Monday, 2017-02-06

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efriedthorst_afk adreznec - looks like ocata has been branched at this point?14:51
efriedMaybe not in all projects...14:51
thorst_afkbranching in progress eh?14:51
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efriedoh, is it?14:51
efriedSo once it is done in nova, we can expect mriedem to remove our -2?14:52
thorst_efried: I think we give it a couple days and then ping him on it14:53
thorst_if he hasn't already14:53
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efriedtjakobs thorst_ Can we discuss what happens if >1 image of the same name is found?16:05
efriedMaybe that's not possible in a VG?  (I know it's possible in an SSP.)16:06
tjakobsLV names will be unique for each volume group16:08
efriedOkay, just verifying with Veena.16:13
thorst_efried: wouldn't we have that issue with multiple things though/16:16
thorst_well, I guess each instance has part of its UUID in the name16:16
efried*part* of its UUID.  And we've seen collisions before.16:16
thorst_tjakobs: I'm not a huge fan in the pypowervm naming convention of _base_image.  I thought base_disk was more appropriate at the pypowervm level16:18
thorst_an image is a construct of pypowervm its just a disk that you want copied into another disk.16:18
tjakobsif I change it to base_disk should I make a related patch in rest to switch it there as well?16:23
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efriedI don't have a problem with the 'image' moniker.16:27
efriedWe use it for the corresponding concept in SSP.16:28
thorst_hmm...I thought the REST side called it base disk16:28
thorst_but I see that it does not16:28
thorst_our constant is just called _DISK_BASE16:28
efriedIf you wanted to call the constant _DISK_BASE_IMAGE, I would be okay with that.  But extreme meh.16:29
thorst_is the behavior constant?  Will it always be a full copy or could it eventually be a linked thing?16:29
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tjakobsright now it will always be a full copy, and I'm not sure about future plans with this16:32
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efriedtjakobs Regardless, I think 'image' is a good name.16:37
thorst_I'll be fine with it16:37
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jpasqualettoHello thorst_, I changed my setup to use SSP instead of localdisk, as you suggested last week, and the snapshots works fine this way16:46
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efriedthorst_ Your +2 on 4708?17:09
efriedthorst_ I'm good with - you get the W+1.17:10
efriedtjakobs Looks like we need UT fixes, though.17:11
efriedjust a recheck.  I'll post it once the pypowervm side merges.17:12
efriedor you can.  Whatevs.17:12
tjakobssounds good, i can post recheck after merging pypower17:13
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thorst_efried: yep17:16
thorst_ready for submit17:16
efriedesberglu Does plain 'recheck' also trigger powervm CI?17:20
esbergluIt only supports "recheck" or "recheck powervm" though17:21
esbergluI think people sometimes do stuff like "recheck no-bug"17:21
esbergluThat wouldn't work17:21
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efriedesberglu (tjakobs): failed 4 tests, all with timeouts (which don't at a glance appear to be related to tjakobs's code).  Something we should look at before attempting recheck?19:26
esbergluNo just go for the recheck. Hitting those elsewhere. The power off refactor should resolve some of those19:30
esbergluefried: BTW I have the live pypowervm patch change working on the staging CI. Cleaning up my patch, but then it should be good to go for prod. and we can test out your pat19:31
efriedesberglu Cool - But not yet!19:31
efriedI want to do some UT proof first.19:31
thorst_esberglu: all the failures legit?19:48
thorst_for the CI19:48
esbergluefried: Okay np. I can try throwing your patch on staging for now if you want, get some preliminary results19:55
esbergluthorst_: New tests got added so we were failing all weekend because of that. Still failing on power off issues otherwise19:59
thorst_darn power off.19:59
efriedthorst_ Give it a day, and we'll be able to tweak power_off MUCH more easily.20:42
efriedesberglu Hold off on the power refactor patch.20:42
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thorst_efried: so I have a power patch to review?20:55
efriedthorst_ You've already reviewed it once.  Hold off for a bit - I should have some good UT up by EOD.20:55
thorst_FYI - the code Im currently writing, I think you'd hate20:56
thorst_but you're not a reviewer20:56
thorst_so I just want you to know that my inner efried is screaming out in pain right now20:56
efriedGosh, with that kind of sendup - why am I not a reviewer.20:56
thorst_you want to go into RTC?20:56
thorst_what's my rule.  efried does not go into RTC.20:57
efriedThe UT I'm currently writing, I think you'll love.  Mainly because I'm testing it against the original power spaghetti code first, then running it against the new version.20:57
efriedYou're writing code in RTC?20:57
thorst_sadly yes...for a few more days20:57
thorst_then I'm outta it20:57
thorst_something something spaceship something something20:58
Jay2Hi All, I'm still getting the error "create_keystone_accounts" while stacking intree plugin.. on the comptute host.21:02
Jay2any thoughts from any one ?21:03
thorst_pastebin up the error?21:10
thorst_Jay2: ^^21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:18.001 | +./                      create_keystone_accounts21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:18.005 | +lib/keystone:create_keystone_accounts:383  local admin_project21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:18.010 | ++lib/keystone:create_keystone_accounts:384  openstack project show admin -f21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.376 | Discovering versions from the identity service failed when creating the passw21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.376 | Could not determine a suitable URL for the plugin21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.409 | +lib/keystone:create_keystone_accounts:384  admin_project=21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.414 | +lib/keystone:create_keystone_accounts:1   exit_trap21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.419 | +./                  local r=121:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.424 | ++./                  jobs -p21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.429 | +./                  jobs=21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.433 | +./                  [[ -n '' ]]21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.438 | +./                  kill_spinner21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.442 | +./               '[' '!' -z '' ']'21:11
Jay22017-02-06 17:09:20.447 | +./                  [[ 1 -ne 0 ]]21:11
thorst_not in IRC plz21:11
thorst_esberglu: does in tree CI hit that at all?21:12
esbergluthorst_: Nope. I've been working with Jay2 on and off trying to get past this, not sure what the deal is21:12
thorst_same OS type?  Ubuntu 16.04?21:13
thorst_Jay2 just sent me the IP.  At least one thing seems off21:14
thorst_he has SMT on.21:14
thorst_so 32 threads...21:15
thorst_also getting this "You must be part of the pvm_admin group to use pvmctl. Please contact your system administrator."21:15
thorst_which is concerning to say the least :-)21:15
thorst_Jay2: did you uninstall novalink and reinstall it?21:15
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thorst_Jay2: I did a couple tweaks on your system...can you try again?21:20
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efriedesberglu - 4776 ready to try in three...22:32
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