Friday, 2018-07-27

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Deprecate [token] infer_roles=False
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kmallocknikolla: irccloud isn't great on that front either.03:27
knikollakmalloc: it's definitely better though03:28
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gagehugoknikolla I must have clicked the non-v3-only one04:17
gagehugonice that it auto-generates a folder for that04:17
gagehugowxy I retested the notification issue, something weird is going on
gagehugoit appears to be populating the initiator id correctly now for all cases04:22
gagehugothe main issue was we were seeing an event when logging into horizon, but with the initiator id was random, which isn't good04:28
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Address nits in strict-two-level implementation
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abhi89wxy: in continuation with our discussion the other day regarding identity.project.created events not reaching panko database.. the event sure gets generated at,
abhi89wxy: but, in oslo_messaging, it doesn't reach here -
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abhi89this condition fails -
abhi89so the event doesn't reach message queue at all06:48
abhi89this a bug?06:48
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wxyabhi89: only project.created events is blocked? other events in keystone works well?07:04
abhi89wxy: all keystone related events suffer this problem07:11
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wxyabhi89: emm I guess it's maybe your config problem. gagehugo is testing identity.authenticate notification, the whole workflow at least seems works well.07:30
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wxygagehugo: a little werid. I tested again. the id is still a auto-generated uuid, not user_id.07:41
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abhi89wxy: i had tested for project.created & updated.. checked again for identity.authenticate.success, same issue still.. reg config problem, might be, but is there any specific event related config properties we set, i am not sure.. asaik, events are generated by default except for audit events..08:06
wxyabhi89: I suggest to register a bug. Add your env and config info there.08:13
abhi89wxy: ok08:13
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wxyabhi89: here is my test for project.created: {"oslo.message": "{\"priority\": \"INFO\", \"_unique_id\": \"b0ad03af1c9d442f87ad7209e1e3bd05\", \"event_type\": \"identity.project.created\", \"timestamp\": \"2018-07-27 08:59:39.008041\", \"publisher_id\": \"identity.devstack\", \"payload\": {\"typeURI\": \"\", \"initiator\": {\"typeURI\": \"service/security/account/user\",09:01
wxy\"host\": {\"agent\": \"python-keystoneclient\", \"address\": \"\"}, \"project_id\": \"3a705b9f56bb439381b43c4fe59dccce\", \"user_id\": \"9a7e43333cc44ef4b988f05fc3d3a49d\", \"id\": \"9a7e43333cc44ef4b988f05fc3d3a49d\"}, \"target\": {\"typeURI\": \"data/security/project\", \"id\": \"e2c18e2ff5f541278f7d16ce0e7be362\"}, \"observer\": {\"typeURI\": \"service/security\", \"id\": \"09a09:01
wxyabhi89: It works well.09:01
abhi89wxy: i got this object too.. but did it reach here -
wxyabhi89: looking.09:07
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wxyabhi89: It's called by of cause it reached there.09:12
wxyabhi89: I got the project.created notification from rabbitmq09:13
abhi89wxy: yes, its called by even reached but for me its not going in and hence not reaching the message queue..09:14
wxyabhi89: did you config the [oslo_messaging_notifications] section in keystone.conf?09:14
abhi89wxy: its all commented in [oslo_messaging_notifications]09:16
wxyabhi89: well, you should update "transport_url" and "driver" options in that group09:16
abhi89wxy: oh ok.. let me check..09:17
wxydriver = messagingv2  transport_url = rabbit://user_name:password@ip:port/09:17
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wxyif keystone connects to rabbitmq success, you can get a topic named "keystone" by default using `rabbitmqctl list_exchanges` command09:19
wxyabhi89: have to leave now. If it still doesn't work. Feel free to leave message or register a bug. Bye.09:32
abhi89wxy: i had already registered a bug.. will cancel it if this works.. thanks.. bye..09:32
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csatariknikolla I started to configure a Shibboleth for keystone-tempest-plugin. If I get it right I need a metadata file from the SP, what is Keystone under test now. Do you have any idea how can I get this?11:55
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knikollacsatari: that will be $HOST/Shibboleth.sso/Metadata12:25
knikollaSince the authentication for the SP is handled by the Shibboleth module for Apache12:26
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csatariWow. Got it.12:27
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zioprotoedmondsw: hello there, are you online?13:51
zioprotoI am looking at a bug where you were involved13:52
edmondswzioproto hi13:52
edmondswwhat bug?13:52
openstackLaunchpad bug 1662762 in OpenStack Identity (keystone) ocata "Authentication for LDAP user fails at MFA rule check" [High,Fix released] - Assigned to Matthew Edmonds (edmondsw)13:52
zioprotohi :)13:52
zioprotoI am upgrading keystone from newton to ocata13:52
zioprotoI see the following in my log files:
zioprotoit looks similar to that bug but not exactly the same13:53
zioprotokeystone package version from the ubuntu distro is 2:11.0.3-0ubuntu1~cloud0 so that patch to that bug should be included13:53
edmondswzioproto what version of OpenStack are you running?13:53
zioprotoedmondsw: 2:11.0.3-0ubuntu1~cloud013:54
zioprotoOpenstack Newton, I am now upgrading Keystone to Ocata as the first step of the upgrade13:54
edmondswcan you translate that to an OpenStack release for me? Pike? Queens? etc.13:54
edmondswah, newton13:54
edmondswI don't think that bug was fixed in newton, was it?13:54
zioproto11.0.3 is Ocata13:54
zioprotokeystone package version is 2:11.0.3-0ubuntu1~cloud0 ( Ocata )13:55
edmondswah, ocata... yeah, looks like it was fixed in ocata13:55
edmondswbut via backport... so it's possible that Ubuntu didn't pick up the fix13:55
edmondswdid you check the code to see if the change was present?13:56
zioprotolook carefully13:56
zioprotoI get a stacktrace in keystone/auth/", line 37713:56
zioprotooh you are right13:56
zioprotothat is the very same stacktrace13:56
edmondswthis was the fix in ocata:
openstackgerritNeha Alhat proposed openstack/keystonemiddleware master: Register 'split_loggers' conf option
edmondswzioproto check to see if those changes are on your ocata install... if not, then you need Ubuntu to backport that13:57
edmondswor make the changes yourself13:57
zioprotogive me a minute to check13:57
zioproto says the change is included in 11.0.1 already, but lets double check13:58
zioprotoedmondsw: I confirm the fix implemented in is in my packages14:02
edmondswok, so seems like there is some other case that the fix didn't cover14:02
zioprotoyes that is what I mean from the beginning ;)14:03
zioprotoI am not sure how to make a request to reproduce that14:03
zioprotoI just see it very frequently in the logs14:03
zioprotoit is a testing system to test the upgrade14:03
zioprotoso I can play with it14:03
edmondswbest thing to do might be to recreate with devstack and then see if one of the keystone guys can help14:04
edmondswI'm pretty busy elsewhere these days14:04
edmondswlbragstad is there anyone still around who's knowledgable about ldap?14:05
csatariknikolla> Next thing what I do not find if the pem file for signature validation.14:05
zioprotobut I dont have any LDAP. I would like to make that clear14:06
edmondswzioproto... oh, no ldap?14:06
edmondswah... so the ldap fix definitely isn't what you need :)14:06
edmondswwhat are you using instead of ldap?14:06
zioprotothe mysql database that comes with keystone14:07
zioprotoand UUID tokens14:07
zioprotoI get this stuff just on the admin port 3535714:09
zioprotoI mean all requests that have this stacktrace are requests going to the admin port14:10
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edmondswzioproto I wonder if this is an upgrade issue...14:13
zioprotoI would not be surprised :) I am trying to understand how to reproduce a request that causes the backtrace14:14
zioprotofrom the keystone logs I just see a POST request to the admin port, but the headers are not logged, so I dont know much about the request14:14
zioprotothe request comes from nova14:16
edmondswzioproto the trace indicates that you're getting this when you try to authenticate (i.e. get a token)14:16
zioprotosorry does not come from nova14:17
zioprotoI mean14:17
zioprotoI get a line14:17
zioprotobefore the stacktrace that looks like this:14:17
edmondswto recreate, see if you can get a token with any user that was created prior to the upgrade14:17
zioproto2018-07-27 13:33:07.783 26 INFO keystone.common.wsgi [req-9d09a563-bb73-4e32-a309-6fef7ef96901 - - - - -] POST
edmondswdo you know how to do that?14:17
zioprotoopenstack token issue14:17
zioprotoit works14:17
edmondswfor what kind of user did you try it?14:18
zioprotoboth with normal user and admin14:18
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edmondswtry it with one of the service users14:18
edmondswe.g. the user configured in the keystone_authtoken section of nova.conf14:18
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zioprotoedmondsw: it works I successfully get a token14:24
edmondswI think you might have to setup a debugger to dig into this14:25
edmondswzioproto sorry I haven't been more help, but I need to get back to my day job14:25
zioprotoedmondsw: no problem ! thanks. I updated the bug. I hope someone picks it up :)14:26
edmondswzioproto I suggest you open a new bug... this one has been fixed, so it's not going to get attention14:26
edmondswand that bug was for LDAP, which is not your case14:26
edmondswso they're related, but different bugs14:26
edmondswzioproto mention the old bug in the new one that you open, but be clear that your case is NOT using LDAP14:27
ayoungknikolla, can you pull the trigger on  please?14:28
ayoungI confirmed that the move from the old directory to the new maintained the original logic. The rest is just Flask specific changes which you should be able to verify quickly14:28
ayoungand I am afraid of it bit-rotting.14:28
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kmallocedmondsw: shh ayoung  and I are still around, but we pretend we don't hear LDAP ever. Fwiw, that trace looks like maybe dbsync needs to be run.14:31
kmalloczioproto: ^ did you run dbsync when upgrading?14:31
kmallocayoung: it shouldn't be too risky to bitrot, I'm actively working on the chain still, auth is just taking a lot longer because things like os-federation is involved. Though I would like if that landed sooner to avoid rebase ick. :)14:32
kmallocknikolla: ^cc14:32
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ayoungkmalloc, auth is some messy code14:35
ayoungyeah, the rebase/bitrot/things around it changin effect is what I want to avoid14:36
kmallocYep. And we have a lot.of bits that directly referenced auth.controllers magically, which kindof violates "web framework" best practices.. so... Working to fix that too. :(14:36
ayoungpretty stoked about how this is going to look when it is done.  Kind of like a long await remodel of a house14:37
zioprotokmalloc: you are right, looking at my Kibana looks like these messages appeared when I upgraded, i had few hundreds, and then they disappeared completely14:38
zioprotokmalloc: probably db_sync fixed the problem14:38
kmalloczioproto: :).14:38
zioprotoI am looking in Kibana for : "mfa_rules = user_ref['options'].get(ro.MFA_RULES_OPT.option_name, [])"14:39
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kmallocI figured as much, but glad it is resolved now.14:39
zioprotoI have 111 hits when I upgraded packages, and then I had run db_sync by hand14:39
zioprotoit is weird db_sync did not produce any output, and db_version is still the same14:40
kmallocThat I don't know, I haven't used Ubuntu packaged OpenStack ever.14:40
zioprotook no worries14:40
zioprotoedmondsw: looks like it is sorted out14:41
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zioprotoI will try to reproduce it again tomorrow, rollback to newton again a14:41
zioprotoand check if all requests fail like that before db_sync14:41
zioprotothanks !14:41
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lbragstad_ is ready for some reviews ;)14:45
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edmondswzioproto glad you got it sorted14:48
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: A zuul config error slipped through and caused a pile of job failures with retry_limit - a fix is being applied and should be back up in a few minutes15:38
*** ChanServ changes topic to "A zuul config error slipped through and caused a pile of job failures with retry_limit - a fix is being applied and should be back up in a few minutes"15:38
lbragstad_hrybacki: fyi - i'm going through the trello board and updating cards15:39
lbragstad_there are somethings we might not need anymore15:39
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone-specs master: Update the default roles spec to include Rocky details
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openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Expose random uuid bug in cadf notifications
gagehugolbragstad_ added info from the bug report16:09
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lbragstadgagehugo: thanks!16:11
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