Wednesday, 2019-03-13

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openstackgerritGhanshyam Mann proposed openstack/keystone master: Migrate keystone-dsvm-grenade-multinode job to Ubuntu Bionic
openstackgerritGhanshyam Mann proposed openstack/keystone master: Migrate keystone-dsvm-grenade-multinode job to Ubuntu Bionic
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eandersson_Why would a trust show up in list, but not show?07:14
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openstackgerritChason Chan proposed openstack/keystone master: Fix the incorrect release name of project guide
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vishakhacmurphy: Regarding your patch We havn't compact the db migrations from long run. Is there any specific reason for it?10:37
cmurphyvishakha: we don't compact them, we keep them there in case we need to backport a migration between releases so that it would run before the next release10:40
vishakhacmurphy: We can compact till EOL releases. Cant we?10:41
cmurphyvishakha: we could but I'm not sure what the benefit is? plus EOL is subjective now that we have extended maintenance branches10:42
vishakhacmurphy: the benefit is that we can remove placeholders and empty migrations.10:45
cmurphyvishakha: but we can't change the version numbers so we still end up with empty gaps10:48
vishakhacmurphy: Could you please elaborate why we cant change version numbers10:50
cmurphyvishakha: that would break the database of running deployments, all deployments store the current migration version number and can only go up from there10:51
vishakhacmurphy:  I saw cinder do the same migrations . I am not sure whether they face the same issue as they do migrations quite often after few releases.11:24
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cmurphyvishakha: looks like they control the initial version with the INIT_VERSION constant and they re-set that to the latest version before compacting11:38
cmurphywe don't have anything like that, but no reason we couldn't afaict11:38
vishakhacmurphy: ok . That means if we want we can also achieve by resetting version11:40
cmurphyvishakha: i think so11:41
vishakhacmurphy: ok thanks11:44
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mlozaHello, how can I get the domain context menu to show up in the default domain?14:53
mlozai'm login as admin14:54
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erushello knikolla o/16:29
knikollahi erus!16:32
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lbragstadquick update on the system-scope and default roles patches with tempest16:43
lbragstadwe need and to merge before we can get into keystone16:43
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erushow are you? knikolla16:45
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eanderssonWe have had a few fun issues with Trusts.16:54
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eanderssonThe most common issue is that a user has a trust, but it gets a role removed for some reason. This invalidates the trust permanently.16:54
eanderssonAnother issue was a role id changing (by mistake usually)16:54
eanderssonAnd this causes clusters owned by that user to be permanently broken (e.g. Senlin or Magnum).16:55
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eanderssonWhat is the intended scenario to recover from the above?16:56
eandersson1) delete and re-create the trust, but how is a service like Senlin supposed to handle this?16:56
eanderssonIs Senlin supposed to re-create it automatically, as Senlin created it in the first place.16:57
eanderssonOr is Senlin supposed to expose an api to allow the user to create a new trust for the cluster?16:57
eandersson2) Is Senlin supposed to always mimic the users exact roles? if Senlin always created a trust with only _member_, this is much less likely to happen (and maybe allows you to add additional roles on demand?)16:57
eanderssonmaybe lbragstad ^ ?17:07
lbragstadeandersson well - trusts are immutable17:09
lbragstadso updating them when roles changes isn't going to be possible17:09
eanderssonFor sure17:09
lbragstadSenlin is the thing creating the trust, right?17:09
lbragstadis Senlin the trustee or the trustor?17:10
lbragstader - the senlin user17:10
eanderssonTrustor would be my user17:12
lbragstadso the user creates the trust and gives it to senlin?17:12
eanderssonAnd for the life of that auto-scaling group that trust will be used.17:12
lbragstadand the root of the issue is that the user has a role assignment change which invalidates the trust?17:13
lbragstadso - one thing you could try, is to use a specific role in the trust that only allows senlin to do what it needs to do17:14
lbragstad(i'd need to dig into the trusts implementation - but i know application credentials will validate the role during usage)17:14
lbragstadso - if the user always have the role required for senlin to do its thing, then the application credential at least will remain valid17:15
lbragstadregardless of other assignments changing for that user17:15
eanderssonMy initial thinking would be to always only give the trust, _member_17:15
eanderssonbut how would Senlin know if the user needs SwiftOp or admin?17:16
eanderssonBecause we don't want to prevent a admin user from creating a cluster etc, but at the same time there is no garunatee that an admin will always have admin.17:16
lbragstadright - i guess that depends on what senlin is doing on behalf of the user?17:18
eanderssonProbably never anything requiring admin, or even swift (at this time).17:18
eanderssonbut apparently has the concept of network_delete, but not sure when it would ever need to do that17:19
lbragstadsure - those are also going to be dependent on whatever the policy is for those services17:19
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lbragstad(i'm assuming defaults, but that might not be the case and could vary per deployment)17:20
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lbragstadthis might be a bit clunky... but17:21
lbragstadone option would be for a user to be notified prior to a role assignment change17:21
lbragstad(e.g., you're going to have admin removed from project X in 3 days)17:21
lbragstadthen they have the opportunity to create a new application credential that excludes the admin role and they can give that to senlin instead17:22
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lbragstad(in a gracefully rotation kind-of-way)17:22
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lbragstadjust tried it locally and if i create a trust, then remove a role from the trustor, i can't fetch the trust anymore17:29
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dtruongyes, that's what we encountered17:29
lbragstadactually - i can?17:29
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dtruongnvm, you can fetch the trust17:30
dtruongbut any operations using that trust do not work anymore17:30
lbragstadcorrect - which seems like weird UX17:31
eanderssonwe are brb =]17:33
lbragstad app creds do that automatically17:33
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kmalloc*cough* anyone have lots of experience with etcd?18:24
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kmallocas in, anyone know where etcd gets grumpy with data changing18:25
kmallochmm. probably the wrong tool for the job18:27
zaneblbragstad: if you have a moment, could you provide some clarification on!/story/1701498#comment-118387 ? (re: trusts with impersonation=True and allow_redelegation=True)18:27
lbragstadsure - i can take a look in a bit18:28
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kmallocok we have a security (open / public) concern i'll be filing a bug against oslo.cache, keystone, and KSM for.18:29
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kmallocit's not (directly/easily) exploitable, but potentially could cause horrible UX for everyone if caching is enabled and has security concerns18:30
kmallocthis might be the force to move to pymemcache.18:30
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kmalloclbragstad, cmurphy, ayoung, hrybacki: (ayoung/hrybacki that came from our convo yesterday)18:44
openstackLaunchpad bug 1819957 in oslo.cache "Caching with stale data when a server disconnects due to network partition and reconnects" [Undecided,New]18:44
kmalloccc bnemec ^18:44
ayoungkmalloc, ++18:45
kmallocand this is going to need stable backports.18:45
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hrybackiand downstream backports kmalloc **double sigh**18:55
bnemecSounds like a job for Delegationman! ;-)18:56
bnemeckmalloc: So you're working on the fix?18:56
bnemecI just commented on the bug.18:56
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kmallocbnemec: yeah19:10
kmallocnot sure who else can really do so.19:11
kmallocbnemec: hberaud might be able to, but really it's a small fix and i'm already going to be doing a massive amount of ... stuff for the pymemcache thing(s)19:11
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bnemeckmalloc: Yeah, works for me. We'll scrounge up some other cores to get it approved.19:13
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bnemecApparently that's not a co-owned library though. :-/19:13
kmallocbnemec: that is probably because no one wants to do caching work.19:16
kmallocand it gets done incorrectly a lot19:16
kmallocbnemec: a single-core approval for oslo.cache is fine IMO19:17
bnemeckmalloc: After what I saw digging into that eventlet/memcache pool bug I don't blame them. :-P19:17
bnemeckmalloc: Yeah, that's always an option. Especially if the patch submitter is a core.19:18
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: trivial: fix broken link in trust API reference
lbragstadzaneb in need to do some more digging on the trust impersonation + redelegation bits19:54
lbragstadi remember seeing something somewhere (a bug perhaps) that eluded to the two not working well together - or being a massive foot gun19:54
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rm_workcmurphy: I think is slightly off, commented. Thanks for taking this one though :thumbsup:21:23
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openstackgerritjessegler proposed openstack/oslo.policy master: Corrects tox.ini snippet to point to config file
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