Wednesday, 2017-04-05

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openstackgerritShyama proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Update File i/o to support live-migration and use slot map
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efriedthorst Any idea how we bring to the attention of someone who can merge it?12:18
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efried(Is tonyb such a one?)12:18
efriedthorst is good by me.  Need a final nod from you.12:20
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thorstefried: looking ... sorry for being slow...debugging another gigantic broadcast storm in our SVT env...12:31
thorstefried: on 453301, I'd say tonyb.12:35
efriedthorst Oh, tonyb is on medical leave.12:38
thorsthmm...not sure then12:39
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thorstadreznec: ?12:39
efriedI'll ask sdague.  He's the one who mentioned eventlet changes.12:39
thorstahh, good idea.12:40
efriedthorst Still needing you to review when you get a chance.  As soon as that requirements change goes through, that's eligible.12:42
thorstwhat does return back to us there?12:43
thorstI had actually reviewed it...but didn't hit +2 yet12:43
efriedThe iterable chunks thingy.12:43
efriedthorst the result of that guy12:44
thorstthe chunky it12:44
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efriedsdague +2ed the reqs change.12:47
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Update File i/o to support live-migration and use slot map
efriedshyama ^^ FYI12:50
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on is being restarted to address hung remote replication tasks, and should return to an operable state momentarily12:52
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BorD__quick question, if you select default processor compatibility mode with a POWER8 server, and you boot VIOS, what processor mode should it be running in?13:12
adreznecBorD__: I believe it runs in POWER7 proc compat mode by default13:13
BorD__is there a reason for that?13:13
walerit's based on AIX6.113:14
adreznecYep, that's the reason13:14
walerAIX 6.1 supported POWER8, but didn't exploit it (whereas 7.x did)13:15
BorD__thanks!  on another note, have you seen a concise document that gives HMC and NIM ports for use through a firewall?  I have seen and
BorD__I was hoping for something I could just hand off to firewall guys instead of making them read all of this.13:17
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esbergluefried: thorst: Production CI spawned the ready nodes, but the local2remote stuff is broken13:18
efriedesberglu Right, I shoulda thought of that.  Let me get you a fix right quick.13:19
efriedesberglu Wait, when you say it's broken, do you mean the patch won't apply, or it applies but doesn't work?13:20
esbergluefried: It applies but doesn't work13:22
efriedesberglu What's the symptom13:22
esbergluefried: Something about the novalink packages not being installed. One sec and I can get the actual message13:23
esbergluUnable to connect to the NovaLink services. Check to make sure the pvm-core and pvm-rest services are running (systemctl status), and verify that this partition has PowerVM management authority. If you are currently updating pvm-novalink, you may see this error. Wait for the update to finish, then try again.13:24
esbergluWhen trying to do pvmctl commands13:25
efriedesberglu Are you sure you're updating the right copy of pypowervm?13:25
efriedNote that 1.1.1 was published last night, if that makes a difference to ya.13:25
esbergluNah this is on develop13:25
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walerBorD__, that NIM URL has a good breakdown list a fair way into the document. The HMC one is a bit more catch-all, as it can depend on what you hoping to work "behind the firewall."13:25
BorD__yeah I agree, however I am running into firewall guys that do not want to read, and i was hoping i could just point to an ibm blessed page that just had the list.  We will make do.  Thanks again!13:26
esbergluefried: I rebased the patch last night but that made no difference13:30
efriedesberglu Yeah, it shouldn't have been a merge conflict.13:31
efriedDo you have a system where this is happening?13:31
efriedesberglu Yeah, so pvmctl is actually using the pypowervm in /usr/local/lib, not the one in /opt/stack13:35
efriedjenkins@powervm-ci-powervm-devstacked-9356:/home/powervmci$ python -c 'import pypowervm; print pypowervm.__file__'13:36
efriedokeeeeey, not sure why the second line isn't printing.13:36
efriedAlso pip show pypowervm13:37
efriedIf you're gonna clone a pypowervm into /opt/stack, you've gotta pip install -e it.13:37
esbergluThe one in /usr/local/lib has the patch13:37
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Updated from global requirements
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a1fisherHi Guys, quick question on running the powervm-sea-agent. I'm assuming I need to run 'networking-powervm-sea-agent'? If so I'm getting a14:08
a1fishersorry an error "MultiBridgeNoMapping: The system has more than one network bridge, but the bridge_mappings have not been specified.  Please configure the bridge_mappings before proceeding." I have bridge_mapping set in the mls ini file.14:09
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thorsta1fisher: paste your bridge_mapping (its a slightly different format).  Also make sure you specify --config-file when you start the process14:10
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a1fisherAh, looks like it was the --config-file option that was missing. Seems to be working with ./networking-powervm-sea-agent --config-file /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini14:17
a1fisherDo you guys run the agent as a service normally?14:17
thorsta1fisher: all depends on the distribution...but I believe most run as a service14:18
thorstour devstacks run as a screen...but that's generally only useful for development and is awful for the real world14:18
a1fisherok, thanks for your help. On to the next issue :-)14:18
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walera1fisher, I'm sure once we get the first compute integrated, things will become more obvious how things are supposed to work together (he says being optimistic)14:26
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thorstwaler: what could go wrong14:41
efriedthorst is merging now.  Since has a Depends-On, it could get +W and it would wait behind that guy anyway.14:47
efriedThough I wouldn't mind seeing the latter go through CI first (esberglu)14:47
thorstefried: yeah, maybe lets let it run through CI?14:49
esbergluefried: The ready nodes are about to start spawning. So assuming installing pvm-rest-server-dev fixed the last of the problems (I think it did)14:49
esbergluWe should be able to get runs through within the hour14:49
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esbergluefried: thorst: CI is back up15:28
thorstesberglu: exceeding expectations once again15:32
thorstI'll kick off a recheck since efried has gone AWOL15:33
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thorstesberglu: didn't the recheck command change recently?  Its not 'recheck powervm' anymore?15:35
esberglupowervm: recheck15:35
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thorstmakes sense15:36
esbergluor powevm-recheck, powervm recheck, powervm:recheck15:36
esbergluWith any sort of whitespace in between15:36
esbergluBecause recheck powervm was kicking off rechecks for pretty much everything15:36
thorstI remembered that bit  :)15:37
esbergluRuns are failing right now, one of the pypowervm patches we apply needs a rebase15:38
esbergluI'm fixing it now15:38
thorstesberglu: ok15:38
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esbergluthorst: I'm having a weird issue trying to push the rebase up15:42
esbergluIt says 4726 is closed15:43
esbergluBut the actual change is number 472715:43
esbergluthorst: Worked around it15:47
esbergluShould be back in business now15:48
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: DNM: ci check
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efriedesberglu We shouldn't need 4727 (Abort the fifo pipe) anymore.16:13
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efriedesberglu Just kill it.16:17
esbergluYeah I was just about to ask you about that16:17
efriedI'm proposing.16:19
efriedesberglu 509716:19
efriedUntil merges, OOT CI runs (on unrelated changes) may be broken.  But they woulda been anyway.16:20
efriedFortunately (!?) you got a reprieve because glitched in the gate while merging.16:21
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esbergluthorst: adreznec: Man CI just isn't cooperating right now. Nodepool is failing to detect and delete nodes that have been used already17:21
thorstis the cleanup just not working?17:21
esbergluI think it is a problem with nodepool, not with our post run cleanup script. If that's what you mean17:25
esbergluNormally post run nodepool detects that the run completed and deletes the node from jenkins then deletes the instance17:25
esberglu(at least I'm pretty sure it's nodepool responsible for that)17:26
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esbergluWe aren't on the latest nodepool, I wonder if we need to upgrade. Looking into what it takes to move from 0.3.0 to 0.4.017:35
thorstesberglu: we do have those in VMs and we could backup the image.17:36
esbergluthorst: Have what in vms?17:37
thorstesberglu: the nodepool17:39
esbergluI'm not following what you mean17:39
thorstbasically, I could snapshot the VM.  Then if you screw up nodepool we could revert17:46
thorst(although, we have playbooks to rebuild the nodepool, so it doesn't really matter)17:46
esbergluYeah I was just gonna do a management redeploy17:47
thorstahh, OK17:48
esbergluLooks like we have to set up a "zookeeper cluster" with nodepool 0.4.017:48
esbergluNo idea what that entails17:48
esbergluReading through the email chain from the 0.4.0 release17:48
adreznecesberglu: should we just pin on an older release for now?18:00
esbergluWe are pinned on an older release18:00
adreznecAh ok18:01
adreznecthat's what I thought18:01
esbergluIdk why it suddenly isn't working18:01
adreznecI figured maybe we unpinned or something since you talked about 0.4.018:01
esbergluI wonder if something just got messed up during the deploy. I'm gonna try redeploying mgmt while I look into 0.4.018:02
adreznecSeems reasonable18:03
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esbergluI'm killing all of the current runs. Shouldn't affect anyone since they were gonna fail anyway until 5099 gets in18:07
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thorstefried: see comment on 509619:11
esbergluStill trying to get the CI back up, just one thing after another at this point19:15
esbergluNow mysql won't start on the mgmt node19:15
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efriedthorst 5096 back atcha.19:31
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esbergluI'm hoping that the issues deleting the nodes was somehow tied into the mysql issue20:07
esbergluI got past the mysql thing so *fingers crossed* CI is coming back up20:08
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Updated from global requirements
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efriedadreznec Guess we take ^^ and remove same from 45323321:00
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adreznecefried: Yup, seems reasonable21:04
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Updated from global requirements
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efriedadreznec esberglu (tjakobs__ thorst): -- removed requirements.txt change, manually cherry-picked back to ocata & newton.  tjakobs__ and I tested the backports with stock pypowervm relevant to each release; and with
esbergluI'm still trying to figure out why nodepool won't delete the damn nodes anymore21:42
esbergluBut your runs should go through21:42
esberglu*are going through21:42
esbergluJust hope they pass first time through lol21:44
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