Monday, 2017-04-03

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shyamathorst: efried please review
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esbergluefried: I'm seeing some issues with power off in the in-tree CI runs14:53
efriedTell me14:53
esbergluIt goes through and tries normal power off, that times out and it tries the VSP hard shutdown. Then that fails as well14:56
esberglu"Partition must be running to shut down"14:56
esbergluA couple things in the logs that concern me14:56
esbergluWhen the first shutdown comes through the instance is in state open firmware, not active14:57
esbergluThen also seeing a message "can't perform OS shutdown because RMC connection is not active"14:58
esbergluI'm wondering if we are trying to shutdown an instance that is not ready yet?14:58
esbergluAnd not handling that scenario14:59
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esbergluefried: I can point out timestamps in the logs if you would like15:03
efriedesberglu I got 'em.  Looking now.15:03
esbergluefried: This issue happens 2x in that run15:04
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efriedesberglu Erm, what code is this using?15:10
efriedSorry, yeah.  I'm seeing a log message that isn't in the source.15:11
esbergluIt pulls it from upper-constraints15:13
efriedesberglu Well, something ain't right.15:14
efriedCause I can't find the source code that emits this message:15:14
efried2017-04-03 07:11:56.221 WARNING pypowervm.tasks.power [req-23017211-7e7f-4b89-889b-b8e6ed7ddbe5 tempest-ServerDiskConfigTestJSON-561105912 tempest-ServerDiskConfigTestJSON-561105912] Can not perform OS shutdown on Virtual Machine pvm3-tempest-Ser-49a39f18 because its RMC connection is not active.15:14
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esbergluefried: exceptions.py15:17
efriedGot it, thanks.  Not sure how I missed that on my first pass.15:19
esbergluefried: Had me worried for a second there15:21
efriedMe too.  Brain not yet in gear after weekend.15:21
efriedMore honey-do projects in last two days than, like, last six months combined.15:21
efriedAfter a weekend of installing ceiling fixtures and ripping up carpet, code takes a bit of a gear shift to get back into.15:22
efriedesberglu thorst Okay, I think it's this 60s timeout that's screwing us again.15:25
efriedSo we tried VSP normal, and it timed out - but probably actually succeeded.15:25
esbergluAnd then the VSP hard fails because it's already shut down15:26
efriedThen we moved on to VSP hard, but by the time we issued that guy, the partition was actually already down, so it "failed"15:26
efriedSo I'm thinking perhaps we want a tweak to the logic here.15:26
thorstefried: so just add a check?15:26
thorstto see if already dead.15:26
thorstwhich I know is silly but...15:26
efriedthorst Well, not to check the state of the partition.15:26
efriedBut a check for this error code.15:26
efried"[PVME01050901-0581] Partition must be running to shut down."15:27
efriedCheck for that PVME code.15:27
efriedWeird thing is, it took three minutes for that hard shutdown to fail.15:27
thorstheh, something to ask hsien15:28
thorstthat is weird....15:28
efriedCould just be bogged system.15:28
thorstshouldn't be that bogged.15:28
efriedAnyway, I think it's reasonable to check for that PVME code and "succeed" at that point.15:29
thorstRaghu's scale tests have been hitting 1000 VMs15:29
efriedesberglu We don't have pvm-rest logs for these, do we?15:29
efriedI think we should add those.  thorst adreznec Unless there's space considerations?15:29
efriedCause without that, we don't have squat for @changh to look at.15:30
thorstefried: they're just going to be flooded with other requests15:30
thorstbut yeah, I like that idea15:30
adreznecefried: to clarify, you're thinking vsp soft, if fail, vsp hard and if we hit that PVME then at that point assume it succeeded in the interim15:30
efriedadreznec I'm saying if power-off hits that PVME at any point, it just returns success.15:30
efriedNot talking about changing the flow.15:30
adreznecefried: thorst I think the only issue there was log scrubbing at the time15:30
adreznecbut we've kind of given up on there...15:31
efriedadreznec You mean internal IPs and whatnot?15:31
adreznecSpace shouldn't really be an issue with the log retain period15:31
adreznecI don't think... esberglu have you looked at how much space we're using lately?15:31
adreznecefried: yes15:31
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esbergluLogserver is currently 88% full. 82 of 100G used15:33
adreznecSo maybe we would need more storage for that15:33
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esbergluEither more storage or decrease the time until we delete15:33
thorst_afkMOAR STORAGE15:34
thorst_afkit's just SL  :-)15:34
efriedOkay, so we already have logic to succeed the power-off if certain error codes are received; but this one seems to be new.15:34
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efriedthorst_afk esberglu adreznec: 507915:53
efried(UT already covered by existing tests)15:53
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esberglu_FYI: PowerVM CI will be down starting at 6 PM central time today. I am going to be upgrading the CI undercloud from newton to ocata17:37
esberglu_ Timeframe until back up is ~4 hours provided that there are no issues with the upgrade17:37
thorstesberglu_: ack17:37
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thorstefried: mind taking a look at when you get a chance?20:00
thorstmy +2 is stuck in submit20:01
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efriedthorst Sorry, yeah.20:32
efriedmdrabe and I have been banging our heads against the download hang.20:32
efriedPretty sure I'm going to have to retool pypowervm to use eventlet instead of concurrent.futures20:33
thorstthat sux20:33
efriedWell, it would suck less if it didn't mean we were totally broken without a new pypowervm.20:34
thorstwhere are the threads in pypowervm now that we've gotten rid of that coordinated upload crap?20:34
thorstI guess i can do a find quick20:34
thorstefried: so just
efriedthorst is what's killing us right now.20:35
thorstefried: this is because of the rest_api_pipe function?20:36
efriedWhich is only used from tasks/ for the upload business.20:37
thorstefried: and this is because nova-powervm uses 'func' uploads20:38
efriedWell, no, it's worse than that.20:38
efriedIt's also because pypowervm uses coordinated.20:38
efriedWe have to change _both_ to get rid of threads.20:39
thorstright right.  I'm assuming you're using the develop branch that 'got rid of' coordinated20:39
efriedBecause the API/FUNC upload in pypowervm uses that _rest_api_pipe, which _also_ uses futures.20:39
efriedthorst Yeah, the problem is that API upload _also_ uses futures for API upload when the UploadType is FUNC.20:40
thorstefried: look at how we used to do it...sans 'FUNC'20:41
efriedYeah, I know, without FUNC we can get rid of threads.20:41
thorstbut I also know that we need to support FUNC.20:41
efriedthorst Only for backward compatibility.20:42
efriedI'm not convinced we need FUNC at all.20:42
thorstwe could make FUNC you know...write to a file and then upload/delete.  Backwards compat wise.20:42
thorstthe only time I think we need FUNC is if we're going to transform the image ahead of time20:42
efriedthorst Sure, guaranteeing we have a temp file system with enough space.20:42
thorstlike what we get from glance may be a tar.gz....FUNC gives us an opportunity to do something to it beforehand.20:42
efriedHow so?20:43
thorstget the stream, do something to said stream, upload20:43
efriedThat's the non-FUNC path.20:43
thorstwell, FUNC defers it until you need to upload20:43
thorstssp case may not actually need to pull from glance at all.20:43
efriedIf we could work with a stream, we just get the chunks from the download function by not specifying a target20:43
thorstbut I suppose you could know that ahead of time anywho20:44
thorstI'm good with deprecating func if we want TBH20:44
thorstchange nova-powervm to be the way it that the speed is good...and then make FUNC write to a temp file (or to a pipe like it is now...openstack won't use it that way)20:44
efriedthorst We need to do some investigation to see how far back we're broken, though.20:44
thorsttrue...we can also push this change back to stable/ocata...20:45
thorstif needed of course20:45
efriedI am almost certain master nova-powervm is dead.20:45
efriedOcata might be busted too.20:45
thorstthough esbeglu is redeploying the undercloud tonight20:45
thorstso I'm not convinced ocata is dead20:45
efriedI'm not convinced either.  We need to check.20:45
thorstshould find out tonight20:46
thorsteither the undercloud busts or it doesn't20:46
efriedWhatever changed that caused this freeze changed like a week, week and a half ago.20:46
efriedThe CI will not hit this.20:46
thorstthe undercloud CI won't hit this?20:46
thorstremember, he's redeploying the whole thing...not just the workloads themselves.20:46
efriedUhm, maybe actually.20:46
efriedBecause API/FUNC is still busted.20:46
efriedWe verified that (accidentally)20:47
efriedWith master + in-tree SSP change set + changes to make it go API/FUNC.20:47
efriedSoooo... it's possible we'd be okay if we got rid of FUNC in pike nova-powervm and in-tree AND made pike requirements for both of those guys require pypowervm 1.1.1 that gets rid of coordinated.20:48
efriedOlder openstack with newer pypowervm would be aaight - assuming ocata is still okay.20:48
efriedAnd vice versa wouldn't be possible.20:48
thorstnice and clean20:48
efriedYeah, right.  Nice and clean.20:49
thorstsoftware dependencies are ... fun20:49
efriedOkay, gonna get a water refill and start working on all of that.20:49
thorstgood luck20:49
thorstI'll be heading out to diapers in ten...20:49
efriedCourse, we may still be broken in that business you pointed out.20:49
thorstbut that's not doing i/o waits.20:50
efriedMebbe so.20:50
efriedWouldn't count on it.20:50
efriedEspecially as we move to LIO...20:50
thorstefried: LIO shouldn't matter there...just the stream to the glance is all that I/O waits20:51
thorstthe rest of it is rest calls (which is an I/O call, sure...but different)20:51
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efriedthorst So we can't actually get rid of all the FUNC code :(21:53
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