Tuesday, 2017-04-18

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thorstadreznec: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/421912/  - +2 and merge in?11:51
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm master: Exclude non-SEA vifs from list_vifs  https://review.openstack.org/45696612:05
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efriedthorst You planning to do another patch set to address adreznec's comments?12:49
efriedWe may at least want to consider bumping that pypowervm req version.  Or just taking it out, since we're synced to g-r anyway at this point.12:50
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thorstI can do that12:57
efriedthorst Cool beans.12:57
efriedthorst Do you know anything about dhcp agent config in neutron?12:58
efriedI was talking to kevinbenton yesterday afternoon about bjayasan's snafu, and it looks like neutron is waiting for a nod from the dhcp agent before it will let the notification go through to nova.12:58
efriedHe said he'd be on again this afternoon and willing to help again.  But I wanted to see if I could poke at it a little bit until then.12:59
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thorstefried: the DHCP agent waits for a nod?  Huh...very weird.13:02
efriedthorst I think it may be a new thing.13:02
thorstI don't really understand that...13:02
efriedBut kevinbenton also said those RPC timeouts I was seeing were not normal.13:02
thorstbecause the VM won't be booted (and therefore consume the DHCP agent) until the notification comes through13:02
esberglu#startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting13:02
openstackMeeting started Tue Apr 18 13:02:49 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.13:02
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'powervm_driver_meeting'13:02
esberglu#topic In-tree Driver13:03
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efriedNo movement on reviews.13:03
efriedSpec freeze was last week, theoretically, but some specs are still being pushed through.13:04
efriedAnd we're on a bug triage sweep.13:04
thorsttypical  :-)13:04
efriedSo - again theoretically - once that stuff dies down a bit, we might expect some more action on reviews.13:04
efriedI've been staying fairly noisy in #openstack-nova and trying to "help out" as much as possible.13:04
thorsthere's to hoping13:04
efriedSqueaky wheel, and all that.13:05
efriedI even took on a nontrivial thing yesterday - thorst I need to give you a heads-up on that after the meeting.13:05
efriedOther in-tree news, I've fixed/rebased up to the SSP change set.13:05
efriedAnd all of that is passing CI etc.13:06
efriedWould like Jay to re-test SSP.13:06
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efriedBut I think we should sort out this neutron snafu first (for discussion in OOT topic later)13:06
thorstwell, maybe the workaround for jay initially is to disable the dhcp agent13:07
efriedI've been deliberately trying not to do too much on the in-tree stuff, because nova cores have been semi-using it as an excuse not to review.13:07
thorstI mean, he's not using it13:07
thorstyeah, that seems reasonable13:07
thorstsomething to discuss in more depth at the summit13:07
thorstis this in-tree approach working basically13:07
efriedYeah, let's queue up a mini-topic about the summit too.  I've got a couple questions there.13:08
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esbergluk we can do that at the end13:08
esbergluAnything else in-tree?13:09
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efriednot from me13:11
esberglu#topic Out-of-tree Driver13:11
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/456741/ - thorst I saw that mdrabe reviewed13:12
efriedDo we need more pvc reviewers?13:12
thorstI wanted manas to review...but wasn't able to get a hold of him13:13
efried(I'll post a powervm:recheck there)13:13
thorstmdrabe: can you see if manas cares?  Otherwise if we don't hear anything, lets just get it through CI and go again13:13
mdrabeI'll ping him13:13
thorstthx dude13:13
efriedThe only other OOT thing I know of is Jay's issue.13:14
thorstI think we're doing pretty well from an overall backlog of reviews...thanks to the CI being back up13:14
thorstefried: do we need to port anything else from IT to OOT?13:14
efriedthorst Possibly.  I think we may want to do periodic sweeps comparing the two and see what we can push back.13:14
efriedI definitely want to do the TaskFlow thing.13:14
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efriedQuestion on that subject: we've made quite a lot of improvements to the UT in-tree.  Do we care to flush those back to OOT?13:15
efriedQuite a lot of work for relatively little reward IMO.13:15
thorstefried: I think as time allows, yeah13:15
efriedMaybe a thing for new team members to look at?13:16
efriedAs a vehicle to help them familiarize themselves with the code.13:16
thorston that thread...13:16
efriedWhich reminds me, I added edmondsw to the in-tree change sets.  He's been reviewing - thanks for that.13:16
thorstwe also did a spec review yesterday of things that impact us13:17
thorstI think a few of us have TODO's there.13:17
efried(Is edmondsw on the calendar notice for this meeting?)13:17
esbergluHe isn't13:17
edmondswefried I'm on another call but I can drop if need be13:20
efriededmondsw The meeting is just here in IRC, no call.13:20
thorstedmondsw: me too - we may need another time for this13:20
edmondswah :)13:20
efriedesberglu Please add edmondsw to this notice - edmondsw attend as able for the near future - recognize you've got other stuff going on.13:21
esbergluWill do13:21
edmondswyep, will try13:21
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esbergluSounds like we can move on13:22
esberglu#topic CI13:22
esbergluCI has been looking pretty solid since coming back up. I still have a handful of failures to go through13:23
esbergluBut everything so far has been either a bad patch13:23
esbergluAnd I've seen a GnuTLS Error trying to interact with github a few times13:23
thorstesberglu: are we using that DNS / HTTP cache server that adreznec set up a few months back?13:25
esbergluI think the DNS part isn't working on the ready nodes13:26
esbergluAnd I will need to update13:26
esbergluTo get it running13:26
thorstI'd be curious to see that working...see if we get better perf13:26
thorstbut no rush13:27
esbergluYeah it's been on my list for a while, just been getting eclipsed by other stuff13:27
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thorstthat's the right prioritization13:27
esbergluThat's all I had for CI13:29
efriedlocal2remote - Looks like just adding that flag in 5113 and we can get that going.  But we still need to merge 5112 first.  thorst adreznec esberglu (edmondsw) please review.13:29
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efriedActually - 5112 needs to be merged _and_ we need to cut 1.1.2 and get it into reqs.13:29
efriedOtherwise 5113 won't work properly - unless we change it around to always apply that patch (with --keep-redundant), as we started discussing in the review.13:30
efriedesberglu Do you have a way to test 5112/5113 before we merge 'em?13:31
esbergluefried: I applied them and deployed staging yesterday afternoon13:31
esbergluIt wasn't working though13:31
efriedOkay, let's debug today.13:32
esbergluI was getting the "Unable to connect to novalink" or whatever the error is there13:32
esbergluefried: Yep sounds good13:32
efriedindicating that the local2remote-ness wasn't happening.  But at least it compiled ;-)13:33
efried#action esberglu efried to debug local2remote stuff13:33
efriedthorst The assembly code included in the fix.13:34
thorsto good, I was thinking you needed more assembler13:34
efriedreally, who doesn't?13:34
thorstreal programmers only know one language13:34
efriedmoving on13:34
esberglu#topic Other Testing13:35
esbergluOh I thought nbante was on13:35
efriedDo we want to dive into the neutron thing any further here?13:35
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thorstI think we can after meeting13:36
thorstnbante thing13:36
thorstI got him an iSCSI device13:36
thorsthe will be trying to test OSA with it...but OSA doesn't appear to support it13:36
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thorstwith that said, OSA does appear to support a very similar cinder driver13:36
thorstso I'm hoping we can just change it to storwize and it works13:37
thorstwe will see...13:37
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nbantethorst..look like you discussed on OSA with external storage. I got disconnected13:37
thorstnbante: just gave a status update that you'll be trying again with that v7k13:38
thorstand we'll see if it actually works13:38
esberglu#topic Summit13:40
esbergluefried: I believe you had a few things here? Or just wanted to start a discussion?13:40
efriedI mainly wanted to try to understand when/how/where there would be nova team meetups/unconferences at the summit13:41
efriedSince the format seems different now in light of PTGs having been added.13:41
esbergluI still need to go through the schedule and read up on it13:42
adreznecYeah, this will be pretty different. Not necessarily sure there will be the prototypical unconference from talking with people13:42
esbergluSo I can't help you much there yet13:42
efriedWell, I certainly didn't see anything on the schedule.  Maybe I'll ask in IRC to clarify.13:42
adreznecSeems like projects are going to have three main things to work with - new contributor intros, breakout rooms, and some dedicated planning sessions13:43
efriedadreznec I saw the intros on the schedule.  Didn't see the others.13:44
efriedI'll ask in the meeting on Thursday.13:44
efried#action efried to find out about nova dev meetings at the summit.13:44
adreznecLet me find the forum schedule13:44
adreznecIt went out in a mailing list email last week13:45
adreznecIt looks like they're all in the regular schedule now13:46
adreznecTagged as things like Forum: Project Onboarding and  Forum: Fishbowl Discussion13:46
efriedadreznec Can you point me to those sessions (offline)?13:46
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adreznec^ so those are going to basically be the design summit equilvalent sessions13:47
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adreznecThat one for example is pretty interesting13:48
thorstooo, send to gfm13:49
adreznecDone :)13:50
esbergluAnyone have anything else they want to discuss, summit or otherwise?13:52
adreznecOnly other thing I had from the summit was that at some point we should probably have a quick discussion on priorities for people to cover13:53
adreznecShould be easier than summits of the past since the design summit is toned down into the forum13:53
adreznecBut still plenty of things to cover13:53
efriedIs there a way for us to show each other our schedules?13:53
adreznecThere didn't used to be... not sure if there is now13:54
adreznecSomething to look at13:54
efriedI don't see anything obvious.13:54
adreznecIt looks like there's not even a way to just print your schedule13:55
adreznecSo... probably not13:55
adreznecOh never mind, you can if you toggle that then hit view/print13:55
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adreznecSo I guess we could do that13:55
adreznecOr use the export function13:56
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edmondswthere was another fishbowl about moving resource claims from nova-compute to nova-scheduler (wed @ 4:30)13:57
edmondswnot sure if that would impact us?13:57
adreznecYeah, saw that too13:57
efriedWas just talking to mriedem about that in #openstack-nova13:57
thorstI don't know that it impacts the driver13:57
thorstbut I think it impacts the PVC folks13:58
thorstCharles should probably go to that13:58
edmondswyeah, I think I pinged Charles13:58
edmondswI'd better go make sure I did13:58
efriedadreznec So wait, toggle what?13:59
efriedAh - "My Schedule".13:59
adreznecefried: yep13:59
efriedand export PDF.13:59
efriedI'll send y'all what I've got flagged so far.14:00
adreznecYeah, or ical14:00
adreznecOther option we could do that I just thought of is that you can sync it to a google calendar it looks like14:00
adreznecCould set up a shared calendar or something I guess to track sessions we care about14:00
efriedBah, the export functions aren't working for me.14:01
adreznecMaybe the calendar project is open source14:02
adreznecand you could submit a patch to fix it14:02
adreznecAll right, we're over time here14:03
adreznecAnything else?14:03
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efriedesberglu Debug local2remote?14:05
efriedthorst So yesterday I... er... volunteered to implement a blueprint.14:05
esbergluefried: Coffee break first?14:06
efriedesberglu ight14:06
efriedthorst http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-nova/%23openstack-nova.2017-04-17.log.html#t2017-04-17T21:25:1714:06
thorstyeah... edmondsw will probably love that you're doing that14:08
thorstI also think PVC needs that  lol14:08
thorstgood pick14:08
edmondswefried thorst yeah, I was about to say...14:08
edmondswefried thanks!14:08
edmondswefried if you need some help/pointers let me know, and you could definitely throw me on as a reviewer when it's up14:09
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efriededmondsw Nice, okay.14:11
efriedI'm a fish out of water there.14:11
thorstI'm pretty sure it's just a sed script14:11
thorstCONF.service -> keystone.service14:11
edmondswefried lol14:11
edmondswI mean thorst14:12
efriedthorst That's how it's done today.  They want to ask the keystone service catalog for the URLs.14:12
efriedI should say "we".  "I".14:12
efriedAnyway, phew, I'm not in trouble for volunteering to do something not-small that isn't directly powervm related.14:14
edmondswefried I'm a little unclear on what they're saying they want to do here... have things like line 63 for glance, etc. as well as for cinder?14:14
edmondswefried You could really hardcode the service_type, and I don't know why service_name is even needed, but I don't think I'd want to hardcode endpoint_type14:15
efriededmondsw Keeping in mind that I'm not really familiar with the environment, here's how I understand it:14:17
efriedToday, nova figures out what URLs to use to contact other services (glance, cinder, etc.) based on conf settings.14:17
efriedWith this blueprint, they instead want to ask keystone's service catalog for those URLs.14:18
efriedDuring pike, if the conf values are set, use those, but issue a deprecation warning.  If they're not set, use the service catalog.14:18
efriedIn Queens, fail if the conf values are set, and just use the service catalog.14:18
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efriedOf course, we have to bootstrap by knowing the keystone URL to begin with.14:18
efriedI haven't yet figured out how to use the service catalog - just started looking into this yesterday, for like 15 minutes.14:20
thorstefried: btang is also a good resource for that14:21
efriedthorst ack, thanks.14:21
thorstbut I suspect you propose something up and the real pros (jaypipes / mriedem) point you in the right direction14:21
efriedthorst Yeah.14:21
efriedIt'll be the kind of thing where they end up spending more time "suggesting" code in the reviews than it would've taken them to do it themselves.  But good experience/exposure.14:22
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edmondswefried, you're right on all that... the question is what the new conf settings should look like, or are they thinking to totally hardcode the new logic14:25
edmondswyou should already have the service catalog in the context14:26
efriededmondsw I think the idea is not to change any of the conf logic14:26
efriedKeep supporting the existing conf settings as-is, but add deprecation warnings.14:26
edmondswjamielennox is the real expert on this stuff, but I wouldn't think you'd want to hardcode endpoint_type, which means you need a conf setting that gives you that14:27
edmondswin which case yes, the existing conf settings stay for backward compat, but you'd also have a new conf setting that would not be deprecated like the others14:27
edmondswefried the conf setting they are talking about on line 63 is the kind of thing I'm talking about14:29
edmondswthe values there are keys that you use to lookup the URL from the service catalog14:29
edmondswI hope that they are suggesting we add something like that for glance and neutron14:29
edmondswefried one other thing that I'll mention so it doesn't trip you up...14:34
edmondswkeystone changed the format of the service catalog between keystone v2 and v3 APIs14:34
edmondswrather than write code to handle both possibilities everywhere, nova converts from the v3 format to v2, if it got v3 data, and then always assumes things are in v2 format14:36
edmondswyou may or may not run up against that, but if you're debugging and wondering why things are different than what you get when you talk to keystone directly...14:36
efriededmondsw Roger that.14:38
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esbergluefried: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/456741/15:03
esbergluLooks like the failures there are legitimate15:03
efriedesberglu Whoops, yer right.15:04
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Get flavor from instance  https://review.openstack.org/45674115:20
efriedesberglu Thanks, fixed.15:20
*** mdrabe has quit IRC15:20
efriedDidn't catch that in the original backport because in-tree doesn't yet have resize or migration.15:20
esbergluefried: Cool. I put up one more patch for the session config stuff in neo-os-ci. The CI run testing that is almost done, but it has passed 929 tests with 0 failures so far15:21
esbergluSo it's looking good15:21
esbergluJust need to get the pypowervm change in and cut the release15:22
efriedesberglu The flag is called --keep-redundant-commits - does git allow unique-prefix flaggage?15:23
esbergluefried: Huh it must. I just copied it from the nova patching section (which we know works) that uses --keep-redundant15:25
esbergluI can change them for your peace of mind if you would like15:25
*** mdrabe has joined #openstack-powervm15:27
efriedesberglu Nah, I just tried it out.  Even works with just --keep15:30
efriedChanging to +215:30
esbergluefried: I just changed it anyways15:31
efriedesberglu +215:31
efriedesberglu But don't merge it yet!15:32
efriedCause it'll break until we have 1.1.215:32
efriedActually, lemme bust it down to +1 for the nonce.15:32
esbergluCool. The test run just finished with 0 failures. Gonna review the pypowervm side now15:32
efriedesberglu Thanks.  adreznec thorst (edmondsw) please review 5112.15:33
efriedesberglu adreznec thorst edmondsw May wish to compare the local2remote biz to 2382.15:34
efriedBut per esberglu, it seems to work ;-)15:34
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esbergluYour latest from https://review.openstack.org/#/c/456741/16:02
efriedYeah, I checked through and it doesn't look like it's us.  I posted a recheck.16:02
esbergluYeah I was thinking it was probably not related to the change16:02
openstackgerritArun Mani proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Deploy of VM occasionally fails with "Structure needs cleaning" error message  https://review.openstack.org/45770716:07
*** arunman has joined #openstack-powervm16:12
arunmanthorst: I have a review out for a vopt create issue, https://review.openstack.org/457707.  Please take a look when you can16:17
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Get flavor from instance  https://review.openstack.org/45674116:43
efriededmondsw Per cores, looks like we want to have NO conf for the service catalog lookup.16:58
edmondswefried hmmm, that is a little concerning. What do they propose you hardcode for the endpoint_type? "internal" or "public"?16:59
efriedSounds like allow it to default to 'public'.17:00
edmondswwell, if you're hardcoding it's more than just a default :)17:00
edmondswunfortunately, I don't think that's going to be workable17:01
edmondswefried consider cases where you've got to operate on both a private management network and a public network17:02
efried"try both"?17:02
efriedswhat jaypipes suggested for cinder service_types17:03
edmondswI'll try to catch jamie and see what he thinks17:03
edmondswhe suggested we try public, and if that's not reachable try internal?17:03
efriedFun times.  And for cinder, outer loop service type, inner loop endpoint type?17:05
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efriedesberglu something is still very wrong here.  Are other oot runs succeeding?  (Perhaps rebase a DNM to make sure?)18:22
esbergluIt's hitting all of the runs OOT and IT. I've been looking into it since lunch18:23
esbergluSeems to be an issue with the placement api / cells stuff18:23
esbergluefried: I think https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack/commit/64ffff9b7d79b9e75616cf43f9f7b31c89026f3018:26
esbergluis responsible18:26
efriedesberglu Doesn't look like that should do anything unless we set that env var, which I can't imagine we do.18:27
esbergluWSGI_MODE is a new var that was added and defaults to uwsgi18:30
efriedoh.  Boo.18:30
esbergluI should be able to restore the original behavior by just setting that var to anything else. Just to confirm my suspicion and have a quick workaround.18:34
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: ci check  https://review.openstack.org/32831518:49
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