Friday, 2017-01-13

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thorst_efried: sorry about all those RTC e-mails  :-)14:44
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efriedthorst_: swhat the Delete key is for.14:49
thorst_efried: good - that was the intention14:50
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efriedadreznec: any progress on having in pypi?16:07
adreznecYeah, I'm fixing the job right now efried16:07
adreznecHad to get Julio to fix the build environment first16:07
efriedadreznec: noyce.  Was about to update the spawn change set, wanted to know whether I could bump the level in requirements.16:07
adreznecOnce this fix merges in the future anyone will be able to push a new version by just going to the neo jenkins and triggering the job with the appropriate git tag16:08
efriedlemme know when ready.16:08
adreznecFYI thorst_ ^16:08
tjakobsefried: it sounds like you want a config option, to specify the cache volume group? Then pass the baseImage name & VG to rest instead of just name?16:22
efriedtjakobs: I'd at least like to discuss the implications of the current design.  thorst_, you around?16:22
efriedtjakobs: while we wait for thorst_ - Was it your intention that the cache LV would live in the same VG as the VM's disk?16:34
tjakobsefried: yeah, I think that was his intention too (not sure if he is open to the conf idea or not). (see
efriedohh, it's all coming together now.  I guess I should read that blueprint.16:37
efriedtjakobs: is there a nova change set for the nova/virt/ work?16:39
thorst_I'd prefer a single volume group...I don't see too much benefit in having two other than 'we could'16:39
thorst_in a call, so slow to read/type16:39
tjakobsefried: just nova-powervm work that implements the nova imagecache
efriedthorst_: okeydokey.  I want to make sure we don't paint ourselves into a corner in case we want to make the cache VG separate at some point in the future, but I think the current implementation could easily be expanded to accomodate that if desired.16:42
thorst_we can expand later if needed16:42
thorst_can never pull back, can always expand16:42
efriedI share your concerns about the naming convention.16:42
thorst_well, so I was looking at nova-powervm earlier16:43
thorst_and it looks like the way it was written adds IMAGE_ or something to the front?16:43
thorst_so, it kinda looks like there is a precedent for this...16:44
thorst_I wanted to loop back and look more16:44
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efriedthorst_: got it.  It looks like we're actually using single-character prefixes for VDisks because of the VDisk name limit (15c)16:49
efriedSo I think tjakobs has the right idea.16:50
thorst_efried: it still concerns me.  I kind of wonder if going to UUID's would be better though?16:50
thorst_because UUIDs won't really overlap.16:50
efriedWe would be limited to the first 15c of the UUID.16:50
efriedwhich is probably fine.16:50
thorst_they *could*...but the probability would be much less than before16:50
thorst_OK - that'd be OK16:50
tjakobswould we still want some identifier up front? or just the first 15 of uuid16:51
adreznecYeah, the issue there was totally with the VIOS name limit16:51
efriedI think consistency with the existing model is best.16:51
thorst_so a g_<UUID> is fine with me16:51
thorst_though I kinda want it as a constant rather than just inlined everywhere16:51
efriedIn fact, I would say we shouldn't even have a new prefix.16:51
efriedWe should just use the existing 'image' one.16:51
tjakobswill switch to i_, using constants16:52
efriedYeah, I was going to say that.  We have methods in the disk driver base to generate the name - I assume you're using that on the creation end.16:52
efriedNot sure if we have equivalent getter-type methods.  But if not, we should make 'em.16:53
efriedAt the very least, use '%s_' % disk_type[0] rather than hardcoding the prefix.16:53
efriedSee nova_powervm.virt.powervm.disk.driver.DiskAdapter#_get_disk_name16:53
tjakobsshould i make a new method that only uses uuid?16:54
efriedWell, I need to talk through this a little more, if only for my understanding.16:54
efriedA spawn request comes in with a glance image descriptor.  You need to transform that somehow into a cache image name.  Then you check whether that cache image exists in the localdisk VG.  If not, you create it.  Then you feed that cache image name to the VDisk.bld as its 'base'.  So far correct?16:57
thorst_tjakobs: that image can't be attached to another VM, right?16:59
thorst_it has to be the pure, checksum equivalent glance image.16:59
efriedthorst_: that has to be true, yes.  And matches the paradigm we have for IMAGE type disks elsewhere.16:59
efried...And when you need to clean up, you get all the instances' boot disks, grab their 'base' property, and subtract that set from the set of all cache images.  Anything that's left can be whacked.17:00
efriedOkay, so your method that generates the set of all cache image names - using the 'i_' prefix to find 'em is copacetic.  I do want you to use the const to generate that prefix, though, and I see a potential circular import problem there.17:02
efriedmebbe not, help me think it through.17:03
efriedThe consts live in driver.  imagecache would have to import driver.  localdisk imports imagecache and driver.  Mm, that might be okay, right?  Or we may want to consider moving those consts (disk/
efriedAnyway, I think we're on the right track here.  tjakobs - want me to dig into the review now, or wait for your next patch set?17:06
tjakobscould be move the consts and the _get_disk_name and _get_image_name into the
thorst_don't know that I want methods in const.py17:07
efriedIf it's gonna have methods, it should be called something other than const.  Maybe or util.py17:07
tjakobsso consts, and usage of the consts into a disk/
efriedI'm on board with that idea - but only if needed to resolve circular imports.  Otherwise, I'm okay leaving the base stuff in  Unless thorst_ thinks otherwise?17:08
thorst_I'm ok leaving stuff in, but find with that refactor if it helps circular dependencies (like efried said)17:09
tjakobssounds good. efried go ahead and review it if you have time. the only things changing in the next patchset will be this naming stuff17:10
efriedk, then many of my comments will be reiterating what we've discussed above.17:11
efriedthorst_: is there a corresponding blueprint template in launchpad?17:17
efriedI'm not really up to speed on how blueprint cross-references are supposed to work.17:19
efriedaha, found it.17:19
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openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm: WIP First pass at imagecache
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