Monday, 2017-03-27

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thorstso what'd I miss?12:41
efriedFor my part, I've spent the whole time rebasing the pile of in-tree changes.12:48
thorsthow did you get rid of the capabilities?12:48
efriedmriedem said since they were the same as the superclass, I should just omit them.12:48
thorstahh, fair12:48
thorstyou have some SR-IOV things in there that isn't needed yet...could shave 20 loc if desired.12:49
efriedYeah, I noticed that.12:49
efriedmriedem already questioned the amount of churn12:50
efriedEven though it's been all rebases and similar (like bumping pypowervm req)12:50
thorstyeah, that's fair.  I had too  :-)12:51
thorstit feels like a lot, but it really isn't too much12:51
thorstits just that the channel gets flooded every time you do a mass rebase...12:51
efriedif you look at 6..11, which is the changes since he reviewed last.12:52
efriedIt's flake8-import-order and reqs12:52
thorstwe're still using task flow in future patches, right?12:53
thorst(going through things slowly...)12:53
efriedthorst Yeah, #3 introduces TaskFlow.12:56
efriedharlowja (owner of TaskFlow) took an interest in that stuff, btw.12:56
efriedWe've had a couple of interesting conversations.12:56
efriedHe actively solicited input on things that would make TaskFlow easier to use.12:56
thorstefried: awesome...I was once questioned where all our exception handling code was12:56
thorstand its all contained within task
efriedYou may remember this conversation, but mriedem actually asked me about it.12:58
efriedIt was like, "Oh, interesting, you're using TaskFlow, whyzat?"12:58
efriedAnd I was like, "I thought that's the way we do it"12:58
efriedAnd then I looked in the nova code - and nobody else is doing it.12:58
efriedHe said there was a time they were looking at it, but they kinda punted cause it was too complicated.12:59
thorstyeah, it was right before I left12:59
thorsttaskflow rox12:59
efriedThe one suggestion I did bring up with harlowja - after I wound up rewriting a lot of the UT around our TaskFlow - was that UT on it is tough.  Suggested stock fixtures in the taskflow lib, which he thought was a good idea.  So we may see that in the future.13:01
efriedYeah, that would help a lot.13:02
efriedCourse, then I'd have to rewrite all the UT again...13:02
thorst - line 234...I don't compute that statement13:02
efriedMay be a holdover from when we were returning true/false from these guys.13:06
efriedBut yeah, in reboot context, doesn't make amount of sense.13:06
efriedBecause we're not skipping the reboot if the instance is already up.13:06
efriedThat comment would have made more sense in power_on.13:07
thorstI did -1 that change set.  I think a test case is missing.13:13
thorstefried: the other thing that would be nice to add to task flow is basically what we have here:
thorstI've used that in other code as well, but basically a way to say how long each task took via the logs13:16
efriedDid I not do that?13:16
efriedOh, to add to TaskFlow.13:17
efriedYeah, cool.13:17
thorstso I'm through the first couple.  Do we need adreznec to do a pass as well?13:28
thorstto get them into the core reviewer column?13:28
adreznecUh oh, did we rebase again over the weekend13:28
efriedadreznec Friday morning, I think.13:29
thorstI think if we move 3-4 more change sets to the core reviewer backlog that will help get the first few reviewed.13:30
adreznecAh, must have been after I did my sweep over coffee13:30
adreznecFYI thorst efried it looks like the Nova spec review sprint is next week Tuesday13:33
adreznecSo I'll probably set up our bp review for sometime after that in the week13:33
efriedDoes that happen in IRC?13:33
adreznecI believe so13:33
thorstdo we need efried to participate from a powervm perspective in nova as well?13:33
thorstI understand we have to do separately ourselves for OOT, but for IT, do we want to have someone looking through?13:34
adreznecIt'll probably be an all day sort of thing in the nova channel13:34
adreznecThat's how it's been in the past anyway13:34
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efriedFYI, I have another doc appt this morning.  Should be back noonish (CT).14:55
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thorstesberglu_: quick q...CI going OK?15:40
esberglu_Yeah. Battling off problems as they were coming in last couple of weeks. But passing 90%ish over the weekend15:41
thorstand the last 10% are environmental or just bugs?15:42
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esberglu_We are getting the occasional "No valid host was found" error. And then some 500 internal server errors.15:44
thorst:-/  boo, but ok15:44
esberglu_ Every time I start to look into them something else has been coming in and breaking CI15:44
esberglu_So I haven't found the root issue yet for either of them15:45
thorstCI is tough...  :-/15:45
esberglu_On the list for today provided everything goes well15:45
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efriedthorst Addressed comments in power_on/off, rebased up to cfg_drv.  Please continue +1ing.18:05
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jayasankar_adreznec: apearson: what is the plan for 2Q from Devstack ? to complete all operations with IT and OOT ?19:56
adreznecjayasankar_: From what perspective? In terms of what you should be testing?20:02
jayasankar_Yeah.. scope of testing..20:02
adreznecjayasankar_: Yeah, I think we'll want to test both IT and OOT with the dev version of things. Ideally expanding beyond things that are tested in the CI environment20:04
adreznecSo non-SSP storage backends, etc20:04
adreznecthorst: I think it'd be great to test things like migration, resize (to new host), etc20:04
adreznecBut not sure we have hardware for that20:05
thorstadreznec: we're testing LPM, but I've just asked that it be done in one env.20:06
thorsteither OSA or Devstack20:06
thorstwith the OOT but using the LIO stack20:06
adreznecthorst: Ok20:09
adreznecThat seems reasonable20:09
adreznecDevstack is probably more flexible... but I don't have a preference on which one we should do20:10
thorstbut I think the next devstack thing will maybe be to test with Nova Ephemeral on the LIO stack.20:10
thorstthe stuff tjakobs was driving in?20:10
jayasankar_as OSA + ISCSI + OOT is planned already.. with Devstack as Drew mentioned earlier can I say we have to cover SVC + FC ?20:11
adreznecWe hit some snags in the design there20:11
adreznecSo that's on hold until the REST work gets figured out20:11
thorstjayasankar_: yeah, I think SVC + FC via NPIV would be a great test.20:11
thorstwe need a proper regression on that20:11
jayasankar_thorst: That is yet to be implemented or already in place ?20:12
jayasankar_with OOT20:14
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thorstjayasankar_: its there now20:16
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thorstjust read the devref for info on how to set it up20:16
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jayasankar_thorst: ah okay.. but we will get separate host or I have to move to OOT now on the current host ?20:18
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thorstjayasankar_: need to move new tests going on the current one anyway and I'm assuming its documented on how you set it up  :-)20:19
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jayasankar_pls slack me if any one has any reference links on the same. Also will move to typical Neo with two VIOS tomorrow and configure it.20:22
jayasankar_efried: You are not debugging any thing on my host neo34 ? Can I reconfigure my neo to OOT ?20:23
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