Saturday, 2013-10-26

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openstackgerritJoshua Harlow proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add gerritbot for #openstack-anvil channel
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hogepodgemorganfainberg: stop causing problems!00:02
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anteayatomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow01:32
anteayamaybe it will work tomorrow01:33
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pabelangerQuick Q: any suggestions on which IRC channel is best for oslo.messaging help?03:59
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mordredtommorow and tommorow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time and all our yesterday have lighted fools the way to dusty death04:55
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fungido i dare disturb the universe? in a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse13:35
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/config: decouple mysql setup from gerrit module
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terriyuhi, is anyone around now?  I have a potential OpenStack intern who's interested in doing Ruby stuff.14:11
terriyuI interned this past summer with Ceilometer and I'm helping applicants find OpenStack projects for this winter's internship program14:11
terriyupleia2: ^^14:13
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vkmcHi! anteaya are you around?14:52
vkmcHi there :) Sorry to bother14:53
anteayano bother14:53
anteayawatching it snow, chilling with my cat14:53
vkmcThere is an OPW applicant interested in Ruby projects... Terri and I thought Infra is the place for it14:53
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anteayagetting up the energy to do some work14:53
vkmcHere she is!14:53
anteayahi ace0514:53
ace05hi everyone!14:53
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ace05i'm interested in finding our about the ruby work being done by openstack14:54
vkmcOh so nice! Must be so peaceful :)14:54
anteayaace05: great, let's chat in -opw for a bit so I can find out a bit about you14:55
ace05i'm inetrested in applying for an internship for the outreach program for women14:55
anteayavkmc: yeah it won't last but first snow is always quiet and peaceful14:55
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fungiopenstack itself doesn't really contain any ruby as far as i'm aware, but short list of where we support and occasionally troubleshoot/patch some ruby-based software in our developer infrastructure... puppet templates, puppet dashboard, logstash16:58
fungihmm, that's all i can think of at the moment, though there's got to be more16:59
fungibut if you're not allergic to learning python and/or bourne shell, there's a ton of additional surface area that exposes project-wide16:59
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anteayafungi yeah that is basically the sum of what I shared17:21
anteayashe has experience with rails and I offered the thought of working with django17:21
anteayashe wants to explore what other opportunites there are with other projects with ruby first17:22
anteayathen if the choice is to work with python she at least feels comfortable with the decision17:22
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anteayashe is going to follow up with reed who has an offering for a mobile app17:22
anteayashe also wants to wind up with a job17:23
anteayaI don't understand why more interns don't have that goal17:23
anteayaso I hope she gets it17:23
anteayaI am working throught the seafile setup, fungi17:24
anteayathere is an interactive script to create the set-up17:25
anteayasimilar situation to owncloud, is how it feels to me17:25
anteayagoing to peek around and see if there is any way to puppet this17:26
anteayafungi: this is the format of the shell script run to set up seafile config:
anteayais it possible to puppet this?17:48
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anteayaI created the dbs prior so that can be puppeted17:49
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anteayaI'll keep going, chime in when you drive by17:49
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EmilienManteaya: i guess this script generate a config file17:57
anteayaEmilienM: yeah many17:58
EmilienManteaya: i would say, if yes, create an erb file (template) and in that case you can fill it with puppet17:58
anteayahere is one:
EmilienMso, yes !17:58
anteayaEmilienM: do you have an example?17:58
anteayacan I feed answers to this script using puppet?17:58
anteayayes, I have done that before to popluate files17:59
anteayaif you take a look at the 49882 paste17:59
anteayaI can put in all the values17:59
anteayaexcept line 418:00
anteayathat id is generated18:00
anteayaand I don't know how18:00
EmilienMyou need to dig into the code18:00
anteayawe are in the same situation we were in with owncloud18:00
anteayathis situation was the same reason I looked at seafile in the first place18:01
anteayaEmilienM: do you know, is there a way to puppet something to feed responses to a running script?18:01
clarkbanteaya: there are ways, but typically you don't want to go that route18:03
EmilienManteaya: not as far i know cleanly18:03
anteayayeah that is what I figured18:03
clarkbits better to figure out what the end state should look like and have puppet configure that18:03
EmilienMlike a erb18:03
* EmilienM digging how ID is generated18:03
clarkbit looks like a sha118:04
anteayaEmilienM: somewhere in here:
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anteayaand hexdigest18:05
EmilienManteaya: i don't think so18:05
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EmilienManteaya: it's not an ID, it's for admin password18:05
anteayayes, you are right18:06
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EmilienMid = peer_id18:06
EmilienMgui/common/ccnet-init.c:    peer_id = id_from_pubkey (peer_pubkey);18:07
EmilienManteaya: ^18:08
anteayathis script generates 3 directories and 8 files18:08
EmilienMit's ID from public SSH key18:08
anteayathis file is just one of them18:08
anteayathe public ssh key on the vm?18:09
EmilienMyour seafile creates RSA stuffs18:09
EmilienManteaya: i'm sorry, i have to leave, it's saturday night here :)18:10
anteayathanks for your help EmilienM18:10
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EmilienManteaya: let me know tomorrow if you need more help18:10
anteayahave a good Saturday night18:10
EmilienMi'll up18:10
EmilienMheh, thx !18:10
anteayaI appreciate it18:10
anteayaclarkb: what do you think?18:10
anteayais this worth it?18:10
clarkbit depends, I haven't had a chance to actually use seafile to see how it compares as a user18:12
clarkbbut this is a common problem with config management, you have to hit software that doesn't install nicely with a big hammer18:12
anteayayeah found it, it creates an RSA key18:13
anteayahmmm, my hammer I brought to the party isn't nearly big enough18:13
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anteayawe also have a secret key:
anteayawhich is looking kind of uuid-ish to me18:15
anteayaclarkb: so if it asking for host and port for the mysql set up18:16
anteayadoes it mean that we might be able to use trove?18:16
* anteaya goes to check the fire18:17
clarkbanteaya: no, we should just have to supply the info for a trove DB there18:17
clarkbit will work fine18:17
clarkbor should18:17
openstackgerritDzmitry Horbach proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Inject passwords to the build as environment variables support added
openstackgerritDzmitry Horbach proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Inject passwords to the build as environment variables support added
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anteayaokay, I will keep pressing forward18:28
anteayaI found the RSA private key which is presumably used to generate the id18:30
anteayaI don't see the public part of the key18:30
anteayathere is the method for creating the secret key:
anteayaI would assume if I just create a uuid using this and stick it in the correct file, it should work18:33
anteayaclarkb: are we accepting that seafiles is a tarball?18:38
anteayanot a package18:38
anteayasorry seafile18:38
anteayabecause if a tarball is acceptable18:40
anteayaI am inclined to install the latest recent tag from owncloud, volunteer to the the manual part of the install until owncloud 6 is stable18:41
anteayaand then upgrade to owncloud 6 once it is available18:41
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anteayawould be way less work, for me18:41
anteayamordred jeblair if you are around and have some input in this18:42
clarkbI think we prefer to automate the entire install if possible18:43
clarkbrather than having any manual steps18:43
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anteayait will take me some time to figure out how to generate the proper values for the config files, and then figure out how to puppet that18:45
anteayabut I guess that is the big hammer you talked about18:45
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anteayaokay so far19:05
anteayaseafile might be configurable with puppet but the gui might be confusing for the intended audience19:06
anteayawho else wants an account on either seafile or owncloud to evaluate?19:06
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anteayaowncloud is at
anteayaclarkb: I just made you admin on both, so you can add users to if anyone stops by19:08
anteayaI am going for a walk, will return in about 1.5 hours19:08
anteayaof course clarkb is only here as football permits :D19:08
clarkbI am probably going to be mostly AFK for the rest of the day, I am actually going to a game tonight19:09
anteayahow close to the field are your tickets?19:09
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clarkbthey are 300 level so not super close, but under and awning so dry if it rains (which isn't forecast)19:10
anteayaI hope it is a good game19:10
anteayawho are they playing?19:10
clarkbthe huskies and cal19:11
anteayayou aren't watching the seattle game?19:11
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* anteaya is confused19:11
clarkbseattle plays on Monday in St Louis. I am going to the university of washington game19:12
clarkbcollege games are cheaper and often more fun19:12
anteayavery nice19:12
anteayawell infra team all have accounts on seafile, i pm'd everybody the link and credentials19:17
anteayaif anyone else wants a peek let me know and I will set you up once I return19:18
fungianteaya: sorry, stepped away to declutter a bunch of holiday decorations collecting dust in the attic. i hate having stuff. so much stuff everywhere19:19
fungianteaya: but one way to cheat with the puppeting is that you go through the manual installation once on a dev system, collect up all the configuration files that created, and then stuff them in puppet19:20
mordredtommorow and tommorow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time and all our yesterday have lighted fools the way to dusty death19:20
fungithe ones with sensitive data like keys and passwords, we can probably live with just turning into templates and cramming those keys/passwords into hiera while we work out details as to how to generate them (for when we want to replace them)19:20
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anteayafungi okay, well if you and mordred take a peek at seafiles19:21
anteayaand feel that the board can navigate19:21
anteayaI can puppet up the easy stuff19:21
anteayaand I will turn to your guidance for the generated stuff19:21
anteayaand yay for decluttering19:22
anteayamordred: you are such a good orator19:22
anteayaokay really really going for a walk19:24
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anteayabtw I didn't have port 8082 open so uploading file to seafile was not an option and i have opened it now20:32
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fungione thing which seems an odd implementation choice to me... it isn't apparent how a user can change their e-mail address in seafile21:24
fungihunting around in docs, it seems like it's not something which can be changed?21:25
anteayathe email is the user name21:25
anteayaso it appears it would probably be some sql magic21:25
anteayadirectly on the db21:25
anteayajust a guess21:25
anteayai think email as username will cause some issues21:26
anteayaI do agree on that point21:26
fungiworth thinking about, at any rate21:26
anteayaas an admin, using the gui I can delete a user, reset the password or give admin privileges21:27
anteayaI have no admin gui user for an email or username reset21:27
anteayayeah, clark was saying that to add people to groups you have to know their email21:27
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openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Let us gate grenade forward
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