Wednesday, 2017-05-24

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openstackgerritZhangHongtao proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Fix some reST field lists in docstrings
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*** ChanServ changes topic to "This channel is for PowerVM-related development and discussion. For general OpenStack support, please use #openstack."04:08
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Sufficient free space has been reclaimed that jobs are passing again; any POST_FAILURE results can now be rechecked.04:08
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: ISCSI volume attachment fixes
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: ISCSI volume attachment fixes
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efriedesberglu Can I recheck at this point?13:56
esbergluefried: You know if the network is having issues? Last night there were a bunch of 3 hour runs and now they are failing to resolve github.com13:57
esbergluCould be the DNS13:57
efriedesberglu I don't know.13:57
esbergluefried: You won't pass if you recheck13:58
efriedesberglu Okay, then I'll wait.13:58
efriedesberglu Oo, dansmith gave you +2 ;-)13:59
esbergluSlowly but surely becoming an openstack developer14:00
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esbergluefried: Nevermind it's not a networking issue. Devstack is trying to run14:15
esbergluBut the only ppc64le versions found for etcd are v3.2.0-rc.0 or v3.2.0-rc.114:16
esbergluLooks like we should be able to just set the version in the local.conf to use one of those14:17
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esbergluedmondsw: Wonder if this is related to the etcd change14:19
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edmondswesberglu guess it's time to go catch up on that :)14:20
esbergluedmondsw: Yep looks like the recommended action for architectures without 3.1.7 is to just set to a RC for now14:22
esbergluAnd then update when 3.2.0 is release14:22
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edmondswesberglu has merged14:28
esbergluedmondsw: Yep thats what I was looking at that talks about using the RC until 3.2.0 gets released14:28
esbergluI have a test vm stacking right now with that change14:28
edmondswdo we need to add to this thread from a power persepctive?
edmondsw"Another twist is that the ppc64 arch support is not present in 3.1.x etcd."14:29
edmondswesberglu ^14:29
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chhavithorst, edmondsw: see my response to the comments.14:38
esbergluedmondsw: I don't think so. I think we can just use the RC until 3.2.0 is released.14:43
esbergluI just stacked with that setting14:43
esbergluRunning tempest on it now14:43
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chhaviedmonsw: just check my response on your review comment so i can update accordingly
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edmondswchhavi I replied15:43
edmondswesberglu how could we merge 5321 before ?15:44
edmondswdoes --strict just get ignored by the current implementation?15:45
edmondswwhich I guess would also be important to keeping the CI working for stable branches...15:45
esbergluYesterday I updated the scripts in place to test. So 467218 was getting applied to nova every run and the --strict option was present in the script15:50
esbergludiscover_hosts only gets run on master, so this doesn't affect stable branches at all15:50
esbergluedmondsw: ^15:51
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efriedesberglu Are we green?16:05
esbergluefried: See 532716:05
esbergluWith that we will be16:05
esbergluNeed to clean out the nodes again for it to get in though16:05
efriedesberglu +216:06
esbergluefried: I think we should move the local.conf files out of neo-os-ci and into powervm-ci16:07
esbergluThen we can update there and pull them down16:07
efriedesberglu Yes, that sounds appropriate to me.16:07
esbergluInstead of having to clear out all the nodes every time16:07
efriedIs there a reason they weren't there to start with?16:07
efriedDo we have any private info (e.g. IPs) in them or whatever?16:07
esbergluesberglu: That's just the way it was16:09
esbergluefried: ^16:09
esbergluNope I don't think so16:09
efriedesberglu Okay, I'm in favor.16:09
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efriedLeaving it to you, of course, to figure out the dance between the two repositories ;-)16:09
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edmondswefried I don't think recheck will help on as it appears to be missing a dependent patch17:02
edmondswI don't think that could be the one that just merged, since they don't appear to overlap17:02
efriededmondsw It was based on that one anyway.17:02
edmondswoh, k17:02
efriedI figured it was probably the etcd thing, same as #4.17:02
efriedmriedem rechecked #4 but not console17:03
efriedWas worth a try.  Did it fail?17:03
edmondswefried our CI did anyway17:03
edmondswand the original error wasn't etcd17:03
edmondsw"This change depends on a change that failed to merge."17:03
efriededmondsw I think esberglu is still working on getting our CI going.  Not concerned about that one.17:03
edmondswshouldn't depend on other patches unless there's necessary overlap17:04
efriededmondsw Wait, which change set are we talking about?17:04
efried ?17:04
edmondswefried yes17:04
efriededmondsw Okay, that's still in the gate, so we'll see how it shakes out.17:05
efriedActually the previous failure probably _was_ complaining about #4, cause that failed to merge the first time before mriedem rechecked it.17:05
edmondswefried only you know what you based on :) but with no overlap between the changes I thought you wouldn't have based on #417:06
efriededmondsw You can see the chain on the top right of the gerrit window.17:06
edmondswefried #4 isn't listed there, if you mean "related changes"17:07
edmondswefried I don't think that gives you the chain, though17:07
edmondswefried if it does, I don't know how to interpret it17:08
efriededmondsw It's not listed anymore because it merged.17:08
edmondsw"related" doesn't tell you _how_ it's related17:08
efriedYeah, it does if you know how to read it, which is a tad obscure.17:08
edmondswsure, we'll see17:08
edmondswcan you teach me ? :)17:08
efriedIf there's nothing on the right, it's a good latest-to-latest base.  A green tilde means you're ahead; an orange circle means you're behind.17:09
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efriedAnd a black circle means you're behind, but the thing you're behind already merged at a different PS level.17:10
edmondswefried I've never seen any of those things17:10
efriedCan you see it now?17:10
edmondswefried no17:10
efried5 related changes.  The top three have green tildes.17:10
edmondswefried not for me17:11
edmondswefried oh, wait... they're scrolled off the screen17:11
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edmondswin a very non-obvious way17:11
efriedokay.  So green tilde means: "The change set with the green tilde next to it is based on an old patch set of the change set you're looking at."17:12
edmondswi.e., go rebase that change with the green tilde17:13
efriedThe absence of an icon, e.g. on the 4th one down, means "The change set with no icon is based on the current patch set of the change set you're looking at"17:13
efriededmondsw Yeah, pretty much.17:13
efriededmondsw So now go to an old PS of that same guy, e.g.
efriedGreen tildes mean the same thing they did before.17:14
edmondswefried cool17:14
efriedOrange circle means "The change with the orange circle is based on a newer PS of the change set you're looking at" - or "rebase this one" - or, as in this case, "you're looking at an old PS of this one" - which you can tell because of the orange circle next to the link for the patch set you're looking at.17:15
efriedAnd then the black ones mean, "The change set you're looking at is based on an old PS of the black-circled one, but a later PS of the black-circle one already merged upstream"17:15
efriedWhich indicates "rebase this one".17:16
edmondswefried yep, got it17:16
edmondswefried tx17:16
efriedor more likely, "look at the latest rev of this one".17:16
edmondswefried so we need to rebase the config drive change17:17
efriedeventually, yes.  I've been holding off until we get a few more of these guys in.17:17
efriedThe temperature of the room indicates that we're not likely to see any more changes approved for pike after the SSP one.17:18
efriedSo there's no great rush to get another pile ready.17:18
efriedOnce SSP merges, I'm actually going to go back and put together one or more changes to address the leftover nits from the code reviews of the ones we got in in pike.17:18
efriedThere's a chance we can get those approved in pike.17:19
edmondswefried what is your plan for addressing the comments mriedem put on #4 and this console change when he +W'd them17:19
efried(some aren't nits, I should mention)17:19
efriededmondsw Yeah, that.17:19
edmondswefried yeah, was typing while you were :)17:19
efriedAfter the SSP change merges, I'll start hammering those out.17:19
efried...or "we" can start hammering those out.  I don't need to own everything.17:19
edmondswefried :)17:20
edmondswefried you know the SSP patch is in merge conflict?17:20
efriededmondsw Yes, and I'm waiting for console to merge before addressing it.  Otherwise I have to rebase console as well, which would result in further delays.17:21
edmondswefried I'm happy to pitch in and help address comments and merge conflicts if you want17:21
efriededmondsw Cool, that would be neat.  At the moment, my to-do list comprises "gerrit review emails that I left in my Inbox".  I can go put those in a more team-readable place so folks can pick 'em off.17:22
edmondswefried +117:22
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esbergluedmondsw: efried: Just catching up. Yeah I'm still working on getting the CI up. The ready nodes are spawning and should be up soon17:56
efriedesberglu Cool.17:56
efriedPeople like --strict ;-)17:56
esbergluHopefully nothing else has broken in the time being I feel like I'm playing whack a mole17:56
edmondswesberglu :)17:56
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esbergluedmondsw: efried: Runs are going through CI now18:16
edmondswesberglu excellent!18:16
efriedesberglu Thanks.  Did you post any rechecks yet?18:16
esbergluefried: No I haven't18:16
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esbergluedmondsw: efried: omg another devstack change merged since the redeploy18:27
esbergluBroke us18:27
esbergluLuckily I have a manual node I was just about to stack so I should be able to confirm it works18:32
esbergluBut we just need to set the checksum for the etcd package we pull down18:33
esbergluefried: edmondsw: 532918:48
esbergluFor the next etcd fix18:48
efriedesberglu +218:49
esbergluefried: K I'm gonna hold off on merging until the stack finishes. But looks like it got past where it was failing already18:49
efriedesberglu Okay.  Guess I'll need to issue recheck again?18:50
esbergluYes unfortunately18:50
efriedesberglu Let me know when.18:51
esbergluefried: This is the Http one? I'll just do it once I see good runs making it through18:52
efriedesberglu Cool.  Still not urgent; it's just painful to see +2/-V18:52
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efriedesberglu Need to switch on VNC tests for in-tree at this point.19:10
efriedWill SKIP non-whitelisted test tempest.api.compute.servers.test_novnc.NoVNCConsoleTestJSON.test_novnc[id-c640fdff-8ab4-45a4-a5d8-7e6146cbd0dc]19:10
efriedWill SKIP non-whitelisted test tempest.api.compute.servers.test_server_actions.ServerActionsTestJSON.test_get_vnc_console[id-c6bc11bf-592e-4015-9319-1c98dc64daf5]19:10
efried(at least)19:10
esbergluefried: Ok. I'll run it through manually once before putting it up19:16
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efriedwoot, console merged.  That frees up a bunch of work items.20:40
efriedAnd esberglu --strict is merging.20:41
efriedGood day.20:41
efriedMy glanceclient queue is getting unblocked...20:41
* efried happy20:41
esbergluefried: Now we just need the etcd checksum to be the last CI fix and it will be a great day20:42
esbergluAt least the last CI fix that's fully breaking ;)20:42
esbergluefried: 533120:46
edmondswefried I echo your happiness :)20:47
esbergluEnables the console tests, passed both in the manual run20:47
esbergluedmondsw: ^20:47
edmondswesberglu +220:49
edmondswvery good day :)20:49
esbergluedmondsw: efried: Uhh apparently we aren't actually running the vnc tests (OOT either)21:01
esbergluSo they got skipped not executed21:01
esbergluJust a tempest.conf option that needs to be updated21:01
esbergluBaby steps21:01
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efriedesberglu So we need a new patch to enable that?21:33
esbergluefried: I enabled the tempest.conf option and got this in the test result21:35
esberglutempest.lib.exceptions.NotImplemented: Got NotImplemented error21:35
esbergluDetails: The requested functionality is not supported.21:35
efriedesberglu Show me the logs.21:35
esbergluBut yeah we need a patch to our tempest.conf21:35
esbergluefried: DM'ed21:36
efriedesberglu Nothing in n-cpu.log.21:37
esbergluLooking to see if there is some other config missing21:39
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efriedesberglu The wrong nova change set in here.21:39
efriedspawn/destroy #4 is the latest.21:40
esbergluI must have ran it to quick after console merged21:42
esbergluwhile it was merging21:42
esbergluNot a huge deal. Those tests are getting skipped for now. I'm about to head out, will take another look tomorrow21:43
esbergluOr perhaps tonight21:44
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efriedesberglu ight21:47
efriedthorst Dumdeedum, 1h+ before your flight, and you're already at the gate.  Toldjaso.21:48
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