Monday, 2016-11-14

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thorst_esberglu: where are we at CI wise?14:15
thorst_cause see
openstackgerritSridhar Venkat proposed openstack/networking-powervm: ProvisionRequest does not distinguish event source
esbergluthorst_: I'm just looking at the runs from the latest deploy now. Still getting timeouts across the board on spawns14:17
thorst_which is stuck here: "Waiting for in-progress upload(s) to complete."14:18
esbergluefried: ^^14:19
thorst_alright.  And the first VM hits that.14:19
thorst_this has got to be leaving a bunch of junk in the env.14:19
thorst_Is there a way we can clean the environment and just have a single test go through...and we can maybe step through that?14:20
thorst_I basically want to see the logs where we create the marker...14:21
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esbergluthorst_: For a clean env. we would have to redeploy. And then I could just disable all of the projects. Then turn a project on just long enough to manually kick a run off14:25
thorst_what about the staging env?14:26
thorst_can we do there?14:26
esbergluIt would wipe all of the OSA CI stuff.  Which is fine by me but idk if qing wu has anything on there right now he doesn't want to lose14:27
esbergluActually I may be able to just kick off a single CI run14:28
esbergluThe env. should be clean because it has just been OSA dev14:28
thorst_yeah...that'd be neat.  or maybe if it has a ready node...I could hop on there quick?14:28
esbergluAnd I can just enable a non-osa project for a second14:28
thorst_well, if it has a ready node...with the patches14:29
thorst_then I could hop on that and take a peak before you let something through14:29
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esbergluWe would have to rebuild the image and all that for the patches to get in14:29
esbergluOr just apply the patches manually14:30
thorst_esberglu: lets apply manually14:30
thorst_just try to recreate ourselves14:30
esbergluI'm just trying to think if there is anything from the OSA deploy that would cause issues14:32
esbergluI don't think so14:32
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esbergluthorst_: There are 2 ready nodes on neo14 that we can toy with14:38
thorst_is efried1 in yet?14:38
thorst_also, POK network is awful ATM14:38
thorst_so I'm investigating that a bit.14:38
thorst_nope, efried1 is out.14:42
thorst_esberglu: PM me the private nodes?14:43
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thorst_esberglu: the pvmctl packages on these ready nodes is quite old15:32
esbergluthorst_: I thought there was logic that got the newest in one of the scripts? Hold on I will check15:36
thorst_I can confirm its freezing in efried's code.15:42
esbergluthorst_: It installs "neo-cli-latest" from gsa. I assumed that it was something that gets updated due to the name, but it does not. And yeah its super old15:44
adreznecWe were supposed to have open sourced the cli code by now15:47
adreznecMaking that whole flow unnecessary15:47
adreznecBut it's never made it onto Chris' plate15:47
esbergluI will get a new version up on GSA15:48
thorst_esberglu: I need to make a new patch of efried1's...15:51
esbergluthorst_: Okay. Let me know when it is ready15:52
thorst_it'll be a bit15:54
thorst_efried1 forgot how threads work  :-)15:54
thorst_esberglu: somethin just kicked me off of the ready node16:05
thorst_looks like something stole its IP16:05
esbergluWhat? I disabled all of the projects on the staging CI, so nothing should be happening.16:07
esbergluBut even if runs were going through idk what would do that16:07
thorst_I'm assuming that something from prod is overlapping the IPs?16:08
thorst_i'm kinda blocked on testing till we figure it out  :-)16:11
esbergluthorst_: This what you see if you try to log in again?16:15
thorst_isn't that way too high a number for the staging env?16:17
thorst_this is what it should be: powervm-ci-powervm-devstacked-1358116:17
esbergluYeah theres a prod node with the same ip16:17
thorst_kill it please?16:17
thorst_and we need to get you a different set of IPs for staging.16:17
thorst_that'll lead to nightmares.16:17
esbergluYeah I thought we did that when we very first made the staging env?16:18
esbergluI will look into it16:18
thorst_and I stand corrected... efried1 did have threads working right.16:20
thorst_esberglu: where is the code we use to 'seed' the image into the SSP?16:22
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thorst_esberglu: OK - so efried1's patch works.  I'm thinking that we have environment clean out issues.  Do you think we can do a full environment rebuild here?16:27
thorst_I want to make sure we've properly cleaned out the SSPs...16:27
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thorst_anyway to clean, verify that everything is clean, then re-open?16:27
esbergluWe should just be able to run on all of the nodes to clean them16:32
thorst_what about existing runs?16:32
esbergluZuul is disabled rn, no runs are going16:33
thorst_can you clean it out?16:35
thorst_then we'll want to step through each one individually16:35
esbergluYep. I put up a change for the ip allocations16:36
thorst_+2'd...can we roll that out quickly?16:37
thorst_going to grab lunch....I'll check where we are when I get back.  But intention is to go to each host and make sure there are no LU's there after we clean it out completely16:42
thorst_not even ready nodes...16:42
thorst_then open it back up16:42
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efried1Hey thorst_, esberglu - I'm on now.  Anything urgent I can help with?17:23
esbergluefried1: We found a couple issues with the CI. We had IPs overlapping in staging/production. And an outdated neo-cli17:24
esbergluI'm redeploying with fixes for both17:24
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thorst_esberglu: did we get it cleaned out?18:16
esbergluYeah. And I confirmed that all the LUs were gone. I ended up doing a full cloud redeploy (still running)18:18
thorst_esberglu: OK - cool18:22
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thorst_esberglu: we'll be able to get the ready nodes set up, but not accept jobs yet?18:32
thorst_(and then maybe open it to just one job quick)18:32
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esbergluthorst_: Yep I can do that. Did you still have a change to that patch? Or did it end up being okay?18:40
thorst_esberglu: its OK18:41
thorst_I think there are optimizations18:41
thorst_but it shouldn't need it18:41
esbergluOkay. About to kick off the mgmt playbook, then get some food18:42
thorst_esberglu: k18:44
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esbergluthorst_: We've got jenkins nodes ready to go on production21:05
thorst_can you fire one test job off?21:05
thorst_preferably one on nova-powervm21:05
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thorst_esberglu: this run is looking pretty clean...21:49
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thorst_although it does appear to be leaking LU's21:53
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esbergluthorst_: Not getting stuck on the waiting for upload to complete thing though?21:58
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thorst_well, the 'part' isn't there anymore22:01
thorst_but it is leaking a bunch of disks22:01
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