Thursday, 2021-01-14

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xinranwangHi all02:00
songwenping_hi xinran02:02
chenkehi all. hi xinran02:02
xinranwangHi songwenping_  chenke02:03
xinranwangWill brinzhang_ join us?02:03
brinzhang_hi xinranwang, songwenping_ chenke02:03
chenkehi brin02:04
xinranwangYumeng said she will join us later, so we can start  the meeting now02:05
xinranwang#startmeeting openstack-cyborg02:05
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xinranwang#topic roll call02:06
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xinranwang#info xinranwang02:06
brinzhang_#info brinzhang02:06
chenke#info chenke02:06
songwenping_#info songwenping_02:06
xinranwang#topic vGPU progress02:06
*** openstack changes topic to "vGPU progress (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"02:06
xinranwangsongwenping_: do you have some updates about vgpu, I saw you and yumeng have update the patches.02:07
songwenping_i am testing yumeng's patch and meet some problem02:07
chenkewhat's problem02:07
songwenping_as the trait is OWNER_CYBORG, cyborg-conductor can't report data to placement02:08
songwenping_so yumeng commit the patch of os-trait project:
chenkeit should add it in os_traits02:09
xinranwangOh, the customized trait must start with CUSTOM02:09
chenkeyumeng said she had talked with you and nova's guys.02:09
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songwenping_xinranwang: right02:09
brinzhang_+1, add the CUSTOM_ prefix02:10
songwenping_but donnot know what nova guys' opnion02:10
Yumenghi all02:11
xinranwangHi Yumeng, we are talking about the vGPU traits02:11
songwenping_s opnion/opinion02:12
brinzhang_Yumeng: we are talking vGPU patch, hopw you can give some info form nova guys02:12
Yumengwe already have an agreement in PTG, nova guys does not suggest using CUSTOM_ . pls check line 150
brinzhang_I remember, they said should add CYBORG or NOVA subfix, the CUSTOM_ we shuold keep to use02:13
Yumengthey prefer having OWNER_NOVA, OWNER_CYBORG in os-traits as a standard traits02:14
xinranwanguse OWNER as the prefix, right?02:15
xinranwanga new kind of trait02:15
Yumengyes, it is a new trait02:15
Yumengsetting them as standard traits means these traits can be used not only for GPU, but also for fpga, sriov etc.02:16
brinzhang_That wrote in Line15002:16
chenkeI think this is a good idea when cyborg and nova jointly manage vGPU.02:16
chenkesongwenping_ if you want to test, you should modify os_traits first.02:18
songwenping_ok i'll try02:20
xinranwangsorry, just lost the connection02:21
xinranwangwhat do you think about stephen's comments?02:21
Yumengxinranwang: aha, I got stephen's meaning.02:25
xinranwangdo we need to add the new traits definition in other place?02:25
Yumengseems we need place new traits in another path, maybe like the os-traits/owner.py02:26
xinranwangYumeng: yes, it seems the new prefix will be added according to the dir name.02:27
Yumengemm better find a env to have a try02:27
YumengI will try that. and I think we also need nova guys to take a look this patch.02:28
xinranwangYes, sure. Thanks Yumeng02:28
xinranwangOk, do you guys have any other opens about vgpu?02:29
xinranwangif not, let's move to next topic.02:30
Yumengnothing from my side02:30
xinranwang#topic patch review02:31
*** openstack changes topic to "patch review (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"02:31
xinranwangthere are some pending patches under reviewing.02:31
xinranwangthe first one is from Shiyan02:32
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openstackgerritwdd proposed openstack/cyborg master: Revert remove py37
xinranwangit is useful for a production env02:34
xinranwangPlease help to review it02:35
xinranwangI have a 710 driver patch under review, please help to review it as well02:36
openstackgerritwdd proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Revert remove py37
songwenping_sure will look into02:38
chenkei have a advice.02:38
chenkeafter irc meeting. If we have some urgent issues, we can communicate in Chinese02:39
brinzhang_if possiable, it can be done in wechat02:40
xinranwanglol, sure.02:40
xinranwangIt will be more efficient02:42
brinzhang_in IRC, EN is better, because we have many people in this channel, may they will see the irc log after they are wake up02:42
chenkeabout your 710 driver. have your create instance ?02:42
chenkebrinzhang_ agree.02:42
xinranwangchenke:  yes, I have a  env to test it02:42
chenkexinranwang ok, will learn about it.02:43
xinranwangI am still updating it according to Yongli's comments.02:43
xinranwangYour comments are welcome, so that I can update at once :)02:43
xinranwangthat's all from my side.02:44
chenkeI have a question. If we use this, do we need to set some properity in nova ports?02:45
chenkeIt is recommended that you include this usage example.02:46
xinranwangyes, actually there are a set of changes in Nova/Neutron and Cyborg if you want to boot up a VM with 71002:47
xinranwangAs for discovery function, the Cyborg patch is suffisant02:47
chenkethanks, will learn it.02:48
xinranwangthe guideline is in nova patch's commit message. Please refer to
chenkeIf this smart network card is incorporated, it will be a big improvement for our cyborg.02:49
xinranwangchenke:  thanks ;)02:49
xinranwangchenke:  yes, that's true. Haha02:50
xinranwang#topic AoB02:50
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"02:50
xinranwangDo you have any other things to bring up?02:51
chenkeno for me.02:52
songwenping_plz review my SSD driver spec: thanks02:52
songwenping_sorry not this patch02:53
xinranwang this one02:53
brinzhang_and there is the cyborg shelve/unshelve support, nova team give some coments, wenping will update later02:54
songwenping_spec first02:54
xinranwangOh, there are both spec and implementation.02:54
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  cool, thansk songwenping_02:55
xinranwangI will review SSD spec by today.02:55
chenkesongwenping_ recently, I am so busy. will learn your patch as soon as possible.02:56
songwenping_nothing from myside.02:56
songwenping_chenke: no hurry :?02:57
brinzhang_in the end of year, everyone is busy, so we can promote the privority of the spec review02:57
brinzhang_before the deadline, we can deal with our spec02:58
xinranwangthe end of next week is cyborg spec freeze.02:59
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songwenping_the vgpu spec in nova side is pending03:01
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songwenping_i am afraid it will be frozen.03:02
xinranwangDo we have any change to push it in? Or it still need time to improve it?03:03
songwenping_a small question from buzas03:04
songwenping_Yumeng and i plan to use a new function to attach mdev03:04
songwenping_he want to reuse the old function03:05
songwenping_xinranwang, brinzhang_: what's your opinion?03:06
xinranwangI haven't look into the spec. I am afraid that I can't have any output now.03:07
xinranwangI will look into the spec. and we can discuss it offline. Please involve me in your discussion if possible.03:08
xinranwangsongwenping_:  does it works for you ?03:10
brinzhang_songwenping_: IMO, follow bauzas's opinion, he doesnot want us to use his interface, we can03:11
brinzhang_that just an implementation, it doesnot contained in the spec03:11
songwenping_i will update and merge the spec first.03:13
xinranwangthanks songwenping_03:14
xinranwang ok, we are running out of time, let's wrap up the meeting.03:14
xinranwangThanks for your supports :)03:14
songwenping_thanks bye03:14
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openstackgerritwdd proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Revert "Remove py37"
openstackgerritwdd proposed openstack/cyborg master: Revert "remove py37"
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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add 710 driver
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add 710 driver
openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
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openstackgerritchenker proposed openstack/cyborg master: ad
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