Thursday, 2016-06-23

gianpero/var/log/installer$ pvmctl sea list00:00
gianperoFailed to find any NetworkBridge entries.00:00
gianperoBut, the VIOservers already have a SEA defined00:00
gianperoviosvrcmd --id 1 -c "lsdev -type sea"00:01
gianperoname             status      description00:01
gianperoent7             Available   Shared Ethernet Adapter00:01
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gianperoAny body with this kind of issue in the channel?00:01
seroyergianpero, sorry, missed your issue since I just joined.00:05
gianperono worries,00:06
gianperoam installing NL, on a co-managed system00:06
gianperoafter the install of NL, It don't recognize the NetworkBridges00:07
gianperopvmctl sea list00:08
gianperoFailed to find any NetworkBridge entries.00:08
gianperoviosvrcmd --id 1 -c "lsdev -type sea"00:08
gianperoname             status      description00:08
gianperoent7             Available   Shared Ethernet Adapter00:08
seroyerAnd does pvmctl vea list show you the trunk adapter(s)?00:08
gianperopvmctl vea list00:09
gianperoVirtual Ethernet Adapters00:09
gianpero| PVID |  VSwitch   | LPAR |     MAC      | Slot | Trunk |   Tagged VLANs  |00:09
gianpero| 1000 | ETHERNET0  |  1   | E6CD109E1F64 | 100  |  True | 1715,1716,1725, |00:09
gianpero|      |            |      |              |      |       |    1726,1727    |00:09
gianpero| 1000 | ETHERNET0  |  2   | E6CD11824064 | 100  |  True | 1715,1716,1725, |00:09
gianpero|      |            |      |              |      |       |    1726,1727    |00:09
gianpero| 1001 | ETHERNET0  |  1   | E6CD109E1F65 | 101  |  True | 1728,3580,3585, |00:10
gianpero|      |            |      |              |      |       |    3601,3701    |00:10
gianpero| 1001 | ETHERNET0  |  2   | E6CD11824065 | 101  |  True | 1728,3580,3585, |00:10
gianpero|      |            |      |              |      |       |    3601,3701    |00:10
gianpero| 3580 | ETHERNET0  |  3   | E6CD1A215B02 |  2   | False |                 |00:10
gianpero| 4094 | MGMTSWITCH |  3   | 5236DD1FFDB6 |  12  |  True |                 |00:10
gianperoalso I try to query from the pvmctl vios list...00:10
gianperopvmctl vios list -d TrunkAdapter.tagged_vlans00:10
gianperotagged_vlans=[1715, 1716, 1725, 1726, 1727]00:10
gianperotagged_vlans=[1728, 3580, 3585, 3601, 3701]00:10
gianperotagged_vlans=[1715, 1716, 1725, 1726, 1727]00:10
gianperotagged_vlans=[1728, 3580, 3585, 3601, 3701]00:10
seroyerNo, I haven’t seen anything like that.  I assume you have the correct levels of VIOS required by NL?00:11
gianperoyes, am using the lastest release of NL,00:13
gianperoand the VIO servers was updated with the MIniFixPack00:13
seroyerNot sure.  More people are on during the day in central US, or you could open a call to IBM.00:19
gianperoI will give a try tomorrow00:20
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gianperoI finally found what was is issue; the VIO_server can resolv itself....; just added the correct line on /etc/hosts and reboot00:43
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mdrabethorst: Do you recall active resize being something that was going to happen?14:48
thorstmdrabe: there is a blueprint out there...but it keeps getting pushed out14:49
thorstlet me find it14:49
mdrabeYea I was trying to find that and couldn't14:49
mdrabeedmondsw ^14:50
thorstsdague wants to wait for the capabilities stuff to come in before they support it14:50
thorstwhich will likely not be this release.14:50
edmondswmdrabe thorst, tx14:50
mdrabeI'll look through it, yea cuz I'd think support would be needed at the hypervisor level14:51
mdrabewhich it already is apparentely....14:51
thorstmdrabe: for libvirt?14:52
thorstI think its there for KVM (at least certain levels) but not all the hypervisors that libvirt supports.14:52
mdrabemaybe not through libvirt, but based on the commit message KVM has the support14:52
thorstwhich is why they need the capabilities bit.14:52
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Remove vios module - use pypowervm.tasks.partition
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thorstesberglu: I just started the nodepool server back up16:38
thorstnice and clean16:38
esbergluthorst: Thanks. I’ll kick off a redeploy16:39
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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Allow the mgmt partition to be VIOS or LPAR
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thorstefried: I certainly find your code much prettier for the VIOS wait than what we had before  :-)17:13
efriedthorst, thanks.  I wish I hadn't had to do the last two patch sets for freakin sonar; IMO it was much more readable before that.17:14
thorstefried: Those VALID_RMC_STATES and DOWN_VM_STATES...wonder if we should make them private?17:15
efriedthorst, I could certainly be convinced of that.  Add it to the review.17:16
efried...out for next session.  Back in ~1.5h17:16
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thorstlmtaylor: have a sec to chat about 332485?18:01
thorsttrying to net out my open reviews I need to catch up on.18:01
lmtaylor@thorst: yah i can chat18:12
thorstlmtaylor: so are you thinking that we can just retry that upload once and continue?  Just get rid of the 'stat'?18:12
lmtayloryah from the looks of the swiftclient code, a retry of the failed upload operation will work18:14
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thorstcool, I'm hoping that also simplifies the code a little bit.18:14
lmtaylori'm assuming we would only retry the operation once18:14
lmtaylorbut yah i'm fixing the code up with 'retrying' now.18:15
thorstlmtaylor: yep...anything else seems too much (I think - until data proves us wrong)18:15
thorstlmtaylor: thx for driving that one18:17
AndyWojoIs there any PowerVM docs out there? I searched through, but only really found the PowerVM networking docs.18:17
AndyWojoI'm going through an implementation and am taking notes for our internal team, but thought I'd contribute the implementation notes for the greater audience18:17
thorstAndyWojo: We tried to get the docs integrated into, but since we're not an integrated driver in nova yet...they were hesitant (nova)18:21
thorstI believe adreznec has published the information from our devref (which has some of the information you want) on
thorstbut I'm not sure if its fully up to date.18:22
adreznecthorst: AndyWojo should have our latest docs versions. Whether all the docs themselves are fully updated is a different question :)18:24
AndyWojoMay I contribute an implementation guide based on our experience putting this into production?18:25
adreznecAndyWojo: Absolutely!18:25
adreznecWe welcome docs submissions at any time18:26
thorstany submission!  :-)18:26
adreznecFeel free to add thorst, myself, and efried as reviewers if you do18:26
AndyWojoWill do18:26
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openstackgerritLauren Taylor proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Some VM deploys fail from expired keystone token
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edmondswlmtaylor1, I threw out a question on #openstack-keystone about re: that proposal21:15
edmondswI think the better fix would be to have swiftclient handle this kind of thing natively, rather than each user having to account for the possibility of a token expiration21:16
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edmondswby user I mean "piece of code that uses swiftclient"21:19
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