Wednesday, 2017-01-04

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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Check for instance state fix
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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Revert "Add delay queue for events"
thorstefried: FYI - just to see I've proposed a revert of the event change set...if that is the cause we'll know for sure12:48
thorstand if it is, we revert it, and repropose it back up...that way we've isolated the bad change set.12:48
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efriedthorst - we'll know after several rechecks, I suppose.13:21
thorstbut we bombed throughout the night too13:24
thorstI'm debating just shutting it off till esberglu gets back...but qing wu is his backup13:25
thorstI also wonder if the novalinks just need a restart13:25
efriedthorst, is it always those same two or three tests?13:26
thorstin my experience13:26
thorstI've checked about 10 change sets.13:26
efriedThen I think rebooting the novalinks won't help.  Those failures are totally a timing bug.13:26
thorstwe'll see.13:27
thorstnothing is sticking out to me as a timing bug.13:27
efriedI'm not confident that your delay queue is the culprit, mind you.13:27
thorstbut I don't disagree...that's what we're seeing at the moment.  But I do remember a lot more successes before this.13:27
efriedBut it's clearly a timing issue in the resize flow.13:27
thorstme either...13:27
thorstthe other option is to turn off those tests, then when esberglu gets back re-enable them for just nova-powervm13:28
thorstor in staging13:28
thorstbut I really don't like that we puked all night on the CI13:28
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thorstI'm going to let mriedem know that our CI is acting up.13:28
efriedthorst, we're not close to being ready to merge yet anyway.13:29
thorstand that we'll give an update on the PowerVM change sets tomorrow.  Would you be able to do that in the IRC meeting?13:29
efriedI can do that; will you be out or something?13:29
thorstwell, our CI is puking on EVERY nova change set for out OOT driver.13:29
efriedYes, but even if it wasn't, we shouldn't expect to merge until we've got in-tree passing.13:29
efriedWhich won't happen until we have the second config/skip-list set up.13:30
thorstnope, but you're driving it so I'm hoping you can give them status.  Plus with baby on the way, I won't be going to Boston summit, so its good that you give updates now for when you go to Boston13:30
efriedWhat time is that meeting?  I should put it on my calendar in case I don't get flagged.13:30
thorstefried: I'm not sure they would agree that we need to wait for our in tree (for at least the first couple of change sets) for the separate CI13:30
thorst2100 UTC -> 3 PM CT I think13:31
thorstwe should also add ourselves to agenda.13:32
thorstI can do that.13:32
efriedYeah, I don't see the thing where there's a list of handles they mention to alert folks.13:33
efriedAssuming GMT and UTC are the same this time of year, it is indeed 3PM CT.13:34
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efriedthorst, I'm going to set up a recurring meeting on my calendar for these suckers.  You want me to invite you?13:36
thorstefried: I put us at the bottom here:
thorstsure, but just note they change it around once and a while  :-)13:36
efriedBTW, even if the cores don't care, I think we should have our CI passing before we merge our in-tree change sets.13:37
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efriedadreznec, you want in on this invite too?13:37
thorstI think it needs to be worked in parallel.  Devstack sure...and also I'm OK if it takes 5 stacked change sets before it works.13:38
thorstif we try to make it work on change set 1...then change set 1 could be colossal...which is bad for review bandwidth.13:38
thorstbut hopefully I'm wrong on that.13:38
thorstbe cognizant of the Ocata release schedule too...I think we've missed the boat.13:38
efriedI declined yours, gonna use mine.13:41
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jpasqualettoHello everyone13:45
jpasqualettoI'm working in a test environment with the powervm drivers. I'm trying to find powervm compatible images (or how to create them). Is there any images available for download at this moment?13:45
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thorstjpasqualetto: I don't think there is a public repo at the moment, but I *think* we put an Ubuntu image up on box at one point13:53
thorstadreznec: Do you recall?13:53
jpasqualettothorst, I saw this in the irc logs in september 29. But I don't have access to the box.. is there any other way to get access to this image?13:57
thorstjpasqualetto: do you have a box ID?  We could maybe grant access.  It is a large image, so e-mail won't work  :-)13:58
thorstif you have a box ID, just PM me your address and I can work with adreznec to get you added?13:58
jpasqualettothorst, unfortunately  I have no box ID14:00
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jpasqualettothorst, i'll try to create one14:00
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adreznecSorry, just catching up on backscroll. thorst we did, let me find it14:18
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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Check for instance state fix
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thorstsuccess...but slower16:36
thorstdoing another recheck16:36
thorstif it works...I'll post proper...16:36
thorstefried adreznec: I was thinking if we don't fix by EOD, we should have qing wu turn off the publishing of the PowerVM logs to nova16:38
thorstuntil we get it's a lot of red for other people's reviews.16:38
thorstbut that way we'd still run the job and get the results for us.16:39
adreznecSeems fair16:40
efriedthorst, sowait, PS5 just turns off the delay queue?16:42
thorstefried: it turns off all queining16:42
thorstsorry...all eventing16:42
efriedthorst, how much slower was this?16:44
thorst20 min16:44
thorstunclear if it is because my change or not16:44
thorstdoing another run16:44
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openstackgerritAdam Reznechek proposed openstack/networking-powervm: Switch to manual service enablement for devstack plugins
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thorstefried adreznec: even after turning off all of eventing...we have this issue.18:04
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thorstadreznec: how hard is it to change a conf file option in the CI?18:53
adreznecthorst: Which conf18:56
thorstI'm not thinking that it is the sync_power_state coming in18:56
adreznecFor the undercloud? or the dsvms18:56
thorstsaying that a VM is down when it is just in the middle of a resize18:56
adreznecuhh we'd have to change the conf, then rebuild the base image since I think it's in there18:57
adreznecthen rebuild all the slaves18:57
thorstso quite hard.18:58
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thorstlatest theory...19:46
thorstthe novalink is giving back an old status.19:46
adreznecthorst: Like... old partition state? e.g. bad cache?19:56
thorstI dunno...19:56
adreznecHmm k19:56
adreznecthat'd be ugly19:56
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thorstwell its weird.  We can see that in the finish_migration they tell us to power it on.19:58
thorstwhich we do19:58
thorstthen in the confirm_migration (which runs right after), they check the instance.power_state19:58
thorstand detect that it's shutdown19:58
thorstso then they tell us to shut down19:58
thorstwhich we do...19:58
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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen (thorst) proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Check for instance state fix
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