Thursday, 2017-04-27

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arunmanthorst_a_: I've a pypowervm changes needing your comments,
efriedthorst_a_ I wanted to discuss it with you.12:59
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thorst_a_efried arunman: sorry - was AFK13:19
thorst_a_looking at it13:19
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thorstthe fix should be that the IBMi image metadata should specify a larger timeout13:20
thorstnot just ignore the parameter passed in to the method down in pypowervm13:20
thorstthat's the OpenStack way13:20
arunmanOk.. I did provide a similar suggestion. But, they are of the opinion that it should be fixed on pypowervm13:22
thorstwho is they?13:22
thorstwho do I have to convince otherwise  :-)13:23
arunmanI mean, the IBMi team13:23
thorstOK - they're wrong.13:23
thorstPM me their names13:23
thorstI'll follow up with them13:23
thorstwe were breaking the openstack contract before13:23
thorstby trying to be 'too smart'13:23
thorstI mean they're right that IBM i images take longer to shut down, but that doesn't mean we should just ignore what openstack tells us for the power off time.  It means that they should follow the openstack way to set the power off time for IBMi images.13:24
thorstits a minor tweak  :-)13:24
arunmanAlrite.. I'll tag you to the defect and update what you mentioned here. If the IBMi team still pushes back, I'll get back to you :-)13:26
thorstsounds like a plan dude13:27
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arunmansure thing13:28
arunmanand on, I've cherry picked the change to ocata.13:28
arunmanshould this need to be cherry picked on newton as well?13:31
thorstarunman: I think so13:31
thorstits valid back there13:31
thorstlooks like we have a breakage back in newton efried13:32
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arunmanOk, I'll do that13:37
edmondswefried thorst I added my thoughts in
edmondswthorst hadn't read your comments above when I did that... your response may be more appropriate13:47
thorstedmondsw: no worries...I put those thoughts into the actual review13:48
efriedthorst newton breakage?13:52
thorstcheck arunman's newton change set13:54
thorstI think new pep8 rules poked back into newton again13:54
arunmanI think you are referring to the coat one13:55
thorstsorry - yeah, ocata13:55
arunmanyeah.. I'm fixing that13:55
arunmanbut, for newton.. I'm getting merge conflict.13:56
thorstyep...will need to be manually merged13:58
thorstif that proves too cumbersome...either slate it for the back burner or don't worry about it too much13:58
arunmanOk.. I'll get the ocata one fixed for now.14:02
efriededmondsw Sorry, I had forgotten to add you to the change sets for the service catalog stuff.  Remedied.14:04
efriedarunman Let me know if you need help with that merge conflict.14:04
edmondswefried looks like I have some catching up to do there :)14:06
efriededmondsw Only if you're interested in following the whole progression.14:07
efriedThe nova change set is going to be completely reworked at this point based on the keystone one.14:07
edmondswefried ok, you think we're caught up on comments against past changesets? No ongoing convos there?14:07
efriedOh, not remotely caught up.14:08
efriedWhole lot going on there.14:08
efriedI can go through it with you if you want and have time.14:08
efriedAs/when you wish.  It wouldn't hurt for me to talk it out, get it straight in my own head.14:09
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edmondswefried, I have 20 minutes if you are free14:39
edmondswcall me?14:40
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efriedesberglu Do we have any CI running latest develop pypowervm?15:47
esbergluefried: Nope not anymore15:59
esbergluEverything just pulls from u-c15:59
efriedesberglu How hard to get a run with that?15:59
efriedI just made some changes in that _should_ be harmless, but it would make me feel a lot better to get a CI run with 'em before we cut a new release.15:59
esbergluPretty easy16:00
esbergluI can push through a manual run16:00
esbergluBut won't be able to get to it until after lunch16:00
efriedesberglu Cool.  5195 just merged.  I'd like to get a run with it OOT if possible.16:00
efriedYeah, no big hurry.16:00
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efriedtjakobs Hey, can you help me devstack OVS?16:09
tjakobsi can try16:10
tjakobsefried: what issue are you having?16:11
efriedtjakobs Well, the issue where I haven't a freaking clue what I'm doing.16:11
tjakobswhat kind of setup are you looking at? AIO, controller/compute?16:12
efriedAIO, SDN16:12
efriedI think I may need help setting up br-ex16:13
efriedtjakobs cause that seems to be necessary16:13
tjakobspm'ed you something you can try adding to /etc/network/interfaces easiest way to setup br-ex16:15
efriedtjakobs Okay, then run some command to make it take effect?16:16
thorstefried: I think I got past it on the system16:37
thorstit's creating roles on the system now16:37
thorstwhere as before it'd die immediately16:38
efried"immediately" after like five minutes16:38
thorsto...well, maybe I didn't get past it16:39
thorstwell, it has been running for 7 minutes16:39
efriedit's doing glance stuff now.  I think that's after neutron.  Could be wrong.16:42
arunmanefried thorst FYI...
efriedarunman Okay, you had to restore the t9n macros because the hacking rules were still in place in ocata?16:44
efried+2.  thorst ^^ please sanity check16:45
efriedthorst Neutron didn't start - but I think you at least got past where we were before.16:46
thorstagree.16:46 proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Deallocate network on reschedule
thorstefried: am I just being a jerk if I ask for a UT on this thing?16:59
thorstefried: well...the devstack is using the old OVS agent which was removed in Juno but for some reason has support in devstack still17:06
efriedthorst Re UT?  Meh.  It oughtta be one line.  I don't think it's unreasonable.17:37
efriedIt at least makes sure we spelled the method name right, and stuff.17:37
efriedthorst Re OVS agent - does that work for us?17:37
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thorstefried: well, it stacked18:03
thorstbut, there is no br-ex18:03
efriedovs-vsctl show shows nothing18:03
efriedI'm led to understand it oughtta, if stuff is working.18:03
thorstI don't see a neutron agent (q-agt) process in the screen18:04
thorstso something is off18:04
efriedWell, that's in the disabled services list.18:04
efried(I put it there)18:04
efriedCause I thought it was superseded by neutron-agent.18:04
efriedCause I'm ignorant.18:04
thorstlet me restack it18:07
efriedthorst You should really vet the whole local.conf.  No telling between me & jay how badly it's mucked up.18:18
efriedBlind leading blind, there.18:18
thorstyeah, my plan is to get something kinda working18:18
thorstthen short it up18:18
thorstefried: well, we have a q-agt now but it doesn't boot!18:43
thorstI think we need to manually create the br-ex first.18:43
efriedthorst What doesn't boot?18:43
efriedThe agent?18:43
efriedor the VM?18:43
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thorstthe agent18:51
thorstit didn't auto create the br-ex18:51
thorstbut we can manually do it18:52
esbergluefried: Manual run was fine with latest develop pypowervm18:56
efriedesberglu Awesome, thanks for doing that.18:56
thorstefried: so I think we have jay's stack going for now19:13
thorsteven the cinder volume service seems to be running19:13
efriedI'm deep in os-client-config-land19:13
thorstknow the default devstack credentials?19:13
efriedFor horizon?19:14
efriedadmin/admin?  admin/labstack?  Something like that?19:14
efriedI haven't used horizon in yonks.19:14
efriedOn the CLI I just source openrc.19:14
thorstso we should tell jay tonight that its running...19:21
thorstI'm going to see if I can create a cinder volume quick19:21
thorsthorizon is so slow19:21
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openstackgerritShyama proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Allow vios to be filtered for rebuild
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esbergluthorst: efried: So whatever caused CI to stop deleting nodepool nodes is back. Seems to be a mysql issue20:20
esbergluBoth times I have found mysql dead. Then when I restart, suddenly the nodes stop getting deleted20:21
esbergluThis time there was an error about a deprecated variable when I tried to restart mysql. So I updated that to the new variable name in the conf20:25
esbergluStarted up after that, but with the nodepool issue20:25
thorsthmm...I think it might be worth asking in infra?20:26
edmondswefried jamie is up and has commented on your patch20:29
efriededmondsw Cool, was just thinking to poke him.  Thanks for the heads up.20:30
efriededmondsw Any idea who Chris Behrens is, or what is IRC handle is?20:39
efriedLooks like maybe an old hand, no longer active?20:40
edmondswefried not a name I recognize20:41
esbergluthorst: Ended up getting resolved by restarting nodepool20:45
esbergluWish that would have done the trick last time20:45
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