Sunday, 2013-11-10

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Alex_Gaynormordred: pbr passed 3 millino downloads from pypi, congrats :)03:23
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* afazekas the ``which`` is not a posix command16:17
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/requirements: Set a floor on the python-memcache library
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lifelessmordred: re: requirements for gating jobs - is there a good reference doc?19:10
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mordredlifeless: morning19:45
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mordredAlex_Gaynor: wow19:45
mordredafazekas: ok. well, good to know19:45
mordredlifeless: do you mean docs on what it takes to become a gating job? no. there is not a document of the sort you were talking through on the train the other night19:46
* mordred is back in the NYC - was great seeing everyone - is even better being back on a REAL LAPTOP19:46
mordredO M G19:46
mordredit's lke I spent a week with my hands replaced by eggplants19:46
lifelessmordred: ok, where should it live? I will dump state there and get infra PTL to validate it19:47
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mordredlifeless: infra docs is probably a great idea19:48
mordredlifeless: (openstack-infra/config:docs)19:48
mordredand thank you, I think that's very helpful19:48
lifelessroger wilco19:48
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clarkbafazekas: :/ I was going to look that up now I don't have to19:50
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clarkbmordred eggplants are tasty19:50
mordredclarkb: did you just say my hands were tasty in hong kong?19:51
mordredclarkb: Alex_Gaynor just gave us a very nice and friendly simple doc patch btw:
clarkbI just got 13 hours of sleep19:53
clarkbbut will approve 5573619:53
lifelesshmm devstack-gate docs are stale19:54
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lifelessThe mandate of the devstack-gate project is to prepare those virtual19:54
lifelessmachines, ensure that enough of them are always ready to run,19:54
lifelessjenkins.rst too - 'The :ref:`devstack-gate` project is used to maintain a pool of Jenkins19:55
lifelessslaves that are used to run these tests.  Devstack-gate jobs create19:55
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mordredlifeless: yeah, there are some places that don't talk about nodepool yet19:56
lifelessso I think a new doc is needed19:56
mordredclarkb: wow. I did not get 13 hours of sleep19:56
lifelessthis doesn't fit into the third-party doc19:56
lifelessor anything else cleanly AFAICT19:57
mordredclarkb: btw - we should perhaps turn off auto-abandon around the summit19:57
lifelessI am thinking a new 'test-infra-styles' and lay out the overview there19:58
* mordred is currently going back and restoring all of his abandoned patches19:58
mordredlifeless: sounds good - I agree, there is not currently a doc describing things from that lens19:58
mordredlifeless: the current set of docs is very operational in nature19:58
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add missing running-your-own hidden toctree.
lifelessmordred: perhaps it should go in project.rst ?20:03
lifelessmmm, no20:03
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fungiclarkb: mordred: fyi, i anticipate being mostly worthless tomorrow20:20
fungimy flight from hkg to ewr on saturday got turned around and sent back after about 4 hours, then the airline booked me in a hotel overnight on the opposite side of hong kong for today's retry20:21
fungii'm back in the usa now, but all the early flights out of ewr were already full so i've been rebooked on a flight which won't get me home until 10pm-ish20:22
fungistory short, lots of planes and very little internet (or sleep). trying to catch up on scrollback now20:23
pabelangerfungi, wow, why did they turn you around?20:24
fungiNobodyCam: thanks!!!!1!eleven20:25
clarkbfungi: :/ I hadn't planned on working a bunch either due to bank holiday (day off for larissa)20:26
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Document what it takes to be a check/gate test.
lifelessmordred: tada^20:28
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fungiafazekas: mordred: also ``which'' is not in lsb 3 (might be in 4 but i'd need to "register" to read the specification--wtf lsb peeps?!?)20:31
fungipabelanger: 'round about tokyo airspace they realized the water in the washrooms wasn't working, but they didn't have papers to set us down in tokyo so they headed back to hong kong. basically killed an entire day sitting on a boeing 777 watching crap movies and hacking on what i could manage without any internets20:34
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-dev/pbr: Link to the documentation in the readme
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fungiclarkb: the usa has bank holidays? how progressive20:36
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fungioic, it's also united states federal observation of "veterans' day"20:37
fungii'll pretend i have the day off and try to spend it catching up on the things i haven't gotten done for the past week+20:38
clarkbso uh I think tomorrow should be a qiet day for everyone :)20:38
ekarlsohmmms, must say that littleidea is skeptical to openstack20:38
* fungi votes in favor20:38
clarkb2-0 vote approved20:38
funginah, 2-1. i think ekarlso was registering his dissent and desire to take over infra for a day ;)20:39
ekarlsohe wrote a skeptic blogpost clarkb ;)20:39
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fungire: solum workshop, there seems to be a nontrivial proportion of the community interested in that ecosystem project... anyone in the bay area planning to go and make sure they focus on testability if they're gunning for incubation? or just let it ride and see what happens?20:47
* clarkb isnt getting on another plane this year if possible :)20:49
mordredfungi: I say let it ride and see what happens20:49
* fungi figured that was the plan20:50
fungithey're still very, very young anyway. at least from a "the rest of the community knows they exist" standpoint20:50
mordredekarlso: there is more than one person in the world who feels left out of openstack because we run things like a community and not based on the whims that they as an individual dictate20:50
mordredekarlso: I do not care about what those people think about openstack20:51
clarkbmordred: I found the post interesting. CI gets a positive mention. But skeptics seem to constantly ignore the elephant in the room20:51
clarkbit starts with 'N' and rhymes with quantum20:51
* fungi reminds clarkb to put a dollar in the q-jar20:52
mordredclarkb: indeed.20:52
ekarlsoclarkb: and what's bad with n ?20:52
clarkbekarlso: it hasn't been part of the gate like most everyone else which puts it in an interesting position where lots of stuff slips through20:53
clarkbso step one is fixing that and we seem to have a lot of momentum to do that after the summit \o/20:53
ekarlsoclarkb: what's the reason for that ?20:54
mordredekarlso: history20:54
clarkbI don't know. I wasn't around when those decisions were made20:54
ekarlsowonder why a core project is allowed at all to have parts of tests turned off...20:54
fungimost of the neutron sessions i attended were "first we fix it, then we fix the existing tests, then we write more tests, then we hope to eventually replace nova network some day"20:55
mordredekarlso: like I said, history. n was added before we got better at assessing things as a community20:55
ekarlsomordred: you think n is bad ?20:55
mordredekarlso: I think it's very untested in thegate20:55
fungior, from another perspective, it was a lesson in what we should be enforcing for graduation from incubation20:55
mordredfungi: ++20:55
ekarlsofungi: even more ++20:55
ekarlsowould you rather have nova-network ? :p20:56
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mordredekarlso: well, nova-network works in the gate20:56
ekarlsomordred: hehe20:56
ekarlsoany clue on when they're gonna fix that ?20:56
fungii think pretty much everyone would rather have a working neutron than nova network, nova people possibly more than anyone20:56
clarkbekarlso: icehouse-120:57
mordredwhat fungi said20:57
clarkbekarlso: that is the stated goal coming out of the summit at least20:57
ekarlsonoone should be allowed to be core if not having a full blown test suite20:57
mordredekarlso: we agree20:57
ekarlsoit would be like vmware buying company x, selling their product as "works with vsphere" but rly it isn't testing :p20:58
fungithe biggest issue, at the moment, seems to be that if you send neutron more than a few api calls at a time, it falls over. you won't notice it under light use probably, but moderate call volume seems to be beyond it for now20:58
clarkbanyways I think it is important to mention that I believe we are on the right track today. EVeryone seems to agree it needs to be fixed and we have volunteers to do the work20:59
fungibased on the neutron sessions i attended, rewriting those bits seems to be their top stated priority20:59
fungii do very much hope that the people who have committed to spend time fixing those pieces will be allowed by their respective employers to follow through on that21:02
fungii'm particularly hoping that the biggest takeaway (for all devs) is that implementing your employer's special vendor-specific plugins/drivers is pointless if core functionality isn't working21:04
sdagueI'm feeling pretty positive that that message sunk in21:07
mordredme too21:07
fungisdague: you didn't even have to break out the megaphone. impressive21:09
sdagueanyone non jet lagged enough to give an eye through this patch series -,n,z - then I can pull together a collective set of fix ups should there be more feedback21:10
fungioh, oof21:10
fungii'll see how far i get through e-mail backlog while i'm sitting in the airport, but code review resumption may wait until tomorrow for me21:18
clarkbI reviewed a few of them quickly. But need to do other things now21:20
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mordredsdague: yah. reviewed the first 4 of them - I agree with a lifeless -1 on patch 421:24
sdaguemordred: yep, I'll start doing fixes now (good way to stay away while watching footbacll)21:26
*** chandankumar has quit IRC21:33
fungii watched some american football in one of the airport bars while having a few crappy pints, but wasn't really able to follow it21:41
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: trigger devstack-gate test as early as possible
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Extract git_fetch_at_ref
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Extract setup_project as a single function
sdaguemordred: ok, should be fixed21:44
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sdaguethe review anti-pattern thread makes me wonder if we should really have a gerrit docs tree for some of these project wide policy / culture things, instead of just leaving it to the wiki, where things tend to get duped a lot because no one knows that some pages already exist21:52
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Extract method fix_disk_layout
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Extract fix_etc_hosts method
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