Friday, 2018-10-05

openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/keystone master: Avoid using dict.get() in assertions
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vishakhakmalloc : Ok. I think I should wait for the controller to be removed then. Thanks.00:23
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kmallocvishakha: might be easier00:35
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tbharathkmalloc, Hi01:03
kmalloctbharath: hello01:05
tbharatham novice in ssl area. If I want to make openstack SSL based, is it enough to make keystone alone https or we have to make all services https based?01:05
kmalloci recommend TLS for all services01:05
kmallocthe use of bearer tokens means that if someone can sniff the traffic, the could collect and use your token to perform actions on your behalf01:06
kmallocSSL/TLS for everything is the best bet.01:06
tbharathokay ... is there a documentation to make Queens setup TLS based?01:07
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vishakhakmalloc, cmurphy : According to the follow up comment for adding  'date' for purging flush, I have uploaded a new patch set
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone-specs master: fix tox python3 overrides
openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.limit master: Use openstackdocstheme for documentation
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paiboinariteshI was checking this document
paiboinariteshThere hare several sections in this page with heading "What’s New ....."09:46
paiboinariteshhow to know which version belongs to which openstack release , for example what is the version for keystone in Ocata release in that page09:47
paiboinariteshcan any please share information on this topic09:47
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kmallocvishakha: ++ nice!09:59
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cmurphypaiboinaritesh: I don't have a great answer but those numbers correspond to the version number that will be returned when you query the version API, e.g. GET http://keystone/v3 so if you know you have ocata then you can see what API version it reports10:04
cmurphykmalloc: good morning10:04
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paiboinaritesh@cmurphy I am comparing API changes between openstack releases. Like what has changed b/w mitaka and newton ...b/w newton and ocata . So I was wondering what could be the best way to know that10:10
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kmalloccmurphy: Allo. 3am... And I am toooooo awake.10:25
kmalloccmurphy: :)10:25
openstackgerritColleen Murphy proposed openstack/keystone master: Add release names to api-ref
paiboinariteshcmurphy: Thank you10:37
cmurphypaiboinaritesh: yw10:38
openstackgerritColleen Murphy proposed openstack/keystone master: Add 3.11 summary to api-ref
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystonemiddleware master: Respect delay_auth_decision when Keystone is unavailable
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Use templates for cover and lower-constraints
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Import legacy keystoneclient-dsvm-functional
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ayoungcmurphy, so, I realize I was using the  the Hardcore definition of capabilities, as opposed to POSIX/Linux definition of Capabilites.
ayoungWhat we are proposing is a lot like the Posix one, so I propose we call the URLs capability and capabilities and drop the templates.15:59
ayoungso instead of "capability_template": {  we would have "capability": {15:59
ayoungand so on.  We can update the spec, and simplify the impl.  Work for you?16:00
cmurphyayoung: the template part is because there are substitutions in the strings16:03
cmurphyayoung: joining a meeting right now, might be in and out16:03
ayoungcmurphy, yeah.   I was thinking about that, though, and I think I've come to the conclusion that the templated form is what matches the posix defintion16:04
ayounglike, that is what you we can drop the template from it, as that is just an implementation detail.  Make sense?16:04
ayoungI think I originally stuck the term template in there when we were talking routes, and that was a template object16:05
ayoungwhereas here...I think we can go simpler.16:05
cmurphyayoung: my other worry is the name "capability" is a pretty overloaded word, if we change the endpoint name to /v3/capabilities then we conflict with this idea
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ayoungcmurphy, I think that is the same idea16:16
ayoungcmurphy, these capabilities would be from other services.   Those would explicitly be the ones from keystone16:17
ayoungbut...I see your concern.  We use the good url there16:17
ayoungcmurphy, somehow I don't think lbrags is going to be in any state to discuss it any time soon16:18
cmurphyayoung: i guess you're right it's sort of the same thing16:18
cmurphyayoung: agreed on that, but would be good to be forward-thinking16:19
cmurphyayoung: there's also the other type of capabilities as in what features are enabled for a service16:19
ayoungcmurphy, yeah.  I'm not sure that we should use the terms interchangably, but if we are going to use it in the "enabled" sense, we should change it for the "permissions" sense16:22
ayoungsecurity is "what am I capable of accessing" where as the other is "what is this service endpoint capable of performing"16:22
ayoungwe could call ours mini-roles. Rolettes, if you will.16:23
cmurphyayoung: i don't have any major objection to omitting the template part, just poking holes16:25
ayoungcmurphy, I think that the -template part won't mitigate the confusion with the capabilities API.  And,  Ithink the term capabilites in the non-security meaning is going to be hard to change, so we should accept that and modify our term.16:31
ayoungI'll stick with routes for now16:31
kmalloccmurphy: (see pic)16:31
ayoungkmalloc, neutering time?16:32
cmurphykmalloc: sad pup :'(16:33
kmallocBut yes.16:33
* cmurphy -> friday things16:33
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/keystone master: change the dist name to 'openstack-keystone'
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ayoungcmurphy, I was going to propose that we call them URNs (Names) but that includes the hostname, just not the protocol18:10
ayoungso, maybe SubURNs, but, again, that does not include the Templatization18:11
ayoungroutes was taken from the python API.18:11
ayoungkmalloc, I +2ed the auth patch.  I think all of the erros we've seen thus far have been transitory.  A lot of work is stacked up behind that one.18:21
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kmallocayoung: thanks18:30
kmallocayoung: also ++ on URN18:30
kmallocayoung: hopefully i'll get users and projects rebased, then can finish up / close the cycle on the flask stuff18:30
ayoungkmalloc, is it OK to abuse the term URN that way?18:31
kmalloci don't see a problem with it18:31
ayoungMaybe RRN  for Relative Resource Name?18:31
kmallocRRN is probably better18:31
kmallocand i can't think of someone using RRN before, so it is def. not overloaded18:31
kmallocor at least it is minimally used.18:32
ayoungRelate Resource Name Template.  Pronounced like RUNT18:32
kmalloci really like that tbh18:32
kmallocso RRN (Run) and RRNT (Runt)18:32
kmallocthats good.18:32
kmallocand pretty unique18:33
* ayoung struggling not to make a Run DMC pun18:33
kmallocDO IT18:33
* kmalloc runs off to take care of... a thing.18:34
kmallocbe back in a few.18:34
kmallocayoung: also, looks like we can't use keycloak for Infra, it appears keycloak doesn't talk OpenID 2.0, just OIDC18:34
kmallocand we need OpenID and OIDC =/18:34
kmallocmeaning i'll be looking at writing a small python identity broker until we can see about bring keystone up to par.18:35
kmalloc(flask based, simple, translate identity source -> identity source for pool of SPs.18:35
kmallocit all comes down to ubuntu one doesn't talk OIDC.18:36
kmallocand we need to front it as well as openstackid.18:36
ayoungso we need an OIDC library for python to do that, right?18:38
ayoungOpenID 2.018:39
kmallocthere is one18:39
ayoungOh, I figured there was18:40
kmallocauthlib does it afaict18:40
kmalloc(might be issues with the license)_18:40
ayoungkmalloc, what about adding it to Ipsilon18:40
kmallocbut there is also some flask-specific extensions for oidc/oid18:40
kmallocpossible. it might simply be a single IDP broker that does OID->OIDC and then use keycloak18:41
kmallocfor the time being18:41
ayoungI bet we could enlist cheims to help18:41
kmallocipsilon was very very veryn rough around the edges last i looked.18:41
kmalloclike... mostly not usable18:41
ayoungWe had it working18:41
kmallocworking and full featured are two different things18:41
ayoungjamielennox, and I did the whole Keystone integration with it via SAML back a couple year18:41
kmallocfull featured enough for production use*18:42
ayoungIts Fedora Account Services18:42
kmallocit looks like it might suffer from the asme issues keycloak does.18:43
ayounghow could I tell if that was 2.0?18:43
ayoungfrom openid.server.server import ProtocolError, EncodingError18:44
kmallocah it looks ok18:44
kmallocyeah oid is 2.0 in like 200718:44
kmallocso i would be shocked if it supported OID and not OID 2.018:44
kmalloci'll poke at ipsilon it might work as a broker18:44
ayoungkmalloc, the rippowam code is old, but I bet we could resurrect, too...18:45
ayoung2015...boy time does pass doesn't it18:46
ayoungkmalloc, a secondary win would be if we could tie in to FAS for stuff...18:46
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/keystone master: Follow Zuul job rename
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openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: [WIP] Add functional testing gate
openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: [WIP] Add functional testing gate
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