Tuesday, 2016-11-01

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openstackgerritRavi Kumar Kota proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Clean up of OVS port on source host post migration  https://review.openstack.org/39165717:38
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thorstefried: any concerns with https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391657/7 ?18:19
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Clean up of OVS port on source host post migration  https://review.openstack.org/39165719:36
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thorstRHEL...why do you hate me.20:41
adreznecthorst: where are we at now20:41
thorstso, I decided to say 'f-it', and I put the address on the adapter manually20:41
thorstand YAY!  it works20:41
thorstso I'll just go to every site that uses this and manually put it on there for the user20:41
adreznecscales so well20:42
adreznecShip 1 Drew per system20:42
thorstsmells like pager duty20:42
adreznecJust think of the airline miles20:42
thorstso its somewhere in router_info.py in the _external_gateway_added method20:46
thorstand I'm fairly certain its just some stupid permissions, selinux, or kernel module thing20:46
efriedthorst: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391901/ finally swingin'.20:55
thorstefried: champion20:58
efriedWe need to "fix" newton and the other projects.20:58
efriedon it21:00
thorsttomorrow we've got to fix up the nova-powervm blueprint too21:02
thorstwe can't sit on that any longer...21:02
thorstesberglu: after runs complete can you get it publishing logs (but NOT voting) not nova?21:02
thorstit being CI21:02
esbergluYou want to make sure they are passing first?21:02
efriedthorst, fixed up https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391842/ (passed) and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391841/ (pending) as well.  Can I get some reviews?21:09
adreznecprobably a good idea21:09
adreznecefried: both passed. we ready to merge?21:12
efriedadreznec, thorst - hell yeah.21:12
efriedMake me feel like I accomplished *something* today.21:12
efriedI can not for the life of me get my compute-only node to stack anymore.21:12
adreznecThat's usually the easy one...21:12
esbergluefried: I21:13
esbergluhave dealt with my fair share of stacking problems21:13
esbergluWhats going on?21:13
thorstI'm going to bail out...unlike efried I managed to just stare at a RHEL network node all dya21:14
adreznecK. thorst we should dig more into that21:15
efriedesberglu: I keep trying to pare down services I "don't need".  At this point:21:16
efried2016-11-01 18:02:41.669 | EndpointNotFound: Endpoint not found21:16
efried2016-11-01 18:02:41.669 | Details: service: network, region: RegionOne, endpoint_type: publicURL, name: None21:16
efried2016-11-01 18:02:41.669 | Running config verification...21:16
efried2016-11-01 18:02:41.669 | Endpoint type network not found either disable service neutron or fix the catalog_type in the config file21:16
efried2016-11-01 18:02:41.669 | Config option api_v1 in group image-feature-enabled should be changed to: False21:16
efried2016-11-01 18:02:41.669 | Config option api_v2 in group image-feature-enabled should be changed to: False21:16
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esbergluefried: Want to either send me system info or local.conf?21:21
efriedesberglu, sho, thanks.21:22
efriedOkay, maybe the bot just hates me.  I proposed the following three change sets:21:27
esbergluthorst: Upgrading VIOS did nothing21:33
adreznecesberglu: nothing meaning?21:37
efriedesberglu: where's the public link to our tempest config for CI?21:39
esbergluAcutally I spoke too soon. Now its just giving a bunch of no valid hosts available errors where it was previously timing out.21:39
adreznecefried: https://github.com/powervm/powervm-ci21:39
efriedesberglu, I can take a look at those21:39
adreznecGot a file not found from that21:41
adreznecPartial link?21:41
esbergluefried: Looks like issues with the ssp21:42
esbergluCheck the n-cpu.log21:43
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adreznecDid we change something in pypowervm for remote support?21:44
adreznecSeeing a lot of 00mAPINotLocal: Can not invoke this method.  It is only available when running pypowervm directly on the NovaLink host in the log21:44
adreznecefried: thorst ^^21:44
efriedSorry, dyslexic.21:46
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efriedesberglu: we have a couple of choices.21:49
efriedProbably the "cleanest" is to augment our local2remote patch to overload that method to use the legacy upload mechanism.21:50
adreznecAh, I remember this now21:51
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adreznecSo we can blame thorst then21:51
efriedOh, for sure.  esberglu, is this a situation where we could try out a patch without rebuilding the world?21:51
adreznecefried: does that expose us to glance v2 issues? I think this patch was tied to the nova-powervm fixes for that we hit, right?21:52
efriedadreznec, it oughtta just make things slower than they would be if local.21:53
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efriedPretty sure that was the only "glance v2 issue".21:53
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adreznecHmm ok21:53
adreznecWe were definitely seeing symptoms other than just being slower in SDE deployments, but I guess iIll have to talk with thorst about it21:54
efriedWe're not CIing SDE, are we?21:54
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adreznecNot yet21:54
esbergluefried: We would have to rebuild the initial template that nodepool for spawns21:54
esbergluBut not rebuild the whole cloud21:54
adreznecnot so bad then21:54
esbergluTakes ~1hr for that image to build21:54
efriedWell, we could try it out; or we could wait for thorst and see if there's a better option.  Thoughts?21:54
esbergluI don't really know what you guys are talking about tbh21:55
efriedDaaah, actually, I think what I said above won't work.  We would have to patch nova-powervm.21:55
esbergluBut if you have a patch you want me to try I can help get it on and tested21:55
efriedYeah, it would have to be a patch in nova-powervm.21:56
esbergluBut basically the same process we are using to patch pypowervm for CI21:57
efriedI suppose.21:58
esbergluHow often would we have to be updating this patch to keep it working?21:58
esbergluSo that it wouldn't have any issues applying21:59
efriedRelatively infrequently.  But not never.21:59
efriedThe patch entails undoing this:21:59
efriedJust that one file.22:00
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esbergluWait and see what thorst has to say? I'm about to call it for the day, my flight got delayed last night so I'm running on like 2.5 hours of sleep right now22:00
efriedI suspect the localdisk driver will break when we hit it too.22:00
efriedYeah, let's wait for thorst.22:01
adreznecWouldn't we have to apply that patch on top of nova-powervm every time we spun up a new dsvm instance?22:01
efriedoh, shoot, you would have to undo the whole change set.  He got rid of that helper method.22:01
esbergluadreznec: Yeah... you're right. Works for pypowervm because we get it only in the nightly build. But we pull the new nova-powervm every time22:04
adreznecesberglu: are stable/mitaka runs just broken for CI?22:09
adreznecNot sure if I missed some discussion on why we're disabling them22:09
adreznecMight be out of the loop22:10
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