Saturday, 2018-09-22

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errrIm setting up federation on rocky. when my user logs in Im getting NoMatches: No 'keystone.auth.saml2' driver found, looking for 'keystone.auth.plugins.mapped.Mapped'00:51
errrin my keystone.conf I have a line that says: [auth]\n methods=password,token,saml2\n saml2=keystone.auth.plugins.mapped.Mapped00:52
errrIm not sure what I have wrong here..00:52
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errrIve also noticed in the keystone.log file Im getting Could not load keystone.auth.plugins.mapped.Mapped01:30
errrbut from a cli I can open python and get it imported that way..01:30
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errrso this has to be a bug. I renamed the auth protocol from saml2 to "mapped" and updated my configs accordingly and now it works03:11
errrin previous releases you could name the protocol what ever and then in keystone.conf set it to whatever = keystone.auth.plugins.mapped.Mapped and it would work, but now that does not work.03:12
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kmallocerrr: that may have been unintentional behavior (previous release behavior). I'd have to dig through how we changed the loaders, but that sounds familiar (something we fixed)20:13
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Add releasenote for bug fix 1789450
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