Saturday, 2013-09-07

lifelesswhats the current number of contributing companies? ATC's is ~1K...00:05
clarkblifeless: stackalytics and bitergia have those numbers00:05
clarkb and I always forget the other one00:05
lifelesshuh they claim only 100 companies...00:06
pleia2 has a couple stats things (dash is the bitergia one)00:09
pleia2yeah, that00:09
pleia2 is the orgs though00:10
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anteayais the activity board what mrmartin is working on?00:22
pleia2maybe, reed has been working on it, not sure who else00:22
reedanteaya, no, mrmartin is working on groups site00:23
anteayaany idea who is working on the activity board?00:23
reedanteaya, me :)00:23
flashgordonjeblair: a bad one?00:23
reedanteaya, wazzup?00:24
flashgordonjeblair: I picked ones that were nova related or test related nova,novaclient,devstack,d-g,tempest,heat (not sure why)00:25
flashgordonnot sure about heat though00:25
reedi think it's beer o'clock00:25
flashgordonI think i just looked for any case of cells test00:26
reedbye folks00:26
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anteayabye reed00:26
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anteayaI'm unplugging for the evening00:30
pleia2have a good one00:30
anteayathanks you too00:30
flashgordonlifeless: is pretty good as well for stats00:31
harlowjahey, qq, that i was wondering about zuul and all that, is the thing that dynamially provisions openstack using openstack itself to deploy?00:32
harlowja*dynamically provisions workers for tests i mean00:32
clarkbharlowja: all of our slaves run on two openstack clouds (rackspace and hpcloud), nodepool (the thing that dynamically provisions them) provisions nodes with novaclient00:33
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flashgordonis there any way to list all the historic 'recheck no bug' jobs00:43
jeblairflashgordon: ok, we probably want to add it to all projects with gate-tempest-devstack-vm for the check/gate pipeline, but it doesn't really matter for the silent pipeline00:43
flashgordonjeblair: should I put it on everything now or when we move off the silent pipeline?00:43
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jeblairflashgordon: either way; it's getting to be around the time on friday afternoon i'm reluctant to approve config changes, but one of us still might approve it if we're around this weekend.00:45
flashgordonjeblair: I won't touch it because I am at the same point00:45
flashgordonjeblair: and for listing recheck no bug jobs?00:49
clarkbflashgordon: I don't think we keep historical data in the rechecks pickle00:51
clarkbflashgordon: we could probably update that script to talk to graphite though, or do a query on the gerrit DB00:52
flashgordonclarkb: I was going to spot check for a bug
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1221987 in nova "compute node heartbeat out of sync causing scheduler to fail in devstack" [Undecided,New]00:53
flashgordonmaybe can do that with logstash foo00:53
flashgordonof which I hvae one00:53
clarkbwith logstash you can search for the fails, but we aren't feeding in actual recheck data00:53
flashgordoncan I search for a n-sched log msg?00:54
clarkbflashgordon: what is the message? I will write a query00:54
flashgordon"is disabled or has not been heard from in a while "00:54
flashgordonclarkb: thanks ☃00:55
clarkbflashgordon: I am not seeing that over the last 12 hours. Can you link to the string in
clarkboh its a DEBUG level log00:56
clarkbwe are no longer indexing those because ETOOMANYLOGLINES00:57
clarkbflashgordon: does the warning below it correspond to the same thing? we can search for that00:57
flashgordonthis may be good enough
flashgordonits a warning00:57
flashgordonyeah although that can be for other issues to00:57
flashgordonbut close enough for now00:57
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clarkbtrying to narrow the search down a bit as you are right there are other instances of it01:02
flashgordonclarkb: oh got it working  '"Setting instance to ERROR state" AND @fields.filename:"logs/screen-n-sch.txt"01:02
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clarkbyeah but that gets a lot of stuff (which may be fine01:03
clarkbI am trying to sort out a better query, yay lucene01:03
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flashgordonfound another case of the bug
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flashgordonhmm its always postgres01:04
clarkbflashgordon: not always, but postgres seems to be more frequent01:04
flashgordonnope thats a lie01:05
flashgordonerr your right01:05
clarkb@tags:"logs/screen-n-sch.txt" AND @message:"Setting instance to ERROR state" AND @fields.build_name:"gate-tempest-devstack-vm-full"01:05
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flashgordonbtw having these logs searchable is badass01:05
clarkb:) sometimes it feels like getting to this point has been far too much work so hearing that is good01:06
flashgordonwow 98 times in last 4 hours01:06
flashgordonmost of those were one job though?01:08
clarkblooks like 53 in one job01:10
clarkbthis reminds me I need to put job uuid in the fields now that we have mutliple master01:10
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flashgordonif I mark bugs a duplicates does recheck figure that out?01:14
clarkbflashgordon: it does not01:15
flashgordonclarkb: because many people just say which test failed and for something like that that is useless01:15
flashgordonclarkb: how hard of a change would that be?01:15
clarkbprobably not too bad since I think you can look that up in LP01:15
clarkbso each time the html is generated combine dupes01:15
flashgordonaka I will take a stab of you point me in the right direction01:16
clarkbit is super simple in its current state01:17
clarkbflashgordon: @tags:"logs/screen-n-sch.txt" AND @message:(tempest* AND "Setting instance to ERROR state")01:19
flashgordonclarkb: lookin now01:19
clarkbfinally figured out lucene grouping and wildcards...01:19
clarkbthat query should give you a significantly narrower set of results01:20
flashgordonyeah I see 60 in 24 hours01:20
flashgordonlooks right01:20
clarkbquoting tempest* makes it not work and I have no idea why01:21
clarkbI think when you quote it makes it look for very specific things01:22
clarkband might escape the *01:22
flashgordoncan I run recheck watch locally?01:22
clarkbyes I think so, it feeds off the gerrit event stream which you can access with your gerrit ssh credentials01:23
clarkbif you point it at review-dev you can even recheck things all you want01:23
clarkbflashgordon: review-dev is our test gerrit server, you can create an account on it and do $things01:24
clarkbflashgordon: or use the test project on review.o.o01:24
flashgordonahh you are few steps aheadof me01:25
clarkbflashgordon: just make sure that line is pointed at the server you want with your credentials and you should be able to run it locally01:25
clarkbflashgordon: is the example conf file01:26
flashgordonI am still getting deps installed01:27
flashgordondidn't see a requirements file01:28
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clarkbflashgordon: there isn't one, it hasn't grown into its own project... we have a (bad) habit of bootstrapping stuff in the puppet repo and when they grow large enough turning them into proper projects01:29
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flashgordon    import daemon.pidfile01:30
flashgordonbarfs for me on no mod named pidfile01:31
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clarkbflashgordon: pip install python-daemon (that is the name of the debian/ubuntu package if you want ot install that way)01:31
flashgordonI tried pip install daemon01:32
clarkbits a package that is slightly annoying becuase of its lockfile stuff that changed (note the import exception handling around that)01:33
clarkbalso no python 3 support despite being written by the person that proposed the pep for python 3...01:33
clarkbbut it does a thing that is useful :) I have code that works with python 3 somewhere but it takes a few shortcuts01:34
flashgordonhmm conf file didn't work for my01:36
flashgordonI ran'python recheckwatch conf ' and nothing01:37
clarkbI would pass it the -n flag. I think it is trying to daemonize01:37
clarkband it might have (check ps)01:38
flashgordonheh I have to do -n after the config file01:42
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openstackgerritJoe Gordon proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Merge duplicate bugs in recheckwatch
flashgordonuntested POC ^02:10
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-dev/pbr: Add a hint for users who don't have git installed.
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openstackgerritClint Byrum proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Grant tripleo-ptl tags on tripleo-image-elements
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openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to openstack-infra/zuul: Use NNFI scheduler algorithm
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boris-42jblair hi15:25
boris-42jeblair hi*15:26
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SpamapS /win 1618:01
annegentlejeblair: clarkb: fungi: just to give an update on our renaming, we're working through what happens with the stable branch builds and want to ensure those keep going.18:16
annegentlejeblair: clarkb: fungi: So Andreas Jaeger will patch my in-progress patch, and Diane is still working on the openstack-manuals patch. Onward!18:16
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Updates user guide and basic install to new directory layout
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Updates user guide and basic install to new directory layout
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Update manual publishing  to new directory layout
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clarkbannegentle: should ^ be approved?20:52
clarkbannegentle: not sure how you want to coordinate these changes20:53
clarkbas an alternative to different jobs for master vs grizzly could the folsom and grizzly branches get updated to the new dir structure as well?20:55
annegentleclarkb: no don't approve yet, I think we still have changes in openstack-manuals to get rid of the docbkx directory20:57
annegentleclarkb: we're also exploring a single pom.xml for all the books, would that be bad for translations or good?20:58
annegentleclarkb: hell to the no on updating old stable20:58
annegentleclark :)20:58
clarkbI am not sure if one pom makes a difference for translations20:58
annegentleclarkb: ok. I'm not sure either. How can we best get translations -- be more consistent?20:59
clarkbI am not sure what is meant by that question21:01
clarkbare the translated strings themsevles inconsistent? or the docs that are built with translated strings are inconsistent? and was sort of inconsistency?21:04
annegentleclarkb: wondering about the templatizing you mentioned yesterday21:05
annegentleclarkb: the building isn't consistent21:05
annegentleclarkb: I guess?21:06
clarkboh yes21:06
clarkbannegentle: if you look at manuals.yaml you have each job individually defined and you end up with snowflakes21:06
clarkbannegentle: when you probably have two type of job, build doc in source languages and build doc in some translated language21:07
clarkbannegentle: that entire file could probably be reduced to two job templates21:07
clarkbannegentle: for gate-openstack-manuals-operations-guide the pom is at openstack-ops/pom.xml, for openstack-user-guide the pom is at docbkx/user-guide/pom.xml. They are inconsistent21:08
clarkbif you reorganize everything into the same structure you only need one job template to build both docs21:09
clarkbthough I guess one runs before merge and the other after, so maybe those are bad examples. But that is the type of consistency to consider21:09
clarkbyou don't need one pom.xml, you just need all of your pom.xmls to be in the same place21:10
clarkbeg $DOC_NAME/pom.xml or docbkx/$DOC_NAME/pom.xml21:10
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annegentleclarkb: yeah I think what we'll end up with is doc/$DOC_NAME/pom.xml21:16
annegentleclarkb: and I can fix the operations-guide to do doc/$DOC_HAME/pom.xml21:16
annegentleclarkb: let's make sure we can get the build jobs running by monday, then templatize with $DOC_NAME, does that sound good? (HAME? ha ha ha)21:17
openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Update manual publishing  to new directory layout
annegentleclarkb: take a look at that one and the new structure patch at to make sure they match, we haven't forgotten anything, etc.21:26
*** stevebaker_ has joined #openstack-infra21:26
annegentleclarkb: I'll be at dinner for a bit (eaarrrrly) :) then back online21:26
clarkbannegentle: reviewed. The structure appears to match, I do have comments on 45490 and at least one needs to be addressed21:35
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack-infra21:38
lifelessjeblair: whats your preferred thing there - I can make it a parameter to say whether the tool expects domain21:40
lifelessjeblair: or you could tweak your local patch to that tool to accept domain and ignore it?21:41
*** boris-42 has quit IRC21:42
lifelessjeblair: you and mordred seem to have different opinions about the accuracy/inaccuracy of my docs ;)21:43
lifelessjeblair: can you two please duke it out and tell me what I need to change?21:43
anteayalifeless how did your presentation go?21:48
lifelesswell received21:48
lifelesswill be on youtube soon21:48
anteayahow long until a recording is available?21:48
anteayado you know?21:48
anteayathere you are21:48
anteayayou answered as I asked21:48
lifelessjeblair: - I didn't think I deleted the API projects stuff; can you point out in the diff, and I'll fix.21:49
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zyluohi, I can't manage to get my patch verified23:01
zyluoIts says there is a rebase problem but there is no problem rebasing when done manually23:02
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clarkbzyluo: gerrit uses jgit, which often is unable to resolve conflicts as well as Cgit23:08
clarkbzuul approximates what jgit does and I believe that is where the error comes from23:08
clarkbzyluo: you will probably need to rebase. I am willing to bet that for whatever reason the merge strategy that jgit uses cannot resolve mode changes and file edits automatically23:09
zyluoclarkb, got it thanks. I'll rebase and resubmit23:11
*** stevebaker_ has joined #openstack-infra23:16
* fungi has not be overly impressed with jgit's merge strategies23:23
clarkbannegentle_: I am going to run some errands and grab dinner23:35
clarkbwill check IRC after23:35
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annegentle_clarkb: ok I'm patching still23:41
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openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Update manual publishing  to new directory layout
annegentle_clarkb: ok, take a look at that one ^^23:55

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