Monday, 2017-01-16

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openstackgerritTuan Luong-Anh proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser in Python 3
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thorstesberglu: you back?15:14
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esbergluthorst: Yep16:14
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esbergluthorst: adreznec: I'm just trying to figure out where we are at. Did the CI get redeployed while I was gone?16:22
esbergluWe switched off voting correct?16:22
adreznecNo, we hand fixed things because there were so many outstanding patches...16:23
adreznecand we fixed that and turned it back on16:23
adreznecIt had been working until Friday16:23
esbergluThe zuul logs are getting swamped with errors on the management node16:24
adreznecWhat kind of errors?16:24
esbergluJust that over and over16:25
esbergluCrap didn't get the whole trace16:26
adreznecThat's... odd16:26
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adreznecWhat version of zuul are we on16:28
adreznecDoes it contain
esbergluWe are on 2.5.0, looks like that is 2.5.116:31
esbergluBrb, need more coffee. This 11 hour jet lag is getting the best of me16:31
adreznecHmm ok16:31
adreznecMight need to bump and redeploy16:31
thorstwe know we need a redeploy anyway16:34
thorstfor that staging server (well, the file repo server)16:35
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esbergluthorst: adreznec: Okay. Couple of other things that I'm not sure where we landed on. What happened with the multiple ceilometer-powervm processes?17:07
thorstwe didn't update them to turn off17:12
thorstbut thought that they could be shut down17:12
esbergluAlright. And it looks like the "abort the fifo pipe" patch that we were using for CI has been abandoned since the branch was removed. So probably need to redo that on the dev branch17:16
thorstyeah, mind cherry picking to that?17:17
esbergluOh just saw that you already emailed about that. Yeah I can make that change17:18
esbergluAnd my devstack patch finally made it in while I was gone. But since we have been running on that patch we are now lagging behind master devstack.17:20
esbergluSo I need to get master devstack running in staging CI and see if any changes to devstack since then have hit us17:20
thorstesberglu: did you see the update from adreznec about a new DNS host?17:23
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esbergluSaw the email, haven't actually had a chance to look at the change yet17:24
adreznecWe can chat about it17:24
adreznecIt's partially17:24
thorstIt's partially?17:25
adreznecOops sorry, got pulled back to writing notes17:25
adreznecPartially tested17:26
thorstesberglu: when we use that server, there is also a conf option that we need to set in tempest17:26
thorstto tell it to pull the cirros image from there17:26
thorstwhich was where we had a few tests (maybe 10 a day) failing last week17:26
adreznecI have a patch that's half finished that adds that support17:26
adreznecNeed to finish that today17:26
adreznecObviously untested17:26
thorsttest test test!17:27
esbergluSo are we sharing these between production and staging?17:29
thorstthat server would support both17:31
thorstthe idea is all the VMs use that at least as the DNS host17:31
thorstand it is effectively a DNS repeater, so we can change the DNS server in one place rather than having to rebuild all the VMs when one of the many DNS servers dies.17:31
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BorD__if there a way to blow up the rpm database on aix and start over?  dependency hell strikes again.19:14
thorstapearson adreznec: know who could possibly answer that?19:16
adreznecSorry, outside my area of expertise thorst. Maybe seroyer might know someone? ^19:18
seroyerBorD__ I haven't tried it but you can try this:
BorD__that will rebuild..19:21
seroyerAh, you want to delete it along with any packages that are already installed?19:22
seroyerThat's beyond my experience, sorry.  Might need to contact AIX support.19:24
BorD__ha.  have you called support lately?19:25
seroyerNever once in my life.19:25
seroyerI can try to poke around and see if I can get an answer.  No promises, though...19:26
esbergluthorst: adreznec: Okay the abort fifo is in develop. I'm about to redeploy with that and with zuul 2.5.119:34
adreznecIs this a redeploy of prod or staging?19:35
esbergluUnless we want to test 2.5.1 on staging first19:38
thorstwell, prod is down?19:39
adreznecNah, that's fine19:39
thorstso my vote would be do whatever we need to to get prod running reliably again19:39
adreznecJust checking. Which patches are you all pilling in19:39
thorst(and then move to staging to test the new things)19:39
esbergluMoving zuul to 2.5.119:39
esbergluApplying the new abort fifo patch19:40
esbergluChecking out the known working devstack19:40
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esbergluThat's it19:40
adreznecJust curious since there are so many at this point19:41
thorstwhat about that dns thing?19:41
thorsttoo much change?19:41
adreznecYeah, lets wait on that19:41
thorstfair enough19:41
adreznecI'd rather test that in staging first since I haven't tested the client side at all19:42
thorsthow much data are you hosting out of there adreznec19:42
adreznecRight now? Pretty much nothing since nothing is requesting against it19:42
adreznecIt will increase based on the requests clients make of it19:42
adreznecBoth for recursive DNS requests and apt packages19:43
thorstguesstimate of how much it'd host?19:43
thorstI'm wondering if I should move that to our SAN19:43
thorstor keep it on the rusty spinner19:43
thorstwell, time will tell19:44
thorstI won't get the SAN for another week or two19:44
thorstthey have to move a SMI-S provider off the box19:44
adreznecMaybe a couple of gigs19:44
thorstand if you don't know what a SMI-S provider is, consider yourself lucky19:45
adreznecIsn't that some emc thing?19:45
adreznecsounds gross19:45
thorstlots of storage's have it...and not just storage's19:46
thorstbut meh...ignore it.19:46
esbergluHere's the plan for the staging CI deploy.19:49
esberglu- Reinstall staging neo (neo14)19:49
esberglu- Do a full staging redeploy with the following19:49
esberglu1) Use the latest devstack (prod. is behind from pinning on my devstack change)19:49
esberglu2) Test out the DNS and apt-cache stuff19:49
esberglu3) Make sure that the skip list with ids instead of strings works19:49
esbergluI think that covers all of the major outstanding CI changes, the rest are either trivial or already tested19:49
thorstnice to have you back  :-)19:50
esberglu: )19:51
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efriedthorst: FYI, I'm working hard to backport "don't use pypowervm's test data files" to nova-powervm... but I don't fully agree we should do that.21:03
thorstat least for in tree, I don't want to21:03
thorstI don't like testing pypowervm features up in nova-powervm21:03
thorstand won't in nova.21:03
efriedWe're not testing pypowervm features.  We're piggybacking on pypowervm's test data as a convenient way to build wrapper objects for purposes of testing nova-powervm features.21:03
thorstright...but that's still gross.21:04
thorstI'm OK with it up in nova-powervm, grumpy about it, but OK with it21:04
efriedIs it really grosser than having a mock with a dozen or more properties?21:04
efriedsome nested21:04
thorstto a core that didn't spend 2 years on it...yeah, I think so21:04
efriedfwiw, tracking some of these down is a super PITA.21:05
thorstheh, I bet...21:05
thorstI was mr. grumpy back then21:05
thorstbut I was convinced that 'its testing more of the stack'21:05
thorstand then I think we eased back on a LOT of those21:05
thorstbut not all21:05
thorsterlarese did some of that, and a few others I think21:05
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