Sunday, 2014-05-04

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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Modularize to enable easier testing
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openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Refactor diff calculation to facilitate more context
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Process more diff output
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Add query for bug 1315095
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1315095 in grenade "grenade nova network (n-net) fails to start" [Undecided,New]
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yfriedfungi: jesusaurus: clarkb: anyone here?05:16
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jesusaurusyfried: im around for a little bit. do you have a quick question?05:22
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yfriedjesusaurus: do you have any idea how to parse xml in grok?05:41
yfriedjesusaurus: also - how do you tell the logstash agent to shut down, once it reaches the end of the logfiles?05:42
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jesusaurusyfried: there isnt a way to tell logstash to stop when it reaches the end of the files, it expects them to be continually written to, so it acts similar to `tail -f`05:45
jesusaurusand grok is not the right place to parse xml. I'm not sure if there is an xml codec, but that would be the right way to do xml in logstash05:46
yfriedjesusaurus: If I undertood fungi's explenations about how "your" logstash works05:47
yfriedjesusaurus: jenkins sends the build's logfiles the an extrenal server (how?), when the file transfer is down, it tells logstash (via Zmq) to pull the logs from that server05:48
yfriedjesusaurus: am I right?05:48
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yfriedjesusaurus: so, how does it tell logstash to stop working once all logfiles are parsed and stored in elasticsearch?05:53
jesusaurusclose. when the file is transferred to the storage server, there is a python script that reads the file and generates the logstash event object. the python script sends the log events to a logstash instance that forwards the events to elasticsearch05:55
jesusaurusso, instead of having a file input in logstash, there is a tcp input. and a custom script reads the files and sends the log data to the tcp input05:55
yfriedjesusaurus: is it the script called
yfriedjesusaurus: I couldn't find it anywhere05:58
jesusaurusyfried: yes, those are the two scripts06:01
yfriedjesusaurus: could you explain what the client does and what the worker dows?06:05
yfriedjesusaurus: please?06:05
jesusaurusi think that the client waits for new log files and then starts a worker for each new log file06:06
yfriedjesusaurus: a worker for each FILE? not jenkins Build?06:07
jesusaurusim not sure, i would have to go read the source to figure that out06:07
jesusaurusanyway, its getting late here06:08
* jesusaurus goes to bed06:08
jesusaurusif you have more questions, i can answer them tomorrow06:08
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yfriedjesusaurus: tnx06:14
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openstackgerritLe Tian Ren proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Create powervc-driver project under Stackforge
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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to openstack-dev/pbr: pbr/ Add logging
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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Refactor delete_jobs
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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Refactor the `matches` function
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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Add `browse` command
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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to stackforge/python-jenkins: Use pbr, pep8 checks & fixes, add "doc" tox target
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openstackgerritMarc Abramowitz proposed a change to stackforge/python-jenkins: Make it work on Python 3
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fungiyfried: jesusaurus: the "how" of jenkins putting the files on the archive server is the jenkins scp publisher plugin. i believe we may be running a fork of the official one which also handles extracting the console log html for the job and uploads that as a file too15:51
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fungithat's what gets the log files to where the can be served via apache, so that the logstash workers can retrieve them (via http) and index them15:53
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openstackgerritDavanum Srinivas (dims) proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Gerrit - Break up long lines to fit
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yfriedfungi: tnx. how are tempest results being parsed?16:32
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fungiyfried: what do you mean by "results"? do you mean the contents of the logs/artifacts or the build status (succeeded, failed, aborted, et cetera)?16:44
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fungithe logs and other artifacts are parsed by the logstash workers using grok patterns. the build status is reported by the jenkins zmq publisher plugin to the zmq subscriber listening on behalf of the logstash indexing cluster16:51
fungiand gets applied as tags, i think, via gearman protocol as part of the task built for the indexing cluster16:52
fungiyfried: perhaps the diagram at would help with visualizing this (if you haven't seen clarkb's presentation already)16:54
fungii think i may have been conflating the gearman log workers and the logstash indexers in my explanation. they're broken out in the diagram, so hopefully i wasn't misrepresenting anything there16:56
fungiand i should clarify, i meant to say that the build status is gets applied as tags in the logstash metadata, and is communicated to the log workers as part of the gearman task associated with the logs17:00
fungithough i'm probably still butchering the explanation of how that status information flows from the jenkins master to the log index17:01
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notmynamegood morning, world17:27
fungigood morning notmyname17:29
notmynamefungi: I wasn't online yesterday, but I see that hasn't landed yet (netifaces version pin). now a problem with numpy?
funginotmyname: i was able to work out a fix for netifaces and got it applied/released upstream17:31
notmynamefungi: ah, cool. so we should be ok with specifically excluding the 2 bad versions then (rather than the limit to 0.8)?17:31
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funginotmyname: yes17:31
fungithat change should be reworked for that. i believe the author said they'd tackle it tomorrow now that the urgency has passed17:32
notmynamefungi: and, for the short term, everything that's failed can be re-enqueued and will get the latest version and thus not break17:32
fungicorrect, i believe that to be the case but if you discover it is not, please let me know so i can kick something17:32
fungiour mirror appears to contain the fixed version at this point, so should just work17:33
notmynamefungi: ok, I'll go kick all the ones in swift that have a -1 jenkins with gate-python26 fail. with "recheck no bug"17:33
* notmyname would rather do that today when the worker pool is less busy17:34
funginotmyname: sounds good. i don't believe we opened a bug of our own (the actual bug is on bitbucket, since this wasn't a bug in openstack)17:34
notmynameright. nor is there a tracked logstash entry.17:34
notmynamelooks like 20-30 changes in swift to be re-enqueued, FYI17:35
fungithe reqs change, on the other hand, failed to merge because of a bug in stackforge/sphinxcontrib-docbookrestapi which i mailed the -dev ml about and subsequently opened a docs bug against17:35
fungihopefully that gets tackled quickly since the fix for it has already been proposed for a month or more, but never reviewed by its one and only core reviewer17:36
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fungia behavior which was generating deprecation warnings in setuptools, but now (starting yesterday) there's a new pip which bundles a newer setuptools where that is not merely a deprecation warning any longer17:37
fungijust outright broken17:37
notmynamefungi: oh, do you know the status of the IRC bot not reporting when a patch gets a -2? I seem to remember some bug there that keeps it from reporting17:39
funginotmyname: i think that was due to limitations in the old gerrit event stream. if so, should be fixable now with the upgrade we just completed. i'll dig up the bug17:39
notmynameah, cool17:39
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notmynamefungi: also, since I'm asking you general -infra questions.... what about the plan to limit the jobs that are run against each patch? it was something agreed to back in january when the gate got borked17:40
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fungii have no idea what the status is on that17:41
funginor whether there was a clear proposal for which jobs should be run under what circumstances. the parts of the discussion i do remember were a bit hand-wavey on the details17:42
fungii believe we did, for example, stop running nova-network-based jobs against neutron changes because those jobs weren't running neutron at all and therefore had zero chance of reporting anything actually useful about a neutron change17:43
fungisimilarly i would expect tempest jobs which don't enable swift at all and which don't run any services which depend on swift's code in any way (as libraries, middleware, whatever) could potentially stop being run against swift changes under a similar argument17:45
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fungii haven't seen a consensus on removing jobs which are merely unlikely to report problems with the proposed change, but we did seem to arrive at an agreement that if the change is to a project which isn't being used at all in the job, then it's pointless to run17:46
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notmynamefungi: on the one hand, I don't want to run tests that don't use swift to gate swift patches. on the other, I'd like to see swift actually a default in devstack (which would imply more gate jobs, I think)17:50
notmynamedo you know why swift isn't enabled by default in devstack?17:51
fungino idea. that's probably more of a question for dtroyer, sdague, mtreinish et al17:51
fungias for the gerritbot -2 issue, it looks like someone picked up bug 1216114 and started working on fixing it, but it's been in progress for ~8 months and seems to have gone fairly stale17:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1216114 in openstack-ci "Gerritbot does not handle comment events properly." [Low,In progress]
notmynamedtroyer: sdague: mtreinish: ^^ same question to you :-)17:52
notmynamefungi: ya, it's a "nice to have" I think.17:52
notmynamefungi: but it would be nice :-)17:52
fungiagreed. can haz moar peeples17:53
fungion a positive note, i see swift changes passing python26 jobs in check, so looks like you're all set17:53
notmyname33 jobs enqueued17:53
notmynamefungi: will the ones that were approved go back into the gate queue automatically?17:54
notmynameI was never clear on that after the changes to do the check jobs17:54
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funginotmyname: yes, if they've got all the other required parameters to be mergeable (at least one +2 code review, no -2 code reviews, a workflow +1, all parent changes in a similar situation) then once the verify +1 from "jenkins" comes back in check they'll immediately go into the gate17:55
notmynamenote that putting things into the check queue first before running gate jobs has effectively re-enabled the "reverify no bug" functionality17:56
fungiat least they're supposed to... we did *just* upgrade gerrit skipping four release branches in one shot, munging its database, patching zuul to support it, et cetera so there's always teh chance something has subtly broken that behavior17:57
notmynameI'm not complaining (I didn't think it should have been disabled).17:57
*** yfried has joined #openstack-infra17:58
fungiand yes, that is more or less the upshot, however we've traded in more frequent (and recent) check jobs and require them to have already passed to get enqueued in the gate, so the chances of reverify no bug degrading a project through retries is somewhat lessened (also core reviewers have been clued in to look out for patches with dozens of rechecks now, and hopefully look a little deeper at the17:59
fungifailure results)17:59
notmynameyes, the social fix is much more effective than the technical limitation18:01
fungiit pretty much always is. technical workarounds to social problems are rarely as effective as addressing the social problem through social means18:02
fungi(though sometimes technical reinforcement of social solutions can be beneficial)18:03
* mordred agrees with the above18:04
* mordred is still coffee-ing himself18:04
* fungi should re-coffee. earlier doses are wearing off...18:05
mordrednotmyname: I _think_ I remember some sort of historical reason swift wasn't on by default in devstack - like, when it was first cooked up, I think the swift config in it wasn't particularly good or something18:05
mordrednotmyname: but now that we're doing the swift functional tests on it too - something tells me it's more than past time to revisit that18:06
notmynamemordred: FWIW, the swift config in it today isn't particularly good. a self-fulfilling cycle I think18:06
* mordred does not really have context or power -is still coffee-ing itself18:06
mordrednotmyname: ++18:06
notmynamemordred: and yes, I would love to revisit it. but to be clear, I want to give an overview and ask questions. I don't have time to personally type what's necessary to make it happen18:06
mordrednotmyname: wow, that's not a situation I find myself in ever ;)18:07
* notmyname is supposed to be writing 4 summit talks today18:07
mordrednotmyname: I just recently had a guy reasonbly upset with me because I hadn't written out an architecture we'd talked about in a document18:08
notmynamemordred: was this the PTL of swift? that guy can be a jerk18:08
mordrednotmyname: he can be - but to my knowledge he has never requested that I write an architecture document18:08
mordredor, even worse, actually expected that that would happen18:09
notmynameya, he just keeps bugging you about dependency solvers for global requirements18:09
mordrednotmyname: :)18:09
mordredso - different topic - when everybody goes on and on about  how OpenStack shouldn't have a paas layer because there is cloudfoundry already18:10
notmynamemordred: actually I am hoping to spend some time talking with you in ATL. I'm sure your calendar looks like mine for the week (ie I think I can pencil you in from 2:30-2:45am some day18:10
mordreddo any of those people have any pplans for adding python buildpacks for cloudfoundry? because it has java, ruby and node.js right now and no python18:10
mordrednotmyname: yah to both - I've probably got a middle-breakfast open somewhere18:10
mordredI'm actually working on figuring out schedule today18:11
mordredalso - the conference/summit split is infurating18:11
notmynamebut nothing new18:11
mordredI get it - I know why we do it - but WOW it makes it hard to plan18:11
notmynamewow. a butterfly just flew in my open office window here at home18:11
fungiit's one of those nsa camera/microphone butterflies, out to steal your passwords18:12
notmynameI marked the stuff on both sched summits then downloaded the .ics files to merge them into my calendar for the week.
clarkbare people doing real conference too?18:13
clarkbmonday was looking like an excellent hacking day18:14
*** zns has quit IRC18:14
mordredclarkb: well, monday is the ops meetup18:15
mordredalso, I have a talk on Monday18:15
fungiclarkb: there are operator sessions going on monday, with the hope of pulling in devs to hash out common pain points, so i may end up in at least one of those18:15
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mordredalso - oh look, it's a clarkb!18:17
notmynamemordred: don't forget to schedule meals on your calendar. otherwise you may not get time to eat18:18
clarkboh I forgot about ops18:18
clarkbdid that end up on summit sched?18:19
fungiapparently the complaint from the operators is that everyone always forgets about ops ;)18:19
clarkbbecause it should be on summit sched if you want devs there18:19
mordrednotmyname: good point18:20
mordredclarkb: it is18:20
notmynameclarkb: ya, just added a day or 2 ago18:20
clarkbah ok thats why I hadnt seen it18:21
*** andreykurilin_ has joined #openstack-infra18:21
clarkbapparently both of my session proposals got in18:22
clarkbjeblair if we can swing it a mini zuul sprint would be great18:24
clarkbI think several of us have had a few changes in limbo18:24
openstackgerritRuslan Kamaldinov proposed a change to openstack-dev/cookiecutter: Added a doc build target to tox.ini
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harlowja_at_homehi guys, qq, is there a delay between when doc jobs finish and they are uploaded to ?18:56
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC18:58
harlowja_at_homejust wondering cause,  (note version 0.2.75) doesn't seem to have showed up @
harlowja_at_home*maybe a bug18:58
boris-42harlowja_at_home lol18:58
boris-42harlowja_at_home why are you working=)18:58
harlowja_at_homeboris-42, why u working18:58
* harlowja_at_home not really working, just thought this was odd18:58
harlowja_at_homeboris-42, aren't u on vacation?18:59
boris-42harlowja_at_home already back=)18:59
harlowja_at_homei wonder if i hit like a doc push bug or something19:01
clarkbI dont think taskflow has a post pipeline docs job19:03
clarkboh nevermind there it is19:04
*** miqui has joined #openstack-infra19:05
harlowja_at_homemaybe some caching bug, not a big deal, just thought it was odd19:08
ekarlsoharlowja_at_home: yoo :P19:13
ildikovfungi: FYI, now the docs job is failing for Ceilometer too because of the docbookrestapi issue...19:17
ildikovfungi: BTW there is a new WSME version too, which made some tests fail in the Ceilo test suite and now the fix cannot get through, because of this, we got some extra love from Murphy this weekend...19:19
ildikovfungi: so if you need some more voices for getting more responsibles for that repo, let me know :)19:20
notmynameildikov: you're pushing a patch over my patch to your original patch for the netifaces requirement right? (I think that makes sense)19:24
notmynameildikov: now that fungi fixed upstream19:25
ildikovnotmyname: tomorrow, when I will have my office network I will propose a patch with the initial limitations19:25
ildikovnotmyname: I agreed with fungi yesterday, after his fix was approved and released that I will do this afterwork19:26
notmynameildikov: ok, cool. thanks19:26
ildikovnotmyname: I have problems with the VPN connection that is the only thing that blocks me form uploading it now19:26
ildikovnotmyname: and the other thing is that it wouldn't get through the gate currently, because of the issue I mentioned above...19:27
*** harlowja_at_home has quit IRC19:28
ildikovnotmyname: np, my original plan was to propose that quick fix by myself, so it's the minimum that I will do the last step :)19:29
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openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Expand context as needed to include all comments
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boris-42fungi mordred ping22:46
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mattoliverauMonring all22:53
boris-42jhesketh hi23:00
boris-42jhesketh heh have some question probably you know23:00
jheskethsure, go for it :-)23:00
boris-42jhesketh I have simple devstack local.conf23:01
boris-42jhesketh replacing default repos of project to mine23:01
boris-42jhesketh for some reason something is overriding oslo.messaign23:01
jheskethoh, I actually don't know that much about devstack sorry23:02
boris-42heh nobody knows about devsatck=)23:02
jheskethboris-42: have you poked around in stackrc?23:03
jheskethOSLO_MSG is set there, albeit it should use your local.conf first23:03
jheskethstill, might be worth putting some echo statements in stackrc23:04
*** Alexandra_ has joined #openstack-infra23:04
boris-42jhesketh heh I'll try23:04
jheskethas with lib/oslo23:04
boris-42jhesketh I comment oslomsg from stackrc and rerun stack23:04
boris-42jhesketh let see what will happen=)23:05
jheskethsounds good23:05
boris-42jhesketh nope..23:07
boris-42jhesketh let me make some cleanup23:07
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boris-42jhesketh heh in logs it says that everything is ok23:28
*** pcrews_ has joined #openstack-infra23:33
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openstackgerritJoshua Tan proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Added jobs for gerrit-powered-agenda project
openstackgerritJoshua Tan proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add jobs for gerrit-powered-agenda project
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openstackgerritJoshua Tan proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add jobs for gerrit-powered-agenda project
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