Thursday, 2016-10-06

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efriedthorst_, see jichenjc's comment on the blueprint?11:50
efriedYou going to respond to that or want me to?11:50
thorst_efried: just got in...haven't seen any comments.  Struggling with IBM's WiFi certificate expiration code...11:51
thorst_so I'll look in a bit and then respond.11:51
efriedUgh.  I gave up on IBM wifi months ago.11:51
thorst_well, I'm on a mac without an ethernet port.11:52
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thorst_efried: I think your actual change set is what made your run a little faster than the new pypowervm patch.13:24
thorst_though I talked to esberglu today, and he noted that during low periods, the time can get under an hour13:24
efriedHeh.  Wohoo!13:25
efriedThis was 5pm last night; wouldn't have thought that was an especially quiet time.13:25
efriedBut cool cool.13:25
thorst_so I do think you want to look at those errors13:25
thorst_see if they're related.13:25
efriedSo esberglu hasn't integrated the local2remote change yet?13:25
thorst_efried: not in the production CI13:25
efriedYeah, I'm going to do that.13:25
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esbergluefried: That patch worked fine in staging CI. Didn’t see a noticable time decrease though13:27
efriedBah, okay.  It's possible everything's using just the one Session.13:28
thorst_well, each driver process uses one session, maybe 2 for events13:28
thorst_but doesn't get new sessions often.13:28
efriedAlso, the bootstrap would go quicker if the first address it tried was the one that worked.13:29
efriedOn the system you gave me yesterday, the first one was a local IP, so it had to ping-fail before it tried the second one.13:29
efriedSo the bootstrap process took like 10s.13:29
efriedOh well; it's an improvement regardless.  It'll sure make your pvmctl commands quicker.13:30
efriedCause each one of those gets a fresh Session.13:30
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viclarson_has anyone tutorial "how to prepare image for openstack and powervm"?13:55
thorst__burgerk is supposed to have one13:55
thorst__let me track him down13:55
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thorst_nova IRC meeting now in #openstack-meeting - FYI14:00
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thorst_efried edmondsw esberglu: updated the BP again...needed a launchpad link14:28
edmondswdo you want another +1, or does it matter?14:28
efriedI did it.14:30
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thorst_efried: had a few nits on 378000.  Looks good to me overall once we verify the CI issue is not related to the change set.15:38
thorst_and given what I heard from btang, I'm strongly considering it for backport if we attach a bug to it15:38
thorst_due to high cpu load otherwise.15:38
thorst_which is a scary thought to backport something that big...but I'm now sold on the advantages of it15:40
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/networking-powervm: Refactor, consolidate, and clean up agents
efriedthorst_ ^^15:57
efriedesberglu, see ^^ for CI failures.  Have we seen this before?  Looks like a VIOS bug to me.15:57
efriedDoes the CI capture VIOS snaps when failures happen?15:58
thorst_link to logs?  You just which are you looking at?15:58
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burgerkviclarson_: you had a question about creating an image ?16:16
viclarson_how to?16:18
viclarson_have you tutorial?16:18
efriedthorst_, sorry:
efriedLooking forward to seeing if latest patch set has similar problems.16:32
efriedBut I imagine we would see them everywhere.16:32
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thorst_efried: I agree with your analysis on those files...17:15
thorst_but scary that those VIOS issues are poking through17:15
efriedthorst_, agree.17:26
thorst_good news seem to work17:26
thorst_and that change set...totally shaved 5-10 minutes off the run time.17:27
thorst_"Task plug_vifs completed in 0 seconds for instance pvm3-tempest-Ima-18de1ca0[00m"17:27
thorst_color me impressed...that's awesome.  arnoldje will be shocked.17:28
thorst_almost all of them are 0-ish seconds17:28
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thorst_burgerk: is there a way to tell cloud init NOT to do the networking...just use whats in the /etc/network/interfaces file (a DHCP)18:41
burgerkapplying network is in the main path, not a separate module, so not really.   So you want it to ignore what is in the ConfigDrive ?18:43
burgerkor just the network info in the ConfigDrive?18:44
burgerkthorst_ ^18:45
thorst_I guess I just did what viclarson did...I just changed the interfaces.template to be exactly what I wanted.18:47
thorst_so I wouldn't get this problem I'm debugging requires many VMs to be deployed18:48
thorst_seroyer: I think I have it figured out18:57
thorst_what a mess...18:57
thorst_can I give you a call?18:57
seroyerthorst_, in a bit.  In a meeting.18:58
thorst_seroyer: OK - net is, I think your side is fine.18:58
seroyerOk.  Should I remove my test hack then?18:59 is its the overlay and the routing table in the network node's router19:00
thorst_so for physical networks...we're actually good.  Overlay's this affects every hypervisor.19:01
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esberglu3.0.0 newton releases have been tagged for nova-powervm, ceilometer-powervm and networking-powervm19:13
thorst_good job team!19:13
seroyerthorst_ Sorry, complete failure to parse your response.19:18
thorst_the packet gets sent from the migration destination host.  The response goes to the network node.  Neutron still thinks its on the source (cause the port 'host' is updated on completion of the live migration).  Neutron's router sends the ping response to the source host.19:19
seroyerOh.  So will there be any value to our enhancment?19:21
thorst_seroyer: Flat & VLAN networks will now work19:23
thorst_things that don't require on a network node basically.19:24
thorst_and we may want to open a bug to neutron on this...19:24
thorst_and by we...I mean me...19:24
thorst_I wonder if geneve networks are affected...since the packet has more metadata...19:26
seroyerClearly we should try it!19:26
thorst_yeah, its actually easy to test...19:26
thorst_man...we've been working on that for days...19:27
seroyerAre you ready for me to remove my hack?19:29
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thorst_seroyer: your hack being not having the block during live migration?19:48
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thorst_yeah, lets get rid of that.19:48
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Rebase on set_vnic_backdevs(redundancy)
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efriedthorst_ ^^ Would like to get that back to newton so we don't have to support min/max forever.19:54
efriedWe haven't tagged a release of pypowervm lately, have we?19:54
thorst_needs a bug19:54
efriedesberglu thorst: latest CI run on 378000 didn't have those cfg_drive VIOS failures - but did have the "multiple networks" failures.20:11
thorst_efried: yeah, esberglu has been working on that multiple networks failures for a while20:14
esbergluProblem right now is that the staging env. is currently occupied with OSA work so I haven’t had a chance to try it, but talking with thorst_ earlier we think we may have a solution20:17
thorst_esberglu: remind me what that solution was?  Make them both public?20:17
esbergluYeah that’s what you said. Because the tempest vms couldn’t find the network named private20:18
esbergluand then didn’t know which one to choose from the other networks20:19
openstackgerritShyama proposed openstack/nova-powervm: SSP Volume Adapter
thorst_right right...then tenancy thing20:22
esbergluthorst_: Another reason switching to creating the networks after the stack will be nice. Easier to do that when creating the network than trying to do it through devstack config options20:25
thorst_esberglu: yeah, can be ripped from the under cloud's setup20:27
thorst_as it does that now20:27
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