Monday, 2018-04-09

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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Unified limit update APIs Refactor
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hugokuoHi Team,09:06
hugokuoWhile making a request to Swift, there's a header in the response WWW-Authenticate: Keystone uri='' `09:07
hugokuoIs this returned by keystonemiddleware?09:07
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wxyhugokuo: yeah.
hugokuoI'm reading RFC and  . It looks like the string should be quoted by double quote instead of single quote?09:11
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wxyhugokuo: indeed. The RFC said that.09:22
hugokuoI'll file a bug in LP09:27
hugokuoShould it be in keystone's LP or some other place?
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wxy I think.09:34
hugokuothx man09:34
openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Mark the idp's domain_id unique
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yglhi all09:59
yglI am unable to delete other users' stacks as admin user09:59
yglcan someone help me what exactly to modify in the heat policy.json file10:00
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yglcan anyone help me please10:16
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/keystonemiddleware master: add lower-constraints job
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: add lower-constraints job
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient master: add lower-constraints job
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kmallocWxy, hugokuo : that may be python library representation. Remember ' and " are both acceptable. Is that actually the header on the wire or what ksm passes down via request. If it is the latter, the rfc doesn't matter, we're in Python and ' is the default.14:37
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hugokuokmalloc: It's not the later one as I know.14:58
lbragstadrelatively easy review here -
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lbragstadknikolla: ty15:11
knikollalbragstad: that's a long != list.15:11
knikollalbragstad: this should be failing right?
knikollaoh you rebased on top of the fix.15:13
lbragstadyeah - i was thinking about just merging those two patches together and writing a release note15:14
lbragstadthat'd be a pretty easy thing to propose and have ready for tomorrow15:15
knikollalbragstad: release note with the test or in a separate patch?15:17
lbragstadknikolla: i was going to squash and and write a release note15:18
lbragstadso it would all be in one pathc15:18
knikollalbragstad: sounds good. ping me when you get that up so i can review, both look good.15:18
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lbragstad++ i should be able to get to that after lunch for sure15:19
lbragstaddoing a bunch of bug triage now15:19
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lbragstadknikolla: i did see that new bug you opened about federated login after deleting a shadow user15:19
lbragstadi wonder it that is cache related?15:20
hrybackilbragstad: have 15 mins to chat default role spec at like 1PM your time?15:20
lbragstadhrybacki: sure15:20
hrybackilbragstad: ++15:20
lbragstadmy schedule is open today, so just ping me whenever15:21
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knikollalbragstad: disabling caching and checking real quick.15:22
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knikollalbragstad: yup, disabling caching fixed that.15:23
lbragstadso the shadow user api doesn't clear the cache when a shadow user is deleted?15:24
knikollalooks like it.15:24
knikollahad some students discover it when playing around with mappings.15:26
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lbragstadkmalloc: hugokuo so is confirmed?15:40
openstackLaunchpad bug 1762362 in keystonemiddleware "[RFC] HTTP header field values should be quoted by double quote rather than single-quote" [Undecided,New]15:40
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hugokuolbragstad: I filed it. That's confirmed the ksm returned single quote. But if it should follow the RFC will be determined by upstream core team.15:59
kmalloclbragstad: that might not be ksm, it might be an underlying liv16:04
lbragstadyeah - keystone doesn't use ksm?16:04
kmallocNot directly, afair16:04
kmallocI can check when o get home.16:05
kmallocBut my guess is it isn't keystone or ksm.16:05
hugokuoThis line in ksm header_val = 'Keystone uri=\'%s\'' % self._auth_uri16:06
hugokuoI tested it by change the code to have double quote and it works as expected.16:06
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Allow cleaning up non-existant group assignments
lbragstadknikolla: ^16:14
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* lbragstad breaks for lunch16:17
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yankcrimelbragstad: some good news for your return - switching keystone's token provider out from uuid to fernet solved my federation-related woes16:23
yankcrimethanks again for the help!16:23
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openstackgerritJohannes Grassler proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Add capabilities to application credentials
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: zuul was restarted to update to the latest code; please recheck any changes uploaded within the past 10 minutes16:51
kmallocyankcrime: i am glad to hear that.16:59
kmallocyankcrime: i figured that would work for you, but good for confirmation16:59
kmallocwow, we screwed that up: Www-Authenticate: Keystone uri=''17:01
kmallocthat looks... wrong somehow17:01
kmallocnot just in the ' vs "17:01
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kmallochugokuo: if you want to propose a fix for ' vs " (and tests) we'll happily take / review it17:04
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lbragstadyankcrime: awesome! let us know if you run into any other snags :)17:08
kmalloclbragstad: yeah fixing the quotes is the corrective action in ksm17:09
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lbragstadkmalloc: nice17:10
lbragstadi confirmed the bug17:10
kmalloclbragstad: is ready for eyes/merging17:10
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lbragstadkmalloc: oh - sweet17:26
lbragstadthat was on my list today17:26
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: add lower-constraints job
kmallocjgrassler: o/ need a minor fix for the capabilities17:32
kmallocjgrassler: but... it can be a follow up17:33
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lbragstadi need to review that today, too17:57
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hrybackilbragstad: still free? :)18:05
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Use the new pysaml2 constraints
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ayounglbragstad, hrybacki kmalloc so as prep for my talk at summit...I wrote a second article on Istio and Keystone, this time looking into RBAC.  this is on top of what I wrote before
ayoungand knikolla and cmurphy of course...just didn't see you actively posting.  But Everyone....19:44
knikollaayoung: i'll have a look. never found the time to dive into istio though i've heard it mentioned to me multiple times.19:48
ayoungknikolla, pretty sure it is "keystone middleware for Kubernetes based services"19:48
knikollaayoung: not limited to that though19:49
ayoungplus a few other things, like a mutual Cert validation layer, but its the RBAC part that interests me19:49
knikollaand it is the other part that interests me :)19:55
lbragstadldap developer docs available
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hrybackiayoung: domain scope was pulled from the spec -- look back in the comments for more detail about that20:15
hrybackitl;dr there is no 'real' domain scope (yet)20:15
ayounghrybacki, it is in the examples20:15
hrybackihanging chad, needs to be pulled as well. Good catch20:15
ayounghrybacki, no20:16
ayounghrybacki, domain scope needs to be put back in there, or domains themselves need to go away20:16
hrybackiayoung: domain scope will come, and we will add it then. This was discussed in length20:16
ayoungHorizon now has support for domain scoped tokens20:16
ayoungit is a real thing20:16
hrybackiI'll let cmurphy weigh in here. We can emulate domain scope but it's not actually domain scope20:17
ayoungI'm more concerned about the Implied Roles comment20:17
ayounghrybacki, cloudsamplev2 is in wide usage20:17
ayoungdomain scope is real, its just not in default policy20:17
ayounghrybacki, so I'd recommend putting domain scoped back in, and you can caveat it that way20:19
hrybackiayoung: that was my literal approach but I was dissuaded by cmurphy and the team agreed20:20
ayounghrybacki, you were right and they were wrong.20:21
hrybackiayoung: I disagree with you know and past Harry :P20:21
ayounghrybacki, so, if the goal is to make Domain scoping go away, I would be in full support20:22
ayounghowever, users and groups are not owned by projects, and I absolutetly should not need a System scoped token to create either20:22
ayoungI mean, I know domains were a mistake20:23
ayoungbut they are not one was can sweep under the rug now20:23
hrybackiAll arguments I raised, the team discussed, and rejected20:23
hrybackiI agree with them now (to be clear)20:23
kmallocdomain scoping can be sidelines20:23
kmallocwe cannot remove it/make it go away20:23
kmallocbecause it is part of the v3 api20:23
kmallocsidelined* and/or suggested to "not be used"20:24
hrybackiWRT implied roles. Our aim (at the project level) is make these alterations by way of policy file changes that move into policy-in-code after being vetted20:24
hrybackisimple, quick, and easily modifiable. Customers will /really/ start to flip if we don't offer these things soon20:25
hrybackiimplied roles were also discussed in length (during one of the office hours sessions IIRC)20:26
ayounghrybacki, it was a tool built explicitly to aid in this problem20:28
hrybackiayoung: that doesn't mean it's right for right now20:29
hrybackiwe really need to keep this as simple as possible right now20:29
hrybackimaybe I misunderstand how you are advising we use them here. But minor mods to policy files is acceptable other projects and the team after a lot of discussion at PTG20:30
ayounghrybacki, simple:20:31
ayoungcreate 2 rules20:31
ayoungadmin implies memember20:31
ayoungmember implies reader20:31
ayoungor auditor whatever it is called20:31
ayoungtag the API with the Lowest level role20:31
ayoungno need for the OR statements20:31
ayoungfor project scoped apis, you still need the right system scoped role to get at it20:32
hrybackiI see what you are suggesting now. Create the implications during the bootstrap process and keep the policy files clean as possible?20:32
ayoungso you could give someone system:auditor and they can read all of the auditor roles20:32
hrybackiokay, I have to run to an appt. I'm gonna reflect on this while I walk20:32
kmalloclbragstad: responded to your comments20:35
kmallocneed some more feedback before I post an updated patch20:35
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lbragstadkmalloc: ack -20:39
lbragstadthoughts on ?20:39
openstackLaunchpad bug 1729933 in OpenStack Identity (keystone) "region update doesn't update extras" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to David Lyle (david-lyle)20:39
ayoungkmalloc, do you honestly thinkg there is an alternative to doing domain scoped for users and groups?  DO we honestly want to make people system admins in order to add new users?  Adding users should be cheap...its role assignements that are dangerous.20:39
kmallocayoung: no, i am not advocating for anything it was just a comment20:51
kmallocayoung: we can sideline we can say don't do this, we cannot remove the functionality from keystone20:51
kmalloclbragstad: ugh, extras20:51
kmalloclbragstad: sigh20:52
lbragstad=/ yeah...20:52
ayoungkmalloc, lbragstad one topic I want to discuss at the summit is multi-site OpenStack deployements where the different regions/sites are on different versions of OpenStack.20:52
kmalloclbragstad: if it never worked for region, even if the table exists, i'll -2 any added extras support20:52
ayoungSomething like the hub-and-spoke model, where a central keystone just forwards to another keystone20:52
kmallocayoung: theoretically possible with federation20:53
kmallocrealistically... unknown20:53
lbragstadi think the domain scope thing with users and group can still happen, i don't expect it to be system-scope for ever20:53
lbragstadif you're referencing the default roles specification20:53
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kmalloclbragstad: just commented on the bug21:03
kmalloclbragstad: basically if we can show regions EVER supported "Extras" we need to add it back in21:03
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-keystone21:03
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kmallocelse, nope, nope, not doing it, no, nope, no thanks21:03
kmallocthough I am not opposed to a Region['VendorData'] like thing21:03
kmallocthat is explicitly outlined as deployment specific21:04
kmalloc[AND is a little smarter, like Resource-Opts is, where a "None" clears the value]21:04
ayoungkmalloc, I think there is a little bit more to it than just Federation.  I'll try to write up a decent agenda.21:07
ayounglbragstad, are we going to have breakout rooms for design, or has all of that been conceded to the PTGs?21:07
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lbragstadayoung:  i don't think so21:17
lbragstadi think the rooms we get are for large discussions21:18
lbragstadlike cross-project things21:18
lbragstador feedback sessions21:18
lbragstade.g. i don't think we'd get a room to work on keystone-specific things21:18
lbragstadthey're also time-boxed to 40 minutes or so21:18
ayounglbragstad, OK, so multi-site is a cross project topic.21:21
ayounglbragstad, what I am realizing now is that even if there are multiple openstacks in a single org, they need to be only loosly-unified.  If that makes sense21:21
ayounglike, maybe you only upgrade one at a time21:22
ayoungbut you still want a unified Keystone scheme for them21:22
kmallocthere is no reason you can't use a bleeding edge keystone with an ancient <everything else>21:22
ayoungand thus having a database sync21:22
kmallocand regions can be other deploys.21:22
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ayoungkmalloc, heh yes there is. and it has n othing to do with Keystone21:22
kmalloci think that is how most orgs end up doing it21:22
ayoungand everything to do with our deployment tool21:22
kmallocthis sounds like an inflexible deployment tool :P21:23
kmallocbut yeah, that is how i've seen folks crack that nut21:23
kmallocit's still not pretty21:23
ayoungbut I think having DB sync between version of Keystone is a reasonable design discussion21:23
kmalloci.. well21:23
kmalloci think this sounds kindof awful21:24
ayounglike, how to make a deployment work when one part is on Q and one is on R and one is on S21:24
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-keystone21:24
kmalloceveryone use "S" keystone *shiftyeyes*21:24
ayoungTHey named it for Brian?21:24
kmallocin all honesty, i would refrain from referencing "db" anywhere in it.21:24
kmallocsimply so as to circumvent the convo around db-replication :P21:25
ayoungkmalloc  yep21:25
kmallocso, what I *think* you're looking for is something we sortof proposed in the past.21:25
ayoungkmalloc, the other convo I want to have is "how do I delete a project without orphaning the majority of my resources"21:26
ayoungah...pause on mine...go on21:26
kmallocsomething that may intercept a keystone call and replicate it [public interface] to other keystones via rest.21:26
kmallocand some mechanism to "replay"/"catchup"21:26
ayoungthing is, our REST Apis are not create firendly, as they tend to allocate new IDs21:28
kmallocbut- it wont scale out.21:28
ayoungwe'd want to make sure that a new Create is done with the ID from the server that has the right to create that record21:28
kmalloci was actually thinking of something that would be a dogpile proxy, and it would talk to other dogpile proxies21:28
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kmallocbut it has a lot of potential issues.21:29
ayoungMy original view was that, in a multi-keystone deployment, each keystone server would be canonical for a subset of domains, and could write data for those, but only read data for other domains21:29
ayoungI'm not wedded to that impl, but I think the bones is21:29
kmallocso you'd capture at just below the manager layer, and replicate that out to the other keystones21:29
ayoung"what data can I write locally, and what do I need to sync"21:30
ayoungI'm not sure where capture would happen.  I think I'd be pretty flexible on the impl21:30
kmallocit would need to be below the manager i think..21:31
kmallocbut there are a lot of issues with "what if someone did an update for some new data that R dodens't know about via the S keystone and that is forwarded"21:31
kmalloci think it's kindof going to be full of awful pitfalls/21:31
ayoungkmalloc, right.  But on the other hand, we can map it out, and at least start sketching out a solution21:33
ayoungWe couild even say "it starts with K2K21:33
ayoung"but we need to keep data in sync"21:33
kmalloci'd need to talk more, but honestly, i think k2k still solves 95-99% of what you're asking for21:34
kmallocand really only has a lower bound of minimum supportable keystone21:35
ayoungkmalloc, I'm OK with K2K as the basis.  Just want to map out the full use cases, including how to automate project creation and mapping.21:46
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