Monday, 2017-03-13

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esbergluPassed CI, you ready to put it in?15:18
efriedesberglu +W.15:20
efriedesberglu You want to put up a rev to to port it in tree?15:20
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Except HttpError 404 dlt_lpar
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esbergluadreznec: efried: FYI this morning something broke the CI. All of the v1 images tests are failing. Looking into it now17:21
adreznecesberglu: didn't glance v1 get disabled by default in devstack now?17:22
adreznecYeah, here it is17:22
adreznecMerged like 4 hours ago17:23
esbergluThat would do it17:23
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: restarting gerrit to address performance problems17:45
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adreznecesberglu: So how are you planning to address glance v1 in the CI? disable the v1 tests via skip list?18:15
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esbergluYeah I think that's probably our best bet18:18
esbergluGlance v2 has been supported since newton, and that's the earliest branch we are testing18:19
adreznecesberglu: How is that going to impact CI for Ocata/Newton? I believe we share a skip list today18:19
adreznecAre you just going to force it on for those 2?18:19
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esbergluActually I think we can just set that back to true in our local.conf files right?18:29
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adreznecSet what back to true18:30
adreznecenable glance v1?18:30
adreznecI don't think so18:31
adreznecDidn't Nova remove the ability to use glance v1?18:31
adreznecAt least that was the plan iirc18:31
adreznecIf they haven't yet, I believe that's the plan18:32
esbergluYeah okay I see it now18:33
adreznecAnd even if not, if we re-enable glance v1 there are paths in tempest that will get ignored for v218:33
adreznecSo we won't have v2 coverage18:33
esbergluI think I can just disable v1 in the tempest.conf18:34
adreznecMight as well try it I guess18:34
esbergluInstead of the skip list stuff18:34
esbergluadreznec: 497918:47
adreznecesberglu: planning to run that through staging first to check for breakage?18:54
esbergluYep already am18:58
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efriedadreznec See mriedem's comment about copyrights here:
efriedDo you have a line on what we're actually supposed to be using for copyrights?20:35
efriedI've just been copy/pasting.20:35
adreznecefried: digging into the history of the internal ibm rules for openstack copyrights, I think that it comes back to
adreznecSo... shrug20:40
adreznecUp to you on the pain of removing it20:40
efriedadreznec That resource speaks more to the OpenStack side.  I would think this is an IBM legal question.20:41
adreznecThe internal comment on it links there20:41
efriedI.e. do I, as an IBM employee, need to include "All Rights Reserved" - or whatever other magic text - in copyright notices in open source contributions?20:42
adreznecThe internal resource does say not to, but I'm pretty sure its because that link says not to20:42
efriedadreznec "You should never add 'All Rights Reserved' when contributing back to the community."  But "If it already exists in the file, do not remove or modify it."  Sooooo.... since this code is being substantially ported from existing code with that already in it, should I remove it or not??20:44
adreznecefried: I don't know if I'm qualified to answer that question. It IS a new file, but yeah, it's existing code20:51
adreznecI honestly don't think it's going to be a huge deal20:51
efriedI don't either; I'd just like to have a defintive answer that satisfies both mriedem and IBM legal.20:51
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esbergluadreznec: That tempest.conf change worked fine for OOT. I messed something up for the IT run, trying again21:03
esbergluStill working on testing the other branches21:03
adreznecesberglu: Ok21:03
esbergluThat setuptools issue still hasn't merged yet, so I need to go through and do some extra stuff manually to get those tested21:03
esbergluBut I say if IT works we merge it, since newton and ocata are already failing21:04
adreznecefried: Could just ask mreidem directly I guess21:04
esbergluAnd I can further debug other branches if needed21:04
efriedadreznec Realistically, mriedem won't care as long as I have a convincing answer.  If I tell him, "we need to keep it cause we're not supposed to change existing notices," or "I'll take it out cause we're supposed to," he'll accept either one.  I just need to go figure out which one is right.21:05
adreznecefried: I say just rip them out then. It's all our (IBM) code that's being ported, so we should be free to update the license21:08
efriedI'll dig a little more.  But if I don't get satisfaction that way, I'll do as you say.21:08
efriedadreznec Can you give me the one-minute primer on what "upstream" means?  And as opposed to what?  (Is there a "downstream"?)21:10
adreznecDepends on context. For OpenStack, upstream = in openstack codebases (nova/nova-powervm/etc), downstream = internal (or things like pypowervm), I suppose.21:12
esbergluefried: The 404 dlt_lpar change is now ported into in-tree #221:27
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esbergluadreznec: That changed worked for IT as well. You ready to +2?21:59
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