Tuesday, 2017-04-25

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thorstefried: there?12:41
efriedthorst yuh, sup?12:41
thorstJay pinged me over night.  Said he failed because the vif binding timed out12:41
thorstis that what you would expect?12:41
thorstI'm not sure how far up the stack you got12:42
efriedthorst I responded to him also.  Wanted to verify that he used --nic none.  He's stacked in-tree, as far as I know, so we shouldn't even be trying to attach networkse.12:43
thorstgot it.12:43
thorstsounds like he's pretty close and ready to move to OOT12:43
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thorstefried: any reviews I'm backlogged on that you need today?12:51
efriedthorst I wouldn't be offended if you +1ed these: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/powervm-nova-compute-driver+status:open+is:mergeable12:53
efriedBut they're already +2ed, so not crucial.12:53
thorstI should be doing that anyway12:53
thorstI would like to understand what we then need to pull back to OOT12:53
thorstI would expect some of this should be going back...not a ton (like UT changes) but we don't want too much variation there.12:54
thorstex: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/443189/8..21/nova/tests/unit/virt/powervm/__init__.py12:54
efriedthorst Yeah, I haven't been doing a good job keeping explicit track of things we want to bring back.12:54
thorstseems like that (even though UT) should be brought back12:54
thorstlets maybe spend a few days next week doing a small audit of that12:55
thorstget a few change sets lined up12:55
thorstand then we'll figure out the next set of stuff to bring IT12:55
efriedI mean, I've been doing some of them as we go.12:55
thorstwhich have been good...want to make sure we maintain that rigor12:55
thorstas that would be easy to lose12:55
efriedthorst Oh, no, we've got several in-tree changes still lined up that need to be re-re-re-rebased and brought up to scratch.12:55
efriedcfg drive, localdisk, ovs_vif12:56
efriedHere's the previous list with those added: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/powervm-nova-compute-driver+status:open12:56
efriedNot sure if we should do something about re-ownering wangqwsh's12:57
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efriedHowdy jay - have you retried with --nic none?12:57
Guest609Just reached home now.. trying that only..12:57
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thorstshort and to the point12:58
thorstjoined, gave status, left12:58
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efriedconnection issues12:59
efriedthorst BTW, I'm mainly focused on the service catalog blueprint at the moment.12:59
thorstgah, take a joke  :-)12:59
efriedGuess I'm the cranky one today.12:59
efried(not really)12:59
thorstunderstood, we'll need iSCSI focus too though.  That's the main thing with a deadline that I know of.  The rest is as able.  Backports and what not.13:00
thorstyeah man...I got 5.5 hours of sleep last night13:00
thorstso I can take on the world13:00
efriedthorst Also hoping we can get those in-tree changes merged soonish so I can continue up the stack.13:00
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esberglu#startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting13:01
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 25 13:01:41 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.13:01
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.13:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'powervm_driver_meeting'13:01
thorstefried: yep, understood13:02
esberglu#topic In-tree Driver13:02
edmondswsdague just +2'd #3 and #413:03
jay1_efried: It is not allowing with --nic none13:04
jay1_neo@neo34:/opt/stack/powervm-ci/tempest$ openstack server create VM1 --image  Ubuntu2g --flavor CI_flv_1 --nic none13:04
jay1_nics must be a list13:04
efriedjay1_ You need to set the API microversion.13:04
efriedLet's do this after the meeting.13:04
esbergluNice that we're continuing to make progress there13:05
thorstgood work efried13:05
efriedSoon's I see mriedem I'll pester him for +W.13:06
esbergluAny actions we need to take in-tree atm?13:06
thorstI'm reviewing for +1, though I think its mostly just for my own sanity13:06
esbergluYeah I have a couple that need a +1 still too13:06
thorstand as we discussed, we'll need to get a little rigor around making sure we backport some of these changes to OOT13:06
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efriedesberglu You have in-tree change sets up for review?13:07
thorstthat's an easy one to just forget to do13:07
esbergluNo I meant reviewing them13:07
efriedoh, okay.13:07
efriedSo yeah, esberglu I don't know if you have a way for carrying forward action items to bring up in subsequent meetings, but...13:07
thorstesberglu: if you have bandwidth, you could maybe help bring those IT patches back to OOT.  But I'm not sure what your BW looks like13:07
efriedYeah, one would be that, or at least queueing up a recurring reminder that we need to do that at some point.13:08
thorstex. Things like this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438729/11..18/nova/virt/powervm/tasks/base.py13:08
esbergluthorst: efried: Yeah I was already planning on doing that this sprint13:08
efriedSweet.  That one specifically has an associated bug, esberglu - remind me to give it to you if you tackle that one.13:09
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efriedesberglu https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova-powervm/+bug/168094713:10
openstackLaunchpad bug 1680947 in nova-powervm "Use PrintingDurationListener, get rid of PowerVMTask" [Wishlist,New]13:10
esberglu#action esberglu: Port IT changes OOT13:10
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esberglu#topic OOT Driver13:11
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efriedAnother item to queue up - not critical now, but hopefully will be in a week or two - do/should we re-owner wangqwsh's change set?13:11
thorstefried: I'm not sure how to do that...but its not critical IMO13:11
thorstI know he's not working on it anymore, but it wouldn't be awful for him to get some credit on it?  Though I admit he did not do the lion's share of the work.13:12
efriedthorst My only concern is that there may be some things we're not allowed to do to it if we don't own it.13:12
thorsto, then yes13:12
thorstthat makes more sense then13:12
efriedYeah, I'm less concerned about the credit.13:12
efriedBut maybe we don't worry about it until/unless it becomes a problem.13:12
efriedAt that point, I imagine the cores would be able to fix it for us.13:12
efriedThough for procedure's sake, the cores may want us to re-owner it anyway.13:12
thorstits the OVS one?13:12
thorstI think the rest had me as owner13:13
thorstwell the rest of the ones that aren't YOU13:13
efriedyeah - https://review.openstack.org/42251213:13
thorst(even though they are you)13:13
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efriedRight, cfg drive and local disk (and console) are under thorst13:13
thorstI suspect the OVS one will be the trickiest.13:14
efriedThere's some kind of co-authored-by tag.  Not sure if it's meaningful or what.13:14
thorstprobably only meaningful for credit (discount to PTG or something)13:14
thorsthighly doubt meaningful to gerrit13:14
efried#action efried to ask nova cores what to do about new ownership / co-authorship of in-tree changes.13:14
efriedToday is launchpad cleanup day, so prolly not a lot of other stuff going to get done there.13:15
edmondswgerrit records both author and committer, with author being the most recent person to upload a changeset13:16
edmondswI think both get credit13:16
edmondswfor PTG, etc.13:16
edmondswbut I could be wrong there13:16
thorstedmondsw: right, but not sure that a co-authored tag in the commit message get counted13:16
edmondswI have seen the coauthored tag... I think that's just to get credit in the commit message13:16
thorstand if it does maybe just for PTG13:16
thorstbut, not super important for us to figure out in the mtg13:16
edmondswI would add the coauthored tag just to cover all bases13:16
efriedOther than backports, I don't have anything OOT until jay1_ gets back to testing with it.  There was that bizarre neutron problem that we never nailed down, but it may have been a one-off, env-specific.13:17
edmondswwhat about that localdisk one, and the 2 I see as WIP (config drive and ovs vif)?13:18
efriededmondsw Yeah, those are the ones we're talking about, and the console one.13:19
efriedcfg drv, localdisk, and ovs vif all need to be rebased/finished.13:19
efriedovs vif may or may not need a new owner.13:19
thorstovs vif will be the hard one...13:19
edmondswefried, but I mean more than just changing ownership, are we working on finishing them?13:19
efriedAnd all four may or may not need co-authorship.13:19
thorstas it has CI changes.13:19
thorstbut I suspect we'll get to that later.13:19
efriededmondsw Waiting until we get the first set merged (or closer to merged)13:20
efriedThere's four that should be ready for +W at this point.13:20
efriedI'll bug mriedem about those tomorrow, since today is bug day.13:20
thorstare we at the OOT section of the meeting?13:20
thorstI have a minor thing there...13:20
thorstOk...I missed.13:20
thorstbasically, I'm pursuing some router fixes in neutron that don't really affect PowerVM, but rather all hypervisors13:21
thorstwe're just impacted because its wrong13:21
thorstso that's what I'm doing 'OOT' wise...13:21
esbergluOkay nice13:21
thorstfocus area is really just backports (which we have owner on) and then those blue prints we reviewed earlier13:21
thorstmaking sure that we follow up on those items13:21
thorstedmondsw: did you have a chance to talk to the PVC folks that were impacted?13:22
thorstI haven't yet13:22
edmondswI'll try to do that today13:22
thorst#action edmondsw and thorst to discuss BP with PVC folks13:22
thorstI think that's all I had.  Still want to investigate PCI pass thru, but lower priority13:23
esberglu#topic PowerVM CI13:23
esbergluLast afternoon a couple tests started failing consistently. I thought it was just a tempest conf thing, but apparently not13:24
efriedesberglu Saw another handful of "merge failures" this morning.13:24
esbergluefried: That's pretty regular13:24
thorstheh, yeah the CI appeared to go full crazy last night13:24
esbergluI haven't had a chance to look yet today13:24
esbergluBut anyhow I was gonna disable those 2 tests while I investigate the cause13:25
esbergluWhat do you mean full crazy?13:25
thorstmy inbox was full of failures13:25
thorstwhich isn't crazy13:25
thorstfigured a test went rogue13:25
thorstthese were existing tests?13:25
esbergluYeah. 1 new unsupported test. 2 existing tests now failing13:26
esbergluWill be putting up a changeset right after the meeting for those13:26
esbergluOther than that I have a handful of neo-os-ci patches up13:27
esbergluMostly small stuff, nothing critical13:27
esbergluBut also should be easy reviews13:27
esbergluPlanning to look into OVS support in CI this sprint13:28
thorstlets find some time to talk through OVS13:28
thorstwe're going to have to use vxlans there13:28
thorstwhich is going to be weird.13:29
thorstefried: we'll also probably need some IT conf options for it too13:29
thorstsomething to tell us the PHYP vSwitch to use (and each CI job will use a different one I think)13:29
efriedthorst Cool, I'll probably need a ground-up OVS primer anyway, if I'm going to have anything to do with that change set.13:30
thorstefried: yep...it is super weird13:32
thorstand contorting the CI to work with it will be...interesting13:32
esbergluYou guys want to do a call or just discuss it here later?13:32
thorstprobably a call13:32
thorstbut I need to do some research first13:32
thorstlets get something teed up though, else I'll just keep deferring it to later13:32
edmondswthorst I'd be interested to attend that13:32
thorstedmondsw: ack13:32
thorst#action thorst to set up OVS meeting13:33
edmondswah... I was thinking "ack" as in "ugh" ;)13:33
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esbergluI think that covers everything CI13:34
jay1_esberglu: WSGI_MODE issue is still there ?13:35
esbergluYeah still investigating a permanent solution. But using the deprecated option works for now13:35
esberglu#topic Driver Testing13:36
esberglujay1_: Sounds like you got through your stacking issues yesterday?13:36
efriedesberglu Yeah, couple things we ought to keep an eye on there.13:37
jay1_Yes but primer lpar spawn is failing.. working with efried..13:37
esbergluCI was having bad network performance yesterday, so I'm assuming your network issues were probably the same thing13:37
efried1) I had to hack functions-common to use --allow-unauthenticated for apt-get.13:37
efried2) git:// protocol was busted, had to change stackrc to use https13:37
efriedAnd yeah, 3) the WSGI thing.13:38
esbergluJust adding that conf option for WSGI_MODE worked for you too correct?13:39
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efriedAnd post-stack, 4) API microversion; 5) stupid cells setup13:40
thorst#easy #devops13:41
efriedFor CI.13:42
efriedThe rest of us poor schlubs have to do it by hand every time.13:42
jay1_efried: the next SSP patch set will have most of the above mentioned fixes ?? Just wanted to understand the plan..13:43
efriedjay1_ Those have nothing to do with code.13:43
thorstI think 1-5 are permanent13:43
thorstsemi permanent13:43
thorstthey're just part of the cost of using devstack presently13:43
thorstand bleeding edge code13:43
efriedThey're all operational garbage that has to be done when you stack.13:43
thorsthave nothing to do with PowerVM13:43
jay1_ah.. okay..13:44
jay1_but earlier these were not encountered just wondering..13:44
thorstjay1_: so basically when you're dealing with bleeding edge community code13:45
thorstthings just break13:45
thorstand you have to work around them13:46
efriedjay1_ Some are (hopefully transient) issues, like the git:// protocol thing.  Some are (hopefully transient) bugs, like the --allow-unauthenticated thing.  Some are permanent changes made by the community that we just need to start accomodating, like the WSGI thing.13:46
thorsteven if they're unrelated to your testing13:46
thorstits a constant state of turmoil13:46
thorstand its how the community moves forward...kinda a no fear approach13:46
thorstit settles down as we get closer to release freeze13:46
jay1_efried: These are specific to IT only ? latest OOT doesn't need all these work arounds?13:48
efriedjay1_ Some of them.13:48
jay1_of course WSGI is common one.13:49
efriedThe microversion thing should only be necessary in-tree before we have network support, because as far as I've seen, --nic none is the only thing we need that isn't supported at the default microversion.13:49
esbergluThe rest are both13:50
efriedBut #1-3 and #5 are going to be necessary IT and OOT.13:50
esberglu#topic Open Discussion13:51
esbergluAnything else today?13:51
thorstHow's everyone doing?13:51
thorst:-p  kidding13:51
thorstI've got nothing13:51
jay1_thorst: for this iscsi, it is enough to do either with Devstack or OSA right ?13:52
thorstwe need a live migration done with either devstack or OSA13:52
efriedGuess you'll need two hosts.  Do you have another one?13:52
thorstI'm now leaning towards devstack because OSA set up on the cinder side has proved to be challenging13:52
thorstefried: I can source another.13:52
thorstI just want an iscsi attach proven first to the existing system13:53
thorstthen we can get the other ready13:53
efriedAnyone know how to code oslo_config to load up a conf file?13:55
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efriedWell, then nothing else from my end.13:57
jay1_thorst: I have got another host from PVC FVT pool, for OOT + ISCSI13:57
jay1_I think we may need two13:57
thorstjay1_: I will get you another after we get the attach going13:58
jay1_as my current host is having IT now, Shall we wait until it is done ? I was just wondering to make another system ready to have simultaneous tracking..14:00
thorstjay1_: testing on your current host should be wrapped up today in my opinion14:00
efriedjay1_ I'd like to validate SSP and console IT before you blow away your current stack.14:00
efriedthorst Yeah, unless neutron is still giving us the finger.14:00
thorstthen we can just restack for OOT14:00
thorstefried: sure, but you're setting that to --none14:01
thorstso neutron's cut out14:01
efriedSo by the way, if you stack OOT, you can run IT on same stack.14:01
efriedThat might be the way to go, so we don't have to keep restacking all the time.14:01
thorstthat's a nice idea14:02
efriedthorst Are you doubting, Mr. Doubty McDoubterpants?14:03
efriedI've done this.  Just have to change the compute_driver in nova.conf and restart n-cpu.14:03
thorstno doubt...just seems logical and obvious in retrospect14:03
thorstjust never something I considered14:04
efriedI haven't done it a lot; and I suppose it's possible we may run into issues with the custom networking agents running when we're IT, but I wouldn't think so.14:05
esbergluAlright we're over time so I'm calling it14:06
openstackMeeting ended Tue Apr 25 14:06:39 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)14:06
openstackMinutes:        http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/powervm_driver_meeting/2017/powervm_driver_meeting.2017-04-25-13.01.html14:06
openstackMinutes (text): http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/powervm_driver_meeting/2017/powervm_driver_meeting.2017-04-25-13.01.txt14:06
openstackLog:            http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/powervm_driver_meeting/2017/powervm_driver_meeting.2017-04-25-13.01.log.html14:06
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a1fisher Hi Guys, I'm seeing the following trying to privision an instance - PortBindingFailed: Binding failed for port ....., please check neutron logs for more information. - The neutron logs aren't much help. Any pointers re configuration areas I need to look at? I've configured networking as per https://github.com/openstack/networking-powervm/blob/master/doc/source/devref/usage.rst14:27
thorsta1fisher: what neutron client side agent are you using?14:27
thorstSEA, SR-IOV, OVS?14:27
thorstthe networking-powervm project needs to be installed on the same server as your neutron server14:28
thorstand then you just need to restart your neutron server14:28
thorstit basically makes the server aware of how to bind that port14:28
a1fisheryep, done that. Is there any config that needs to be done as well? or just install.14:29
walerwe renamed the PHYP vSwitch back to the ETHERNET0 default, like you recommended last week (and updated the bridge_mapping accordingly). But it didn't seem to help with the PortBindingFailed error14:33
*** tjakobs has joined #openstack-powervm14:35
a1fisherhow do the openstack controllers (my neutron servers) know how to use the networking-powervm project?14:39
efrieda1fisher Something to do with the vif type, I think.  The networking-powervm agents register themselves with neutron as knowing how to handle a certain type.  Then when the compute driver tries to plug a vif of that type, neutron knows where to outsource it.14:41
efriedthorst ^^ Am I close to right on that?14:41
efrieda1fisher Is it timing out, or failing right away?14:42
*** shyama has joined #openstack-powervm14:42
a1fisherfails pretty much right away14:42
walerbut we did briefly catch an LPAR/VM created and then deleted on the novalink LPAR14:43
efriedwaler That makes sense.  We first create the LPAR, then try to plug vifs into it.  If that fails, we clean up the LPAR.14:44
efriedWhich logs have you examined at this point?14:44
efriedI'd be looking at n-cpu, q-svc, and pvm-q-sea-agent14:44
a1fishernova-compute.log is where I see the portbind error14:45
efriedAnd there's nothing helpful in the neutron server log?14:45
efriedWell, I shouldn't say "helpful" - we're looking for *any* indication that the neutron server was in the picture.14:46
a1fishernope, nothing at all. I configured the agen on the client side to log but nothing useful here either. I'll have another look at the server side logs.14:47
thorsthey - sorry, I've been on the phone14:58
thorstdo you have q-dhcp running?14:58
thorstwe've seen some issues with that...14:58
*** chas has quit IRC15:06
efriedthorst The symptom from that was a timeout; they're saying it fails quick for them.15:08
thorstfailing quick indicates to me that the install on the neutron server didn't quite take right15:08
*** mdrabe_ is now known as mdrabe15:08
thorstit needs to run that setup.cfg (I think is part of the pip install)15:08
a1fisherWe are using the neutron dhcp agent. Our environmentis an x86 cloud with 3 controllers and a number of compute nodes (x86 and powerkvm). We want to try and setup nova-link to work in the env. I can see an error in the server log. It looks like it's trying to use OVS rather then SEA.15:11
a1fisherWARNING neutron.plugins.ml2.drivers.mech_agent [req-cbd18f13-85df-4b9d-bfc2-f57e35f726cc 7f057635294443ed8fef8df94680581e fb83a66ea74b4d9f92100c57d72c68e7 - - -] Port 449eeffc-6a2f-46bf-b291-f50b169216ad on network 0f071065-b7ef-4a35-bcb9-de6254708f71 not bound, no agent registered on host node-p2n.hursley.ibm.com15:11
a1fisherERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.managers [req-cbd18f13-85df-4b9d-bfc2-f57e35f726cc 7f057635294443ed8fef8df94680581e fb83a66ea74b4d9f92100c57d72c68e7 - - -] Failed to bind port 449eeffc-6a2f-46bf-b291-f50b169216ad on host node-p2n.hursley.ibm.com for vnic_type normal using segments [{'segmentation_id': 1003, 'physical_network': u'physnet2', 'id': u'b1327848-03f2-4a64-8dd2-fe03b37062db', 'network_type': u'vlan'}]15:11
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a1fisherthe instal on the controllers seemed to work OK15:11
a1fisherI installed with "python setup.py install"15:14
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thorstand the neutron agent is running on the NovaLink as well?15:16
a1fisherif you mean the networking powervm sea agent then yep it's running15:19
a1fisherhow is the driver registered on the neutron servers? Is it just a case of installing or is there any setup post install?15:20
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thorsta1fisher: sorry...still otp15:32
thorstbut basically the conf file points it back to the host15:32
thorstand simply starting it is 'registering' it15:32
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a1fisherok, the agent is registered and happy. We just need to figure out why the controller is trying to use OVS rather than the SEA agent.15:40
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thorst_efried: care to look at 5180?18:42
thorst_tblake is asking for it18:43
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efriedthorst Done.  Can't say I understand the substance, but hopefully you do.19:19
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thorstefried: I don't really19:32
thorstI think its something PVC related19:32
thorstbut looked harmless enough19:32
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efriedthorst 5180 final nod real quick before ya bail?20:59
thorstefried: on it21:00
thorst+2...shall I submit?21:01
thorstI'm hitting submit21:01
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