Thursday, 2021-01-07

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Yumenghi all02:06
swp20hi all02:06
Yumengswp20:will Brin come today?02:07
xinranwangHI all02:07
swp20hi maybe in other meeting02:08
Yumengso  let's get started first, he can join later :)02:09
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg02:09
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Yumeng#topic Roll call02:09
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Yumeng#info Yumeng02:10
swp20#info swp2002:10
Yumenghere is today's agenda
brinzhang#info brinzhang02:12
YumengvGPU driver code has been submitted, but I don't have a ready env to test it.
Yumengof course, I still need to fix the py36 failures := will fix this morning02:15
chenke#info chenke02:15
xinranwang#info xinranwang02:17
Yumengis swp20 still here?02:18
Yumengok. As we've discussed in the morning. We can now test the discover process with patch and
Yumengbut will need your help with the test02:20
swp20no problem02:20
YumengTHnanks! What's the vendor and product_id/product_name of your GPU device?02:21
swp2010de Tesla V10002:21
YumengI was develped based on 10de Tesla T402:22
YumengI  developed the vGPU driver based on 10de Tesla T402:23
Yumengmight be some differences, but let's test and see.02:23
swp20they are similar02:23
Yumengyep, agree.02:24
YumengI will update my patch first and ping you once finish.02:24
YumengAnd about the spec
YumengI can still ping nova team this week, but need a person to ping them since next week. because my last day will be around Wednesday next week.02:27
swp20i will ping them02:28
Yumengok. I will sync with you and chenke as well. he is also familiar with vGPU. you guys can push nova together ^^02:29
Yumengcool. do you have any other questions about vGPU?02:30
Yumengthat's all about the status from my side02:30
swp20no question from my side now.02:32
Yumengso move on02:34
swp20Yumeng: one question02:34
swp20why we move the functions from to sysinfo.py02:34
swp20and you change the model to name back for GPU_INFO_PATTERN?02:35
Yumengthis is a refactor to make code more clear, because current functions in are not actually common utils02:36
Yumengmost of them nvidia specific02:36
Yumengmost of them are nvidia specific02:36
swp20ok reasonable02:38
Yumengswp20:  change in GPU_INFO_PATTERN was not intentional02:39
YumengIt's a release mix error. I will revert back02:39
swp20let's move on02:40
YumengHow do you guys config host_ip of api?02:41
Yumengdo you agree comments here?
chenkecyborg use host_ip  now?02:42
Yumengyumeng: good question.02:43
xinranwangI don't config host_ip in my env02:43
chenkeseems this var we didn't use it.02:44
Yumengxinranwang: this is because host_ip is defaut to locahost(or
xinranwangYumeng: yes02:44
Yumengin some case where locahost doesn't work, will need to config the host_ip02:45
YumengI think in most cases, we do not need to config02:45
xinranwangYumeng: do you mean we run cyborg api on other host?02:45
swp20we can put it in default group02:45
swp20this config is only used for api service?02:46
xinranwangswp20:  according to the comments, yes02:48
swp20got it02:48
YumengI'm not very sure about shiyan's case in this patch
Yumenghe mentions in the commit message: 2) host_ip configures the ip address on which cyborg-api listens, and02:49
chenkexinranwang wenping, please see the above docs.02:50
chenkeit should be configured in api section.02:51
xinranwangchenke: just check it, it should be in api section02:51
chenkeyes. it should in api section.02:51
xinranwangYumeng:  I wonder what case shiyan's mentioned too.02:51
xinranwangBecause in my case, the default value works well02:52
Yumengxinranwang: yep. me too02:52
YumengI will ask in his patch and see how he response.02:52
xinranwangYumeng:   lol, I was typing the same.  ok02:53
Yumengok. that's all from my side, do you guys have anything else to bring up?02:54
xinranwangyes, I have update the nic driver02:55
xinranwangplease review it02:55
swp20Yumeng: hope you can CR +2 for my ssd driver before you leave :)02:56
Yumengsrue~  I will try to, two XL size patches =_<02:57
xinranwangThanks guys02:58
Yumengalright. If nothing else, I will wrap up today's meeting. probably the last meeting. :(03:00
YumengThank you guys. I will miss you all!03:01
swp20very hard to say goodbye03:01
xinranwangAh, ok. Hope you can come back to meet us if you got time03:01
Yumengyes,  I definitely will!03:02
xinranwanglol, cool03:02
YumengGoodbye guys, goodbye cyborg~~03:03
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chenkeno goodbye03:03
openstackMinutes (text):
xinranwangbye, good luck for your new job.03:04
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