Friday, 2018-04-27

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lbragstadjamielennox: that's a good question01:50
lbragstadright now it will always be {"all", true}01:51
lbragstadjust because we don't have the ability to scope to something other than the system as a whole01:51
lbragstadthat said, it could change to something like {"compute": "7fce0720478d4595bc02970a1d467d51"}01:52
lbragstadin the future01:52
lbragstadif 7fce0720478d4595bc02970a1d467d51 is the service id or something like that01:52
* lbragstad shrugs01:52
lbragstadi'm not sure what the best way is to relay the information01:52
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jamielennoxthat's an interesting target - the concept has obviously changed a bit since i last looked01:55
jamielennoxthere was talk about having system be able to be targetted to a region01:56
jamielennoxbut last i was involved you could do a region and then use roles to be able to restrict to compute01:56
lbragstadbefore we just had to deal with an id that could belong to a project or a domain, so this is obviously more complicated than that01:56
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openstackgerritlei zhang proposed openstack/keystone master: Fix the outdated URL
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lbragstadcmurphy: this weeks bug report
cmurphylbragstad: nice13:46
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mordredoh look. it's a jamielennox14:48
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cmurphyyay thank you to whoever started adding to the update etherpad14:57
* cmurphy is scatterbrained today14:57
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lbragstadcmurphy: no worries - i just jotted down a couple things15:16
lbragstadfeel free to reword it how ever you wish15:16
cmurphyalready sent it out15:24
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lbragstadoh - fantastic15:37
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lbragstadjamielennox: i responded to your comments here -
lbragstadcurious if you have a suggestions for what to do with `system` if it's a dictionary16:30
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mordredlbragstad: delete it16:54
mordredlbragstad: delete everything16:54
* lbragstad types in sudo rm -rf /16:54
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Introduce new TokenModel object
kmallocmordred: o/17:25
kmallocSee I'm here!17:25
* kmalloc kicks irccloud hard.17:25
lbragstadkmalloc: gagehugo wxy i thought i was hitting transient issues with loading the backend drivers... but i couldn't reproduce it17:25
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kmalloclbragstad: in what way? Oh in the token model change?17:26
lbragstadthat patch introduces a new base class that uses bootstrap instead of the massive ksfixtures loading TestCase does today17:26
kmallocCool. Yay bootstrap17:26
lbragstadit'd be nice to get rid of all the stuff we have that loads custom test data17:26
lbragstadin favor of what bootstrap does17:26
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lbragstadthen push the test class specific data needed to certain tests into the setup classes of those classes17:27
lbragstadneeded by*17:27
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lbragstadideally - we could start converting TestCase to TestCaseWithBootstrap17:33
lbragstadonce everything is moved over, we could rename TestCaseWithBootstrap to TestCase and remove the load_fixtures method17:33
kmallocHah, turns out, irccloud crashed my phone :P17:33
kmallocUninstall and reinstall all fixed.17:34
kmallocmordred: now let me remember what I was going to ask you.... Ugh.17:36
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kmallocOh right, Mordred, the question doesn't really impact you because you're a consumer of other clouds.17:56
kmallocWas going to ask about MFA and some.defaults for say a whole domain.17:57
kmalloclbragstad: I'll implement some logic this weekend around MFA rules and such for domains and get the resource-options for projects/domains/groups done so we have a place for that to live.17:58
kmalloccmurphy: do you see a benefit for resource options on app creds?17:59
kmallocIf so, since I'm adding the support code in other places, happy to do it there as well.17:59
cmurphykmalloc: i'm missing context18:01
kmallocLike the pci-dss user options, do you see a value to support such things in app creds.18:02
kmallocNot anything specific, but options for the app-creds that are fluid like that18:02
kmallocI'm writing code to support it in other subsystems (resource) and can easily hit app-creds too if that would be of benefit18:03
cmurphykmalloc: maybe i've been out of it this week but i'm not understanding what this would be introducing18:07
cmurphykmalloc: but i see value in making everything consistent so go for it18:08
kmallocOkie, I'll propose it, and we can discuss in review.18:08
cmurphythat will help18:10
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ayoungkmalloc, what do you think about these servers for a DIY cluster:
ayoungsupported CPU on RHEL 7 etc18:17
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ayoungBut I bet they have no management controllers, which means no IPMI and thus can't work for Director18:21
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Decouple bootstrap from cli module
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Introduce new TokenModel object
lbragstad^ kmalloc ok - those should pass now18:41
kmallocayoung: hmmm19:01
kmalloclbragstad: thanks19:01
kmallocayoung: Dell, should have idrac card compat19:02
kmallocayoung: at least.19:02
kmallocBut I'd go hp19:02
mordredlbragstad: re: one of your questions - I don't THINK we need specific docs on aliases ... the tl;dr is "you can now just use the official type regardless of what the deployer used"19:07
mordredbut with a good dose of "it'll also do the right thing if you ignore this"19:07
kmallocayoung: but otherwise those aren't too bad. I personally would worry about the sas drives vs sata. Just so $$$ to replace.19:07
mordredwhat do you think?19:07
lbragstadmordred: ok19:08
kmallocmordred: link to the aliases would be my recommendation, and just a simple page showing them (docs published)19:08
kmallocBut I'd be ok with that down the line. Not needed to land this now.19:08
kmallocHeck, I'll even sign up to help make sure that is a thing.19:08
mordredkmalloc: ++19:08
mordredkmalloc, lbragstad: also, replied to the other question on inline19:09
* kmalloc tosses on the top of the TODO pile 19:09
kmallocAh, nice.19:09
lbragstadok - so that's part of the service-types-authority api19:10
lbragstadand we shouldn't have to worry about the sorting bit19:10
kmallocExactly, it should be ordered for us.19:10
lbragstadi saw it mentioned in the comment, but wasn't sure if that fell on our shoulders or not19:10
kmallocNah. Good thing too :)19:11
mordredyah - part of the api there (also, it should really never change because we should not add any new aliases - but you never know)19:11
kmallocmordred: do we have a keystone/KSA/service-types cross gate?19:11
mordredkmalloc: oh - also - I made more patches for you19:11
mordredkmalloc: we do not - that's a great idea19:11
kmallocYah. That is something we need. ASAP imo19:12
kmallocWoo, more patches!19:12
mordredhonestly - a cross-gate with service-types-authority and os-service-types and keystoneauth19:12
* mordred can get that cranked out19:12
kmallocYep. I'd prob run keystone under it too, just to avoid mocking and make sure keystone isnt doing stupid.19:12
kmallocIf you don't get to it, it's on my next week to poke at while I work on doc publish.19:13
mordredkmalloc: cmon. keystone never does stupid19:13
* kmalloc looks around. Looks at keystone...looks at domains....19:13
kmallocYeah... Nevvvvvaaaarrrrr19:14
kmallocHmm... I should buy another couple xeon-d low power machines for a full OpenStack cluster...19:15
kmalloc(Brie might actually shove me in a hole and leave me there:p ;)19:16
kmallocI want an ironic managed lab >.>19:16
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kmallocmordred: totally unrelated, any advice on a good combo smoker/grill... I ... Need one for summertime things..19:18
kmalloclbragstad: ^ you too, I'd ask dolphm, but you're both right here.19:19
lbragstadfunny you ask...19:19
lbragstadi was just working on a comparison19:19
* lbragstad digs19:19
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openstackgerritSteve Noyes proposed openstack/keystone master: [WIP] Enables MySQL Cluster support for Keystone
kmalloclbragstad: niiice19:29
lbragstadthose were a couple models i was looking at19:29
lbragstadimo - if you're looking for efficiency and easy of use, go with a pellet grill19:30
lbragstadif you're looking to go old school, get an off set19:30
lbragstador a kamado, but i was talking to dolph and his goes through a lot of charcoal19:31
lbragstadbut you get higher cooking temperatures than you would on most pellet setups19:31
lbragstadso - mimicking wood-fired pizza would be easier19:31
lbragstadthe down side is that it's hard to find a smoker that does it all19:32
lbragstadif you're into cooking from your bed, you can get a GMG which are wifi enabled and programmable19:32
lbragstadwhich seems interesting, but looking at a screen is the last thing i want to do when i'm cooking outside19:33
* mordred is a fan of offset19:36
mordredagrees about finding a smoker that does it all19:36
lbragstadit's literally impossible19:37
mordredfor my next trick I'm planning a custom offset for smoking and then a weber for charcoal grilling19:37
mordredI currently have a cheap offset smoker that's also a charcoal grill - it's fine for smoking, but is a bit lame for the charcoaling19:37
mordred(in that I have to use WAY more charcoal to get the heat since the shape of the enclosure isn't really helping any)19:38
lbragstadcan you open up the heat box?19:38
lbragstadsome offsets come with grates above the fire box for direct heat19:38
lbragstadso you can grill and smoke at the same time, or use it as a hot plate
mordredlbragstad: I'm using this right now:
mordredwow. terrible link, sorry19:40
lbragstadstill got the job done19:40
mordredit's mostly garbage. however - it turns out meat is VERY forgiving19:40
mordredand I've smoked many delicious things in it19:40
mordredall full-log - none of this pellet or fan-assisted madness19:41
lbragstadold school ;)19:41
mordredfans are not needed- physics creates airflow for you just via the chimney effect19:41
lbragstadi've cooked on quite a bit (just a cheaper kamado)19:42
lbragstadcombined with and you have a pretty sweet smoking setup19:42
lbragstaddolph uses ^ with a kamado joe and it works amazing, we did beef ribs on it at 225 and it was rock solid19:43
lbragstadthe fan just controls airflow and is hooked up to a thermostat19:43
lbragstadit can keep temperature within a perfect range for smoking19:44
lbragstadi was impressed19:44
mordredyah - that's too much tech for me19:44
* mordred make fire19:44
* mordred ungh19:44
mordredlbragstad: <-- I'll be getting my next smoker from that guy19:44
lbragstadoh wow19:46
lbragstadthat's a lot of cooking surface19:47
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kmallocOh yes, Weber for grilling20:29
kmallocDamn that is a nice smoker!20:29
kmallocmordred: I just want to be able to use the wine cask staves. :)20:30
mordredkmalloc: :)20:31
mordredkmalloc: so - what I've actually done with them is use them in conjunction with lump charcoal20:31
mordredin a two-zone setup using the barrel smoker as a charcoal grill20:31
mordredclosing the lid for some indirect cooking/smoking - then shifting the meat over the coals/wood-fire for a finishing20:32
mordredlbragstad: yah - the thing I especially like about that guy too is that I can go custom - so that I can get the exit chimney out the side, etc20:33
kmallocGood to know! That sounds good.20:33
mordredkmalloc: yah - that way I can use like one per cook - get the smoke from it without having to, you know, use the whole box just to get a nice fire :)20:34
kmallocYes they get expensive otherwise20:34
lbragstadmordred: that's nice, i know yoder has a build your own process for offsets, so you can get the features you want20:34
* lbragstad has 0 experience on an off set20:35
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lbragstadmordred: how long does it take him to build one?20:37
lbragstader... on average20:37
*** r-daneel has quit IRC20:37
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mordredlbragstad: not sure yet - we're just in the initial stages of discussing - I'll let you know when I get a timeframe from him20:38
* mordred wants to be able to get an entire half-pig on the cook surface - so it's not gonna be a small one20:38
*** mchlumsky has joined #openstack-keystone20:38
mordredthe transit is gonna be ... fun20:39
lbragstadi was gonna ask - how do you plan on getting it home? ;)20:39
lbragstadfree shipping?20:39
mordredI plan on driving a pickup truck up to oklahoma and hoping I can find enough people to help me get it off the truck and in to my yard once I'm back20:40
lbragstadoffer bbq coupons20:40
lbragstad"redeemable for limit 1 (one) plate of bbq"20:41
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ayoungkmalloc, I think the lack of ipmi is going to be the killer for me after all.  I want something that does full Tripleo.22:12
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: WIP: re-use bootstrap in tests
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kmallocayoung: it is exactly why I went super micro and considered HP for lab boxes.23:13
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