Thursday, 2017-04-06

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thorstefried: I'm +2 on
thorstare we waiting for a CI pass on it?13:59
efriedthorst That would be nice.13:59
thorstesberglu: how's that going?  I heard bad earlier  :-)14:00
efriedI suspect the ocata -1 (the one that doesn't come from the bad docstring in my copy/paste) will be remedied when we update the tox.ini to point to stable/ocata.  I'm on that now.14:01
efriedNot sure why the bot isn't showing it in here.14:04
thorstefried: +214:05
thorstI think we had to do that because we couldn't pick up develop branches14:05
thorstwe could probably swap that though to a requirement now?14:05
thorstis nova in global-requirements.txt?14:05
efrieddon't think so.14:05
efriedSorry, I meant why isn't the openstackgerrit bot showing my change set in the channel?14:06
thorstnot sure.14:08
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esbergluthorst: Still working on it. There's nothing in the logs indicating anything is going wrong. Just a lack of action14:13
esbergluI'm redeploying staging now14:13
thorstesberglu: k14:13
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esbergluTo find out if it is an issue with the prod. env. or something bigger than that14:13
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efriedesberglu How are we looking on the CI?  Do I need to do something special to kick in the pants and get a run there?18:48
esbergluI kicked off a recheck its running now. Runs are going through fine, but I still can't get the nodes to delete automatically post run18:49
esbergluIf anyone has some time or any ideas hit me up. I can't seem to get anywhere on this thing18:50
efriedSounds like a job for adreznec18:50
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thorst+2 for adreznec19:26
adreznecYikes, hmm I have no idea offhand... I think we saw that once early on with nodepool iirc, but that was back before we had the upstream third party ci puppet stuff to help use do the nodepool setup19:28
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esbergluadreznec: Okay. I'm gonna let the current runs finish up so efried will be happy19:30
esbergluThen back to the drawing board19:30
esbergluI think it must be something with the puppet setup going wrong19:31
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: ci check
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: CI Check2
thorst^^^ looks promising.19:48
efriedWow, I just used git bisect for the first time.  That was... awesome.19:51
* thorst looking up bisect19:54
efriedthorst I wanted to answer the question: When did we first introduce SSP coordinated upload?19:56
efriedSo I started bisecting pypowervm from now to the beginning of time.  Took me 9 steps to find it.  Maybe three minutes.19:56
thorstit was a while back though19:57
efriedA year ago, almost to the day.19:57
thorsttime flies when you're having fun...19:58
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thorstefried: when you devstack...does it mess with your pypowervm at all?20:27
thorstJay is doing it and it looks like it's re-installing his pypowervm.20:27
efriedthorst Is he using the INSTALL_PYPOWERVM local.conf variable?20:27
thorstefried: looking...20:27
thorstyeah, he does20:27
thorstthat should be false, right?20:27
efriedOkay, so don't do that, for starters.20:27
efriedYeah.  Or just comment it out.20:27
thorstdo we even want that variable in there anymore?20:28
thorstadreznec: ?20:28
efriedI would think that's an esberglu question.20:28
thorstI thought adreznec because of OSA...20:28
adreznecjay isn't doing OSA?20:28
efriedI think his setup is using the stock pypowervm that gets installed based on reqs, and applying our patches to wherever that guy gets installed (/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pypowervm, I believe)20:29
thorstright...but why do we have INSTALL_PYPOWERVM20:29
adreznecSo you could specify a local copy if you wanted20:29
thorstwas it pre-requirements.txt20:29
efriedWe used to have it when we needed develop-level pypowervm for OOT.20:29
adreznecyeah it was before we speced a version there20:29
efriedWe shouldn't need that anymore.20:29
thorstright right...but to my point, wouldn't you always want it set to False?20:29
thorstwhen would you ever set that to True20:29
efriedAt this point we should probably just rip out the code that handles it.20:29
efriedIf you need to override pypowervm, it's easy to do - git clone, pip install -e ., restart services.20:30
adreznecSet it to true and pull from a fork basically20:30
adreznecI don't think we need it necessarily20:30
thorstso we're all in it?20:30
adreznecWe had a reason for it at the time20:30
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esbergluAt one point the idea was to use that variable20:30
adreznecOh right20:30
adreznecFor CI20:30
esbergluAnd also have another variable20:30
thorstunless esberglu says otherwise20:30
esbergluThat could specify where to install pypowervm from20:30
thorstbut we don't do that?20:31
esbergluso we could install pypowervm from a local path20:31
esberglubut no we don't do that20:31
esbergluRight now in CI we just remove pypowervm from requirements before stacking20:31
esbergluto ensure we use our custom patched version20:31
esbergluSo ripping it out won't affect CI at all20:31
adreznecSo feel free to rip it out I guess20:31
adreznecIf it's causing issues20:31
thorstright, and that INSTALL_PYPOWERVM doesn't matter now that its in requirements.txt20:31
thorstyeah, well I know jayasankar_ had it set to true, and it screwed up his system20:32
thorstso I'd just assume rip it out20:32
adreznecNot sure why he's setting random variables20:32
adreznecBut ok20:32
thorstjayasankar_: was there a reason you set that to True?20:32
thorstI mean, I could see reading that and thinking 'o yeah, that needs to be installed to work'20:32
adreznecSure... I guess... if it was a documented variable20:33
esbergludevstack is donwgrading my pvm-novalink packages20:33
esbergluThats not normal right20:33
jayasankar_No.. I observed that efried was using OOT with that being set to True20:33
efriedI wasn't.20:33
efriedohgeez, I was.20:33
esbergluadreznec: was that nope to me?20:33
adreznecesberglu: right20:33
efriedWell, not on purpose.  Kill it.20:33
adreznecUnless you have repo issues20:33
adreznecdevstack shouldn't even really know about pvm-novalink?20:34
esbergluYeah that's what I thought20:34
esbergluSo right before stacking I install pvm-novalink20:34
adreznecso maybe something is wrong with your apt sources files20:34
esbergluThat works fine, I get the latest20:34
esbergluThen I stack20:34
esbergluAnd pvm-rest dies20:35
esbergluand then I run20:35
esberglusudo apt-get install pvm-novalink20:35
jayasankar_but my other observation is that unstack and clean is also removing pvm-rest20:35
esbergluAnd its no longer the latest20:35
thorstjayasankar_: I wonder if that's because we installed pypowervm.20:35
adreznecthorst: from pip?20:36
adreznechow would pip uninstall a debian package20:36
thorstadreznec: yeah...probably not it20:36
thorstright right...20:36
efriedYeah, I wonder if clean is removing pypowervm, which the .deb deps notice and rip out pvm-novalink.20:36
efriedThough pvm-rest shouldn'd depend on pypowervm.20:36
thorstpvm-novalink does.20:36
efriedThat's goofiness.  We should probably find a way to fix that.20:37
adreznecbut it's just removing the files from the disk, not the package install20:37
adreznecso pvm-novalink wouldn't really know?20:37
esbergluI wonder if me and jayansankar_ are hitting a related issue20:37
thorstsounds like it....20:37
esbergluI don't have that variable set though20:38
jayasankar_can some one summarize the importance of INSTALL_PYPOWERVM=True/False ?? I missed the early chat..20:39
adreznecjayasankar_: tl;dr don't set it.20:39
adreznecIt basically tries to install pypowervm from the latest develop branch20:39
thorstjayasankar_: and I'm going to propose something to remove it20:39
adreznecbut we don't ever really need to do that20:39
thorstso you can't set it ever again20:39
adreznecat least not anymore20:39
jayasankar_ok..also on Neo we have to use Neo (dev) build or cyclops ?20:40
thorstadreznec: should I also rip out INSTALL_NOVALINK and PVM_ADMIN_GROUP20:41
thorstthose seem antiquated.20:41
thorstjayasankar_: use dev build20:41
jayasankar_Yeah.. currently the same..20:42
thorst(unless someone tells me otherwise)20:42
adreznecthorst: sure, don't care20:42
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thorstwhile I'm in here, I don't see anything that would uninstall or downgrade novalink...20:52
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esbergluthorst: Yeah I didn't see anything either. The only thing that would even touch it is the install_novalink bit20:54
esbergluAnd that's only if you have that var set20:54
esbergluBut it is definitely happening when stacking, I've redone it twice now20:54
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/networking-powervm master: Remove INSTALL_PYPOWERVM
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm master: Remove INSTALL_PYPOWERVM
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Remove INSTALL_PYPOWERVM
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esbergluOkay weird20:59
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esbergluSo after stacking when running sudo apt-get install pvm-novalink20:59
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esbergluIt says pvm-rest-app (among others) is a new package to be installed20:59
esbergluBut apt show gives the version as
esbergluThen after running pvm-novalink install21:00
esbergluIt is the same version21:00
esbergluIt's like it isn't detecting pvm-rest-app on the system or something21:00
esbergluMaybe I'm missing something obvious here21:01
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efriedesberglu Should CI have completed on by now?21:37
efriedadreznec This looks like something we need to resolve by proposing bots for networking- and ceilometer-powervm?
adreznecefried: that's done now... let me recheck21:43
adreznecmust have done CI before that merged21:44
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adreznecLooks like might be failing due to changes that seem to be addressed by
adreznecOops, looks like there are two of those we've missed reviewing... <- thorst efried21:47
adrezneceither of you have an environment w/ running ceilometer to test those patches in?21:49
adreznecMy OSA env doesn't have ceilometer21:49
efriedthat would be a no.21:49
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