Thursday, 2020-12-17

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xinranwangHi all03:03
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Dep's should be restricted by upper-constraints
songwenping_Hi all03:03
Yumenghi wenping and xinran03:05
Yumengwelcome back xinranwang^^03:05
Yumenghow was the trip?03:05
xinranwanglol, it was great.03:06
xinranwangNice weather03:06
Yumengwarm weather, ha?03:08
Yumengsounds nice03:09
songwenping_Annual leave is about to expire.03:09
Yumenglol, exactly03:09
xinranwangsongwenping_:  lol, use it!03:09
brinzhanghi all03:09
Yumenghi brinzhang03:10
songwenping_xinranwang: where did u go, sanya?03:10
xinranwangsongwenping_:  yes, I went to Hainan, and tour around the island03:12
brinzhangxinranwang: why dont see send the wechat cycle? ^^03:13
songwenping_sounds cool.03:13
brinzhangs/see/see you03:13
xinranwangbrinzhang: I don't want to make you jealous, hahahahaha03:14
songwenping_i plan to fishing locally. ^_^03:14
brinzhangSmart choice, I would really like to.03:15
brinzhangIn winter, it's not suitable to fishing, I think so03:15
Yumenghaha go to hainan island03:16
brinzhangI think go to hainan fishing is better, haha03:17
Yumengso happy you guys are all here today. let's start the meeting!03:17
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:17
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Yumeng#topic Roll call03:17
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Yumeng#info Yumeng03:17
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:17
songwenping_#info songwenping_03:18
Yumeng# topic milestone announcement03:19
Yumengtime flies we've passed wallaby-milestone1 on Dec 0403:20
brinzhang#info brinzhang03:20
Yumengour next milestone will be Jan 18 - Jan 22: Wallaby-2 milestone, cyborg spec freeze03:20
YumengIt's good we've merged vGPU spec. other driver specs are also under review03:21
YumengvGPU spec in nova side is still pending. :(03:23
brinzhangYumeng: vGPU specs are still pending03:23
brinzhangI think you want to say smartNIC spec,right?03:23
Yumengbrinzhang: I mean vGPU in cyborg side03:23
xinranwangah, why it is pending?03:24
Yumengneed push nova cores to review..03:24
YumengI was a bit busy with some urgent internal work in the last two weeeks.03:25
brinzhangand there is the shelve/unshelve support patch, nova cores doesnot have time to review03:25
xinranwangmaybe you can push them in this week because after this week, it will be the holiday season..03:25
brinzhangand there seems just only gibi to review it03:25
Yumengalright. I will ping them again this afternoon.03:25
Yumengmaybe we should ask for their review one by one?rather than ask review for all?03:27
Yumengspec first?code later?03:27
xinranwangspec is more urgent I think.  Jan will have spec freeze03:27
brinzhangvGPU spec that have many people to review, but the shelve/unshelve patch just has gibi to review03:29
brinzhangdansmith will leave in next month..03:30
Yumengoh. leave nova team?03:30
brinzhanghe will start his new job (congratulations from me ^^)03:30
songwenping_good job03:31
xinranwangbrinzhang:  lol, he will not working on openstack?03:31
brinzhangxinranwnag: maybe, but Iam not sure, I have got news from nova channel. In fact, I shouldn't have spread it.03:33
xinranwangbrinzhang:  ok, got it03:33
Yumengit might be ok. nova channel is open03:34
Yumengbut agree we'd better not spread it .  :)03:35
Yumengok. ping nova to review vGPU spec and smartnic spec this afternoon.03:36
xinranwangYumeng:  smartnic spec is already merged  :)03:37
xinranwangit is a good news for us03:37
Yumengthat's great03:37
Yumengnews latency in my side.03:37
xinranwangYumeng:  haha, I will continue working on cyborg side implementation03:38
Yumengcool, great! congrats!03:38
xinranwangYumeng:  lol, thanks03:39
Yumengok. only needs to ping vGPU spec now.03:39
Yumeng# topic review status03:39
YumengI noticed we got new patches from other Inspur contributors03:41
songwenping_@all, why we didnot consider the accel_info when resume guest state if a host is booted. pls see the file
Yumenglike openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin03:42
Yumengbut another question gibi asks is what if cyborg-agent service starts after nova-compute?03:44
brinzhangYumeng: yes, we have a team, and I asked them to contribute to the tempest plugin03:44
Yumengbrinzhang: that's cool. Thanks!03:44
songwenping_yes it indeed has the question.03:45
YumengMy opinion is we just let it go and follow what nova does today, because that's not a cyborg-vGPU-specific issue.03:45
songwenping_is it still the question about vGPU, so how we solove it?03:46
YumengIn the production environment, operator can have their own way(watchdog/guard process) to do this kind of instance check/service status check.03:49
Yumengaccording to their own needs03:50
Yumengsongwenping_: question just mentioned is still the gibi's one "but another question gibi asks is what if cyborg-agent service starts after nova-compute?"03:51
Yumengif cyborg-agent service starts after nova-compute, nova can not get acc_info as expected
Yumengwhat do you guys think how can we solve this issue?03:55
Yumengbrinzhang xinranwang songwenping_ are you still here?03:59
Yumenglunch time ha?03:59
xinranwangah, I am here.04:00
xinranwangI am not very familiar with the spec04:00
Yumengno pb.04:00
Yumenglet me ping wenping in wechat later04:01
xinranwangcan we use try..except to verify04:01
xinranwangjust a idea, not sure it works :)04:01
Yumengyes. that's a possible solution!04:01
xinranwangseems they are not here. Maybe we can continue discuss offline04:02
Yumengwe can add cyborg-agent service check in nova's init_host method04:02
Yumengxinranwang do you have anything else to bring up?04:03
xinranwangnothing from my side04:03
Yumengol. if we don't have other topics, let's wrap up today's meeting.04:03
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openstackMinutes (text):
brinzhangYumeng, xinranwang, wenpingsong_: yes, our meeting in lunch time, how about privous 1 hour? from 10:00-11:00? a suggestion ^^04:21
songwenping_sorry i left for something urge04:22
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Yumengbrinzhang: good suggestion. agree one hour ahead.05:56
YumengI will propose a ML for others to vote.05:56
brinzhangYumeng: good ^^05:56
openstackgerritwangzhiguang proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: add create device profile name same test
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Yumengbrinzhang songwenping_: pls vote for weekly meeting time
brinzhangI have not received this email06:30
YumengI just sent to ML06:30
brinzhangYeah, after received, will reply and vote +106:31
Yumengmaybe it needs some time06:31
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: add delete device profile negative test
openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Inspur NVMe SSD driver specification
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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Change the dependency with the testenv:docs
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