Friday, 2017-01-20

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openstackgerritWang Qing wu proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Refine oslo config help description and code format
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openstackgerritShyama proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Read volume id from BDM connection_info['serial']
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thorst_*grumble grumble* cinder volumes *grumble grumble*14:20
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm: WIP: File I/O Volume Driver Implementation
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svenkatthorst_/ efried, can you merge if it is ok…14:23
efriedthorst_: it's to you.14:25
thorst_efried: I just asked svenkat to verify that we can do instance= on the LOG.debug14:25
thorst_for some reason I thought there was one flavor of log where you couldn't14:25
thorst_maybe its just if you aren't using oslo_log...I hope that's it14:26
thorst_so he's checking that quick then I'll +2 and push through14:26
svenkathere is an example : ./nova/virt/xenapi/        LOG.debug("Removing hostname from xenstore", instance=instance)14:28
thorst_awesome...pushing it through now.14:29
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Migration scenario, SR-IOV vif contains source physical ports
esbergluAll of the CI runs are failing this test to update the password14:41
thorst_esberglu: are other CI's failing on this?14:42
thorst_I wonder why it would be specific to PowerVM14:42
esbergluI think it is coming from the cleanup step where it resets the password back to the original, the error is something about needing x number of unique passwords14:42
esbergluIt uses this config option to cycle through a bunch of random passwords before resetting to the original14:43
esbergluunique_count = CONF.identity.user_unique_last_password_count14:43
esbergluI wonder if we don't have that set14:43
thorst_esberglu: likely not...14:44
thorst_worth a quick rebuild.14:44
esbergluIt should have a default value though...14:45
thorst_default value is 214:45
esbergluI bet we don't have the security_compliance feature enabled in tempest, so it doesn't even get into that block of cycling passwords14:46
thorst_yeah...good find14:47
thorst_also, how weird is it that they're just cycling passwords to get around the unique password history14:47
thorst_that seems...crazy silly14:47
thorst_but...who am I to say14:47
esbergluI wonder what other side effects turning on that security_compliance conf option will have14:48
thorst_well, we're toast ATM14:48
thorst_so lets rip it14:48
esbergluthorst_: See change 4743 to powervm-ci14:56
esbergluWon't require a redeploy, it will just start getting picked up once merged14:57
thorst_I've got to run to a meeting  (boo)14:57
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: ci check
BorD__if someone has a snapshot on a disk subsystem, can you use powervc to point to those volumes and boot from / use them?15:01
thorst_BorD__: depends on the disk subsystem.  You'd have to refer to the PowerVC support matrix to make sure they support it15:02
BorD__ah good point, this is hitachi.  but pretending it was ds8800 or something from ibm?15:02
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: CI Check2
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efriedesberglu: I'm pretty tempted to say ignore the failing test for now and keep cranking on the in-tree CI.  thorst_ adreznec - agree?15:19
esbergluWe think we have a fix15:19
esbergluAnd merged it already15:19
efriedOkay.  I just don't want us distracted by spurious failures and new tests, which seem to happen all the time.15:20
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esberglu_efried: thorst_: adreznec: I put up a WIP patch for the dual CI (4744) if you guys wanna take a look15:29
esberglu_Especially the local.conf.intree15:29
esberglu_Not sure if I a missing anything there or have stuff that I shouldn't15:29
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thorst_BorD__: Sorry for delay, was presenting.  I think PowerVC supports Hitatchi?15:57
thorst_esberglu_: did we get a result yet for the CI fix?15:58
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esberglu_thorst_: The two runs I kicked off in nova-powervm passed16:41
thorst_we'll need to keep an eye on ci-watch16:41
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efriedesberglu: reviewed17:03
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kjw3Have any of you seen integration of powervm with RDO or Red Hat OpenStack? I have several customers that are interested in doing this17:29
thorst_I have heard of people integrating PowerVM with RDO, but I don't have too many details on it17:30
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Mock data cleanup 1
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm: File I/O Volume Driver Implementation
thorst_efried: took WIP tag off of above.  Would be neat if we could get it into Ocata...17:36
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thorst_efried: u around/18:39
thorst_esberglu and I are chit chatting about the in tree CI and we need to discuss with you18:39
thorst_lets try adreznec...u around?19:15
svenkatGeneral question : test-requirements.txt does not have pypowervm mentioned it… but i see it in requirements.txt, does requirements.txt is included in test indirectly?20:03
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thorst_test-requirements and requirements are used when running pep8, py27, py34, etc...21:04
thorst_requirements alone are used for runtime21:04
thorst_svenkat: ^^21:04
svenkatthorst_ thanks.21:04
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efriedthorst_: missed the above - what about the in-tree CI?21:44
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