Wednesday, 2016-11-30

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openstackgerritCao Xuan Hoang proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm: Changed author and author-email
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-powervm: Changed author and author-email
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gianperoHi, anybody using OpenStack with Novalink?; I already didthe nova integration.... now Neutron is my issue03:02
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openstackgerritCao Xuan Hoang proposed openstack/networking-powervm: Changed author and author-email
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JLRHi team15:54
JLRwe are trying to install novalink and we already install the nova package "apt-get install nova-compute"15:55
JLRQuestion: is the rigth way to do it ..?15:56
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JLRalso we should install neutron as we installed nova15:58
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seroyerHi JLR.  That's not quite how to go about.  Asking some others to chime in.16:03
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adreznecHey JLR. So it sounds like you're trying to set up NovaLink as a compute node with the PowerVM compute driver and the Neutron-managed SEA networking. Is that right?16:04
JLRyes, right16:05
adreznecOk. For those two things we rely on two drivers, nova-powervm ( for compute and networking-powervm ( for SEA support16:06
adreznecThose aren't included in the default packages from Ubuntu quite yet, so you won't get them by just installing nova-compute, for example16:07
JLRok, what about the nova installed16:08
JLRneed uninstall or not ..?16:08
adreznecIf you want to add those drivers in to an existing nova-compute package installation, you can either install nova-powervm from source or install it from pypi (
adreznecOnce you've done that you can configure Nova to use the powervm compute driver and set the compute service with the appropriate powervm options. See for more details on that16:11
adreznecSo for example, to enable the powervm driver in your nova.conf you'd set 'compute_driver = powervm.driver.PowerVMDriver'16:14
adreznecThen add a [powervm] section where you'd specify any storage details, etc you wanted to use16:14
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JLRthanks, just a qq after clone the git.. could you remember the steps to install it ... e.i .. I cloned nova and now I have the directory "nova-powervm" with some files inside, how can I install ?16:15
adreznecYou should just be able to run "pip install ." from inside the directory if you want to install from source16:16
adreznecnetworking-powervm is similar - you can install the neutron agent packages for ML2, then install networking-powervm from pip or source and configure the ML2 agent to use SEA as noted at
JLRok, thanks ... installing pip because didn't have the pakage installed16:20
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adreznecJLR: I just realized I forgot to ask what release you were planning to use16:24
adreznecIf you're using something a stable release like stable/mitaka or stable/newton you'll want to check out that branch when installing16:25
adreznecSince you're installing from source and not a release version16:25
JLRI have already installed mitaka version16:29
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adreznecOk, great. If you have any other questions let us know!16:36
openstackgerritAdam Reznechek proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Document compute_driver setting in usage docs
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thorst_esberglu: how goes the CI updates?18:51
esbergluIs there something up with the network? It failed creating the image while I was out at lunch with an ssh error18:51
esbergluAnd was getting like 130 kB/s18:51
esbergluOn everything, not just the git clones like we have seen before18:52
thorst_huh...not that I know of18:53
thorst_but I'm working mostly in Austin ATM, not the POK one.18:53
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: devstack INSTALL_PYPOWERVM after nova-powervm
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JLRhi guys22:19
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JLRadreznec: we already installed the networking-powervm but we have a question22:20
JLRhow restart that service .?22:21
efriedthorst_ ^^22:24
JLR"service networking-powervm restart" don't work ..22:24
thorst_JLR: sec, let me look it up22:25
thorst_JLR: can you try 'service networking-powervm-sea-agent restart'?22:26
JLRFailed to restart networking-powervm-sea-agent.service: Unit networking-powervm-sea-agent.service not found.22:27
luruedathorst_: when we installed using pip install networking-powervm, should that have been installed?22:27
luruedaI am working with JLR on this...22:27
thorst_adreznec: I'm not sure that pip install actually lays down a service...does it?22:27
adreznecYou could do 'systemctl status | grep neutron' or similar22:28
adreznecTo see what neutron services are running22:28
thorst_it should put the binary in that can be called, but I'm not sure we lay down a service?22:28
luruedaso how do we run that service ?22:28
adreznecthorst_: Yeah, unless neutron creates a generic ml2 agent service automatically22:28
luruedaWhat is the correct way of activating it and starting it ?22:28
JLRdidn't show any service22:29
adreznecThere should be some service running that looks like "/usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/networking-powervm-sea-agent --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf"22:30
adreznecYou could create a service file that starts/stops that /usr/local/bin/networking-powervm-sea-agent script22:32
adreznecThere may not be one by default depending on what the ubuntu package does by default22:32
adreznecI'm not 100% sure what your environment looks like there22:32
thorst_yeah, I think most distro's do that.  The python pip install doesn't create services by default.  Distro's are starting to build debs/rpms with that in them22:33
JLRroot@novalink:~# /usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/networking-powervm-sea-agent --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf & [1] 1450 root@novalink:~# Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/local/bin/networking-powervm-sea-agent", line 7, in <module>     from import main   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/networking_powervm/plugins/ibm/agent/powervm/sea_ag22:33
thorst_but, that's upcoming.22:33
thorst_JLR: can you post to pastebin the stack you get with that?22:34
JLRcan you guide me how to do that pls22:35
thorst_post the stack trace from your environment22:35
thorst_it'll give you a URL that adreznec and I can look at22:35
thorst_without flooding the IRC (which doesn't like large blocks of text)22:35
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thorst_I've got to run for a bit...back in an hour or so22:37
mdrabeJLR do you have pypowervm installed on that environment?22:40
adreznecYou can figure that out by running "dpkg -l | grep pypowervm"22:41
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JLRii  pypowervm                                 all          Python API wrapper for PowerVM22:42
mdrabeThat's an old version of pypowervm which doesn't have the event module networking-powervm is trying to import22:44
adreznecJLR: Did you install the mitaka version of networking-powervm?22:45
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JLRI installed the networking-powervm usiing pip22:46
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JLRwaht version is installed with pip ..?22:51
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adreznecJLR: Sorry, had to disconnect for a bit23:06
adreznecYou installed using pip from where? A copy of the source23:06
thorst_JLR: we have an issue right now where needs mitaka, not newton23:07
thorst_we're working on fixing that23:07
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adreznecthorst_: He mentioned he was planning to use mitaka earlier23:07
thorst_ahh, excellent23:07
adreznecSo that shouldn't be an issue as long as we get the right version installed23:07
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adreznecJLR: If you're installing from source, you'll want to git clone networking-powervm and before doing a 'pip install .' you want to run 'git checkout stable/mitaka'23:09
thorst_afkand yeah, that stack indicates that it just can't find pypowervm on the system.23:09
thorst_afkyeah, that looks like you're using the newton or master branch of networking-powervm.  Sorry for my confusion  :-)23:10
adreznecIf you're installing from pypi, you want to install networking-powervm 2.0.123:10
adreznecYou can also get all of our release tarballs at
adreznec1.0 series is liberty, 2.0 series is mitaka, 3.0 series is newton23:11
JLRsorry guys I was checking other things here23:23
JLRso, I can run "pip install networking-powervm 2.0.1"23:23
JLRand I need uninstall the previos version ..?23:24
adreznecYou should be able to do a 'pip uninstall networking-powervm' then run 'pip install networking-powervm==2.0.1'23:25
JLRok, let me try23:26
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JLRok, perfect ... but I get the following error
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adreznecJLR: So that error is saying that none of the VIOSes on the system have an available shared ethernet adapter configuration for openstack to manage23:34
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adreznecFor reference - If you have only 1, networking-powervm will use it by default, if ou have multiple SEA mappings you must configure the agent to use them as defined in
adreznecI have to step away for a bit, I'll check back when I return23:36
JLRok, thanks adreznec23:36
JLRI'm going to check and update here any finding ...23:37
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