Wednesday, 2017-01-25

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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit is going to be restarted due to slow performance12:47
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit has been successfully restarted12:50
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thorst_esberglu: is our CI stable?  How are we holding up compared to other runs?14:49
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esbergluHolding up well compared to other CI systems. Every now and then we are seeing tests fail to build a server, and a couple other things have popped up a few times15:02
esbergluBut for the most part failures are coming from bad or WIP patches15:03
thorst_OK - yesterday when I checked it was way worse than everything else  :-(15:04
esbergluthorst_: I'm taking inventory of which tests failed, how many times, and what the error was over the last few days15:17
thorst_awesome.  I wonder if that would be a good thing to make into a tool15:18
esbergluI will let you know what I find15:18
thorst_cause I bet we want that run...often.15:18
esbergluYeah definitely15:26
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thorst_esberglu: can you post a link to that tempest test?15:35
esbergluthorst_: Here you go. Tests that have failed over the last 24 hours or so. Grouped the tests by error type and linked runs where they occured15:39
esbergluI was totally wrong about the security group one, that has been hitting us quite a bit15:39
thorst_esberglu: nice work man...can we get that report daily  :-)15:41
thorst_so yeah, I'd say (unless efried disagrees) we should probably get rid of that Security Group In Use thing15:42
thorst_it seems super prone to hitting timing windows15:42
efriedDoes that guy not hit our code?15:44
efriedIs it failing against other drivers with the same kind of frequency?15:44
efriedIf so, we should probably file a bug for it.15:44
thorst_I don't think other drivers run with the concurrency level we do?15:51
thorst_or maybe its just how our tests get ordered...15:51
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efriedesberglu: Have you tried yet?16:21
esbergluNope was just about to16:21
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thorst_yikes...the gate is unhappy16:37
thorst_adreznec: any idea why isn't going through?16:38
thorst_looks like its kicking in now16:39
adreznecthorst_: Coo, ok16:42
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esbergluthorst_: We had a string of tests runs fail before stacking trying to install pip18:45
esbergluLooked to be a connection issue, it isn't happening anymore18:46
esbergluBut just wanted to let you know if you were seeing those failures18:46
thorst_yeah, I saw a stream of em19:04
thorst_thanks for letting me know19:04
thorst_I would've asked  :-)19:04
thorst_adreznec: any chance you can review ?19:13
adreznecthorst_: Will do after my 2pm19:49
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