figure out what rule to add in sonar properties file to ignore _iscsi.py for method parameters count18:22
efriedchhavi_ Okay, PM me the link to the sonar failure.18:22
chhavi_those builds are deleted it seems18:23
chhavi_Problem accessing /job/pypowervm-flow-patchsetCreated/2660/. Reason:18:23
chhavi_have we done this for any of the file, i can refer18:24
efriedchhavi_ Not for this specific rule, it looks like.  You'll need the rule ID to make the change.18:24
efriedSo I guess, go ahead and submit a new patch set with the signature change, let sonar fail, and then we'll put up another patch with the rule.18:25
chhavi_we need to wait for tomorrow18:25
chhavi_not quick changes to do now, will do tomorrow18:25
chhavi_just confirm with hsien, in neo-rest, lunid is optional job parameter, so we need not set as default as 0 and should be None18:27
chhavi_if the user send it we will add the jobparameter else not18:27
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