Thursday, 2016-11-03

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AlexeyAbashkinGood time of day folks.12:32
AlexeyAbashkingood time of day12:32
AlexeyAbashkinhow can I get the CPU utilisation and memory utilisation from PowerVM host? like collectD does on Linux12:32
thorstgood time for coffee  :-)12:32
thorstAlexeyAbashkin: the whole host, or on a per VM level/12:33
AlexeyAbashkinthe whole host12:33
thorstyeah, definitely not like your standard linux12:33
thorstso I'm assuming you've got a NovaLink based system (since that's what our OpenStack driver runs on)12:33
AlexeyAbashkinyes. I have Power8 + NovaLink + Mitaka on control plane12:34
thorstoooooooo - what's the control plane/12:34
AlexeyAbashkinControl Plane = OpenStack controller (as per reference architecture). it sits on Linux host12:35
thorstright, just wondering how you deployed it12:35
AlexeyAbashkinPower8 hosts are host-aggregate in my cloud12:35
AlexeyAbashkinnext to KVM host-agregate12:35
thorsthmm...we should make a task for this in pypowervm to get you whole host CPU utilization.  We've put really nice things in for a per LPAR basis...but not something for whole host CPU utilization.12:36
thorstthat seems like it'd be a good thing to add.12:36
thorstit's complicated...let me see if I can get something added to pypowervm in the next few days to help you get that data?12:37
AlexeyAbashkinso far I've got solution like "take meters from ceilometer and then summarise them"12:37
AlexeyAbashkinbut it does not include VIOS load12:37
thorstwell, that's only part of it.  That doesn't include VIOS load, and doesn't include unused load.12:38
thorstfor instance, if you're only using 8 of 20 vCPUS, it wouldn't show that you have 12 sitting idle (potentially)12:38
thorstso the problem is non-trivial...but we could get you a pypowervm function that makes it a bit easier.  pypowervm is how we interact with the platform12:38
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AlexeyAbashkincan I call something from inside of NovaLink? any API/URL/SNMP/whatever?12:40
seroyerpypowervm is the python library for interfacing with NovaLink API.12:41
seroyerThat's what nova-powervm, ceilometer-powervm, etc... all use.12:42
AlexeyAbashkinno-no. I mean: I have NovaLink. that is Ubuntu. I set up something like CollectD into it. and put CollectD plu12:45
AlexeyAbashkin... plugin that calls URL (i.e. to ASM port) where host CPU info available12:46
seroyerThe NovaLink API has the CPU info.12:47
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AlexeyAbashkinfor whole power8 host?12:48
seroyerCorrect.  NovaLink is the only place you could get that data.12:48
seroyerUnless you also have HMC, which can also get that data.12:49
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AlexeyAbashkinNo, I do not have HMC12:51
thorstseroyer: and the HMC would just give the same style metrics we have here...I think12:53
seroyerHMC and NovaLink have access to the same dataset.12:53
AlexeyAbashkinis this one I'm looking for ?12:54
thorstyeah, so the data is there...its just transforming it into that one metric is the challenge.12:54
seroyerAlexeyAbashkin: Are you thinking of having code running on the NovaLink to collect data?12:55
AlexeyAbashkinnot mandatory. I can place collecting software into NovaLink, into OpenStack controller, into separate host12:56
thorstwould it be OK if it was a bit of software running on the NovaLink though?12:57
thorstsounds like it would12:57
AlexeyAbashkinyes. any place :-)12:58
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thorstyeah, so we need to write some code...and get something available to you.13:02
thorstwill take us a few days though13:02
AlexeyAbashkinIt would be very nice :-) very appreciate!13:03
thorsthuh...we may already have this...13:06
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thorstso that's a driver method...I'm not sure if they expose it via the REST API, but I know its used for scheduling13:07
thorstlooks like it gets used by nova/compute/monitors/cpu/virt_driver13:11
thorstso hopefully you're OK with that?13:11
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thorstefried adreznec: I think we could add a PowerVM section in here:
adreznecI might wait until we land the spec14:13
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Alexey_Abashkinfolks, one more thing. in Readme we have "This inspector retrieves instance monitoring data for cpu, network, memory, and disk usage. ". - _memory_15:59
Alexey_Abashkinbut I cannot find memory in
Alexey_Abashkinsorry I'm not so powerful with python yet. may be I'm looking in wrong direction15:59
thorsto yeah, we didn't add the memory yet.  But the memory is available via pypowervm16:16
thorstusing a similar mechanism to what the other ceilometer-powervm stuff is doing16:16
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efriedthorst, adreznec: For the OSA ConfigParser nonsense: I'm really not a fan of this hand-spun parser Qing Wu is proposing.  We could just change the local2remote patch to use JSON instead.  Then it could be common for OSA and non-OSA envs.  Is there any reason we need the config ini to be in ConfigParser-compatible format?16:49
thorstefried: Not to my knowledge16:49
thorstI thought you introduced that16:49
efriedpvmctl uses ConfigParser.  Wonder if it thinks it's sharing the same config.  But even so, I'm not sure it matters.  Do we need pvmctl to work in the remoting OSA env?16:52
efried("work" - it still oughtta work.  Just not sure if the config files will collide.)16:54
efriedOkay, they won't collide.16:54
efrieddifferent file names & paths16:54
efriedAnd the pvmctl one isn't really being used anyway.16:54
efriedSo yeah - that's an option.16:55
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efriedAnd no, ConfigParser was put in on the first patch set (presumably by kylek3h)16:58
efriedI just moved it around a bit.16:58
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efriedthorst, adreznec: also, isn't the process supposed to be to first update 2382 (the original never-to-be-merged local2remote patch) and then update neo-os-ci accordingly?17:00
adreznecYeah, I believe so17:01
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esbergluYeah thats how it was done previously17:03
thorstefried: yep17:32
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