Friday, 2016-07-08

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Driver cleanup work
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Remove delete vopt if nothing to delete
thorstadreznec: there?13:25
adreznecthorst: Sup13:27
thorstLooking at Ashana's change set.13:27
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AshanaI saw your correction I was changing the code in the VNC and now I think I may have something so ill send that up in a few13:29
thorstand comparing it to the change set from yesterday...
thorstI think we need to sit and think a little.  What that other change set does is save the source on to the repo build server13:29
thorstwhich then sets the stage for every client to build it13:29
thorstthus independent of CPU arch AND OS type13:30
thorstis that a better approach to solving this issue?13:30
thorstrather then trying to have various repo builds for each arch (which then would need to be extended to have one for each OS type)13:30
thorstAshana: I'm also iterating on your change set locally...I have been trying to figure out how to delegate the fact.  But first I'd rather discuss that approach with adreznec...13:31
adreznecthorst: Yeah, the downside there of course is going to be performance, right?  You13:32
thorstadreznec: definitely...but its like what android does now with APKs  :-)13:33
adreznecnow have to build all those sources into binaries on each host instead of doing it once13:33
adreznecEhh... kind of13:33
thorstdon't they JIT but then the 'optimization' phase is where they build the class files locally into binaries13:33
thorstto avoid slow start?13:33
thorstanyway, semi analogous13:34
thorstI'm wondering if we should hop over into openstack-ansible and ask if we should pursue that instead...13:34
adreznecYeah, it does a sort of JIT now with N13:34
adreznecI kind of want to play with that patch a bit here13:35
adreznecSee if it really acts like I'm expecting it to13:35
thorstthis whole 'find the first of each arch type' is going to be a PITA.  I can't really figure out how to get it to store everything back at the repo master13:36
thorstand then if I step back and think about it, cpu arch type is really only the first hurdle13:36
thorstthen it becomes each OS type13:36
thorstthen...unsure whats next.13:36
adreznecWell yeah13:36
adreznecbut OS type isn't unique to us13:36
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adreznecJust another dimension OSA has to deal with13:37
thorstright, but we're clearly hitting the same issue from each dimension...each approach solves it differently13:37
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adreznecI'm going to kick off a run of my environment with that patch here13:41
adreznecand see what the repo build does13:41
thorstadreznec: k13:41
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esbergluthorst: Did you look at the trunk port stuff at all? I just looked through that webpage14:09
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thorstesberglu: yeah.  I sent a note to burgerk on it.  We don't currently support it14:28
esbergluthorst: I will disable all those tests then.14:30
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thorstesberglu: thx14:31
thorstadreznec: any update?  Ashana is still iterating on her change set...but want to make sure that's the right approach14:31
adreznecthorst: Still running setup-infrastructure14:31
adreznecCreating containers now14:31
thorstbleh, takes a while14:31
adreznecAbout halfway done with that14:31
adreznecShould have an answer in probably an hour14:32
adreznecesberglu: thorst Did you see Monty's email about Zuul v3?14:33
thorstadreznec: Nope...let me look14:34
esbergluthorst: Recently? Or the one from a while back14:34
esbergluNo I don’t think I got it14:35
thorstadreznec: that's reassuring14:35
adreznectl;dr - they're planning on introducing breaking changes as part of zuul v3 that will break our CI system if we try to use them14:35
adreznecat least until things are working14:35
adreznecand they created a tag to use in the meantime14:35
thorstand they recommend we stay on what we have until then14:35
adreznecJust forwarded Ramy's follow up email14:35
adreznecOutlining how we can pin nodepool to the 0.3.0 tag with puppet-openstackci14:36
esbergluCool that’s super easy. Putting up a change now14:41
thorstefried: 3543?  Put it to rest?14:41
efriedthorst, stand by.14:41
efriedthorst, +2.  Though looking at it, I'm wondering why we wouldn't want that method to live somewhere more central.14:42
thorstefried: Agree.  But by having private...we can move it somewhere more centralized later14:42
thorstwe don't have a yet in tasks.14:42
efriedyuh.  Rip it.14:42
thorstbut I'm thinking that may be the next bits from nova_powervm we decide needs to move to pypowervm...14:43
efriedyup, was just thinking that.14:43
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thorstefried: What would you think about moving this chunk of code into base_partition.py14:46
thorsttjakobs will need some of that for nl as a vio14:46
efriedthorst, looks fine to me.  Not sure why some of that stuff was limited to LPAR before.  And the move ought to be seamless from a public API perspective, because inheritance.14:47
efriedWill you or tjakobs do that, or were you asking me to do it?14:47
efriedGuessing some logic will have to be added around VIOS-specific and/or management partition?14:48
efriedAnd perhaps it actually makes sense to move some base enablement down there, but then leave/put certain type-specific overrides in the subclasses.14:49
efriedLike, a VIOS will never be OS400.  That kind of thing.14:49
thorstefried: thoughts.  Not asking to do it (unless you have cycles)14:51
efriedI could make the time, but would rather put it off til after I finish what I'm working on now, so like probably early/mid next week.14:52
thorstefried: I'm not in a rush.  Not sure about tjakobs14:54
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thorstkriskend: ^^ I think you also care14:54
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kriskendthorst: so this is what you were referencing in the comments you made on Taylor's patch15:09
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: Test Change Set 2
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thorstkriskend: yep15:37
adreznecMan that new requirement download process script takes a long time to run15:37
thorstadreznec: how much time/15:38
thorstand is it because we're running outside of rax?15:38
adreznecWon't have an exact # until the timers dump at the end here15:39
adreznecBut it seemed like 45 minutes15:39
adreznecand no, it downloads from pypi15:39
adreznecI'll let you know the full timings after things finish here...15:40
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM1
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/nova-powervm: WIP: Handle stale system metadata
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: CI Check2
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tjakobsefried, thorst: I'm looking at moving the code over (just an FYI)19:38
efriedtjakobs, go for it.19:38
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thorstesberglu: Miss a QoS Test?20:26
esbergluYeah I put a change up already.20:27
esbergluthorst: Good news is that all the runs are passing everything else, but 2 concurrent runs was the max load today20:28
thorstesberglu: I'll go push that change through.  We could kick off 5 or 6 concurrent runs now?20:34
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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: CI Check
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esbergluthorst: Yep I can do that20:43
openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm: DNM: ci check
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