Thursday, 2018-12-27

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openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/keystone master: Add openstack_groups to assertion
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openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/keystone master: Add openstack_groups to assertion
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Use renamed template 'integrated-gate-py3'
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erusHello :)14:53
erusIs anybody there? :p14:55
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lbragstaderus o/15:00
erusHi, how are you?15:00
lbragstadi'm doing well, how are you?15:02
erusI'm fine, but dying of heat, it's so hot right now15:03
erusI'm in a coffee shop, i can't stay at home haha15:05
lbragstadyou can come shovel snow with me if you like15:06
erusI don't have see the snow yet :)15:06
erusI hope one day xD15:06
erusWhere are you from?15:07
lbragstadFargo, North Dakota15:07
erusOh great!15:08
erusVenezuela :)15:08
lbragstadoh - nice15:08
erusBut actually not living there15:09
erusI left home about 1 year ago15:09
lbragstadah - where are you located now?15:10
erusBuenos Aires15:10
erusYay, i don't like it so much really15:10
erusThe weather is very humid haha15:13
erusSo, i've been working with devstack and keystone and and trying to understand everything but it has been a little overwhelming15:15
lbragstadis there something in particular you have a question about?15:17
erusYes i have some questions15:17
lbragstadwell - i have a pretty open schedule today, so feel free to ask away15:18
erusThanks :D15:18
erusWell, first, i tried to launch an instance but it failed when i attached a volume, without a volume it launch without problems15:19
erusBut i can't access to the vm neither ping or ssh15:19
erusI configured the security group and all of that but don't know whats happening15:20
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lbragstadso the first problem sounds like something might be wrong with cinder, or how it's configured15:20
lbragstadare you booting from volume?15:20
lbragstador just trying to attach a volume?15:21
erusMy steps were: create a new flavor, image, networks and then launch the instance selecting the volume option there15:22
erusAnd the keypair15:22
erusBut it said that failed with status error15:22
lbragstadok - so you are booting from a volume then15:22
lbragstaddid you check the cinder logs on boot?15:23
erusBut when i do the same but without selecting the volume option it launches15:23
erusDon't know how to check the cinder logs :/15:23
erusI'm not very familiar with all the services yet15:24
lbragstadno worries - you should be able to use journalctl to check logs15:25
lbragstaddevstack uses systemd - so if you're familiar with that at all, that might help15:26
erusOk ok i will check that15:26
lbragstad tells you how you can query logs for a service15:26
erusDo i have to set in somewhwere logs = True or something like that?15:27
erusOr it is enable by default?15:27
lbragstadwell - each service has a configuration file15:27
erusOk ok15:27
lbragstadbut devstack might set debug on some of those service automatically15:28
lbragstadbut ``sudo journalctl -f -a --unit devstack@c-*`` will actually give you the logs for all cinder services15:28
lbragstadc-api, c-vol, c-sch15:28
lbragstadc-api is the cinder API process, c-vol is the process managing the storage itself, and c-sch is the process figuring out how to handle scheduling requests (e.g., give me a 50 GB volume)15:29
lbragstadbut - if you only wanted the logs for a specific cinder service, you could do ``sudo journalctl -f -a --unit devstack@c-api``15:30
erusOh i see, got it :) i'll try that15:33
erusAnother thing is about using curl to access the keystone API15:34
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lbragstad(fwiw - the oslo.log library, which is used by most openstack services, exposes additional configuration options for tweaking log output, like debug, or special formatting options)15:35
erusDo i have to set port 5000 in the local.conf? I mean, when i try to get the access token it says failed to connect to port 500015:36
lbragstadyou can see some of that in this sample configuration file for cinder under the oslo.conf section
lbragstaddid you just run a plain devstack installation?15:37
erusOk i'll check that to thanks15:37
lbragstadif you just ran devstack, you should see output when finishes telling you where your keystone endpoint is15:38
erusYes, i follow the steps in
erusAnd just add the 4 password to the local.conf nothing else15:38
erusYes i can access to the dashboard, the default por is 8015:39
erusBut not sure how to use curl to access the keystone API15:40
erusAnd how to get a token and so on15:40
lbragstadfor example - that is where my keystone endpoint is15:41
erusI was trying to follow the colleen post about setting up keystone with an external identity provider but i couldn't15:41
lbragstadfor example, i can authenticate directly against the keystone API using...15:42
erusOh i understand now, i thought i need to use port 5000 and not where my keystone endpoint was, i was confused15:44
lbragstadyeah - it doesn't matter which port you use15:44
lbragstadbut it is configurable due to some legacy requirements of when keystone used to support a v2.0 API15:45
lbragstadtheoretically, it can run on port 80 or 44315:45
erusOk ok got it15:46
lbragstad tries to explain some of that history15:46
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erusI'm in trying to create federation resources in keystone15:53
erusBut when i attempt to use curl it says that could not resolve host, not sure if i'm missing something15:54
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lbragstadyou can use the clients to do that, too15:55
lbragstadas opposed to using curl directly15:55
erusNot sure how15:58
lbragstadcolleen is using python-openstackclient in her blog post15:59
lbragstaddevstack will install it for you16:02
erusThere is a link the she send to me but its not working, it throw a 40416:08
lbragstadthat section of the documentation was recently refactored16:09
lbragstadyou can find the new version here -
erusOk thanks, i saw it16:10
erusWell i'll try to set up devstack with an external identity provider16:11
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Update doc with
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