Thursday, 2015-01-08

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dougwigcrc32: you need to grab a clean master, rebase it into your topic branch, and then just re-run "git review".00:19
dougwigyour dependency is actually up to date.00:19
crc32git checkout master; git pull; git checkout mybranch;git merge master?00:20
crc32like that dougwig?00:21
openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed stackforge/octavia: Add nsCertType and ExtendedKey usage extensions to CertGenerator
rm_workdougwig: his dependency's dependency is not00:22
crc32oh wait. git rebase master.00:22
rm_workdougwig: the review in question was like the third on a review chain00:22
rm_workand the first two were not up to date... he wouldn't want to pull master into his00:22
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crc32 <- patch in merge conflict.00:26
crc32can I fix it.00:27
crc32its just a one liner thats duplicated00:27
crc32or rather how would I fix it.00:27
dougwigyou can fix that if you want. get a fresh master, cut a topic branch, cherry-pick that in, git review00:28
crc32I don't think I could do the merge conflict my self as only gerrit can do merges.00:28
dougwigno, you can do it locally and push it up.00:28
dougwigi can do it quick if it's blocking you, but it sounds like a good thing for you to take a crack at. :)00:29
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crc32yea I want to try to fix it. I don't understand the cut a topic branch though00:30
rm_workthere are several ways to do it00:31
rm_workthat is one00:31
rm_workbut you don't have to00:31
crc32but I'm confused. It doesn't look like any of the commits in my dependency chain touch the loadbalancer_db file.00:31
rm_workyeah i do not get a merge conflict there00:32
rm_workhe might just need to click the "rebase" button on it again00:32
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dougwigclicking rebase isn't an option if you don't own the review. but anyone can do a manual merge/update00:33
rm_workat which point my guess is that it'll all trickle down the chain and be fine00:33
crc32it looks like it says its conflicted with but patchset 12 was already merged00:33
rm_workright, brandon needs to do it00:33
rm_workit's not crc32's problem00:33
dougwigrm_work: nope, not if you do it locally.00:33
rm_workdougwig: yeah but i would just let brandon do it00:33
rm_workit's not like his review will go in before that one00:34
rm_workhe's stuck behind it anyway, let brandon fix his own review :P00:34
dougwigunless he's blocked, in which case i'm sure it's a nonsense conflict.00:34
dougwigsheesh, we have talked about this longer than it'd take to fix.  :)00:34
rm_workyeah but it's also a WIP00:35
rm_workif either of us upload the fixed review, it'd wipe that until brandon got online again :P00:35
xgermandougwig that's why we never get anyhting done :-)00:35
rm_workwhich is why i'd just wait and let brandon do it :P00:35
rm_workwe should all nag him about it, of course00:35
openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Implement synchronous haproxy driver methods
dougwigtook <60 seconds.00:35
rm_worknow it's not WIP00:36
rm_workyeah, i had it done 5 minutes ago, but i didn't want to mess with his review :P00:36
dougwigyou were saying it's not WIP?  :)00:36
dougwiglook again00:36
dougwighe lives to be messed with.00:36
xgermanI might need the same to kae my vpn review work00:37
dougwigsomeone want to do it for 144832 as a learning experiment?00:37
rm_workdougwig: there's no real reason to bother with doing a new branch00:37
rm_workI essentially do the same thing but with one less line :P00:38
dougwigcopying the topic branch from the review keeps the Topic in gerrit identical to the original submitter.00:38
dougwigit's not required, but i like to mess with as little as possible.00:38
crc32so now I do the same thing?00:40
dougwigyep, but use the topic and cherry-pick from 144832 instead.00:40
rm_workyou can... again, i don't see a reason to be in a hurry00:40
rm_workif you really feel like taking over his commit :P00:40
dougwigafter that, you'll be able to just hit the rebase button in your review.00:40
rm_workI generally let people handle their own stuff00:40
dougwigrm_work: the gerrit owner and author stay as the original.  being the committer confers *nothing*.  no free pass, no stackalytics, no nothing.  :)00:40
dougwigi'd rather see people move forward than sit around waiting.  hell, blogan rebased one of my patches yesterday.00:41
rm_workyeah, i still feel like it's rude to take action on other people's commits though00:41
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dougwig_the_rudethat's me.00:41
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rm_workto be fair, rebasing is probably the least impacting00:42
rm_workso long as there actually isn't any conflict00:42
dougwigsbalukoff: what happened to octavia's docs job? or did it never have one?00:43
dougwigrm_work: if i or someone else is blocked, and a simple rebase is in the way, you can be guaranteed that i'll be rude every single time.00:43
crc32what branch where you on when you did "git pull"?00:43
dougwignot that i consider it rude.00:43
dougwigcrc32: master00:44
xgermanyou can keep your handle00:45
xgermanblogan would say it's the true doug :-)00:45
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pattabiin devstack, the db tables for the v2 data model are not getting created ... any pointers/help on this would be really helpful00:49
dougwigpattabi: the patch for that went in yesterday. when is the last time you refreshed your devstack?00:51
pattabii did today afternoon00:51
dougwighmm, that's not good. and you have q-lbaas in your conf file?00:52
pattabiactually, i did not refresh devstack .. i only refreshed the neutron and neutron-lbaas.00:52
johnsomrm_work: I see your confusion on the controller spec.  I have commented here: see if that aligns with your thinking.  Jorge should get an comment notification.00:52
pattabii will clean up the devstack completely and try to reinstall from scratch one more time and get in touch with you if i still face the issue00:53
openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Rename array of LB constants to better align with usage
openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Implement managers for synchronous haproxy driver
crc32Did I do that one right?00:57
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dougwigcrc32: is your Common TLS Utilities review the same as the "New common util module for TLS Certificate management" review from the neutron feature branch?01:04
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crc32dougwig it was intended to be moved over from neutron -01:05
crc32neutron -> neutron-lbaas01:05
crc32so I guess it should be abandoned in neutron01:05
dougwigright, i'm just accounting for all of the abandoned reviews.01:05
dougwigsubject line changed, but that's the same one?01:05
crc32can you send me the neutron change request URL?01:06
crc32so I can verify?01:06
crc32thats the tricky part.01:07
crc32142915 only has the cert_parser functions we still need to move over the barbican get_cert delete_cert and store_cert methods.01:08
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dougwiglooks like adam is the original author.  can you or adam take on moving the rest of it?01:09
crc32yes we talked about that today. I still need to discuss with him who's migrating the code.01:10
openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Common TLS utilities
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openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed stackforge/octavia: Common TLS utilies
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openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed stackforge/octavia: Common TLS utilies
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openstackgerritXu Han Peng proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add subnet extra routes to lbaas namespace
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sbalukoffdougwig: I know we have a tox docs task, but I don't think we have anything in CI which actually builds documentation that gets put online somewhere.02:09
sbalukoffI thought that was a privilege reserved for, you know, projects that are in the OpenStack canon. But I could be wrong about that.02:10
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
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blogani am back04:02
blogansorry i missed some of that crc3204:02
bloganyou get it sorted out?04:02
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bloganjohnsom: ping04:04
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: HaProxy reference driver implementation
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: HaProxy reference driver implementation
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: HaProxy reference driver implementation
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rm_workwhen is the neutron-lbaas midcycle meetup again>17:05
rm_workLinuxJedi: I actually like protobuf a lot, but I think we're trying to follow the "OpenStack Way" for this, for better or for worse… though since the use of JSON you're talking about is completely internal and everything is controlled by the operator, I think most concerns don't really apply -- it should be fine17:21
rm_work(just catching up on Octavia emails from the holidays)17:21
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rm_workwas down? :( I guess it is up now, but it's sad if it was down17:21
rm_workalso lol sbalukoff: "Please also note that this is a fruitless discussion: Nobody working on Octavia is interested in going back on the months of discussion, design, and work we've done on Octavia" sounds exactly like what happened when all of us walked into a certain neutron-lbaas meeting when we started all of this T_T17:23
rm_workvery deja-vu17:23
xgermanwell, sbalukoff quenches all dissenters17:23
rm_workwhere is LinuxJedi located? I remember talking with him when you guys were all on the libra team … but is he remote from everyone else at HP on this project? seems like getting together in person with one of the 6-8 other HP people working on octavia might be useful if possible :P17:24
xgermanhe is in London but moved to some more R than D team in HP17:25
rm_workerr, about to head out to lunch/errand, back in a while17:25
LinuxJediwell, I'm a few hours away from London17:25
sballerm_work: Also remember HP is big and not all group will have the same goals.17:25
LinuxJediI think the last count for HP was 250,000 employees.  Several overlaps in different departments.17:26
rm_worksballe: yes :(17:26
rm_workLinuxJedi: yeah but I remembered you guys were on the same team before, figured you might be locationally similar :P17:27
rm_workguess not17:27
LinuxJedino, I used to run the Libra team when I was in HP Cloud (Helion).  Myself and several others spun up a new department which is only very loosly related to cloud17:28
rm_workha, nice, got your own department now17:28
LinuxJediwell, Brian Aker runs it, but yea, it is a small department with a lot of freedom17:28
rm_workwhat makes you guys interested in Octavia now?17:29
rm_workif you're not part of Helion17:29
rm_workhave a use for something like it internally?17:29
LinuxJediI won't actually know until next week, jut that Brian is thinking of using it as a part of an upcoming project so asked me to find out as much as I can for meetings next week17:29
rm_workalright, feel free to ignore me if it's top secret classified info :P17:29
LinuxJedilol!  You now know about as much as I do right now :)17:30
a2hillrm_work, it was 'down' because of a failure of pep8 :P17:30
rm_workstupid pep817:30
a2hillThen i brought it down trying to test out graphviz versions ><17:30
LinuxJedithe last 6 months or so I've been working on high performance database connectors so I've been out of touch with a lot of things :)17:30
rm_workoh, right, i said i was going to lunch -- err, bbl17:31
rm_workbut yeah, IRC is probably the easiest place to get answers, over the mailing list17:31
* rm_work scurries off17:31
LinuxJedicool, will note that for future :)17:31
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dougwigmorning all17:57
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openstackgerritPauline Yeung proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Block subnet gateway IP to be used as LB VIP
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
xgerman^^ proposal-bot -- OpenStack is self aware and self modifying...18:53
dougwiga2hill: just confirming that you or carlos are going to re-propose all of this change to the new repo?18:53
dougwiga2hill: and are you re-proposing this one?18:53
a2hillthe above?18:54
a2hillyea, thats been done18:54
a2hilli believe18:54
a2hillim not sure about the tls utils stuff18:55
dougwigdid you merge two commits, because there was also a review with that subject in the feature branch (there were two)18:55
a2hillyea, it was moved a couple times18:56
dougwigahh, yes, the common tis was a question for rm_work and carlos.18:56
dougwigok, i'll mark both of those as moved/dealt with.  thanks.18:57
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rm_workdougwig: there's half of the TLS work that might need to be ported still to neutron-lbaas20:23
rm_workdougwig: but it depends somewhat on the velocity of the Castellan project20:23
rm_workdougwig: I'm planning to start on it today probably, put it in review WIP, and then find out next week whether I should just abandon it in favor of Castellan integration or not20:24
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dougwigrm_work: what is castellan?20:45
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rm_workdougwig: essentially what I was writing previously, but now it's official and in its own project20:50
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xgermanrm_work: documentation->Not Found21:26
rm_workyeah possibly21:26
rm_workthe repo JUST got merged recently21:27
rm_workThe one-liner description is the important part21:27
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rm_workI'm the one writing the spec for the certificate part, so I'm not worried about it being good for our use-case :P21:27
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rm_workugh, slight changes to and it just looks horrible now T_T22:07
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openstackgerritmin wang proposed stackforge/octavia: amphora driver interface v0.5 changes
dougwigrm_work: when will you know which direction we take? if castellan (good job, btw) might not make kilo, or even kilo-2, we might want a workable prototype code in place for people to be working with/testing.22:23
rm_workdougwig: yeah, I will find out more Monday22:25
rm_workit's possible we'll make a big push during the Barbican meetup in Feb (the week after our meetup)22:25
dougwigwhat's missing from lbaas v2 right now for working terminated_https support?22:26
rm_workbut like I said, I'll try to get the alternative ready in a WIP review in case it looks like it won't make Kilo22:26
rm_workthe second half of the TLS code, basically22:26
rm_workwhich was in the review on the old branch, but when we did the new repo, carlos split out his half and I need to do my half still22:26
rm_workWas looking at fixing / controller.rst but I think I will prioritize that right now22:27
rm_workerr, I will prioritize TLS, and switch to that presently22:27
johnsomrm_work What changes are you thinking for the controller.rst?22:28
rm_workjohnsom: API Manager shouldn't need to communicate with the DB (so remove that line)22:29
rm_workand API Manager should have a link directly to Deploy Worker (which should either be a different color or shape, to highlight the fact that it is just shared code / thread, not a daemon)22:30
rm_workand the text needs to be updated to reflect that Deploy Worker will be responsible for CUD, not just C22:30
rm_workAPI Manager is just a thin layer that pulls from the queue and schedules22:30
rm_work(either with TaskFlow directly or not, doesn't really matter)22:31
rm_workper jorgem's comments yesterday on the merged review22:31
johnsomYeah, I commented on that.  I will make an update.22:32
jorgemjohnsom: oh yeah I put another comment today :)22:32
rm_workok, you'll handle it?22:32
rm_workthen I don't have to worry about this stupid graphviz issue where it shifts everything around to look absolutely horrible? :P22:32
johnsomYeah, I was just waiting for all of the feedback to come in.  I think blogan wanted to comment too22:32
rm_workk, jorgem told me to take a look at it today but I am perfectly happy to leave it to you22:33
rm_workso I can concentrate on the remainder of my TLS work22:33
johnsomWell, since you mentioned graphviz....  What is up with it?22:33
rm_workI already tried making said changes, and it looks... hideous22:33
rm_workit shifts everything around so the lines are all ridiculous22:34
rm_workit's just... bad22:34
johnsomI will take a look and hate it more as well22:34
bloganjohnsom: i have no other comments left, jorgem can now ask for himself22:38
johnsomOk, cool22:38
rm_workhmm there's no neutron_lbaas/common ? >_>22:39
a2hillthere is22:40
a2hilllooks like there is after carlos' commit22:40
rm_workyeah I guess I'll do my work on top of his22:40
openstackgerritmin wang proposed stackforge/octavia: amphora driver interface v0.5 changes
a2hillis this for the get_container stuffs?22:41
rm_workthat interface and the implementation22:45
a2hillguess im curious where the work is that the TLS extention/reference impl is waiting on to retrieve the container22:46
rm_workyeah, this22:46
rm_workbut to you it isn't a "container", it's just a "cert"22:47
a2hillwhats the cert_ref is that the container_id?22:47
a2hillah, kk cool22:48
a2hillI forget, is the driver responsible for storing the cert or is that done further up? its been a while22:50
*** apuimedo has quit IRC22:51
dougwigthe driver.22:52
dougwigneutron lbaas just stores the barbican id22:52
a2hillbut if it has a barbican_id did it not store it already?22:52
a2hillsorry, can ignore these questions, ill have to dig back into it all22:53
sbalukoffJust call me the dissenter crusher.23:03
sbalukoffOr quencher.23:03
a2hillyoure a horrible person sbalukoff23:04
sbalukoffThank you.23:04
a2hillIn either case you are less horrible then blogan, so i dont know if thats a win for you or not23:05
a2hilloh, hahah, is blogan even in here? Hes so bad even his computer gave up on him23:05
bloganive hobbled in23:05
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rm_worka2hill: neutron-lbaas stores tls_certificate_id in the DB, the driver is responsible for pulling it from Barbican and passing it to the haproxy system23:20
rm_workor, it should be23:20
rm_workI am not sure what state we left the interface in23:20
rm_workpossibly right now the driver interface expects the cert to be passed directly? but that is not what we want to do23:20
a2hillyea, that makes sense, i think i asked the wrong questions at first23:20
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dougwigi'm apparently very rude, so where does that put me on the horrible scale?23:39
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