Monday, 2016-07-11

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thorst_svenkat efried: say we want to contain VF direct attach to VM in Newton12:56
thorst_I kinda want that for the SDN use case.  Would be awesome to deploy a network node to a VM with a direct attach VF12:56
thorst_super performance12:56
thorst_how would we tell the system that the VIF type is direct VF and that it has to be promisc?12:56
thorst_(it obviously is not Live Migratable)12:57
svenkatsure. it wiill be vif driver work.  but we should be able to differentiate between direct vs vnic via vif_type12:57
thorst_what sets vif_type?12:58
thorst_I thought that was the ML2 binding...12:58
svenkatlet me look at sea scenario12:58
thorst_I think the difference here svenkat is that the same agent is providing two different VIF types.  I'm not really sure that the neutron agent does anything different...I thought it was mostly the nova vif driver needed to do something different.12:59
svenkatyes. plug should branch off between direct vs vnic and my understanding is that it can be done via vif type. (another branching wiill happen between vnic type direct vs normal (sea))13:00
svenkatit think the question is how vif_type is set13:01
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svenkatin the case of sea it is pvm_sea, thorst_ are you saying it is done during port binding?13:01
thorst_svenkat: I'm confused.  How do you tell that a 'direct' neutron port is either direct VF or vnic?13:01
svenkatthe answer is vif_type. it is the key to differentiate. if this cannot be set, we need to find a new way13:03
thorst_that is what tells you it is 'SR-IOV'.  We need a sub-specification13:03
thorst_what flavor of SR-IOV13:03
thorst_I think efried mentioned earlier perhaps the extra_specs...13:03
svenkatok… flavor extra specs13:04
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svenkatshall we explore using binding:vif_details attribute of neutron port as well for vif type ? (before getting into flavor extra specs)13:36
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thorst_svenkat: have a link to where that is defined?13:41
svenkati am looking for more details on it…13:41
thorst_esberglu: so I kicked off four CI runs on Friday and they took like 2 hours or so13:52
thorst_which surprised me...13:53
thorst_I was hoping since it was only two hosts it wouldn't take so long13:53
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Save valid udid on pre_live_migration of vscsi volumes using multi VIOS
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esbergluthorst: Better than the 4 hour runs I guess? I’m just starting to look into the logs14:14
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: ci check
openstackgerritCarl Pecinovsky proposed openstack/nova-powervm: WIP: Handle stale system metadata
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thorst_efried: +2 on 355617:19
efriedthank you sir.17:19
efriedthorst_, Check out 356617:19
thorst_efried: seems reasonable17:22
thorst_I don't like how MTU is handled there...but...meh17:22
efriedWhat about it?17:22
thorst_tests and what not are needed.17:22
thorst_I just don't think I like MTU on SR-IOV?  I think it has to be 1500 or 9000?17:22
efriedYes, those are the possible values.17:22
efriedThere's an enum.17:22
thorst_but not 700017:23
thorst_which is also a valid MTU17:23
efriedthorst_: The enum only has 1500 and 9000.  The API isn't validating against the enum - we'll let the REST server do that.  Similar to almost all of our other setters.17:24
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thorst_efried: o right...not an issue with your code17:36
thorst_I just don't like it17:36
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mdrabethorst or anyone willing to ponder, would it be possible to shelve an instance running on a libvirt node and unshelve it (or just cold migrate, or even evacuate) to a powervm node?20:04
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thorst_mdrabe: not possible20:16
thorst_we'd be missing the powervm boot partition20:16
seroyermdrabe: Generally no.  Images built for Opal/KVM generally do not have the PReP partition on the disk, which means that PowerVM cannot boot it.20:16
mdrabethorst: So the instance just won't boot20:16
mdrabebut it could still move without a hitch?20:16
thorst_mdrabe: semantics...that's a pretty big 'hitch' that it won't boot20:17
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