Thursday, 2017-02-16

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esberglu#startmeeting powervm_ci_meeting13:31
openstackMeeting started Thu Feb 16 13:31:36 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.13:31
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'powervm_ci_meeting'13:31
thorst_o we have a meeting  :-)13:31
esbergluYeah the recurring meetings ended last week, didn't notice until today13:32
thorst_well, rock on.13:33
thorst_efried is still pretty sick.  I know he's got a doc's appointment13:34
thorst_adreznec: you in?13:34
esbergluWe can keep it quick if no one is around13:34
esberglu#topic In-tree CI13:34
esbergluIn-tree CI is now running on all nova patches silently13:35
thorst_how are run rates?  pass / fail percentages?13:35
esbergluPassing most of the time, but seeing some failures13:35
thorst_and I assume some are the cirros download thing that adreznec is going to fix?13:36
esbergluJust turned it on last night, so I haven't looked at numbers yet13:36
esbergluOr what tests are failing13:36
esbergluThat's the plan for today13:36
esberglu#action esberglu: Check out in-tree CI results13:36
wangqwshesberglu: was the destroy instance case included in ci test?13:37
thorst_esberglu: PM me the URL that the systems will use to download the cirros image13:37
thorst_when you are able...not urgent13:37
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esbergluthorst_: Okay13:39
esbergluwangqwsh: Yeah there are multiple tests with spawn/delete13:39
thorst_sounds like good progress there and we're waiting for numbers throughout the day13:41
esbergluAny other comments/questions for in-tree?13:42
wangqwshdid you fix the port binding issue?13:42
wangqwshif the networking was failed to attach, the will not be set. it would cause the destroy can not identify the correct host.13:44
wangqwshi am not sure if you met this thing before.13:45
esbergluHmm okay. I will keep an eye on that when I look through the results today13:46
thorst_I don't remember where that was...13:46
thorst_that was the point of making that tempest test without networks.13:46
wangqwshwithout network? ok...13:47
thorst_yeah.  Its a supported use case13:48
wangqwshi got. i met this issue via nova boot command. I will try without network.13:48
thorst_I don't think it works from horizon UI13:49
thorst_but CLI it works13:49
esbergluDo we still want a test without networks? I thought we just wanted that when we couldn't get any other spawn tests working13:49
thorst_I think its dubious how they're working13:49
thorst_but I think we need efried around later to help answer that13:49
thorst_he's back in 2-3 hours13:49
esberglu#topic out of tree driver13:51
esbergluNot much has changed with the out of tree13:51
esbergluExcept that now it won't run CI on in-tree patches13:52
thorst_I noticed less failures last night13:52
thorst_which made me happy13:52
thorst_cause that mailbox is at max capacity13:52
esbergluAnd we have a plan for the remote image failure13:53
esbergluOther than that I don't really have anything else for out of tree since efried isn't here13:54
thorst_yeah.  What level does OOT go back to?13:54
thorst_I was working with someone who was still deploying we run CI there/13:54
thorst_OK...good to know.13:55
esberglunewton through master13:55
esbergluwell we run CI, but we post a message saying mitaka isn't supported13:55
thorst_fair enough13:55
thorst_if they find anything, I may post fixes back there.  We'll see what happens13:55
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esbergluThat's all I had for OOT. Anyone want to talk OSA CI plans? Or save that for another time13:57
thorst_well, I want a quick chat there.13:57
esberglu#topic OSA CI13:57
thorst_I'm thinking that OSA CI, we get started the week after PTG?13:57
thorst_or 'restart with big focus'13:57
thorst_cause intree should be running by then.13:58
thorst_alright...good deal13:58
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thorst_that was all I really wanted to understand.  When do we get heads down on that again13:58
esbergluYep. Finish in-tree, move to OSA13:59
thorst_good good13:59
esbergluThanks for joining. Any other items before I end it?14:00
openstackMeeting ended Thu Feb 16 14:01:09 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:01
openstackMinutes (text):
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adreznecefried: thorst_ are we good to merge ?14:42
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thorst_adreznec: yes plz14:46
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Refactor power ops
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adreznecesberglu: thorst_ FYI I found the patch we talked about yesterday... but I realize now that I wrote it to use nginx, which was fine before we were sharing the logserver and cache server nodes in the staging environment16:18
adreznecSince that already has a running apache setup...16:18
thorst_so can you add it to the apache server?16:19
adreznecSo I'm going to have to redo that to fit in with the existing apache install...16:19
adreznecI'm going to have to do more testing16:19
adreznecBecause now I can't really do much with the site configs16:19
adreznecWithout stepping on the logserver site config16:19
adreznecI can't just add it to the apache server though16:20
adreznecBecause we don't have one in the prod environment16:20
adreznecSo I still have to write stuff to set that up16:20
thorst_could just make a different server.16:20
* adreznec shrugs16:20
thorst_well, let me know if you want that16:23
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viclarsonwe have a problem16:32
viclarsonif nvram_store set to none migration/resize/evacuation works fine but we lose odm16:33
viclarsonit's clear16:33
viclarsonif nvram_store set to swift it works too16:34
viclarsonbut if we have attached volumes16:34
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thorst_viclarson: Yeah, that's kind of the OpenStack way.16:35
thorst_which is why we added that Swift store.16:35
thorst_because that saves the NVRAM for those operations16:35
thorst_a small swift store is all that is needed to keep that info around, the NVRAM data is pretty small16:35
viclarsonInstance rollback preformed due to: Unable to rebuild virtual machine on new host: Error is The device with UDID ... was not found on any of the  VIrtual I/O servers16:35
viclarsonmb we need to add some sleeps to code?16:36
viclarsonwhen nvram switched off migration with attached volumes works fine16:36
thorst_Cinder volumes?16:37
viclarsonwhat can be wrong?16:37
thorst_we only keep the NVRAM for cinder volumes at the moment16:37
thorst_not for nova ephemeral...16:37
viclarsoncinder volumes16:37
thorst_so I'm wondering if that is what you're hitting.16:37
thorst_boot from cinder?16:37
viclarsonboot from ssp16:38
viclarsonfrom epemera;16:38
viclarsonfrom epemeral16:38
thorst_what's your cinder device backend?16:38
viclarsonstorwize v700016:38
thorst_hmm...can you paste the full error to pastebin?16:38
viclarsonlater it's isolated environment not ez to copypaste16:40
viclarsonseveral minutes16:40
thorst_so basically what that error message is saying is...16:40
thorst_<sec, I'm trying to validate my theory>16:42
thorst_OK - I think I can see how this happens.16:45
thorst_what version of the code are you on?16:46
thorst_Newton?  Ocata/master?16:46
thorst_o, hmmm...16:46
viclarsony we like retro16:46
thorst_can you get a bug opened for us?16:47
thorst_efried: have you been following at all on this one by chance?16:47
efriedthorst_ No.  Time stamp to roll back to?16:48
thorst_I think we need to discuss what's happening here.16:48
thorst_last 18 minutes16:48
viclarsonis it fixed in new releases?16:48
thorst_viclarson: don't think so.16:50
thorst_so here's what I think is happening16:50
thorst_I don't think we've run the discover_hdisk prior to reading the rebuild map16:51
thorst_viclarson: have you changed the nova_powervm driver at all?  The error you sent on pastebin isn't lining up with the stable/mitaka code16:53
thorst_efried: I think the issue here is that for the vSCSI volumes we need to run a first:
thorst_thoguhts?  Am I way off base?16:54
openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: Add imagecache information to devref
viclarsonyes i have changes16:55
openstackLaunchpad bug 1665407 in nova-powervm "unable to migrate vm with attached volumes" [Undecided,New]16:55
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thorst_viclarson: should we add any of those changes into our driver so you don't have to carry patches??16:55
viclarson2 changes16:56
viclarson1) retry for vm deleting, it works unstable16:56
viclarson2) hypervisor_name == instead of hypervisor reported to workaround horizon bug16:57
viclarsoni think you dont need this changes16:57
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efriedthorst_ I think you want to consult with mdrabe on this issue.16:59
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thorst_hmm...that first one worries me17:00
thorst_we're definitely eager to see changes so you don't have to carry patches17:00
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thorst_viclarson: let me chat with mdrabe this afternoon/tomorrow on the swift build_map and see what we can't do17:01
thorst_I unfortunately need to run for a bit.17:01
viclarsonwe also have problem in resize to same host (mb nova think vm stay active and never finish migration) but we just switched out resize to same host17:04
thorst_mdrabe: if you get a chance, please read backlog here (eavesdrop should have it)17:05
*** thorst_ is now known as thorst_afk17:05
mdrabeviclarson: You're hitting this error on evacuation? Or resize to another host?17:09 data["hypervisor_hostname"] = ms_wrapper.mtms.mtms_str  changed to cfg.CONF.host17:09
viclarsonon resize17:09
viclarsonto another host17:09
mdrabeI don't _think_ the slot store should come into play there...17:10
mdrabeI saw the pastebin, do you by chance have the full stack trace in the compute logs resulting in this error:17:11
mdrabeError is The device with UDID 01M0lCTTIxNDUxMjQ2MDA1MDc2ODAyODExMDRGMjAwMDAwMDAwMDAwMDY5NA== was not found on any of the Virtual I/O Servers.17:11
thorst_afkmdrabe: that's an hdisk UDID17:11
thorst_afkbut I'm afk17:11 return [self.host_wrapper.mtms.mtms_str] changed to cfg.CONF.host17:11
mdrabeYea I think it's discover_hdisk that's failing17:11
viclarsoni will try17:12
mdrabedestination VIOSes maybe aren't zoned to the same backend17:12
viclarsoni think it worked when nvram_store was none17:13
viclarsonmb sleeps?17:14
mdrabeTough to say, need to figure out where that original error is coming from17:18
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esbergluthorst_: I'm looking through the in-tree CI failures. It seems like tests that should be failing every time are sometimes passing17:20
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esbergluFor example the ServerMetadataTestJSON tests17:20
esbergluThey are failing because the spawn a vm, create a port, then fail to bind the port to the vm17:21
esbergluBut when those tests pass, it doesn't look like any of that port stuff happens17:21
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viclarsonplaced more logs17:33
openstackLaunchpad bug 1665407 in nova-powervm "unable to migrate vm with attached volumes" [Undecided,New]17:33
mdrabeviclarson: The volumes are migrated as well correct?17:33
viclarsonnot in pvmctl scsi list at any host17:35
mdrabeBut can you see duplicate volumes for the VMs being resized on the storage backend?17:36
mdrabeThe cinder logs would say if those volumes were cloned17:36
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viclarson19:26:38 unmapped from nlink-40w 19:26:41 mapped to nlink-38w17:43
efriedesberglu How often does test_rebuild_server_in_error_state fail?17:55
efriedthorst_afk adreznec passed CI this time around.  That test seems to fail the same way very frequently.  And I can't see anything wrong with it in the logs.17:57
thorst_afkyeah, I think its just timing out17:57
thorst_afkI'm of the mindset we should disable...17:57
thorst_afkbut still afk17:57
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viclarsonis it the same?
openstackLaunchpad bug 1637661 in nova-powervm "vscsi driver pre_live_migration_on_destination may not be handling hdisk discovery correctly" [Undecided,New]18:03
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efriedmdrabe ^^ ?18:44
viclarsonsleep() don't help18:44
efriedviclarson If thorst_afk's assessment is correct, it wouldn't.18:45
viclarsoni see discovering in logs18:45
efriedDoes it succeed?18:45
viclarson2017-02-16 19:26:44.888 29974 DEBUG nova_powervm.virt.powervm.volume.vscsi [req-77f4a5dc-01b4-4636-87fd-89954be65786 06134a41cd1b4ba583880e6a32ef5adc 55c738a50140429493b2ab75a02ea6e7 - - -] No ITLs for VIOS vio1-38w for volume 35d30504-6a77-4fb2-acab-286a9cd067ad. _discover_volume_on_vios /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova_powervm/virt/powervm/volume/
viclarson2017-02-16 19:26:44.889 29974 DEBUG nova_powervm.virt.powervm.volume.vscsi [req-77f4a5dc-01b4-4636-87fd-89954be65786 06134a41cd1b4ba583880e6a32ef5adc 55c738a50140429493b2ab75a02ea6e7 - - -] No ITLs for VIOS vio2-38w for volume 35d30504-6a77-4fb2-acab-286a9cd067ad. _discover_volume_on_vios /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova_powervm/virt/powervm/volume/
efriedviclarson Just keep the bug report updated with your findings.  It may be a day or two before thorst_afk/mdrabe can investigate.18:47
efriedmdrabe - Got a sec to discuss RemoveOptical and its inclusion in the in-tree driver?18:47
efriedI think...  I think we have to wait until we cut pypowervm
efriedand REST for that matter.18:50
efriedesberglu adreznec Weigh in here?  We can pass CI cause we're pulling develop, but we can't merge that sucker without in the requirements.18:51
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esbergluefried: Yes I believe you are right19:04
adreznecWe'll definitely need to wait until we cut the required version19:13
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esbergluefried: Did you see my post above about the in-tree CI failures?19:18
efriedesberglu Yeah, didn't look into it.19:18
efriedThis is kinda what I was thinking was going to bite us in general about spawns in-tree with early change sets.19:18
efriedI.e. we don't have networks, so how can we ever pass?19:19
efriedAnd the answer seems to be: we only pass when the tests don't actually do any networking.19:19
efriedWhich happens... when?  Why?19:19
esbergluI stuck trying to figure out why the same test sometimes does networking and other times skips it19:28
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mdrabeefried: vopt removal in the in-tree driver you say?19:35
efriedmdrabe Yeah.19:35
mdrabeIs it a problem?19:35
efriedCan't put it in until in-tree requirement includes the RemoveOptical stuff, which won't exist until
efriedCurrently in-tree req is
efriedIt'll work in the CI cause we're loading up develop (and pvm-novalink
efriedBut if we merge, we break.19:36
efriedesberglu adreznec - When do we cut
mdrabeThat's okay by me19:36
adreznecefried: Next month, not sure on exact date...19:39
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efriedthorst_afk adreznec Can I get +2 on ?20:21
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thorst_afkefried: +220:46
adreznecthorst_afk: esberglu I kind of want to just give up on trying to share the logserver and cache server in the staging environment.20:58
adreznecEven after converting over to using apache the fact that the logserver uses apache with a custom site file server out of a non-standard root basically means I have to write code for staging that's completely different than the prod code20:58
esbergluI like having the environments consistent, so that is fine by me21:00
adreznecWe need another server for the staging environment then21:00
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*** apearson has joined #openstack-powervm21:03
adreznecthorst_afk: ^ how hard will it be to get something similar to the prod environment for that?21:06
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: In-tree backports: Task UT, Delete args
esbergluadreznec: Possible we could share?21:07
adreznecWasn't that our original plan21:07
adreznecBut we ran into issues with the playbooks for that?21:07
thorst_afkyeah, I thought they were sharing.  I can clone the VM if you want, just get a new hostname/ip if that's the case21:08
thorst_afkbut I'm afk21:08
efriedthorst_afk lacks true afk discipline.21:08
adreznecafk does not mean away from phone21:08
thorst_afk+2 (but I'm afk)21:09
esbergluadreznec: I think we would just have to hardcode the list of servers in the bind named.conf.options21:09
esbergluAnd we didn't want to do that21:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Synchronize power ops
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esbergluSo I guess it depends on whether or not we are okay with the hardcoded list21:11
esbergluCould redeploying the staging env potentially cause issues with the prod. env if they share?21:12
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adreznecesberglu: Possibly... if anything went wrong it'd probably bust all dns searches and/or apt requests in the prod environment21:36
adreznecWhich would mean every run would fail21:36
adreznecSo yeah21:36
esbergluYeah so separate seems like a better idea21:37
efriedthorst_afk adreznec is rebased, updated with power refactors, and a couple other tweaks.  Ready for final pre-PTG review.21:42
efriedesberglu We're officially hard on the hook for ^^ to pass in-tree CI before next week.21:42
esbergluSaw that in the nova meeting21:46
efriedHah, OOT "succeeded".  That's good ;-)21:47
esbergluThat means we can merge now right!? lol21:49
esbergluLess failure emails now at least21:50
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efriedthorst_afk adreznec esberglu (power on/off, reboot) rebased & ready.22:05
*** apearson has quit IRC22:11
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esbergluefried: I think I know what is going on with the In-tree CI failures.22:19
esbergluOn the runs that succeed, it creates a vm. It then detects that no networks exist, so it doesn't to do any networking22:19
esbergluOn the runs that fail, it creates a vm. It then detects networks, except this time a network already exists. So it automatically tries to use that one22:19
esbergluWhich of course doesn't work because it's not supported yet22:19
esbergluSo we just have to figure out how to avoid that automatic network allocation22:19
*** apearson has joined #openstack-powervm22:19
efriedesberglu What's "it" in this case?22:21
efriedesberglu When you say, "this time a network already exists" -- where did it come from?  Why is it there?22:23
efriedthorst_afk adreznec esberglu (localdisk) rebased & ready.22:24
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viclarsonseems like it fails in slot_mgt.init_recreate_map() on vif.plug(). What happens if i skip this step?22:36
viclarsonseems like it fails in slot_mgt.init_recreate_map() on vif.plug(). What ll happen if i skip this step?22:37
efriedviclarson You won't be able to remote restart the VM ;-)22:38
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thorst_afkefried: not rr, but rebuild22:38
thorst_afkrr is a 'powervm' term that means rebuild22:38
thorst_afkrebuild in openstack is also a reszie or a cold migration22:39
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mdrabeviclarson The reason for the failure is because the destination host cannot discover volume 35d30504-6a77-4fb2-acab-286a9cd067ad22:40
viclarsonit can be discovered if switch out slot_mgr22:41
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viclarsonchanging order of ConnectDisk and PlugVif can help?22:42
viclarsonok will wait22:43
esbergluefried: Looks like it's just failed network cleanup from other tests. So these tests aren't actually the problem22:46
esbergluIt's just a side effect from the others failing22:46
esbergluAre we cool with just disabling those neutron tests?22:47
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efriedesberglu Boo.  Does the same thing happen if we're running tests in parallel and a different test has created (but not yet cleaned up) a network?22:56
esbergluI haven't seen it yet. But could be possible22:57
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efriedesberglu So based on your observations, if we pass, we pass everything; but if we fail some, those failures trigger more failures.23:00
esbergluEvery failure of this nature has had 1 or both of those 2 neutron tests fail to clean up the network (which is essentially every other failure)23:01
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esbergluSo if those are off I think we will see all passes pretty much23:02
esbergluAnd I don't think those neutron tests have much relevance to our in tree driver23:02
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efriedesberglu How often do those neutron tests fail?23:09
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efriedesberglu How often do those neutron tests fail?23:23
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*** esberglu has joined #openstack-powervm23:24
esbergluefried: those tests fail maybe 15% of the time23:26
esbergluRough estimate23:26
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