Wednesday, 2017-01-11

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AlexeyAbashkinColleagues, good time of day :-) one more Q: any plans to have resize feature for VM?11:59
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viclarsonis anybody here?14:52
viclarsonim on duty today14:53
adreznecHi viclarson, what can we help with?14:53
viclarsoncould you plz explain how to implemented integration with novnc-proxy in powervm-nova-compute-driver14:54
adreznecAre you asking how to set the function up? novnc support is already integrated into the PowerVM Nova compute driver14:57
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efriedAlexeyAbashkin: resize is already supported in the out-of-tree driver.15:05
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AlexeyAbashkinin our deployment it does only shutdown VM and that's it.15:06
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AlexeyAbashkinin code I've seen "not implemented". give me time I'll find this part15:07
viclarsonwe have consoleauth and novnc-proxy at controlplane and expect vnc at compute15:12
viclarsonin fact vnc listen at localhost15:13
efriedAlexeyAbashkin: Hm, perhaps you're right.  I was looking at resize code just the other day - but it may have been resize as part of some other operation.15:13
viclarsonand external_ip:59xx response to requests for novnc-proxy 400 (malformed request)15:14
viclarsonis it proxy?15:14
AlexeyAbashkinand please help viclarson with noNVC. we work on the same cloud15:15
efriedAlexeyAbashkin: Ah, I remember now.  We have resize support.  Apparently resize is implemented via the migration code.15:15
viclarsonnot implemented for ssp driver15:16
AlexeyAbashkinyes. we place VMs on SSP15:16
adreznecviclarson: Hmm, that's odd. Are you seeing the compute driver receiving the vnc proxy request in the logs? What does your compute node [vnc] config section look like"?15:17
efriedSorry, I'm not quite following.15:17
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adreznecAlso what version of openstack is this? mitaka? newton?15:17
AlexeyAbashkinthis is mitaka15:18
viclarsonall neccessary records are in config15:18
viclarsonand we expect novnc-proxy at controlplane15:18
AlexeyAbashkinviclarson can you paste config here?15:18
viclarsoni cant15:18
adreznecHmm ok15:19
viclarsonhave ability to start linuxvnc service to listen and switch off novnc at compute15:20
viclarsonwo cropping code?15:20
viclarsonwithout cropping code?15:20
adreznecWe've definitely tested vncproxy working with mitaka... I can paste out an example section of config that I have working15:20
adreznecGoing to pull thorst in here as well, he's the one who's worked most on our VNC code15:21
adreznecThis is an example compute-side nova.conf vnc section I'm using:
viclarsonthe same config without keymap and enabled keys15:26
adreznecDoes enabled default to true in Nova's vnc conf? If not that could be an issue15:31
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viclarsoni think it's default15:32
viclarsonwe have netstat -tnlp15:33
viclarson127.0.0.1 5903 linuxvnc15:33
viclarson10.123.3.166 5903 pyhton15:33
viclarsontelnet 590315:34
viclarsontelnet 590315:34
viclarsonHTTP 1/1 400 BAD request15:35
viclarsonwhat is it at
viclarsonwhat is it at
viclarsonand how to switch it out?15:36
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adreznecviclarson: isn't the IP address of the Novalink host?15:41
viclarsonyes it ip address of novalink host15:42
adreznecAlso pinged a couple of people more familiar our vnc code to get more feedback here15:42
viclarsonbut i expect RFB response at it address15:42
viclarsonbut i expect RFB response at this address15:43
adreznecYeah, you shouldn't be getting a 400 back15:43
thorsthey - sorry, I've been in meetings for a few hours15:43
thorstI'm reading back this thread.15:43
viclarsonactually i dont need 400 code)15:44
thorstviclarson: do you know what level your pypowervm is?15:44
adreznec(if not you can do "dpkg -l | grep pypowervm")15:44
thorstwe had several changes in the VNC stuff in newton that made it more stable...really it was in the version of pypowervm15:44
viclarsonwe have mitaka15:45
adreznecThat should be fine with Mitaka...15:45
thorstadreznec: right...but there were some enhancements to VNC in the version of novalink (which includes pypowervm's
thorstbut the basic idea is that pypowervm presents a port / IP for the VNC and sends it back to the nova-api15:46
thorstthen nova-api sends that to the noVNC server15:46
thorstand the noVNC server connects to that15:46
thorstso you want to make sure that the noVNC server has IP connectivity to the NovaLink host.15:47
viclarsoncan i expect vnc at external address in new version?15:47
thorstno, the VNC address is set by your noVNC server15:47
thorstand which address the driver binds it to is set by your nova.conf15:47
thorstlet me look up the variable.15:47
viclarsoni mean vnc protocol15:47
viclarsontelnet 590315:48
thorstwhy are you 'telnet'ing to it?15:48
viclarsoni expect RFB response15:48
thorstno, you won't get that15:48
thorstbecause we send a header so that random VNC's can't just connect to it15:49
thorstthat is specific to the OpenStack code...its a minor thing we do to make sure only OpenStack clients can VNC into it15:49
thorstif you want that removed...let me get the nova-powervm code to remove15:49
viclarsonis it powervm specific?15:49
thorstXen does something similar too15:50
thorstit's specific to how we implemented the OpenStack PowerVM driver (specifically how I choose to implement it)15:50
thorstbecause I don't want random VNC clients connecting in to an open channel - its a security measure.15:50
thorstif you want to get RFB back, that part that says 'vnc_path=lpar_uuid' you just remove.  But then also remove the internal_access_path on line 178415:51
viclarsonand vanilla novnc-proxy d be available to connect to this port without specific setting?15:52
viclarsonty for help15:52
thorstyeah, it should 'just work' with vanilla openstack (it does with devstack)15:52
thorstOSA works too, but we (specifically adreznec) had to put support into OSA to enable VNC...but that wasn't powervm specific I don't think15:52
efriedthorst adreznec - ?16:00
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adreznecthorst: Nope, nothing powervm specific there16:03
thorstheh...I'll review that now16:07
thorstbut wait for adreznec's +2 as well16:07
thorstdid we ever get your e-mail efried16:07
adreznecI never saw it16:07
adreznecI was thinking - was it because he did [openstack] instead of [openstack-dev]?16:08
thorstooo, yah16:08
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thorstadreznec: I was looking through some of the errors in the CInow17:11
thorstthe failures seem to be downloading that cirros image17:11
thorstwould your additional server help with that download?17:11
adreznecDepends on why it's failing, I guess17:12
adreznecIf it's a DNS timeout or something yes17:12
adreznecOtherwise not as thing stand now17:13
thorstdownload timeout17:13
thorstnot DNS17:13
adreznecRight, but why is it timing out on the download17:13
adrezneccirros site isn't responding in time?17:13
adreznecinternal download length timeout?17:14
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adreznecCan we control the image URL it uses?17:15
adreznecIf we can set that we could just put an image on the cache server for it to grab17:16
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thorstsee that error...that's the consistent one...17:21
thorstlooks like its defined by CONF.image.http_image17:23
thorstso yeah?  Lets put that image on your remote server...17:24
thorstwill save us some hassle...17:24
adreznecEasy to add17:26
adreznecthorst: It's on my backlog to try and tackle this afternoon17:28
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efriedthorst adreznec - I got my email to the list.20:28
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efriedright away, and then later in the digest at the other address.20:28
efriedadreznec thorst - were y'all suggesting a full flesh-out of or just an addition to indicating the namespace change?20:33
thorstI'd say that leter20:33
efriedor even latter20:36
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efriedthorst adreznec
thorstefried: what action should the admin take?  Don't they need to change the nova.conf from powervm to powervm_ext20:49
efriedthorst, yes; I can go into detail on that.  I was just keeping it vague because the Deployment section doesn't actually describe the nova.conf setup in the first place.20:49
thorstI think just a sentence or two on it is enuf20:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Change namespace to nova.virt.powervm_ext
efriedthorst: done20:57
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