Tuesday, 2017-05-02

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AndyWojoIs it better to install Novalink via impi using opal or HMC/PowerVM?00:30
AndyWojoIs there any performance considerations?00:31
thorstAndyWojo: NovaLink is PowerVM.  It doesn't run on Opal00:32
thorstNovaLink is just another way to manage your PowerVM00:32
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AndyWojoOhhh, okay great00:45
AndyWojoWell that makes sense. I was able to get more time from my executives to make this a priority, so I'm back to building this out00:46
AndyWojoWell in that case, connecting my 812L to my lab's HMC just seems like it'll make things easier than working through IPMI00:47
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openstackgerritYuYang proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Specs:Neutron Networking Guide link  https://review.openstack.org/46158601:59
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efried#startmeeting Weekly OpenStack driver meeting12:59
openstackMeeting started Tue May  2 12:59:30 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is efried. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.12:59
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'weekly_openstack_driver_meeting'12:59
efried#topic cinder/iSCSI testing efforts12:59
efriedjay1_ How's it going?13:00
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thorstnot sure if Jay sees it.  I'll PM him.  But there are issues we think with the v7k13:01
efriedI PMed him13:01
jay1_Hey Eric, still getting connectivity issues13:01
thorstso he's going to ask a team where we know it works to see if we can use that temporarily13:01
thorstand maybe see what the difference is in the configs between the two13:01
efriedI talked to tjakobs yesterday (he was on vacation Friday) and he said he would be around today to help if we needed.13:01
efriedHe had this working in his env, right?13:02
jay1_thorst: got the other SVC, checking the difference..13:02
thorstefried: I don't think he used a v7k13:02
thorstI think he built a LVM iSCSI host13:02
efriedthorst Ugh, here's where my total ignorance comes into play.13:02
thorstthere isn't just one storage in the world  :-p13:03
thorstwhat we've been told to test is storwize13:03
efriedYeah, I (kinda) get that; what I don't have a grasp on is what piece of the puzzle we're getting stuck on.13:03
thorstwhich I know PVC has done with iSCSI on KVM13:03
thorstyeah, right now it looks like the storage side13:03
efriedIf I'm debugging vif plugging, I don't care if I'm SSP or localdisk, kind of thing.13:03
thorstthe negotiation between the hosts (storage and compute) is failing13:04
thorstlooks like its on the storage side13:04
efriedgfm was helpful the other day.  Maybe we can ask him again.13:04
efriedand yfeng, and darosale.13:05
efriedBasically, let's get a lot of people involved and see who's useful.13:05
efriedCause it won't be me.13:05
jay1_Yeah.. ideally when I registered the ISCSI host it is still showing the ports as offline, host and svc are not able discover each other.13:06
thorstjay1_: Yeah, that could be that the SVC you used (or v7k) only has one wire on it.13:06
thorstwhich is why I'm hoping you can just use what the KVM team uses13:06
thorstif it works on KVM it should work for PowerVM13:07
edmondswjay1_ I assume the word "ideally" was a mistake there?13:07
jay1_typo :p13:07
edmondsw:) np13:07
edmondswmaking sure I'm following...13:07
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edmondsw(sort of)13:08
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chhavihi all13:08
chhaviefried,thorst: iscsiadm discovery is failing on the setup13:08
efriedHi chhavi.  We were going to try to gather some SMEs to debug this.13:09
jay1_thorst, efried: chhavi was also looking into this today.13:09
efriedBe nice to get it done first thing, so nobody in India has to stay up super late.13:09
thorstok.  I think the next actions are clear13:09
thorsttry with the SVC we know is set up properly.13:10
efriedElse figure a way to hand it off to the US so we can get it ready for jay1_ to take over in the (India) morning.13:10
chhaviyes, first this needs to be debug from the SVC side why the iscsiadm discovery for the iscsi target iqn is failing13:10
chhavianother point efried, i think we should fix that as well in nova-powervm is if get_iscsi_initiator is not found, we should not pass the connector with the wwpn13:11
efriedThat sounds like a thing tjakobs could look into?13:12
thorstchhavi: why not?13:12
chhaviif the connection-type is iscsi, there is no use of passing wwpn, because of that SVC is using that and providing different error logs13:12
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thorstthe host can have both FC and iSCSI connectivity simulatenously13:12
thorstit's up to the driver to decide what to return13:12
thorstmaybe the storwize code has a bug there13:12
thorstI'd rather fix the storwize code...13:12
chhavithorst: from the nova side, if user had requested for the the iscsi attachment, and we are passing the connector, why one should send the wwpn13:13
chhavicreating the connector is nova task13:14
thorstchhavi: but when get_volume_connector is called from the nova manager you have no idea what the BDM's are.13:14
thorstso you don't know what they're asking for - iSCSI or FC13:14
thorstso you can't try to outsmart the driver.13:15
jay1_Just verified on the other SVC which is being used with PKVM, there is no chap secret code set on it. It is blank.13:15
edmondswugh... that doesn't sound good13:16
thorstOK - we may need to work with chhavi and gfm to continue13:16
edmondswwhich SVC is that?13:16
chhaviwhen i tested with iSCSI earlier also, i never set the CHAP secret code, and i got the iscsiadm as well.13:16
edmondswwe should be testing with appropriate security setup, to match a real customer environment.13:17
chhavishall i try to remove the chap secret and retry, if the iscsiadm discovery works.13:17
chhaviedmondsw: before we test with CHAP enabled to rule out13:18
edmondswchhavi sure, I'm not saying we have to *only* test with security setup, but we should at least *also* test with security setup13:18
edmondswif not only13:18
chhaviyeah, i know13:18
edmondswi.e. testing without security is optional... testing with security is not13:18
thorstso, I agree...but lets walk before we run here?13:19
chhaviedmondsw: one more thing do you know how to configure CHAP for username/password13:19
thorstlets get the negotiation going and then make it more complex13:19
thorstwe're fighting enough problems already here.13:19
thorstonce we solve those, we can add the complexity13:19
edmondswthorst right, my horror is more that the pkvm testing was doing this... not powervm13:20
edmondswchhavi sorry, no, I don't know how to set that up13:20
thorstI just don't want jay1_ or chhavi going down the rabbit hole and delaying this stuff.  That is a parallel separate thread13:20
chhavii removed the chap secret for now to see13:20
edmondswthorst yes, I'll ping gfm about it... if someone will tell me which SVC this was13:20
efriedAgree we should try to get it working at all first.  Then get it working right.13:21
edmondswwe all agree :)13:21
* efried tries to figure out how to use meetbot's #agreed tag...13:21
edmondswso... jay1_ or chhavi, which SVC did you get from the pkvm testers that didn't have CHAP setup?13:22
efried#agreed Get it working first.  Then get it working right.13:22
efried(guess we'll see how that shows up in the minutes)13:22
efried(docs are not helpful)13:22
jay1_edmondsw: you want the Ip of it ?13:22
edmondswsure... something I can use to identify it when I talk to gfm13:23
jay1_sure.. let me ping that to you.13:23
chhaviping me as well13:23
jay1_sure folks sending this to you all.13:24
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efriedWe done with that topic?13:26
efried#topic In-tree driver13:28
efriedNo movement since last week.  Hesitant to poke mriedem/sdague.  Don't want to be *too* squeaky.  Thoughts?13:28
thorstI'd hold off for a few more days13:29
thorstafter that powervm binge  :-)13:29
thorst(which was awesome)13:29
thorstor, maybe just ask them if you should hold off for a few days13:29
efried"a few more days" will take us to forum.13:29
thorstI mean, doesn't hurt to ask13:29
edmondswyou already have Sean's +2 on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391288/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/409402/13:31
efried#action efried to poke mriedem about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391288/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/409402/13:31
edmondswI think the other 4 reviews all still need work, right?13:32
efriedThe SSP one doesn't need work.  Just a stupid xenserver recheck, and re-look from cores.13:33
efriedWouldn't mind in-team +1s there.13:33
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efriedPrevious patch set was +2ed by sdague; latest patch set was just a (manual) rebase.13:33
edmondswefried I added myself13:34
efriedOh, were you not on there?  Sorry.13:34
edmondswnope... I'll try to look later today13:34
edmondswdo we need to say anything about the other 3, or next topic?13:35
efriedI'm going to wait til after the forum to get re-cranking on those, I think.13:35
efriedUnless by some miracle all three of the ready ones get merged, like, today.13:35
efriedAnything else in-tree?13:35
thorsthow's the non-powervm driver stuff going?13:36
edmondswthorst non-powervm?13:36
efried#topic OOT driver13:36
efriedOh, non-powervm.13:36
thorstI'll follow up later.  Its not powervm related...but the service BP13:36
thorstwe can chat outside the meeting13:36
efriedthorst Yeah, let's do that.13:37
edmondswoh, the catalog stuff13:37
efriedYaknow, since this is the PowerVM driver meeting.13:37
efriedSo OOT driver.13:37
efriedI reviewed esberglu_'s patches yesterday.  Good start, a few comments.13:37
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/461147/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460331/13:37
efriededmondsw Might as well add you to those.13:38
thorstI'll review today13:38
thorstand agree with edmondsw being on review13:38
esberglu_efried: Yep gonna fix those up. Gonna continue to work on the backports from in-tree this week13:38
edmondsware any of these for carrying our in-tree changes forward into the OOT driver?13:38
efriededmondsw Yes, both of them.13:38
efriedAnd the pending ones esberglu_ mentions above.13:38
efriedAny other OOT work in the offing?  Bugs?  Blueprint work?  Do we want to talk about the SR-IOV metrics?13:39
thorstI know that there is one patch that we need to review for svenkat today13:39
efriedthorst link?13:40
*** a1fisher has joined #openstack-powervm13:40
efriedNot on my list (at least not if svenkat is the author)13:40
thorstI don't see it, he just brought it up in a call but I don't see it anywhere in the queue13:40
thorstahh, I see it now13:40
thorstymadhavi proposed it on their behalf13:41
thorstyou +2'd13:41
thorstso I'm on point here.13:41
svenkatyes.. i added my +1 to it13:41
efriedAdded edmondsw13:41
efriedfor form's sake13:41
esberglu_I don't know if you saw in slack yesterday but the SRIOV utilization data is currently available from phyp13:41
efriedesberglu_ Needs to be added to REST, right?13:42
efriedchangh on the hook for that?13:42
edmondswI see 2 changes with the same subject and associated bug: the one above and https://review.openstack.org/46165313:43
edmondswwhy is that?13:43
esberglu_efried: I was talking to him about it. I can finish up that convo today, got distracted by CI stuff yesterday13:43
efriededmondsw Is the latter the ocata cherry-pick?13:44
edmondswefried ah, yeah... so we're not waiting for it to merge first13:44
efriededmondsw Waiting for what to merge?13:45
efriedoh, waiting for master to merge before cherry-picking?13:45
edmondswthe master change, before backporting13:45
edmondswnot a big deal13:45
efriedNah, this one's pretty trivial, we're pretty confident it's not gonna change since the +2.13:45
edmondswespecially since thorst just +W'd master :)13:46
efried#action thorst +W  https://review.openstack.org/46165313:46
efriedAnything else OOT?13:46
efried#topic CI13:47
thorstnada from me13:47
efriedesberglu_ Go.13:47
esberglu_CI died last night13:47
esberglu_Well not died but the runs are all failing13:47
esberglu_Looks to be cell related (which I still don't really understand that wel)13:47
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esberglu_HostMappingNotFound: Host 'powervm-ci-powervm-devstacked-4112' is not mapped to any cell13:48
esberglu_I think we should be able to just do that nova-manage discover_hosts thing hopefully13:48
esberglu_Gonna start debugging that right after the meeting13:48
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efriedCouple other things to keep an eye on:13:49
esberglu_Other that that there are some tests that are failing on and off. I think after the summit I'm gonna devote a week/sprint13:49
efriedLive migration tests started failing last night.  We probably have those disabled.13:49
esberglu_to debugging those intermittent failures and trying to work on the temp. disabled tests in the skip lists13:49
efriedAlso take a look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/461716/ to see if it affects us.13:50
esberglu_efried: Yeah I tried a manual run with that the other day. It failed stacking, but looked like a problem connecting to git.o.o13:51
efriedesberglu_ Okay, I guess keep it on yer watch list.13:51
esberglu_Should be able to try again in the background today13:52
efriedAnything else CI?13:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Deallocate network on reschedule  https://review.openstack.org/46067213:53
efried#topic Open discussion13:53
efriedAnything?  Anyone?13:53
thorstesberglu_: keep fighting the good fight!  Great job with the CI  :-)13:53
esberglu_Haha thanks13:54
edmondswefried, does that OOT network deallocate change need to make it into one of our in-tree driver patches?13:54
efriedOkay, if nothing else...13:54
edmondswor are we not far enough along there to need to worry about that?13:54
efriededmondsw Not until we have networks in tree ;-)13:54
edmondswI think one of your outstanding patches is for that, no?13:55
chhavithorst: does neo host network is configured to receive all packets13:55
efriedYeah, good idea to slap a comment on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/422512/13:55
edmondswwill do13:55
chhavii am just wondering if the neo network can be an issue for iscsi discovery13:55
chhavias per the error it says the neo is not able to receive the packets13:55
efriededmondsw Done.13:55
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openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/weekly_openstack_driver_meeting/2017/weekly_openstack_driver_meeting.2017-05-02-12.59.txt13:56
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/weekly_openstack_driver_meeting/2017/weekly_openstack_driver_meeting.2017-05-02-12.59.log.html13:56
edmondswefried we both made the same comment :)13:56
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thorstchhavi: send me the whole env details13:56
thorstI'll take a look when I break out of the meeting.13:56
thorstif you can ssh to the host, it can receive packets.13:56
esberglu_thorst: Is that ovs meeting still in the works?13:56
thorstit doesn't have multiple NICs13:56
thorstesberglu_: o crap...yeah.13:57
thorstI'll schedule for Friday right now.13:57
edmondswefried thorst want to talk about that service catalog work now?13:58
efriedthorst Avoid EOD Friday.  Ima be on the hook for school runs :(13:59
edmondswefried I saw you had new patches last night, haven't checked them yet.13:59
efriededmondsw thorst Well, the ksa patch is merging!13:59
*** thorst is now known as thorst_afk13:59
efriedI think what happens now is, that needs to appear in a release of ksa, then I bump the g-r for ksa, then my nova patch starts verifying.14:00
*** esberglu_ is now known as esberglu14:00
edmondswefried so have you talked to the keystone guys about releasing ksa?14:01
efriededmondsw Not since about a week ago.  I'll fup now.14:02
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*** madhaviy_ is now known as madhaviy14:04
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: In-Tree Backport: TaskFlow  https://review.openstack.org/46033114:21
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efriedchhavi Are you still working on the iSCSI thing?14:46
*** esberglu has quit IRC14:46
chhavidiscovery worked, after giving proper target ip14:47
chhaviverifying the attach14:47
efriedtjakobs_ ^^ chhavi is working on it with jay1_14:48
tjakobs_ok cool, chhavi can you let me know if you run into anymore issues. And i can try to help14:51
chhavisure, i will just run once and verify if the nova-powervm is now returning the proper connector with initiatorname14:52
*** esberglu has joined #openstack-powervm14:52
chhavithorst,tjakobs_: "nova_powervm.virt.powervm.volume.get_iscsi_initiator" is still returning the null initiator14:58
chhavido we have a pvmctl to do iscsi target discovery14:59
chhavitjakobs_ u can have a look further will be back after dinner15:00
tjakobs_I don't think there is any pvmctl for iscsi15:00
efriedtjakobs_ Do you have the system details?15:09
tjakobs_i don't15:09
efriedIf you can tell me the pypowervm commands we use to do that discovery, I can try to punch it in with ipython.15:09
efriedjay1_ Is this still on neo34?15:09
tjakobs_efried: pypowervm command is here: https://github.com/powervm/pypowervm/blob/develop/pypowervm/tasks/hdisk/_iscsi.py#L8315:10
chhaviyes efried its still on neo3415:10
chhavii don't see the ISCSIDiscovery job invoked in the pypowervm logs15:11
efriedtjakobs_ And the VIOS in this case will be... the nvl or the real VIOS?15:11
tjakobs_found this in Doc, don't remember exact reason however...  "The uuid of the VIOS (VIOS must be a Novalink VIOS type)."15:12
edmondswefried congrats on what I assume is your first keystoneauth merge!15:12
efriededmondsw It is indeed.  Thanks!15:13
efriedtjakobs_ chhavi Looking at that code above, is it possible we try the discovery the first time, it returns nothing, then we set _ISCSI_LOOKUP_COMPLETE to True, so it doesn't even try it the next time?15:14
efriedI.e. does the actual deployment process do something that would make those initiators available?  After the initial driver load?15:14
chhaviyes i think since this is global, even on failure this is getting true15:14
jay1_efried: Yes it is still neo3415:14
efriedtjakobs_ Well, the nvl here isn't a VIOS type.  So does that put a kibosh on the whole process?15:15
chhavii am setting it false and retrying15:16
efriedIn [9]: ret = hdisk.discover_iscsi_initiator(adap, v.uuid)15:16
efriedIn [10]: ret15:16
efriedOut[10]: 'iqn.1993-08.org.debian:01:3718826ceea8\n'15:16
efriedThat's using 'vios1'15:16
tjakobs_that looks like the right output to me15:16
efried...which is a real VIOS15:16
chhavicondition of global variable shud be set to true if the initiator is not null15:17
efriedchhavi Not sure that's the problem here.15:18
efriedIn this case, the nvl is the management partition, but it's not a VIOS type.15:18
efriedSo the line https://github.com/openstack/nova-powervm/blob/master/nova_powervm/virt/powervm/volume/__init__.py#L103 will be False, and we won't attempt the discovery.15:18
efriedCan anyone explain why we can't do iscsi through a traditional VIOS?15:19
efriedDo we need to reinstall in SDE mode?  Or do we need to fix the code to allow iSCSI through real VIOS?15:19
efriedthorst_afk ^^15:19
chhaviefried: this env is in SDE mode15:21
chhavioutput above returned for iqn is correct as per the iscsi-initiatorname15:21
chhaviwhy we need to pass the mgmt partition15:21
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thorst_afkchhavi: iScsi through the PowerVM driver is only working currently through the NL partition (like OVS support)15:23
efriedchhavi If it's in SDE mode, why is the nvl not a VIOS type?15:23
thorst_afkefried: not through a traditional VIOS15:23
efriedthorst_afk Right, we can see that - but why?15:23
thorst_afkefried: It was installed in SDN mode, so that it had a VIOS15:23
thorst_afkfor the SSP support15:23
thorst_afkthere is a command to post config change the NVL to VIOS type15:24
efriedCan't we have traditional VIOS + nvl-as-vios?15:24
thorst_afkto enable co-exist of the two15:24
thorst_afkthe installer just doesn't plop it down that way15:24
efriedseroyer question?15:24
thorst_afkthough maybe it should15:24
thorst_afkI'd ask apearson first15:24
efriedthorst_afk chhavi jay1_ tjakobs_ Okay, flipped nvl to VIOS.15:26
efriedI assume we have to restart services to make this work.15:26
efriedesberglu Heads-up https://review.openstack.org/#/c/461803/ failed PowerVM CI hard, and they're merging it.15:36
efriedCan't see how it could affect us, but...15:36
esbergluefried: Everything is failing hard15:36
*** mdrabe_ has joined #openstack-powervm15:36
esbergluefried: I'm actually gonna disable runs for the time being until I get this figured out15:37
efriedesberglu Doesn't look like our driver is being hit at all.  Is this the cells setup deal?15:37
efriedchhavi jay1_ Did you retry since I flipped the nvl to VIOS mode?15:38
jay1_efried: Shall I try now ?15:38
efriedjay1_ Need to restart services.15:38
efriedbut yes15:38
efriedSomething is still wrong.15:40
efriedNow when I try discovery, giving the nvl UUID, I get:15:40
efriedThe 'ISCSIDiscovery' operation failed. HTTP error 404 for method PUT on path /rest/api/uom/VirtualIOServer/45DB94F8-D3CA-4F53-B5CB-8C26A31A9022/do/ISCSIDiscovery: Not Found -- REST000B The URL presented to the Management Console REST Web Services is not valid.15:40
efriedMebbe we need to restart pvm-rest?15:41
thorst_afkefried: was the REST server restarted?15:41
efriednope.  I'll do that now...15:41
jay1_efried: once done, pls let me know will try attach15:42
efriedWhen I said 'services', I was talking about openstack services.  thorst_afk Those need to be restarted too, presumably?15:42
thorst_afkefried: yep15:42
thorst_afkefried: just really nova-compute15:42
efriedjay1_ Wait until pvm-rest is done restarting.15:42
efriedThen restart n-cpu15:42
efriedjay1_ Restart n-cpu and retry attach.15:43
efriedI'm getting 'iqn.1993-08.org.debian:01:3718826ceea8\n' from discover_iscsi_attach with the nvl UUID.15:44
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thorst_afkthat seems reasonable15:45
efriedIt's the same thing I was getting from the VIOS before.15:45
efriedAnd in fact I still get the same thing from the VIOS.  Is that normal?15:45
thorst_afkright...I assumed the problem was the vscsi mappings (since you weren't a VIOS)15:45
jay1_efried: attached a volume "New_VOL1" to the VM: "New_ISCSI_VM"15:46
efriedjay1_ Successfully?15:46
jay1_no errors on the UI though15:46
thorst_afkpvmctl scsi list15:46
thorst_afkwhat's the output15:47
jay1_let me verify more..15:47
efriedpvmctl scsi list only shows the boot disk and cfg drive15:47
thorst_afkVM was powered off for the attach?15:48
thorst_afkI know that volume/nic attachment are odd.  They 'submit the job' successfully but then it can fail behind the scenes15:48
efriedjay1_ Shut down the LPAR, and try again.15:48
jay1_right now it is not successful, let me try shoutdown and attach15:49
thorst_afkit should work if powered on, but only if RMC was good15:49
thorst_afkso you can just avoid that with shutting it down15:49
*** chas has joined #openstack-powervm15:49
jay1_RMC is active only but VM details shows blank volumes_attached:15:49
jay1_let me try power off VM now15:50
thorst_afkgood deal15:50
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jay1_Just tried attaching New_VOL2 to New_ISCSI_VM, but not reflecting that on the UI also.15:59
efriedyup, also not seeing it in scsi list.16:00
efriedWait, does chhavi still have a pdb going in there?16:01
efrieddoesn't look like it.16:01
efriedWe should tame down the logging a bit.16:01
efriedjay1_ Did you restart the compute service before you tried this?16:02
jay1_yes but not after shutoff VM16:02
efriedI wouldn't expect that should matter.16:03
thorst_afkso no luck?16:03
thorst_afkwant me to hop in and poke around?16:03
jay1_thorst_afk: yes volumes are not getting attached to shutoff VM also.16:07
thorst_afkI'm going to pop in now16:08
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: In Tree Backport: Exception handling #1  https://review.openstack.org/46114716:10
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: In Tree Backport: Exception handling #1  https://review.openstack.org/46114716:11
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thorst_afk{'initiator': 'iqn.1993-08.org.debian:01:3718826ceea8\n', 'wwpns': ['21000024ff64f56c'], 'host': 'neo34'}16:23
thorst_afkit seems like a bug that there is a \n on the initiator16:23
thorst_afktjakobs_: is that what you would expect?16:23
thorst_afkFYI - its failing in cinder.16:31
thorst_afkI'm investigating.16:31
thorst_afkso this is totally a bug in the SVC driver.16:33
*** jay1_ has joined #openstack-powervm16:34
thorst_afkI'll see about proposing a patch up16:34
chhavithorst: its failing while matching the iscsi hostname16:35
thorst_afkits a bug in their driver.16:36
thorst_afkI'm going to propose a fix16:36
thorst_afkthis isn't a nova_powervm bug...16:36
openstackLaunchpad bug 1343142 in Cinder "IBM storwize_svc can not get the right host" [Medium,Fix released] - Assigned to Li Min Liu (liminliu)16:36
thorst_afklooks like it was a bug back in juno16:36
thorst_afkand must've been reintroduced in one of the many re-writes16:36
chhavithorst: i don't think the issue mentioned in the above fix, is the problem in our environment16:48
thorst_afkchhavi: trying it now.16:52
thorst_afkit no longer detects the wrong host16:52
chhaviissue was with /n na or something else16:52
thorst_afkits two fold.16:53
thorst_afkthat's an issue in nova-powervm16:53
thorst_afkfor sure16:53
thorst_afkbut also there is one in cinder.16:53
*** nbante has quit IRC16:54
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openstackgerritShyama proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Allow vios to be filtered for rebuild  https://review.openstack.org/46072316:55
chhavicould be in chap secret16:57
chhavilogging off let us know, we can pick tomorrow16:59
*** chhavi has quit IRC17:05
thorst_afkefried: when you get a chance:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460723/217:08
thorst_afkjay1_: for what its worth, I now have it actually calling into the nova-powervm code17:11
jay1_thorst_afk: Didn't get it.17:33
jay1_is it working now ?17:33
jay1_ah okay.. got it now.17:35
esbergluefried: thorst_afk: Still figuring out CI. Not a cell issue like I initially thought.17:45
esbergluI think that's what's hitting us17:45
esbergluShould be able to get around it by setting TEMPEST_AUTH_VERSION in our local.conf17:47
esbergluI don't have any clue about the identity stuff. Looks like it is defaulting to use v3 but we use v217:48
esbergluMaybe we should be making the move to v3?17:48
*** jay1_ has quit IRC17:51
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Fix newline character on iscsi initiator  https://review.openstack.org/46186318:01
jpasqualetto_Hey everyone.. I've asked a question a few days ago, pointing to this errors:  https://pastebin.com/0FisErDm18:53
jpasqualetto_thorst_afk, told me "it looks like you only have 5 slots associated with it you should probably bump that up to like 1000  (which will require a reboot)"18:53
jpasqualetto_well, a team member changed this configuration.. but still not working... how can I check this?18:54
thorst_afkefried: do you know how to dump out the slots assigned to a partition?19:19
efried`pvmctl scsi list` will show you current adapters.19:20
efried...including slot numbers.19:20
efriedBut that's probably not what you're looking for, is it?19:20
efriedThere are VIOS commands, but I would have to punt to someone like seroyer for that.19:21
jpasqualetto_efried, this command show me my current adapters... but, what about a limit? It seems that my problem is some kind of limitation. Is there a way to see it?19:29
efriedjpasqualetto_ Yeah, should be.  Gimme a sec...19:30
efriedjpasqualetto_ pvmctl vm list -i id=<LPARID> -d max_virtual_slots19:31
efriedunless it's a VIOS you care about - then use pvmctl vios list19:31
efriedIf you wanna see all the LPARs, you can do something like  pvmctl vm list -d name max_virtual_slots19:32
jpasqualetto_efried, ok, thans. What if I want to change this value? This should work: pvmctl vm update -i id=3 -s max_virtual_slots=1000 ?19:39
efriedjpasqualetto_ Yes, that should work, but rumor has it you would have to reboot for it to take effect.19:40
efriedthorst_afk Can you confirm ^^ ?19:40
jpasqualetto_efried, I can reboot, no problem.. test environment :-)19:40
thorst_afkyeah, you need to reboot for that to take effect19:40
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edmondswesberglu we should definitely use keystone v320:29
edmondswv2 is going away20:29
edmondswif you ever have any keystone questions, ping me20:29
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: ci check  https://review.openstack.org/32831520:53
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: CI Check2  https://review.openstack.org/32831720:54
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edmondswesberglu tx for http://morpheus.pok.stglabs.ibm.com/#/c/5216/22:04
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