Monday, 2016-06-20

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Blueprint for OVS and LB agent support
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efriedthorst_, did you have any trouble logging into this morning?12:58
thorst_efried: I had to do it twice12:58
thorst_but I did get in12:58
efriedI'm seeing a page I've never seen before.12:58
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thorst_from Chan Serv: "OpenID login from review.o.o is experiencing difficulties, possibly due to transatlantic network performance issues. Things are being investigated"12:58
thorst_efried: they're posting that to all the channels.12:59
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thorst_Looks like I get to do all the reviews today12:59
efriedThere are worse things.12:59
efriedAt least from my perspective.13:00
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Update the PHYP vSwitch for Neutron Agents
thorst_efried: I'm going to need you to review that ASAP.  So maybe you can go fix that transatlantic issue real fast?13:03
thorst_(I'm so funny)13:04
efriedthorst_, I'm on it.13:04
thorst_o, I'm joking.  That is in no way urgent13:04
thorst_unless you have magic transatlantic powers13:04
thorst_in which case, you'd be the communities hero13:04
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thorst_adreznec: Did you move your dev environment up to 16.04 yet?13:22
adreznecthorst_: Yeah, why?13:22
thorst_hmm...I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to get 16.04 fresh on my PC via Virtual Box.  The experience was....less than optimal13:22
thorst_I don't know if its 16.04 or vBox13:23
efriedSee, thorst_, I fixed it.13:23
thorst_efried: solid work as always13:23
thorst_adreznec: It could also be the eclipse I was using...13:24
thorst_this new 'eclipse mars' is pretty...weird.13:24
adreznecthorst_: Hmm weird. Yeah my VM is 16.04 with LXDE13:24
thorst_adreznec: I should switch to LXDE...Unity is just a hog in a VM13:24
thorst_although, not with parallels on the mac13:25
efriedthorst_, is a manual-merge rebase?13:25
thorst_efried: Yep.  tjakobs and my changes conflicted13:26
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adreznecthorst_: Yeah, I was surprised you were using vbox for dev if you have parallels?13:26
adreznecUnless parallels can only do a limited # of vms13:26
thorst_adreznec: I was building it on my PC at home13:27
adreznecAh, makes sense13:28
thorst_I was honestly debating just making an Ubuntu VM that we could post up somewhere that people could download and get started relatively quickly...13:28
thorst_pre-download and tox nova, nova-powervm, neutron, etc...13:28
adreznecthorst_: We started something like that for sde dev13:28
adreznecUsing vagrant13:28
adreznecBut it didn't see heavy use13:29
thorst_adreznec: yeah...I'm not sure if it would see heavy use...except by me when I want to move up the OS13:29
efriedthorst_, looking over svenkat's blueprint again: I'm thinking the focus needs to be changed entirely to represent our plans to implement vNIC in Newton and direct-VF "later".13:35
efriedTo the extent that the title should be changed accordingly13:36
efriedand whereas direct-VF can be *mentioned* as a future direction, details of its design/impl should be omitted.13:36
thorst_efried: I'm OK with that, as long as we state that we will design with that in mind.13:38
efriedthorst_, agree.13:38
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Update the PHYP vSwitch for Neutron Agents
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AndyWojowait you can run PowerVM as the hypervisor instead of PowerKVM?13:46
thorst_AndyWojo: Yep13:46
efriedAndyWojo, tell your friends.13:46
thorst_S812L's can run either PowerVM (but only Linux VMs - and a VIOS or two or three...) or PowerKVM (but Linux there obviously as well)13:47
AndyWojoOh crap.. everyone was under the impression we HAD to run PowerKVM13:47
thorst_AndyWojo: Nope  :-)13:47
AndyWojoOther than pure performance, is there any advantages to running PowerVM for the OpenStack hypervisor?13:48
thorst_PowerVM == AIX, IBMi and all your fav. linux distro's13:48
thorst_PowerVM has deeper FC integration13:48
AndyWojoWell we run Linux on Power on our S822's, but on our 812L we thought PowerKVM was the only option for openstack13:48
thorst_KVM driver has broader OpenStack support (mostly things like iSCSI or depends on your deployment approach of OpenStack)13:48
AndyWojoohh perfect13:48
thorst_but we're quickly working through those13:49
AndyWojofinding fc information with openstack is a pain, most people seem to be using iscsi13:49
thorst_AndyWojo: yes.13:49
thorst_AndyWojo: But don't let me steer you wrong.  FC is supported within KVM.13:49
AndyWojoSo our background is we're an IBM BP out of Philly, we have a Lab where we play and learn, we have a ton of OpenStack, some 822's, 812Ls, and every storage unit you could think of, but it's all obviously FC connected, not iscsi.13:50
AndyWojoSure sure13:50
AndyWojobut I'd rather support PowerVM.13:50
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AndyWojoSo would we have PowerKVM loaded on the 812L, I'll have to figure out how to revert back to PowerVM13:51
thorst_AndyWojo: With the storage story, one thing to note is that the Cinder drivers can vary wildly.13:53
adreznecAndyWojo: You can do that from ASMI iirc13:53
thorst_AndyWojo: so your mileage may vary in terms of how that all works.  I think EMC for instance zones to every port (and I think there are like 30-40 ports on the back of a traditional array)13:53
adreznecBy toggling from OPAL to PowerVM mode13:53
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thorst_AndyWojo: One other thing - to use PowerVM you will need to use the 'NovaLink' feature13:54
AndyWojoI mean every type of IBM storafge13:56
AndyWojoI see with Cinder the V7000, XIV, SVC, Flash are all supported13:56
AndyWojowhich is what weh ave13:56
AndyWojothorst_: cool I'll look into NovaLink13:56
thorst_AndyWojo: OK - I think those are pretty solid.  I haven't personally tested each.  Let us know if we can help13:56
thorst_I'd just ask that you fill out the OpenStack survey showing that you are evaluating the driver  :-)13:56
thorst_helps show interest in the driver to the broader community13:56
thorst_(when you get to that point)13:57
AndyWojoSure, where can I do that?13:58
thorst_you need an account (which is good to have for a variety of reasons)13:59
AndyWojoOne thing I'm confused on with FC based storage. Do you map your storage, using Cinder, directly to your storage nodes? Or do you map it to your compute nodes?13:59
AndyWojoGreat, I'll fill that out14:00
thorst_AndyWojo: Well, what Cinder/Nova do is an orchestration.  It will create the volume out in Cinder, zone it (if needed) and then we vSCSI attach it to the VM.  There is also NPIV support, but that can confuse some arrays (though I think IBM's are OK there)14:00
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thorst_typical use case is 'boot from a glance image' which will upload to say a SSP.  Then attach volumes for data storage.14:01
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AndyWojoAh.. gotcha. That makes sense14:04
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openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/networking-powervm: Update requirements/Remove deprecations
AndyWojoI know this probably gets asked a lot. But what can I do as someone who has a lot of POWER hardware in an lab environment to contribute to the PowerVM on OpenStack?15:15
AndyWojoDocumentation? Testing? Bug finding?15:15
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/ceilometer-powervm: Update Requirements
thorst_AndyWojo: we're always looking for new contributors!  So no worries.15:16
thorst_I guess the first question is - what is your interest in OpenStack?  Just learning more for now?15:17
AndyWojoWell, we're trying to break into the consulting space for OpenStack in our area. So I'm the first person to dive into it. We ordered 5-6k worth of servers for a production implementation in our lab to run it for provisioning vms for testing OTHER things.15:19
AndyWojoLearning to be an SME is my start15:19
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thorst_Yeah, and OpenStack definitely has a bit of a learning curve.15:19
AndyWojoI try and help out as many people as I can in #openstack with basic questions people run into... most people have problems with neutron and networking15:20
thorst_AndyWojo: I think the first step is really to familiarize yourself with getting a 'trunk openstack' running15:20
AndyWojoWhich I worked through over several agonzing weeks15:20
AndyWojotrunk openstack?15:20
thorst_AndyWojo: Yeah, neutron is fun.  We actually have some work going on there as well15:20
thorst_Trunk openstack == off the 'master' branch.  The absolute latest15:20
thorst_you can help in many ways though - either development, being a CI provider, contributing to docs, etc...15:21
AndyWojoI think I'll start with documentation. I see a few gaps there.15:22
thorst_And if you start messing with the PowerVM driver and see gaps (which I'm sure are there...) we'd love help there!15:22
thorst_its on our list to do15:22
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AndyWojoSure! I'm a big AIX guy, so I'll just draw comparisons there.15:27
openstackgerritDrew Thorstensen proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Update the requirements to be in line with global
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thorst_esberglu: One thing that adreznec brought up the other day was that you should probably be in the third party CI IRC meetings15:49
thorst_are those on your radar at all?15:49
esbergluYeah I joined the one today15:50
thorst_given that Jenkins is gone...15:50
thorst_I'm a little worried what that means for our CI15:50
adreznecthorst_: Well we'll have to migrate eventually15:50
adreznecIn probably 6 months when Zuulv3 is actually done15:50
thorst_adreznec: yeah, but how to do it smoothly15:50
adreznecI'd defiintely not recommend moving to Zuul2.515:51
esbergluYeah others in that meeting today are waiting for v3 as well15:51
adreznecI imagine that the openstack-ci stuff will be ugpraded15:52
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efriedthorst_: Should allowed_vlans (for explicit VF and for vNIC) default to ALL in pypowervm, or left empty and let the platform assign the default?16:12
thorst_efried: if not passed in, I'd say default to all16:15
efriedthorst_, and should I include that in the vNIC.bld?16:16
thorst_efried: probably, optionally16:16
thorst_OpenStack deployed VMs should always set that I'd think16:16
efriedI imagine VF.bld and VNIC.bld should be pretty similar in those areas.16:16
thorst_to a very specific VLAN16:16
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thorst_efried: congrats on 310923.  Long one coming17:09
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thorst_DVR hates me17:58
efriedNever had one.18:02
adreznecthorst_: Should have gotten a TiVo18:02
thorst_heh...har har har.  Distributed VIrtual Router18:03
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efriedthorst_ (mdrabe): Looking at get_active_vioses and its helpers, thinking this code should all be in pypowervm.  Agree?18:27
efrieduhh, not even seeing anything in that I wouldn't want to move.18:28
mdrabeefried: Yea, I don't think the caller impact is too big18:30
efriedmdrabe, well, I can certainly introduce that code to pypowervm without hurting anyone...18:30
efried...and then rebase nova-powervm's usages of same, likewise.18:31
efriedThereafter, would need to do a deprecation cycle for the nova_powervm incarnation.18:31
efriedWant to get thorst_'s nod before I go do it, though.18:31
mdrabeprolly refactor the validate_vios_ready logic as part of the pypowervm change18:32
efriedMebbe.  Mebbe move first, refactor later.18:36
mdrabeVersioning is no fun, maybe leave the nova-powervm bits in as hooks into pypowervm?18:38
efriedmdrabe, certainly, at least at the beginning of the deprecation cycle.18:39
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thorst_mdrabe: why leave anything in nova-powervm?  I'd say move it all down19:08
thorst_old stuff would still work (mitaka)19:08
thorst_and new stuff would use the new pypowervm stuff (newton)19:08
thorst_I like moving it down19:08
thorst_efried: ^^19:11
thorst_sorry for delay, was in a call19:11
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efriedthorst_, on it.19:14
efriedthorst_, concern with taking public APIs out of nova_powervm is that nova_powervm consumers could conceivably be using 'em.19:14
thorst_I'll check that...but doubtful19:14
thorst_should be self contained.19:14
mdrabethorst_, efried: Was just worried about newer nova-powervm using older pypowervm, but I don't think that's likely to happen. Vice versa is more likely and that's fine in this case19:19
thorst_mdrabe: yeah, newer nova-powervm will be tied to newer pypowervm19:19
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efriedthorst_, connection dropped there for a mo.  Did you answer while I was out?19:40
thorst_efried: answer what?19:41
efriedthorst_, am I allowed to say, "moved from nova_powervm" in my commit message?19:41
efriedOr do I have to pretend this is all newly-conceived code?19:41
thorst_lol...I think its fine19:41
thorst_seroyer: did you still want to test that 'create vswitch on lpm' code?19:44
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seroyerthorst_, I was hoping you would test that for me.  :-)19:54
thorst_seroyer: just do me a favor first...19:54
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thorst_nevermind...  Right as I was about to ask you to do it, the system decided to cooperate19:55
seroyerMy work here is done!19:55
thorst_something is up with my system where it decided to take 5 minutes to start booting the VM19:55
thorst_I'll ping you the system to load the code onto19:55
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thorst_WOOOO - DVR is working!20:03
seroyerthorst_ Yay!20:06
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