Wednesday, 2017-02-08

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openstackgerritgengchc2 proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm master: Remove support for py34
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efriedthorst_ Got a few to talk about 4776?13:53
thorst_that power ops?13:53
efriedSee response just posted.13:53
thorst_morpheus is slowly loading13:54
efriedSomeone ought to move that guy to FC disks.13:54
thorst_so basically, I don't like that we're passing in unbounded dictionaries with tribal knowledge keys to issue certain commands13:54
efriedOkay, we're in agreement on not liking it.13:55
thorst_and if we had a PowerOpts object or something you could pass in that enumerated it, fine13:55
thorst_but just an unbounded dict13:55
efriedOkay, so we have enums for BootMode, KeylockPos, and RemoveOptical.13:55
thorst_I always argued against this...clearly lost in this case.13:55
thorst_yeah, but something to take that in, in a way that is bounded.13:55
thorst_the argument against it was 'well the REST API could add something before we update the API to support it', but that's always the case.13:56
efriedOkay, so I think the main point of contention here is the bounding.13:56
efriedWe clearly can't get away with that for legacy.13:56
efriedBut I can see doing it for the new APIs.13:56
thorst_but for legacy, we can convert unbounded dictionary to the new bounding 'thing'13:56
efriedWell, not if the new bounding 'thing' is bounded.13:57
thorst_'immediate: True' --> power_opt.immediate = True13:57
efriedCause we potentially lose options that we haven't supported.13:57
efried...supported explicitly13:57
thorst_there are none that we know of (even at the API) that we don't know about13:57
thorst_are there?13:57
thorst_I mean, we own REST too...we should be able to figure that out13:58
efriedI would literally have to go into the REST code to glean the exact set of possible keys & values, and clone those logically in a python class.13:58
thorst_the client certainly doesn't know about an opt that we/REST team don't know about13:58
efriedYeah, the Job itself definitely has an explicit and bounded set of params it accepts.13:58
efriedI wrote that framework.13:58
thorst_k.  So we just use that  :-)13:59
efriedWe've generally stayed away from exhaustively copying the REST semantics.13:59
efriedBut I guess we've trapped ourselves into doing that in some form in this case.13:59
efriedIt does get sticky, though, when we get to 'operation' and 'immediate'.14:01
efriedThose are JobParameters just like the others, but they're kinda special.14:01
thorst_we took the easy answer earlier.14:01
efriedIs the hard answer better?14:02
efriedAnd... what IS the hard answer?14:02
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thorst_the easy answer was an unbounded dictionary14:08
thorst_the hard answer is what I'm arguing we need to do - bound the parameters into the op14:08
efriedthorst_ Ugh, there's a ton of them.14:09
efriedFor IBMi, you can specify netboot params - IP, netmask, gateway, etc.14:09
thorst_well, we know no one is using those14:09
thorst_so I suggest we only do the ones we really know about14:10
thorst_do you really believe anyone would be impacted?14:10
efriedThat's dangerous talk.14:10
thorst_well, I guess if you're really worried we can still take in an unbounded dict...but I don't want the new thing using it.14:10
thorst_maybe it uses it under the covers14:11
thorst_but the new thing shouldn't extend an old, terrible pattern14:11
thorst_for an API we have likely been the only ones that have read it.  :-)14:11
efriedWell, yeah, under the covers we still have to create the job parameters the same way.14:11
efriedI can take a whack at this, but I suspect it's going to feel like we're boiling the ocean.14:12
thorst_there's no one else I'd rather send in to boil the ocean than you14:13
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thorst_if it gets ridiculous, and I'm being silly, you have the right to tell me to just shove off14:13
efriedRoger that.14:14
thorst_I did +1 afterall14:14
esbergluthorst_: mdrabe_: Moved the staging neo to Ran 2 tests on14:18
esbergluAnd they both passed14:18
esbergluSo we should be good transitioning the prod. CI as well14:18
mdrabe_sweet thanks14:19
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thorst_agree...lets get more throughput on it14:19
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efriedthorst_ I assume you do NOT want the pypowervm side to validate business logic too.14:27
thorst_psht, no14:28
efriedLet the REST side handle that as usual.14:28
efriede.g. "if you specify X, you must also specify Y and Z" or "the value for X must be between A and B" - that kind of thing.14:28
thorst_push off to rest14:29
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thorst_esberglu_: can we start shutting down the CI environments?15:44
thorst_so I can move the disks around15:44
esberglu_What do you need me to do15:49
thorst_esberglu_: shutdown the servers15:52
thorst_cause I'm just going to force off them15:52
thorst_so you should do something a little nicer than that before I come in with an ax15:52
esberglu_Ok one sec15:53
esberglu_thorst_: all right15:58
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thorst_esberglu_: shut off?16:11
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thorst_esberglu_: The production VMwas are coming back online.  This is the zuul and openstack VMs17:34
thorst_staging is next...the files are still moving over to the san17:35
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thorst_esberglu_: Staging is coming up now17:48
thorst_so now its up to you to get the envs running again  :-)17:49
esberglu_Are the production ones both up? I can get to the management but not the controller17:50
thorst_should be...let me look at the controller17:52
thorst_remember, you lost your devstack17:52
thorst_so you need to redeploy17:52
esberglu_Yeah. I can't even ping it17:52
thorst_OK - I'll take a peak in 5.17:54
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thorst_well, it got stuck in grub17:56
thorst_yeah, totally hosed.  I'll recopy it17:57
thorst_how about the staging ones?  Everything OK there?18:00
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thorst_esberglu_: everything should be back now18:41
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mdrabeesberglu_ So are all the CI nodes on now?19:50
esberglu_mdrabe: Currently redeploying. But yes when they are back up they will be
mdrabeah ok, thanks for the update19:51
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