Wednesday, 2014-08-20

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vjay5anyone around?01:45
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vjay5I am trying to use LbaasPluginDbTestCase.loadbalancer while developing testcases for netscaler driver. And I am getting the following error01:46
vjay5  File "neutron/tests/unit/", line 423, in _make_subnet01:46
vjay5    raise webob.exc.HTTPClientError(code=res.status_int)01:46
vjay5HTTPClientError: The server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect.01:46
vjay5LbaasPluginDbTestCase was introduced as part of 105610 by brandon01:48
vjay5blogan: u t?01:49
bloganvjay5: hey01:49
bloganis this a netscaler driver test?01:50
bloganor you're just running existing tests?01:50
vjay5netscaler driver test01:50
vjay5I am running it specifically like tox -e py27
blogancan you link me some code?01:53
vjay5ok. let me upload to gerrit what I have.01:54
bloganyou can pastebin it too if you want01:54
bloganbut gerrit will be fine01:54
bloganwhatever is easiest for you01:54
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vjay5brandon: updated please check
vjay5line no: 12302:24
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vjay5blogan: updated the review.02:25
vjay5the unit test is failing at line 123 of
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cikoI am doing some research on OpenStack LBaaS currently to get an overview of what is possible. Is there some kind of list of available plugins for LBaas? I already found haproxy, the F5 Plugin and there seems to be some work done with LVS.09:57
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jschwarzsbalukoff, blogan, can we possibly discuss at the Octavia meeting today?14:23
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rm_workciko: LBaaS is currently undergoing major changes15:15
rm_workciko: there exists an haproxy driver now, but it is not recommended for production use, I believe (it's just supposed to be a reference implementation)15:15
rm_workciko: some plugins are available directly from the code tree, here:
rm_work(embrane, netscaler, radware)15:17
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bloganjschwarz: we should save that discussion for tomorrow in the neutron lbaas meeting15:31
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bloganvjay5: you around?15:54
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vjay5hi blogan15:54
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vjay5blogan: hi15:57
blogansent an email to the ML about your issue15:58
bloganif it doesn't explain it thoroughly let me know15:59
vjay5blogan: i think you are referring to yesterday's issue. i had figured out that15:59
bloganoh damnit15:59
vjay5i dont face that issue any more15:59
vjay5this is a new one :-)15:59
vjay5please refer to the pastebin16:00
vjay5but many thanks for looking into it16:00
bloganill look into this one16:01
vjay5for some reason loadbalancer is not cleaning up the ports which it created.16:02
vjay5because of that subnet didnt get deleted.16:02
vjay5i got the error "One or more ports have an IP allocation from this subnet"16:03
bloganare you calling the db.delete_loadbalancer in your driver?16:04
cikorm_work: Its just research, no production use intended. thx for the links.16:04
bloganvjay5: is that test in the pastbin completing? and the next test fails because the loadbalancer is not deleted?16:06
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dougwigciko: there are also brocade and a10 drivers in gerrit, and f5 has a private driver.16:14
dougwigmorning all16:15
rm_workah yeah forgot about A10 THUNDER16:16
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sbalukoffMorning folks!16:17
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bloganthunder cats!16:22
vjayblogan: mornin. I made the unit test case work by setting delete=False for network,  subnet and loadbalancer.  Meanwhile if you find an answer let me know.16:26
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bloganvjay: were you deleting the loadbalancer in your driver?16:27
bloganvjay: could you push your updated code up when you get a chance?16:30
vjayGood question. It was doing delete similar to no-op driver. I will upload code to gerrit16:30
dougwigrm_work: i do deserve as much mockery as you wish for that, even if i don't control marketing.16:38
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vjayblogan: it was an understanding problem. I had set loadbalncer to no_delete and subnet to delete. Obviously loadbalancer dint clean up the ports so subnet delete failed.16:47
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rm_workohai, whoever is editing the etherpad in yellow :P17:29
* rm_work watches you type17:29
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sbalukoffEr... are all the colors the same for each user?18:01
sbalukoffI'm saying: That's probably me. XD18:01
dougwigit's easy to tell who's sbalukoff.  assertions presented as statements of fact.  :)18:06
dougwigif you click on the person icon on the etherpad, you can put your name with your color.18:25
sbalukoffxgerman: Are you WTFing at Kyle's name being on there or something else?18:28
xgermanGBP and Kyle18:28
dougwigkyle works for noiro, which is a group based policy company.  i didn't think that was a secret.18:29
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xgermandougwig, I didn't know that. But that makes that Neutron GBP stuff smell even more than it was...18:40
bloganwell if it was sanctioned by the community, and the community approved it then it should go in (though obvioulsy there are doubts now, so its gong into the incubator)18:41
dougwigi noticed kyle conspicuously staying out of that debate18:41
bloganim glad he did, at least he wasn't pushing hard for it to get in18:43
xgermanyeah, him staying out is good18:44
dougwig23% user, 77% idle19:04
dougwig3000k used19:04
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jschwarzhey guys :)19:48
dougwigjschwarz: hiya19:51
sbalukoffThanks, dougwig!19:53
jschwarzOctavia meeting in a few, right?19:53
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bloganill be in a second19:59
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roharasame hangout url?20:02
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rm_workhmm, I was invited to join the HP Hellion Developer Network :P20:40
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roharasbalukoff: my mic was not working today, but i tried to chime in about getting involed with something20:52
sbalukoffrohara! Awesome!20:52
sbalukoffIf you want to put your name next to something in the etherpad, or respond to the meeting minutes e-mail that Trevor will send out, that would be great!20:53
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sbalukoffDid you have something in particular in mind that you wanted to do?20:53
roharano. nothing specific. still getting up to speed, but i suppose i just need to dive-in to something20:55
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bloganrohara: we're all in a dive-in point right now as well, not much coding has happened with octavia so far21:06
roharablogan: right. meant more like investigating some aspect of the current proposal, etc.21:07
bloganrohara: oh yeah, there's 3 proposals, but yeah we're just focusing on 0.5 for now21:09
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xgerman@mestery announces new Neutron Incubator for @OpenStack #linuxcon #cloudopen
bloganI felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.21:44
dougwigcan someone msg me trevor's email.  i managed to lose it already.21:51
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rm_workfffff, cache invalidation22:43
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