Thursday, 2016-09-22

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efriedviclarson_, we keep missing each other.13:00
efriedapearson said the following yesterday:13:00
efried"efried / viclarson_ - so the first thing to check - are the VIOSs up and running?   Assuming so, grab the console for the novalink lpar.  Where is it stopping?  Is it sitting at SMS?  If so, try selecting the boot device and continue the boot.  Is it erroring out on boot due to a filesystem that needs to be fsck'ed?  If so, choose Recovery from the grub prompt and boot into the recovery mode to run fsck on the filesystem.13:00
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viclarson_i think it were unrecoverable errors at filesystem13:09
efriedOkay.  Let us know if you have further issues.13:09
viclarson_ty, doensnt matter, already reinstalled13:09
efriedAnd it's working now?13:09
viclarson_looks like13:10
viclarson_reinstalled from scratch13:10
viclarson_not with recovery13:10
viclarson_recovery doenst work13:10
efriedSome problems are... unrecoverable.13:10
efriedI'm curious (because we like to know who's using our stuff) - where are you from, and what's your interest in NovaLink?13:11
efriedadreznec, yt?13:13
efriedCan you please +2 (since I've "contributed" to it now)?13:13
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adreznecefried: sure, I'll take a look here14:26
efriedadreznec, it was +2 - all I changed was the path to the pypowervm req14:26
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adreznecefried: yep, LGTM. Looks ready to merge as well, I'll throw a WF+1 on it here14:29
efriedOr I can.  Either way.14:30
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efriedchmod666org is waiting for it ;-)14:30
adreznecIt better merge soon then, otherwise he could find Drew and I here at Edge and hold us hostage until it does!14:32
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efriedthorst_, any chance of getting 3979 reviewed?14:45
thorst_will try...I need about 30 minutes for other stuff :-(14:46
efriedpah, "other stuff"14:46
efriedthorst_, if it helps, the delta from PS2 is almost exclusively doc14:47
thorst_well, I'm just bottlenecked on a final presentation, 100 e-mails and bleh.  Will loop back on it today for sure...just hoping that's in 30 min and not a few hours14:47
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thorst_efried: what would you think of having two new event types.  One for pypowervm and one for true clients?  Or does that drive change down into the REST API itself?15:35
efriedthorst_, yeah, REST API controls the type entirely.  When we (any REST client) PUT one, it's CUSTOM_CLIENT_EVENT.15:35
efriedIt's based on an enum, so at the very least, they can't just let us arbitrarily use any string.15:36
thorst_right right15:36
efriedWe could ask for a new enum15:36
efriedBut how do we "prove" we're coming from pypowervm?15:36
thorst_no, because they shouldn't know about pypowervm as a client15:36
efriedWe need to use the data/detail to differentiate.15:36
thorst_but its kinda where I'm going with how does neutron know that pypowervm is producing an event.15:37
thorst_but yeah, like you said15:37
efriedAlong the lines of what I did in
thorst_that can be done in data/detail.15:37
thorst_gotta looks OK but I'm not through yet15:37
thorst_will be back in 3015:37
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efriedthorst_, what do you think of eliminating the interval altogether?18:31
efried(edmondsw ^^)18:31
efriedThe fact that it's there at all implies that the author (understandably - no docs and a weird API) didn't know about the pseudo-synchronous business.   The average consumer will realize a "performance boost" if we get rid of it.  And I can't see a downside.  It's not like it will cause significant extra thrashing.  In the worst case - a listener on a totally steady-state system - you'll issue a GET every 10s instead of eve18:33
edmondswi was the author, and I'm still not aware of what you mean by pseudo-synchronous18:35
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efriededmondsw, just so.  Here's how it works:18:38
efriedWhen you do the GET, if the REST server has any events waiting, it returns 'em all right away.18:38
efriedIf there are no events waiting, it waits for some to arrive; and as soon as any do, it returns 'em all right away.18:38
efriedIf it has waited for 10s, it returns an empty feed.18:38
efriedSo it's designed explicitly for the client to poll it in a hard loop, with no client-side sleeping, for optimal efficiency.18:39
efriedThat is, you'll get events as soon as they're available.  You don't have to worry about how much stuff happened while you were sleeping.18:39
efriedAnd yes, it's very clever.  The author applied for a patent.  (Though as far as I can tell, it has not been issued yet.)18:39
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edmondswefried, so if it waited for 10s, and returns an empty feed, we'd just immediately call again?19:10
mdrabethat's patentable?19:10
efriedAnd it would wait another 10s, unless there were events to return.19:10
edmondswyeah, if there isn't already a patent for it19:11
efriedWell, I sure thought so.  The author was skeptical, but I talked him into submitting a disclosure.19:11
efriedAt least, I think he submitted it.  He wrote it up.  Maybe he never pushed it through.19:11
efriedCause I asked the patent folks about it, and they couldn't find it.19:11
edmondswI think there may be a similar web technology19:11
efriedAt this point it's been in the field for long enough that it's moot anyway.19:12
efriedBut it would've been neat if the "similar web technology" came afterward.  $$19:12
edmondswno, I think it's probably older... though maybe different enough... anyway19:13
edmondswso I think I'd be fine with getting rid of the interval altogether and just always doing this19:13
efriedMaybe I'll propose that as a separate patch.19:13
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thorst__efried: so for 4010...if we do it in the wrapper22:10
thorst__and then add it later into the REST22:10
thorst__would we then remove it from pypowervm22:10
thorst__resulting in a different signature?22:10
efriedThe REST event would have a different shape.22:10
thorst__and the consumer would need to understand that.22:10
efriedAt the very least, its 'type' would be in the standard ADD_URI/MODIFY_URI/etc.22:11
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efriedSo the consumer would have to understand that anyway.22:11
thorstbleh bleh bleh22:11
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efriedBut the likelihood of convincing the REST folks to include the MAC address in the event is pretty minimal22:11
efriedSo I would still want to keep the custom event for those.22:11
thorstbut the reason you want a mac is because of the OS code.22:12
efriedThe consumer could switch to the "official" events if they wanted, but they would have to do a real GET.22:12
thorsthonestly, what you could do if you put this in REST is extra detail.  OpenStack details like UUIDs or what not.22:12
efriedthorst Well, okay, but I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of event detail containing a subset (the "interesting bits") of the object affected.22:12
efriedIt's not like I put in the neutron port UUID (not that I could anyway)22:14
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efriedToday, the 'detail' field contains *almost* that ilk of information, for *some* events.  Like you can get an LPAR mod event where the detail contains the key 'NVRAM', implying that the thing that changed about the LPAR was its NVRAM, and you should only refetch the LPAR if NVRAM is a thing you care about.  Understandably, the detail field doesn't contain the whole NVRAM.  But another example is PartitionState - where they22:16
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thorstsorry - spotty connection22:21
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thorstI guess that I'm just coming from the perspective of...lets forget that the system sends events.  If we can just have nova pass an event to neutron...we don't even really need the port_update in the neutron code itself.22:25
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efriedIf the events were 100% reliable, yeah.  But we still need to account for "missed events".22:26
thorstare events not reliable?22:26
efriedThings like if the server restarts with events still in the queue that we haven't consumed yet; or we let too much time go by without pulling events; or the agent restarts and has to (re)register the (new) listener.22:27
thorst(we could even use that for sea basically - and I know we can your current approach too)22:27
efriedYeah, I'm rewriting the whole shebang.22:28
thorstserver restarts with events...that's going to be massively disruptive anyway22:28
thorsttoo much time go without pulling events...could that happen?22:28
thorstwhere events are dropped?22:28
thorstor is that just consumer code?22:28
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efriedYes, it can happen; I've recreated it with a local test.  I register a listener in ipython, pull some events for a while, then sit there for a while.22:30
efriedNext time I do a pull, I get NEW_CLIENT22:30
thorstbut if we're on a tight two second loop?22:30
efriedTo be clear, the server is really good about letting you know if you need to do a full refetch.22:30
efried(It'll actually be a no-second loop.)  I don't know what criteria the server uses to decide it's time to throw away events.22:31
thorstyeah, I guess I'm just really liking the idea of the nova/neutron having this message queue private to the system to pass events between each other22:31
thorstand not really digging embedding into the wrapper itself.  And the only reason I don't is because it is one off and solely for the purpose of nova/neutron22:31
thorstand once its there...its there forever.22:31
efriedIt might be some number of events - in which case even in a tight loop, if the system is really busy with stuff, it's possible it overloads.22:31
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thorstyou don't pull stuff out of pypowervm22:32
efriedI don't agree it's a one-off for the community.  That's just the first place we happen to be using it.22:32
efriedAnd no, I would never *want* to pull it out of pypowervm.22:32
efriedBut like any other event, it only gets consumed by consumers who care about it.22:32
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thorstright right...22:32
efriedToday the event looper in the agent ignores lots and lots of events.22:32
thorstI guess I'll +1 it, but I'd like to get a second opinion here22:32
efriedIt also happens to consume and act upon a bunch it shouldn't ;-)22:33
efried...which I'm fixing regardless.22:33
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efriedOkay; who would you like to weigh in?22:33
thorstmdrabe and/or adreznec22:33
thorstthis is weird code to anyone though22:33
efriedOkay.  Maybe I send an email.22:34
thorstI'll put my +1 and thought process in here.22:34
efriedSounds good.22:34
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thorstefried: I think may need to go back to stable/mitaka?23:00
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm: Switch hacking.checks from neutron to neutron_lib
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm: Remove remaining references to PVID looper
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