Thursday, 2017-02-02

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chmod666org       /names09:01
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efriedthorst_ See - is that right?  Do we add the OpenStack Foundation copyright?13:15
efriedI looked at for some of the other drivers: hyperv and libvirt don't have it; xenapi does.13:17
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thorst_I think for that file it kinda makes sense.  We at least followed the style?  But I didn't think that was the guidelines.13:22
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esberglu#startmeeting powervm_ci_meeting13:30
openstackMeeting started Thu Feb  2 13:30:37 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'powervm_ci_meeting'13:30
efried#topic In-tree runs13:32
efriedHave we rebuilt and done runs with the latest pypowervm power-off fix?13:32
esbergluYeah, still hitting power off issues13:32
efriedWait, that was for oot13:32
esbergluOh yeah for oot, didn't look at topic13:33
esbergluIn tree also picked has those changes patches in13:34
esbergluIn tree needs some further whitelist work13:35
esbergluLatest in-tree results from patch 113:36
efriedYeah, those port binding failures are what I expect to see any time you try to spawn a VM with that first change set.13:38
efriedIn fact, anything network-related I would say indicates that test should be stricken from the whitelist.13:38
efriedServer rename isn't supposed to work either; though that failure looks like the VM didn't build in the first place.  Probably worth looking into that further - but again, I don't think we should be running that test.13:40
esberglu#action: esberglu: Update whitelist based on In Tree results13:40
efriedAll in all, I'm fairly pleased that we can pass 862 tests in-tree.13:41
efriedThough I suppose the vast majority of them never hit our code.13:41
thorst_I don't know that its a huge success of anything other than the framework and that our driver doesn't die on start up at the moment  :-)13:42
thorst_unless we did get that network-less test in?13:42
efriedValidating the framework is a win, in my book.13:42
efriedA bigger deal than proving a real spawn, with no disk or network, IMO.13:43
efriedesberglu I thought we ascertained that there was some way we could set up the networks where there were existing tests that would do real spawns - i.e. we didn't need to write our own explicit network-less spawn tests.13:43
efriedAny update on that statement?13:44
efriedLike, can you point to one or more of the tests in this run and say, "This is doing a spawn and succeeding"?13:44
efriedGuess I could grep the log...13:44
esbergluLook at the tests under that13:44
esbergluYeah I stopped looking into the networkless spawn test when we started passing other ones13:46
efriedWell, shoot, I see a ton of successful spawns in the log.  This is mucho goodness.13:46
efried29 of them.13:47
efriedSo: let's get rid of failing tests that we know we don't/shouldn't support yet, and produce a list of remaining failures that we don't think should be failures, and look into those.13:48
efriedDelete the former from the whitelist, but go ahead and comment out the latter, and let's see if we can get some consistent successful runs out of that.13:49
esbergluSounds good13:49
esbergluOnce that change is in I will push through some runs13:49
esbergluAnything else for in tree CI?13:50
efried#topic Out-of-tree runs13:50
efriedSo you said we're still seeing power-off failures?  Show me.13:50
esbergluOne sec, finding the right logs13:51
efriedI'm refactoring the power on/off code.  Hopefully that'll make it a lot easier to isolate where these failures happen, and make appropriate tweaks.13:51
esbergluHitting a diff. test case in that second one13:53
efriedSo here again it looks like we're trying the power-off with force_immediate=False - which is ON_FAILURE, which is _supposed_ to retry with vsp hard shutdown on any failure.  But it ain't.13:56
efriedGive me the day to finish this refactor, and then we can start verifying those code paths better.13:57
thorst_efried: did we add logging to the power off code?13:58
thorst_seems like we're at that point.13:58
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thorst_especially if they ask for an force on failure13:58
thorst_we should log warn that we're escalating13:58
esbergluOther than that there is this register image test that is hitting us13:59
esbergluAnd a few other ones that are failing (but may be related / side effects of power off)13:59
efriedI'm glad you asked.  The power_off method was under @logcall, but without params logged.  So I'm adding that.  But yeah, I'm also going to add more log statements so we can follow the flow.13:59
thorst_cool beans dude14:00
thorst_what a weird mess14:00
thorst_I wonder if this is a side effect of the NovaLink's being up for so long.14:00
thorst_is there some leak in core that we're just now seeing...14:00
efriedThe flow diagrams nvcastet showed us yesterday are really informative.  I'm actually suspecting we're not completely honoring those - as in this case.14:00
efriedI'm going to render those ascii-wise in the docstrings.14:01
efriedI still have some questions on what paths we should take along those flows depending on the different values of force_immediate, though.14:01
thorst_nvcastet is probably the right one for that...he's super smart.14:02
thorst_smarter than me :-)14:02
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efriedWell, I think the semantics of force_immediate were more of an artifact of how we wanted the community code to flow.  So I'll need input from both of you.14:05
efriednvcastet implied that the IBMi folks said we should "always" try vsp normal before vsp hard - so I'll want to know if that applies even if we say NO_RETRY.14:06
efriedThe contract of NO_RETRY is supposedly that we *don't* go to vsp hard if the previous attempt failed.14:07
efriedSo I'm stuck in the middle, at least for IBMi.14:07
efriedAre we done talking about CI?14:07
esbergluI am14:08
efriedxia, anything?14:08
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esbergluThanks for joining14:09
openstackMeeting ended Thu Feb  2 14:09:54 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:09
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esbergluefried: thorst_: Whitelist change is up. 4771.15:57
thorst_looked reasonable to me.  I think efried gets +2 on it15:58
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efriedesberglu: Are all those deleted tests really failing, or are you just removing them based on their names?15:59
efriedWhy are we getting rid of the list_servers tests?  Those ought to work.16:00
esbergluOh I thought you said get rid of those during the CI meeting. They have failed every in tree run so far16:01
esbergluBut we can debug if they should be working16:01
efriedoh, the one you showed me earlier didn't fail those, did it?16:02
efriedIf it did, at least move those into the "pending debug" comment.  Don't whack 'em entirely.16:03
efriedUnless I'm missing something.  thorst_ ?16:03
esbergluThey failed the set up16:03
esbergluSo it only came through as one failure16:03
thorst_they probably failed the setup because they did a deploy16:03
thorst_with a network.16:03
thorst_to try to list the thing it deployed.16:03
esbergluYeah it fails binding a port16:04
thorst_so I think its fine tossing for now16:07
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efriedmm, okay.16:15
esbergluI can still toss them in the debug section if you want16:15
efriedNah, +2.16:16
efriedAs long as we still end up with some tests doing successful deploys, I'm happy.16:16
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jpasqualettoHello everyone. I've deployed the powervm driver in my test environment and I have some issues to take snapshots of the instances. Is there any special configuration or pre-requisite to take snapshots?19:57
thorst_jpasqualetto: shouldn't be...can you post a pastebin of what you're seeing?19:57
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efriedthorst_ Ouch.20:06
thorst_dual vios?20:06
efriedWouldn't think that should matter.  "Logical Volumes can not be associated with more than one virtual SCSI adapter".  I thought localdisk used LVs - have we never tried snapshot with localdisk?20:08
esbergluefried: thorst_: More failures popping up on In Tree runs even with the new whitelist.20:10
esbergluA bunch more port binding errors20:10
efriedweird that we're seeing these now but not before.20:11
efriedAre we pulling a new tempest every run?20:11
esbergluThats what I was thinking20:11
thorst_efried: you're right.20:11
thorst_jpasqualetto: I guess we had only tried with SSPs.20:11
thorst_we can go poke on the VIOS guys to see what's up with that...see if we can't figure something out20:12
jpasqualettothorst_, I have a more detailed log here:
esbergluefried: Yeah we are20:12
thorst_jpasqualetto: do you have an opportunity to try SSP?20:15
jpasqualettothorst_, I can try to use SSP20:16
thorst_that would be fantastic to know...we do this many times a day on SSP20:17
efriedMeanwhile, thorst_, looks like we need a launchpad bug.  TBH, not sure how we're going to fix it, though.20:18
jpasqualettothorst_, i'll need some time to configure SSP in my environment (actually, other person of my team needs to do it)... i'll come back with results once I can get it done20:22
thorst_jpasqualetto: definitely let us know20:25
thorst_efried: yeah, I agree.20:25
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esbergluthorst_: efried: adreznec: Any patches that should get in before tagging RC1 and branching today?20:58
thorst_not to my knowledge20:58
efriedesberglu We talking about nova-powervm/networking-powervm/ceilometer-powervm?20:58
efriedHold on, lemme merge that backports one...20:59
efriedesberglu Wait for
esbergluWill do21:00
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: In-tree backports (2)
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Sanitize the config drive UUID
efriedjpasqualetto - conclusion is that we can't support snapshot with localdisk.  I opened to make this behave better if you try it.21:34
openstackLaunchpad bug 1661395 in nova-powervm "Snapshot with localdisk not supported" [Undecided,New]21:34
efried( thorst_ apearson ^^ )21:34
efriedMeanwhile, let us know how you get along with the SSP disk driver.21:34
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Restarting gerrit due to performance problems22:51
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Sanitize the config drive UUID
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adreznecesberglu: Did you cut ceilometer-powervm Or did it get done under the general ceilometer project release process?23:10
adreznecJust got an email about it23:10
esbergluYeah I cut for all 323:12
adreznecCool :)23:12
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