Monday, 2016-10-10

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viclarsoncant attach volume10:52
viclarson2016-10-10 13:51:35.678 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.dispatcher [req-8d2f9371-e0b1-4c73-a496-041c8a41e928 admin admin] Exception during message handling: HTTP error 500 for method POST on path /rest/api/uom/VirtualIOServer/6C3B5ED4-B476-4DB5-84BF-0DCBEF5ACBDB?group=ViosSCSIMapping: Internal Server Error -- Physical volume "hdisk6" belongs to a volume group.10:52
viclarsonit works after deleting volumegroup'10:57
viclarsonnote i use ssp driver10:57
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thorstadreznec: you finally back?13:39
adreznecthorst: Maybe. Who wants to know.13:39
thorstyour OSA stuff...did you make one physical port look like two...or are you using two physical ports?13:41
adreznecthorst: on the multi-node setup?13:45
thorstyeah.  For our Barcelona demo, the systems I have only have one port plugged in.13:45
thorstbut I need a br-vx and a br-mgmt13:45
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adreznecI have 2 ports, 1 on the lab network and 1 on the private 10G network13:46
thorstadreznec: boo13:46
adreznecthe 1 on the private network has 4 VLANs on it13:46
thorstcan br-vx and br-mgmt share one adapter?13:48
adreznecthey should be able to13:48
adreznecWell... are you talking 1 physical adapter/port?13:49
adreznecOr are you talking a virtual interface in linux?13:49
thorstadreznec: One 'br-mgmt' that services both vxlan and mgmt13:51
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efriedthorst, I'd like to.19:33
thorstefried: you'd like to, as in you're not yet but have no blockers to using them?19:33
efriedthorst, something like that.  I'm being distracted by a couple of other things, but my biggest next work item is SR-IOV LPM testing.19:34
thorstefried: cool...I have people asking for that hardware...and I'm fending them off19:35
mdrabethorst: Got any solid gotos for getting system uptime in python?19:37
efriedThis one's not bad:,_a_better_way19:38
efriedIf we're willing to add a req for the uptime module, that would be best.19:40
mdrabeefried: Wondering if that'd need to be added as a req19:41
mdrabeLike is 'ssh' a req?19:41
efriedIf you're calling into the system's 'uptime' binary, no.  If you're using the uptime python module, yes.19:42
mdrabeYea I'm thinkin that binary19:43
efriedAha.  mdrabe:19:46
efriedimport psutil19:46
efriedCompare to time.time() and yerdone.19:46
mdrabefriggin bingo19:46
efriedAnd psutil is already a pypowervm req.19:46
thorstefried: Don't we have uptime in nova-powervm already?19:47
efrieddo we?19:47
efriedAnd do we want system uptime or compute module uptime?19:47
thorstI think its a driver method19:47
efriedBut nova-powervm doesn't help us here, does it?  I think mdrabe is looking to change the pypowervm defaults19:47
thorstI think novalink VM uptime is sufficient for mdrabe's q19:47
thorstyeah, I'm just saying for consistency sake?19:47
mdrabeI wanted to contain this entirely in pypowervm19:47
thorstyeah, OK - that's good19:47
mdrabeI'll look at it and see19:48
efrieddef get_host_uptime(self):19:48
efried    """Returns the result of calling "uptime" on the target host."""19:48
efried    # trivial implementation from libvirt/ for consistency19:48
efried    out, err = n_utils.execute('env', 'LANG=C', 'uptime')19:48
efried    return out19:48
apearsonefried - fyi we actually can get uptime on any lpar via the hypervisor too...not sure why you need this..but if that's of interest it would be easy to add it into the API.19:49
efriedapearson, good to know.  I think we've got enough options we don't need extra REST API affordance.19:49
efriedthorst, my vote is psutil.BOOT_TIME19:49
thorstI'm ok with that19:50
efriedFWIW, the get_host_uptime from nova-powervm would return the answer in the form:19:51
efried 14:50:40 up  5:49,  5 users,  load average: 0.80, 0.89, 0.8519:51
efried...which would then have to be parsed.19:51
thorstyep, which is what Nova does19:52
efriedthorst, 4148 would be a good review to get done.  I want to get that back to newton ASAP.19:54
efriedesberglu, was it 40 & 41 you were SSPing for me?19:55
esbergluefried: Yeah19:55
efriedesbergu, appear to be ready to go?19:56
esbergluYeah seems to be. I could see the ssp using pvmctl from both neos19:57
efriedThanks dude.19:57
efriedthorst, want to review and before I merge 4148?19:58
thorstefried: sure20:01
thorstefried: was stable/newton a cherry pick?20:02
thorstyeah, nevermind, looks like it20:02
thorsthowever, why doesn't master also close the bug?20:02
efriedthorst, no particular reason.  I know I *need* a bug for newton, but don't for master.  Want me to add the tag?20:03
thorstefried: you should...but meh20:05
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Rebase on set_vnic_backdevs(redundancy)
efriedthorst, done.20:05
efriedugh, gate is broke.  That's gonna be a problem.20:11
efriedthorst, have you poked cores on the blueprint yet?20:11
thorstefried: I talked to mriedem on Friday and Saturday.  We're slated for slot 1 of unconference.  We will also bring up to them in Thursday meeting in the open section20:14
thorstshould probably add a note in there though20:14
efriedthorst, cool.20:14
efriedesberglu, how's the new local2remote looking?  Ready to be merged yet?20:14
esbergluefried: Looks good to me, worked fine on the staging env. I will bump it to +220:16
efriedesberglu, cool.20:17
efriedthorst, working to set up 40 & 41 to do LPM testing.  I have a feeling I need to know something special about devstack config.  Like, they'll both need to run off of the same conductor?20:17
thorstI have an example if you want...20:17
thorstbut uses OVS20:17
thorstI also suspect you'll need to make a devstack plugin to start the sr-iov agent20:17
efriedIt's better than what I have, which is nothing.20:17
efriedActually, I think the devstack work for starting the sr-iov agent is done.20:17
thorstprivate messaging you the info20:18
thorst...  I am going to try to change the neutron l2population driver ...20:29
* thorst fears this greatly20:30
efriedadreznec, thorst - where can I get gate status?  I don't want to keep flooding rechecks if there's a known outage they're still working.20:31
thorstesberglu: ^^20:32
adreznecefried: You can search for your change here
adreznecand see if things are in flight20:33
adreznecKnown failures are tracked at
adreznecThere's also for third-party CIs20:34
efriedadreznec, thanks.  In this case, stuff is just failing, but failing in a way that seems to have nothing to do with my changes.20:35
adreznecYou could check if elastic-recheck has any known open bugs that look similar to your failures then20:36
adreznecOr check #openstack-infra for issues people are talking about20:36
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efriedadreznec, what's that stupid thing we have to do about paste to get devstack to work?21:29
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Rebase on set_vnic_backdevs(redundancy)
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