Monday, 2017-01-30

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efriedthorst_ What's new?13:15
efriedIma be trucking along on the OVS and SSP change sets, just wanted to make sure there wasn't something else that needed more urgent attention.13:19
thorst_nothing that i know of.  I'm getting the system test team going now, and they're going to try an 'in tree' devstack just to get familiar with how to set up a devstack with pending patch sets.13:20
efrieddig.  Are they on IRC? (Loaded question)13:23
thorst_they should be.  nilesh is one.  Haven't seen jay on yet13:23
thorst_but that's how communication is to be handled...13:23
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efriedthorst_ There was one question I had on the ovs-vif patch16:02
thorst_?  in comments or here?16:02
efriedWell, either would do.
efriedThe question is whether we really need to introduce these conf options at all.16:03
efriedI get the sense there's a desire to be conservative with the number of conf options we propose.  If that's not a thing, I won't worry about it.16:03
thorst_maybe not for pvm_vswitch_for_novalink_io16:03
thorst_but definitely for use_rmc_mgmt_vif16:03
thorst_we want that there for sure16:04
thorst_we turn that off in our CI actually16:04
thorst_it was leading to slow activation times when we were deploying real VMs (can't remember why off hand)16:04
thorst_ahh, no it was undercloud we had it turned off16:11
thorst_I think it made that weird pypowervm patch we have work better16:12
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efriedthorst_ There's a bit of incongruity in the vif unplugging stack.  The low-level methods (the vif driver-specific ones that do the real work) return stuff; but the module-level method doesn't kick them back up the stack; and the consuming Tasks don't use 'em.21:30
efriedI'm okay with that last thing, but it seems to me like the module-level unplug method should return whatever the low-level methods return.21:30
efriedOr we should rip the return values out of the low-level methods.21:30
efried( btw)21:31
thorst_yeah, I don't think it should return up the stuff21:32
thorst_because depending on what you plug/unplug that stuff is wildly different21:33
thorst_vNIC vs. VF vs. VEA21:33
efriedOkay, I'll rip the return values out of the low-level methods.21:36
thorst_well, we did use them to do slot store stuff21:36
thorst_but the issue in tree is we're not doing any slot store initially?21:36
efriedEven OOT, the slot storing is done locally, and the module-level unplug isn't returning the value.21:37
thorst_I think it could be removed off hand21:37
efriedOkay, I'll make sure, and rip it.21:37
efriedOne other thing.21:37
efriedPvmLioVifDriver.plug is doing 'ip link set up'21:38
efriedAnd then PvmOvsVifDriver.plug is doing it again.21:38
efriedIs that on purpose?21:38
efriedBoth are doing get_trunk_dev_name too.  Is that related?21:38
thorst_when you DLPAR in an adapter on the NovaLink it is not in the up state automatically21:38
thorst_yeah, same deal...just was harder to refactor out (looked grosser) than to leave the duplication in21:39
thorst_it was a diminishing return, also in readability I think21:39
efriedSoooo, harmless to do it twice?21:39
thorst_(if I remember right)21:39
thorst_o yeah, harmless21:39
thorst_I guess if we're doing it twice, we could remove the second call of link up21:39
efriedDoes the trunk_dev_name change?21:39
efried...within one instance of a vif driver class?21:40
thorst_within one instance of a vif21:40
efriedOkay, so no good making the trunk_dev_name an instance var so we don't have to re-grab it.21:40
thorst_well, I think it is within an instance of the driver as written today21:41
thorst_but meh...its simple string replacement21:41
thorst_your call21:41
efriedoh, yeah, I thought it was a REST calll.21:42
thorst_nope, input into a rest call21:43
efriedthorst_  does it matter if I get_trunk_dev_name before or after the crt_p2p_cna call?21:44
efriedDoesn't look like it.21:44
thorst_its input into crt_p2p_cna21:44
thorst_so get it before that.21:44
efriedBut no need to re-get it after.21:44
efriedSo yeah, those two lines appear redundant to me.21:44
thorst_nah, you're just telling the REST API, here is what to set the device name when you create it.21:44
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm: In-tree backports (2)
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openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Add support for File I/O Driver
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