Thursday, 2020-12-24

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brinzhang_xinranwang, swp20: I think we can jump this meeting, over 40 mins02:38
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swp20hi all03:10
Yumenghi wenping03:10
YumengI just reviewed your patch
swp20yeah thanks03:12
YumengI would recommend you to specify more details to show the difference between pGPU and vGPU03:13
swp20ok, more details is need03:16
swp20i will check03:16
swp20Yumeng:what about the SSD driver spec03:22
Yumengoh I didn't check your update of SSD driver spec03:26
Yumengwill review it today03:26
swp20ok thanks03:27
swp20nothing from myside03:34
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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
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openstackgerritShi Yan proposed openstack/cyborg master: Installation document improvement

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